9 Best Tiller for Small Garden 2023 Reviewed

The ideal tiller should be capable of preparing your soil adequately to transform it into a colorful and vibrant garden – try the best tiller for a small garden.

  • For rewarding and straightforward results, you need the best tiller for a small garden that is tailored for your needs. 

Size and weight of the tiller – A compact design is considered suitable for small yards and mini-gardens to allow you to work around delicate seedlings and tight spaces. Read Also: Best Rototiller for Rocky Soil

Run-Down: 9 Best Tiller for Small Garden in 2023

1. Sun Joe TJ603E electric tiller Garden Tiller

With this Sun Joe model of the electric-powered electric cultivator, the tilling experience is exceptional. It introduces a cleaner and more efficient way to achieve great gardening outcomes.

Sun Joe TJ603E electric tiller Check Price on Amazon

This unit is powered by a 12-amp motor which does an excellent job at pulverizing dirt at 340 RPM. This guarantees maximum aeration when preparing the seedbed for planting.

The TJ603E series offers you a tilling depth of 8” and a tilling width of 16”.  This allows you to control weed with relative ease and tackle the toughest gardening tasks.

The six sturdy steel angled tines are designed for maximum performance and durability. The blades are mounted in a criss-cross design for improved precision during the tilling task.

  • Its rear-mounted wheels feature 3-level adjustments and serve to ease maneuverability.
  • This feature also allows you to adjust the tilling depth to variable levels in different terrains while its collapsible handles facilitate storage when the tool is not in use.

Overall, this unit is guaranteed to offer you a hassle-free operation and it passes for an excellent choice for all your mini-gardening tasks. In addition, mini-tillers should be highly portable to guarantee that hassle-free performance on the go.


  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance because it is electric-powered
  • Features an adjustable wheel position mechanism
  • Features a powerful motor


  • Hard to assemble

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2. Earthwise TC70025 7.5” corded electric tiller

This Earthwise series is bound to improve your gardening experience by ensuring that your garden is ready for planting with relative ease.

Earthwise TC70025 7.5” corded electric tiller Check Price on Amazon

With this unit, your tilling experience is bound to be improved by this miniature powerhouse whose 2.5Amp electric engine runs swiftly and for prolonged periods.

This model is powerful enough to generate 280rpm, which is sufficient for tilling raised gardens and small plots in no time.

With this lightweight mini-tiller, your digging tasks are bound to be more enjoyable. A single-lever switch guarantees you smooth starts and spares you the hassle of having to pull a cord.

This unit’s four steel tines are highly durable and will offer you a cultivating depth of 8” and a cutting width of 7.5”. This makes the tool the ultimate choice for small and medium-scale gardeners.

The lightweight construction design of this unit renders it highly maneuverable and portable for the effortless tilling experience.

What’s more? This unit’s electric engine leaves less carbon footprint as compared to gas-powered models.

Its soft and ergonomic handles guarantee maximum user comfort.  The highly affordable nature of this unit makes it the ideal choice if you are dealing with a limited budget. 


  • Ideal for small plots
  • Features sharp tines
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent working speeds 


  • It has a small electric cord

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3. Earthquake MC43 cultivator 43cc 10”

This Earthquake series ranks only second to the previous model. It is the ideal choice for cultivating weed, aerating the soil, and applying fertilizer. It offers you a tilling depth of 6” and cut 10” wide.

Earthquake MC43 cultivator 43cc 10” Check Price on Amazon

This cultivator’s 2-cycle viper 43cc engine is powerful enough to till through various types of garden soils.

Weighing in at 33lbs, its lightweight design eases maneuverability around the garden without worrying about damaging plants.

Unlike other rival electric models which require you to plug an extension cable into the power outlet, this gas-powered unit offers you unlimited flexibility and is the right choice if your garden is located farther away from the power source.

  • The MC43 does a valuable tool that is guaranteed to leave your garden in a prime condition in no time.
  • Its gas-powered option spares you the hassle of relying on power extension cords to access the garden.

Unlike other mini-tillers in our featured list, this unit features a recoil start system rather than an electric one which means you have to pull a cord to start it. Its powerful engine is sufficient to perform different gardening tasks. 


  • Highly dependable
  • Offers a powerful performance
  • Fuel efficient
  • Versatile


  • Relatively expensive

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4. Mantis 7924 two-cycle tiller

At just 20lbs, this is the lightest tiller in the market which is capable of taking on heavy-duty tasks such as digging planting holes, and breaking through tough sod with relative ease.

Mantis 7924 two-cycle tiller Check Price on Amazon

This unit also offers high precision weeding performance at the flip of the tilling tines. This feature also allows you to weed around delicate seedlings.

  • This Mantis tiller is powered by a 2-cycle 21.2cc FastStart technology engine.
  • A spring-loaded ratchet coil facilitates easier and more comfortable, starting for repeated action. Its innovative gear design is specially designed to achieve maximum cultivating ability.

At just 9” wide, this unit has a compact design and will allow you to till in tight spaces where larger models cannot fit in.

It is capable of tilling up to 10” deep, making it the ideal choice for creating a strong foundation for plants. Its uniquely configured tines are sufficient for digging into the toughest soils.

This model is highly versatile and you only need to flip down the tines to convert it into a powerful weeder.

It also offers you the option of aerating and plowing your lawn with fewer hassles. 


  • Ergonomic and over molded grips for improved comfort
  • Fold down handles for improved portability and storage
  • Thumb controlled safety switch


  • Relatively expensive

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5. Black and Decker LGC120 mini-tiller

This cordless garden tiller is powered by 20V lithium-ion batteries offering you an efficient and modern option for tackling your everyday gardening tasks.

