Trampoline Storage Ideas

Many trampoline owners disassemble and keep away their trampolines in winter and others lack Trampoline Storage Ideas. Trampoline Storage Ideas

While taking them down or thinking about trampoline storage ideas can be quite a challenge, the additional care can help prolong the lifespan of the structure.

But first things first; Before keeping away your trampoline, you can clean it thoroughly with hot water and a mild detergent. Read Also: Swing Sets for Small Yards


Trampoline Storage Ideas (Top 3 Pick)

1. Garage Storage

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your trampoline, then you should consider storing your disassembled structure inside your garage. Read Also: Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners.

Storing trampoline in garages has been cited to be very useful in maintaining trampoline status. However, be cautious of rodents as they can quickly make the structure or nest there home. 

You should also remember to safely put away all the parts of the trampoline after you’ve pulled it down. This way you’ll have an easier time reassembling it later on. 

Also, ensure you seal the trampoline pads in the waterproof material when storing to avoid moisture from destroying them. Read Also: Swing Set Under.

2. Use Trampoline Weather Cover

Trampoline covers are designed to help extend the lifespan of the trampoline by maintaining its original shape and keeping it clean. When you use these covers, the trampoline springs and padding will also get protected from the winter, and they will remain in good condition together with the trampoline. 

Choosing a high-quality cover will prevent your trampoline from getting damaged during winter. It will also help to stop water from destroying the pads. 

When buying your cover, ensure that the drainage hole is present. The drainage hole prevents water from amassing on the bed. The weight of the water may prompt massive damage to your trampoline. 

Another tip to look out for when buying your trampoline cover is the quality of the straps. Quality straps will attach firmly on to the frame of the trampoline giving your whole structure protection. 

Most trampoline manufacturers recommend buying a PVC trampoline cover as it offers excellent protection to trampoline all year round. Read Also: Stain For Cedar Swing Set.

3. The Trampoline Frame Can Remain in the Backyard

You may also choose to leave the frame of the trampoline standing outside. But, first, you should remove the pads and bed of the trampoline. If do not have sufficient space to store it, you can use a trampoline cover to minimize damage. 

Trampoline pads and bed are likely to get ruined by heavy snow or harsh weather; hence, it’s good to put them away, but be cautious of rodents. Trampoline frames are made from durable and rust-resistant material, therefore, can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Cleaning will help to remove dirt or any pests and their larvae which might have taken refuge on the trampoline. Also, after cleaning, let the structure dry up thoroughly to prevent it from getting mildew. Read Also: Stain For Swing Set


When you’re not planning on using your trampoline during winter, it is good to disassemble while carefully keeping all the accessories in a dry, cool area. 

This habit will protect your trampoline from extreme temperatures and frequent exposure to ice or snow, which can result in cracking of the safety pads.

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