12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline-The Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering which trampoline size would be perfect for you? Well, to make it a bit easier, I will look at 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline.

When deciding on the ideal trampoline shape, it’s crucial that you consider the available space in your backyard, the age of the user, and the purpose of the trampoline. For example, the 14 ft. trampoline is a perfect choice for gymnastics, while the 12 ft. trampoline is ideal for normal bouncing or play.

Hence, check out my detailed analysis of 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline and decide on the best trampoline size for your backyard.

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12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline- Details

Trampolines come in a variety of sizes and at first it may seem hard to determine the best size of trampoline to choose. You might wonder and ask which is the best trampoline size for my backyard? The answer to this question will depend on many factors, as we’ll discuss later. Hence, we’ll discuss 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline in more detail.

12ft Trampolines

You might be asking yourself “is a 12ft trampoline big enough” well, the 12ft trampoline is ideal for a small family with 2 or three kids. A family with limited space on their backyard can also pick the 12ft trampoline.

Older children can jump one at a time while 2 small children can jump together. The key is close supervision.

14 ft. Trampoline

The 14 ft. Trampoline is a bigger option worth considering if you have aspiring gymnasts or your kids are much older.

Therefore, if you have the money and a spacious backyard, the 14 ft. trampoline would be an excellent choice.

This trampoline can accommodate multiple children at a time. They also have a higher weight limit. Thus, adults can also use it. Hence, if your kids are 10 years and above, then you’ll love the 14ft trampoline size.

The 14ft trampoline is spacious, has a higher weight limit, and it’s well-made to accommodate more than one person at a go.

With the 14ft. trampoline, you would not need to worry if your kid’s friends come over regularly to play.

12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline- Differences

1. 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline Jumping Mat

Let us look at the jumping mats for both 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline. The 14 ft. trampoline has a jumping mat of about 148 inches in diameter. This diameter provides a bigger jumping surface to do flips and twirls.

On the other hand, the 12ft trampoline has a Jumping Mat diameter of about 125 inches.

However, weight restrictions may limit the number of people that jump on the large mat. Nevertheless, the big diameter mat provides enough space for two or more people to jump without colliding.

Therefore, the 14ft trampoline is better in terms of jumping space than the 12ft trampoline.

The larger jumping mat will provide ample space for your young gymnasts to perfect their tricks, twirls, and turns. Therefore, the 14-foot trampoline is a safe option for anyone who is into gymnastics.

The 12ft trampoline has a small jumping mat that might not be ideal for gymnasts. For your gymnastic exercises, you’ll need a spacious jumping area.

2. 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline Weight Limit

The 14ft trampoline will support a higher weight limit compared to the 12ft trampoline. This is because the 14ft trampoline is spacious, designed for a higher weight limit, and has more springs.

However, it’s important that you check the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit and see if it fits your situation. Each brand has its own criteria for weight limits. Check the recommendation first before making a purchase.

The 12ft trampoline has a weight limit of about 250 to 300lbs while the 14ft trampoline has a weight limit of 250 to 350lbs. The 15ft and 16ft trampolines can hold 250 to 450lbs.

3. 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Users Age

Another crucial difference between the 12 ft. vs-14 ft. trampoline is the recommended user’s age. The 12ft trampoline is ideal for young children. This trampoline doesn’t allow the child to bounce higher, hence its ideal for his/her safety.

On the other hand, the 14ft trampoline would be ideal for teenagers, youths, and adults. The large jumping mat will allow more than one person at a go. It will also encourage an upcoming gymnast to perfect his/her skills.

4. 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Springs

The 12 ft. vs-14 ft. trampoline may have a different number of springs depending on the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers will have the same number of springs in both the 12 ft. and 14 ft trampolines. While others will put more springs on the 14 ft. trampoline. Make sure you confirm the number of springs before making your purchase.

The higher the number of springs in a trampoline the better and higher the bounce. Therefore, if you’re looking for quality and higher bounces, you’ll want to choose a brand that includes more springs in their trampoline.

However, if young children or toddlers are involved, you might want to choose a trampoline with fewer springs, hence, a lower bounce for their safety. Depending on the manufacturer, the 12ft would be ideal for children.

You can also check out this article on the Best Small Trampolines for Toddlers and pick the one that suits you best.

5. 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Cost

The 14ft trampoline is more costly than that 12ft trampoline. Depending on the brand and shape of the trampoline, you may spend over 400 dollars.

On the other hand, the 12ft trampoline may cost $250 to $600. However, it doesn’t mean that the more costly a trampoline is the better the performance.

On the contrary, you need to look at specific specs, features, and functionality of the trampoline. Go through the reviews of previous buyers and make a good decision.

6. 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Shape

Both the 12 ft. vs-14 ft. trampolines come in different shapes such as rectangle, oval, round, and square. Luckily, in this guide, I will review the 12 ft. vs -14 ft trampolines with the different shapes. So, stick to the end of the article to see that.

