Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults: 300lbs – 400lbs

Are you an overweight person looking for a perfect and fun way to exercise? Well, the Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults is a sure deal.

In this article, I will only review heavy-duty mini trampolines with over 300lbs weight capacity. Such trampolines would be ideal for plus-sized people looking for great exercise equipment.

Read and choose your favorite Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults.

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Review: 7 Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults

1. bellicon Plus Trampoline for Heavy Adults

If you’re looking for the Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults pick the bellicon Plus. This trampoline supports over 440lbs of weight and it features durable construction to support the excess weight.

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Furthermore, this trampoline has Ultra-Strong Bungees cords that accommodate any load thrown at it. The bungee suspension system supports low-impact exercises that will not stress your joints and other body parts.

More than that, the bungee cord suspension has 5 different resistance strengths. This means you can choose the perfect bounce for your weight or workout style.

To make it even better, the manufacturer includes a chart that you can use to determine your optimal strength according to your weight. Thus, you can choose between a firmer and a softer bungee strength.

Choose a firmer bungee strength based on the following

  • You’re dealing with osteoporosis or osteopenia
  • You’ll do intensive or fast-paced workouts
  • You have chronic foot pronation that needs corrective shoes

Choose a softer bungee strength because

  • Allows for gentle bouncing for overall health, muscle toning, and fitness
  • Have conditions like back pain, painful joints, or knees that require low impact exercises
  • Your legs have osteoarthritis or lymphedema

Besides all these, you’ll appreciate the excellent construction of this mini-trampoline. Its sturdy, noiseless, and has a patented design. You can work out in your own apartment without worrying about making noise to your neighbors.

Other than that, the safety of this heavy people mini trampoline is on a higher level. The trampoline has a T-bar that delivers needed balance and safety to do your workout routines.

Furthermore, the bellicon plus trampoline with handle comes fully assembled, so it eliminates the hassle of setting it up. The legs are also versatile and they are easy to unscrew and fold up when you want to store the trampoline.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Accommodates higher weight capacity of 440lbs
  • Delivers superior design and durability
  • Comes with a stability bar
  • The bungee cord suspension delivers more responsive bounces


  • Pricey but worth it


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2. MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder – Trampoline for overweight people

The MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder also finds a spot in the best mini trampoline for heavy adults. This rebounder for morbidly obese people delivers low-impact exercises to protect the joints. It can accommodate anyone with 310lbs of body weight.

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The MaXimus PRO trampoline is a favorite of many heavy-weight people thanks to its high weight capacity, stability, and durability.

You’ll appreciate the many cool and amazing features that this trampoline for fat people carries. It features a stability bar that you can hold on to for support and stability as you master the art of effective rebounding.

More than that, the manufacturer includes 7 amazing rebounding exercises on a DVD that you can use to begin your fitness lifestyle. You’ll be amazed that 20 minutes of daily bouncing will help you burn up to 1000 calories, hence, lose weight fast.

Furthermore, this rebounder for heavy adults has 32 steel springs that ensure you have a more energetic and effective bounce. However, you’ll need to use trampoline grease to guarantee the proper functioning of your equipment and to prevent the squeaking noise.

Other fun accessories that come with this trampoline include a resistance band that you can use for an additional workout. It also comes with Sand Weights for Strength training, Conditioning, or Rebounding Loads for an efficient workout session.

You’ll appreciate the easy-to-follow assemble guide that comes with the trampoline. The customer care team is also highly responsive to customer issues. They will help you resolve any challenge you encounter while using assembling or using this trampoline.


  • Foldable and portable
  • Affordable
  • Durable and stable
  • Comes with additional workout accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a stabilizing far


  • Some people complained that it was hard to fold it up


3. Darchen 450 lbs Mini Trampoline for Adults

If you want the best mini trampoline for overweight people, you cannot go wrong with the Darchen mini-trampoline. This rebounder accommodates over 450lbs of weight making it ideal for heavy-weight individuals.

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It comes with a range of features that make it comfortable and safe for fat people.

For starters, this trampoline has 6 legs and a Heavy Duty Steel construction that enhance the overall stability and safety of the structure. So you won’t need to worry about tipping over or the trampoline sliding. This means you can do all kinds of exercises from high intensity to low impact ones without any fear, hence, attain your fitness goals.

Other than that, you’ll appreciate the quiet and safe cushioned bounce. The trampoline features 3rd generation bungees that provide the perfect tension as you bounce back and forth to your satisfaction. You can jump any time of the day or night without worrying about disturbing the neighbors with trampoline noise.

As a heavy-weight person, you’ll appreciate that this trampoline features a bungees cord instead of springs. The cords deliver a quiet and low-impact bounce that provides protection to your joints as you work out.

More than that, you’ll love the round spacious jumping surface of this rebounder. The jumping mat is durable and is designed to withstand heavy weight and intense jumps.

The Darchen is a great professional gym rebounder that delivers robust and superior quality to its competitors. Many professional athletes rate this trampoline highly for excellent cardio and strength training.


  • Accommodates over 450lbs of weight
  • Excellent stability and durability
  • Delivers a quiet bounce
  • Features bungees cord instead of the springs
  • Great Rebounder for Plus Size people


  • Difficult to assemble


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4. Ultimate Rebounder by Rebound Air: 400 Pounds

Are on the heavy side and looking for a perfect way to shed excess fat while having the time of your lifetime. If you said yes, then this Ultimate Rebounder Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults will come in handy.

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Firstly, this trampoline is heavy duty with a recommended weight limit of 400lbs. It has a durable and stable construction to accommodate heavy adults.

Furthermore, this best trampoline for heavy adults is safe and built to last. It features a durable patented metal spring with a reliable spring cover to keep the user safe. The springs also ensure you have more bounces that are effective throughout your sessions.