Black and Decker LGC120 mini-tiller Check Price on Amazon

Its rechargeable batteries ensure that your contribution to the carbon footprint is significantly reduced. This tiller is capable of tilling 350 square feet on a single charge.

Counter oscillating tines ensure that no weeds stick to the equipment hence guaranteeing a smooth tilling performance.

In addition, this unit’s upright design and adjustable handles guarantee added user comfort when in use.

This tool is ideal for tilling garden beds, landscaping, and weeding. It is also capable of preparing seedbeds for planting. It achieves all this by leaving zero emissions because it operates on batteries.

Black and Decker’s cordless tiller has a comfortable grip and a relaxed hold that assists you to dig deeper into the ground.

It features a marvelous design with an adjustable feature for the handle.  Its lightweight design spares you the hassle of fatigue during usage.

A telescoping tube allows you to adjust the tiller to the desired user comfort.  The highly versatile nature of this electric cultivator allows you to prepare dried-out sections for seeding. 


  • Rechargeable and highly flexible
  • Counter oscillating tines remove entanglements
  • Environmental friendly


  • Not ideal for medium sized gardens

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6. Schiller Grounds Mantis Tiller 7940

This Mantis tiller is powered by a 4-cycle Honda engine which provides enough torque to power through tough soil, providing twice the speed of other tillers in its class.

Schiller Grounds Mantis Tiller 7940 Check Price on Amazon

The cultivator’s 25cc is commercial-grade which compliments the durable power train gear system which is housed in heavy-duty molding.

  • This Mantis series’ unique transmission design in addition to its lightweight design guarantee heavy-duty performance.

This tiller’s steel tine rotates at a rate of 240rpm, providing maximum sod-breaking capability with relative ease.

In addition, this tiller features curved and highly durable tines which give a lifetime guarantee against breakage. They offer a maximum tilling depth of 10”.

This tool weighs only 24 pounds, making it one of the lightest options for cultivating small gardens. Despite its lightweight design, this cultivator allows you to till through compacted soil, but it is also easy to use and carry around.

The ergonomic handle design of this tool guarantees you a blister-free operation. Its infinite speed technology allows you to power up the machine when needed. The folding handle design facilitates storage. 


  • Convenient
  • It is highly durable
  • Versatile
  • It features strong and durable tines
  • It features a powerful engine


  • Not environmental friendly

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7. Greenworks 10” 27072 8 amp corded cultivator

The 27072 series is powered by a clean engine that provides excellent weeding, digging, and gardening performance.

Greenworks 10” 27072 8 amp corded cultivator Check Price on Amazon

With this environmentally friendly option, you are guaranteed to power through tough sod in no time, courtesy of the 8Amp electric motor engine.

  • It generates sufficient energy to power through all types of soil in your small garden.

With a maximum tilling depth of 5”, this tool allows the user to adjust the tines depending on the terrain and soil type.

  • Besides, it offers you a tilling width range of 8” to 10”. These features provide the perfect combination for all gardening tasks throughout the planting season.

As compared to other mini tillers in its class, this cultivator features four 8” tines which provide exceptional performance with a rotating speed of 150rpm. This unit measures 15” by 15” by 33” and features an adjustable handlebar.

For improved ease of use and convenience, this tool has a push start button whereas a cord lock ensures that the power cable remains attached in place.

  • The lightweight design of this Green works tiller improves maneuverability around tight spaces. 


  • It is efficient and environmental friendly
  • Tubular handle design guarantees user comfort
  • Tiller adjustable feature makes the tool ideal for all soils
  • Ideal for all soil types


  • Corded features renders it inflexible

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Considerations for Best Tiller for small garden

1. Care and maintenance

Most modern mini-tillers are electric or battery-powered. This is considered the best alternative because it eliminates the hassle of an oil change, noisy operations, and adds to the carbon footprint.

  • You might want to go for an electric over gas-powered model because there are fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Gasoline engines are cheaper to buy but are unsuitable for beginners who do not have sufficient knowledge of changing spark plugs and engine oil.

2. Soil type and ease of starting the engine

The type of soil in your garden determines how challenging the tilling exercise is likely to get.

  • If your mini-garden has fertile loamy organic soil, a less powerful tiller is considered ideal and vice-versa.

Since you are dealing with light gardening tasks, you might want to go for a model that starts on the go at the push of a button.

This feature is popular with corded and battery-powered tillers. A smooth start engine is ideal for the all-weather season since it does not require a warm-up period.

3. Adjustable handle and Versatility

The light-duty nature of the gardening tasks performed by mini-tillers necessitates ease of maneuverability at the slightest turn to allow you to navigate the garden with relative ease.

  • Some tillers feature multiple attachments as compared to others.
  • This is an essential point of consideration if you are seeking to buy a mini-tiller that serves numerous purposes. However, the same selection criteria apply to all tillers.

4. Warranty

With this unit, you want to go for a long-term purchase that guarantees a few years of the warranty period. Your choice of manufacturer is an essential consideration in determining the quality of the tiller.

Since gardening activities are bound to be confronted by various unforeseen challenges such as buried debris, large rocks, and other obstacles that are bound to strain the tines and engine, it is prudent to go for a model that offers you a warranty.

This will not only save you unforeseen maintenance costs but also guarantees peace of mind during usage.


You need the right and reliable miniature version of a garden tiller that powers through sod with minimal effort.

Earthwise TC70025 stands out in our featured list due to its durable and reliable motor engine which features a quick start option.

Its unique handling design is just what you need to keep the unit running for long without getting fatigued.

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