Alternatively, you can check out this article on Rectangular vs. Round Trampoline.

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Trampoline Size

1. The Available Space

The available space in your backyard is crucial at determining the size of the trampoline you can buy. Therefore, before doing a purchase measure the space in the backyard to establish which trampoline size will fit perfectly.

Therefore, you may want to buy a trampoline that doesn’t fill up the entire backyard space as you’ll need the space for other activities.

Hence, if you have a small backyard choose the 12ft trampoline. but is the space is large and the budget allows pick the 14ft trampoline.

2. Weight Capacity of the User

The weight of the jumpers will also determine the size of the trampoline to choose. For example, if you intend the trampoline to be for both adults and children you’ll need the 14ft. If it’s for your kids only then the 12ft would be just fine.

You’ll also need to consider whether your children will have their friends coming over to play.

Most 12ft trampolines have a weight limit of about 250lbs., while the 14ft trampolines have a weight limit of about 350lbs.

Therefore, when buying your backyard trampoline you’ll want to be clear of the weight of the users. You’ll also need to check the springs, the jumping mat, and other important features like the warranty.

3. Age of Children

You can check out the manufacturer’s recommended age before deciding on a trampoline. In the recent past, there have been numerous trampoline-related injuries to kids. So you’ll want to keep your children safe.

Therefore, children under 6 years are at a higher risk of these trampoline-related injuries. Hence, it’s prudent that you include an enclosure net every time the children would be playing

4. Safety

Safety is a crucial aspect when it comes to trampolines. Therefore, when choosing between 12 ft and 14ft you’ll want a size the ensures the safety of the jumper.

If you’ve multiple children and you foresee a situation where they would jump together, you’ll need to invest in a larger-sized trampoline. This way, you avoid cases of collisions while jumping.

You’ll also want to ensure adult supervision every time your children are playing on a trampoline. Alternatively, have one jumper at a time to prevent injuries.


1. Is A 14ft Trampoline Too Big?

A 14ft trampoline is not too big. However, depending on your backyard space, the activities you’ll want to undertake, and the age of the users you can determine if it’s too big or too small for you.

The 14ft trampoline has about 148 inches jumping mat diameters, hence, it’s recommended for families with multiple kids, aspiring gymnasts, or teenagers.

More than that, the 14ft trampoline provides enough space to accommodate several people at a go.

2. What Is The Best Size Trampoline To Buy?

Well, it depends. How many children do you have? What’s the purpose of the trampoline? Will you join in the game?

If you’re buying a trampoline for your small children, the 12ft would be an ideal size. However, if older children or adults are involved you might consider a bigger trampoline. The 14- to 16-foot sizes would be ideal.

3. How Many Kids Can Jump On A 12ft Trampoline?

A 12ft trampoline can accommodate 2 small children. However, it’s recommended that they jump one at a time. It’s also important that an adult supervises the children as they play.

4. How Many Kids Can Jump On A 14ft Trampoline?

The 14ft trampoline is spacious and can accommodate more than two children. It can also accommodate adults.

5. How Big Is a 14 Ft Trampoline?

A 14 Ft Trampoline has about 148 inches jumping mat diameter. The length, width, and height when assembled will depend on the manufacturer. For example, the JumpKing 14-Foot Trampoline measures 48.00 by 20.00 by 13.00 Inches when assembled.

6. 14 Vs. 15 Foot Trampoline

Are you comparing 14 Vs. 15 Foot Trampoline to decide on the best option for you? Well, you need to know that there’s only a one-foot diameter difference in the jumping mat between the two options. However, the 15ft has more space to move around with ease compared to the 14ft. Both the 14ft and 15ft trampolines have exit and entry points that are spacious and have excellent safety features.

7. Should I Get A 12 Or 14-Foot Trampoline?

You should get a 12ft trampoline if you have young children and toddlers. Also if your backyard space is small a 12ft trampoline would be a good option for you.

However, if you have older children or you also intend to jump on the trampoline you can pick the 14ft option. The 14ft trampoline accommodates several children at ago and has a higher weight limit compared to the 12ft. Therefore, if your backyard space is big you need to pick the 14ft trampoline.

8. Does A Trampoline Ruin Grass?

A Trampoline doesn’t ruin the grass. Nowadays, trampolines manufacturers adhere to the highest standards, which include environmental protection. Therefore, most trampoline mats allow the sunlight to reach the ground beneath it. Hence, allow grass to thrive normally.

Product Review for 12 ft. vs-14 ft Trampoline

1. ORCC 12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline

ORCC manufacturers both the 12ft and 14ft trampolines. It’s a popular brand that has become a favorite of many people.

12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

The ORCC meets the highest quality, durability, and safety standards. They have accreditation from TUV and ASTM.

Furthermore, all ORCC trampolines feature hot-dip galvanization technology that ensures the trampolines’ net poles and frames last for decades.