Other than that, you’ll appreciate the softer and quieter bounce that this Low-impact mini trampoline delivers. Thus, you’ll enjoy a comfortable rebounder workout that’s easy on joints. The workouts are also ideal for your lymphatic drainage for an improved lymphatic system.

Besides that, the Ultimate Rebounder has high-quality and durable PERMATRON MAT that will accommodate your extra weight. Thus, allow you to exercise with confidence.

Moreover, you’ll love the unique and versatile design of this heavy adults trampoline. It has removable legs with rubber studs at the bottom to prevent the structure from sliding or scarfing the floor.

You can also easily fold the trampoline and store it or carry it along with you. The trampoline also comes with a custom carrying case for convenience in storage and transportation.


  • Delivers soft and quiet bounces
  • Has a weight limit of 400lbs
  • Durable jumping mat
  • Features half-fold design for easy storage and transportation
  • Heavy-duty and durable trampoline


  • It’s difficult to fold, you might need some assistance


5. JumpSport 570 PRO Heavy Duty Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport 570 PRO also qualifies as the Best mini trampoline for heavy adults. It’s a popular trainer with a sturdy design and a maximum weight limit of 325 pounds. This trampoline comes with excellent features to enhance safety and comfort for the overweight trainer.

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For starters, the JumpSport 570 PRO features 36 EnduroLast XF Cords that help to deliver safe, fun, and effective bounces. This patented cord system makes this trampoline more durable. Hence, it stands out from its competitors.

The cord system also allows you to adjust the bounce tension according to your weight and workout style. You’ll also appreciate the quick and easy assembly.

Other than that, the patented arched legs deliver a stable base, hence, you’re protected from tipping over as you work out. Thus, you can exercise with confidence without worrying about the stability of the trampoline as you various routines.

Besides that, the commercial-grade construction of this trampoline enhances its durability and safety. Thus, it’s one of the best trampolines for obese people.

The frame features a tough 3-coat Charcoal Gold and a low friction finish. This ensures a longer use period for all your home workout needs.

The Padded Petals carefully covers the EnduroLast cords for enhanced safety. Hence, if you’re looking for a mini trampoline that will provide you safety, comfort, and stability as you do your various workout routine, choose this JumpSport Fitness Trampoline.


  • Features commercial-grade construction
  • The Endurolast XF Cords deliver safe and fun bounces
  • Arched legs provide stability
  • Fast assembly
  • Has a weight limit of 325 pounds
  • Totally silent


  • Some reviewers complained that the customer care was not as helpful as they had expected


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6. MXL MaXimus FIT BOUNCE Mini Trampoline

The MXL MaXimus FIT BOUNCE is a great trampoline option for heavy adults. It has a weight limit of 330lbs and comes with various features to make rebounding safe and fun.

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You’ll love that this trampoline is ideal for the whole family. Thus, you and your kids can have awesome rebounding together for a fun-filled experience. This is one of the best trampolines for Autistic Children as it offers excellent Rebound Therapy.

Furthermore, this trampoline also delivers amazing lymphatic drainage ensuring the lymphatic system is in the best condition. It also helps to tone the muscles, cut excess calories, and tightens skin.

Besides that, the trampoline delivers a soft silent landing thanks to the patented bungee system that has 60 strong connectors. This system provides excellent tension for holistic training.

You’ll love that the silent bounce allows you to work out anywhere and anytime without causing any distractions.

The trampoline also comes with a booklet with crucial beginner rebounding tips that you can use. You can also purchase the handlebar (bought separately) to provide you support until you’re ready to jump without any support.

The trampoline delivers low-impact exercises that will be ideal for joints especially for heavy-weight individuals who put excess pressure on their feet because of the excess weight.

Other than that, this trampoline features a half folding design for easy storage and portability. It also comes with a storage bag that allows you to take your trampoline wherever you go with ease.


  • Best mini trampoline for heavy adults- accommodates 330lbs weight capacity
  • Durable and strong
  • Sturdy springs
  • Free workout DVDs
  • Foldable and portable


  • Difficult to fold


7. Needak Folding Hard-Bounce rebounder

The Needak Folding Hard-Bounce rebounder delivers super-soft bounce. It also offers low-impact workouts that are easy on joints; hence, it’s ideal for overweight people.

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The recommended weight limit for this trampoline is 300 pounds. It absorbs 85% of the impact in every bounce you take. Hence, it protects your feet and joints from any pain after workouts.

The Needak rebounder also uses gravity, acceleration, or deceleration to reach all the muscles, joints, bones, and cells. This means this trampoline is perfect for an overall body workout.

The jumping surface features polypropylene fabric that delivers a durable and strong mat that can hold the heavy adult with ease.

This trampoline features 36 soft springs that provide a reliable and effective bounce. The protective cover seals all the pinch points for a safe jump experience.

Besides that, the trampoline has a steel frame for added durability. The 6 legs provide unmatched stability and protect you from tipping over during intense workouts.

Other than that, you’ll appreciate the foldability and portability of this trampoline. Hence, it offers a lot of convenience during transportation or storage.


  • Hold up to 300lbs
  • DVDs included
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Has 36 coil springs for effective bounces and performance
  • Convenience in storage and portability
  • The 6 legs offer stability
  • Stabilizer bar


  • You’ll need to be careful with the springs to prevent injuries



With this extensive list of the best mini trampoline for heavy adults, am sure you can now make an informed decision on which one among them is ideal for you. This fitness equipment will allow you to keep fit, cut excess weight, and tone up at the convenience of your home.

You’ll love the fun and safety that comes with daily rebounding. Any heavy person needs at least 30 minutes of daily trampoline training to achieve the desired fitness goals. Start your fitness journey today with any of our reviewed mini trampolines for heavy adults.

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