Other than that, the products come with ORCC Jumping Mat that’s waterproof, fade-resistant, and UV resistant. The mat incorporates a heavy-duty stitching design for enhanced durability and reliable jump.

In addition, the trampolines come with extra accessories like wind stakes, a ladder, and a spring tool. All these items make the assembling process easy.

The ORCC 12ft vs. 14ft main differences include;

The jumping mat diameter is 148 inches for the 14ft trampoline while the 12ft trampoline has a jumping mat diameter of 125 inches.

Both the 12ft and 14ft of this brand have similar weight limits of 450 lbs. However, in other brands you might notice a slight difference as these ORCC trampolines have high weight limit.

Besides that, the frame diameter for the 12ft is 12ft while for the 14ft is 14ft. the 12ft comes with 4 pieces of wind stakes while the 14ft comes with 6 pieces of wind stakes. The 14ft has more springs that total 96 pieces while the 12ft has 72 springs.

The ORCC 12ft trampoline is ideal for any jumper from young children, youths, teenagers, and adults. On the other hand, the 14ft provides extra jumping space. Hence, allows several jumpers at a go. It also delivers high-quality jumps.


  • Both the 12ft and 14ft ORCC trampolines accommodate 450lbs
  • 14ft has 96 springs while 12ft has 72 springs. Hence, deliver reliable bounce
  • The jumping mat diameter for 14ft is 148 inches while 12ft has 125 inches
  • Both use hot-dip galvanization technology
  • Both have excellent safety features


  • They might need more than two people to assemble

2. Zupapa 12 ft. vs-14 ft Trampoline

If you’re looking for the safest, durable, and affordable trampoline, pick the Zupapa brand. The Zupapa Trampolines have grown in popularity over the recent years thanks to their different high-quality offerings.

12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

The Zupapa Trampolines range from 8ft to 15ft. thus, you’ll definitely find a size that suits you best.

Besides that, All the Zupapa Trampolines feature a no-gap design that protects your hands or feet from being stuck. The net enclosure also keeps the jumper safe and protects him/her from falling.

Another incredible thing about the Zupapa Trampolines is that they are ASTM and TUV certified. Thus, you can expect the highest level of safety and durability while using the trampoline.

More than that, these trampolines feature Hot-dip Galvanizing Technology that protects the trampoline against rust. Thus, enhanced stability and durability.

Now let’s compare the Zupapa 12ft and 14ft trampoline. These two sizes have minimal differences.

The jumping mat diameter for the 12ft is 10.4ft while for the 14ft is 12.4ft. that’s a 2 feet difference. This means the 14ft will give you more room to do your flips and jumps.

Other than that, the 12ft boasts 72 springs while the 14ft has 96 springs. We had said earlier that, the more springs a trampoline has, the better the bounce it delivers. Therefore, the 14ft has 24 more springs than the 12ft. thus; it will deliver a good bounce for gymnastics.

Both the 12ft and 14ft trampolines have a weight limit of 375lbs.


  • The weight limit of 375lbs is reasonable
  • Both can accommodate more than one person
  • 12ft has 72 springs
  • 14ft has 96 springs
  • Minimal price difference
  • Includes extra accessories like spring tool, ladder, and mat cover


  • The foam poles are hard to install

3. Merax 12FT vs.14FT Trampoline

Another popular trampoline brand that gives value for the money is this budget-friendly Merax Company. The company produces high-quality and safe trampolines that range from 12ft to 15ft.

12 ft. vs-14 ft. Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

These trampolines feature a UV-proof enclosure that provides protection against the sun while protecting the trampoline’s materials from fading.

Other than that, the w-shaped legs provide crucial stability for additional safety. The galvanized steel frame also resists rust for a longer use period.

The weight capacity for the Merax 12ft is 300lbs while the 14ft is 330 lbs. The jumping mat diameter difference between these two sizes is 2 feet. This means both the 12ft and 14ft trampolines provide adequate jump space. Nevertheless, the 14ft would provide a better jumping space than the 12ft.

Moreover, both the 12ft and 14ft trampolines have 72 springs. That only means that the bounce experience on both trampolines might be similar. Hence, you may choose to buy the 14ft trampoline because of the bigger jumping space that can accommodate several children at once.


  • Both the 12ft and 14ft trampolines have 330 lbs. weight capacity
  • Both have 72 springs
  • Provide reliable bounce
  • Both have excellent safety features


  • It may take a while to put it together


I hope that this guide on the 12-foot vs. 14-foot trampoline has been helpful. You can make an informed choice and decide on the best trampoline size for your backyard.

The major aspects that defer in these two sizes are the jumping mats, the number of springs, and the weight limit.

When deciding between a 12-foot vs. 14-foot trampoline it’s important that you consider your space and the age of jumpers. The 12ft trampoline may take up less space than the 14ft trampoline.

However, the 14ft is a great option if you’ll also join in the fun. It can accommodate both children and adults. Thus, if you have adequate pick the 14ft trampoline.

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