7 Best Long Trampolines for Gymnastics 2022 Reviewed

If you or your child aspires to be the next Rosie MacLennan, you need to invest in the Best Long Trampolines for Gymnastics. These trampolines will help an upcoming or professional gymnast to improve their skills at the convenience of their backyard.

The best Trampolines for Gymnastics should be versatile, bouncy, and safe. Thus, I have compiled the following list with some great trampoline options for gymnasts that you can pick right away.

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Review: 7 Best Long Trampolines for Gymnastics

1. Rectangular Skywalker Trampolines – with Enclosure

I begin this review on the Best Long Trampolines for Gymnastics with these high rated Rectangular Skywalker Trampolines.

Best Long Trampolines for Gymnastics Check Price On Amazon

This trampoline is budget friendly, but highly effective than others on the same category. It delivers the best results and comes with high quality materials to ensure you get effective gymnastic training.

The trampoline provides a decent jumping space, affordable price, and excellent bounce for a fun filled Gymnastics experience.

This Rectangular Skywalker features an amazing Enclosure Netting with a latch clip closure and a dual zipper system. These components ensure the safety of the gymnast while doing their twirls and flips.

More than that, the outer part of the enclosure net features reliable tightly coiled springs that ensure more safety for the jumper. The springs are also rust-resistant and durable.

You’ll also notice that this Skywalker features T-sockets at all the strategic places on this structure. The T-sockets reinforces the trampoline to give it more stability, thus, prevent structural twisting.

Furthermore, the Skywalker comes with an amazing spring pad that features extra thick vinyl-coated material. This gives you the confidence for your gymnastic training.

Besides that, this Skywalker is one of the best rectangular trampolines for gymnasts. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best trampoline for gymnastics training pick this one. Most reviewers swear by its effectiveness, safety, and high performance. The positive reviews indicate that this product serves its purpose efficiently.

Therefore, if you’re an aspiring, an amateur, or a professional gymnast looking for a Long Trampoline for Gymnastics pick this Rectangular Skywalker and you’ll not regret your decision.  This rectangular Skywalker height from the bottom is 109.8″. Its dimensions are 6.5 x 12.5 feet (78″ x 150″).


  • Enhanced safety thanks to the enclosure netting, t-sockets, and the tightly coiled springs
  • Spacious trampoline
  • The springs have rust-resistant coating
  • Delivers safety and durability


  • It may squeak


2. Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Square Trampoline with Enclosure

The 14-Foot square Skywalker Trampolines has a robust frame that doesn’t take much yard space. Its spacious than most trampolines on the same category.

Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Square Trampoline with Enclosure Check Price On Amazon

The square shape provides an extra 2o percent jumping space with huge corner measurements allowing a gymnast to train more effectively.

Furthermore, this square trampoline features no gap enclosure system. Thus, the best trampolines for gymnastics. The Reinforced T-sockets on the structure provides stability, thus, eliminate structural twisting.

Other than that, the Jump mat features an UV protected polypropylene material that’s carefully woven to prevent the gymnast from slipping. The enclosure net also features tightly woven polyethylene for added safety and protection against UV rays.

In addition, this 14-Foot Square Trampoline has steel frame construction that’s rust resistant, thus ensures a longer life for the structure.

Therefore,  if you’re shopping for the best trampoline for gymnastics, you’ll definitely love the 14-Foot Square Trampoline.


  • Spacious
  • No gap enclosure system ensures safety
  • Durable
  • Robust frame thanks to the square shape


  • No assembly instructions


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3. Upper Bounce Gymnastics Rectangular Trampoline

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is another long trampoline for gymnastic worth considering. It’s spacious, safe, and delivers a good bounce back.

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System Check Price On Amazon

Therefore, if you’re looking for bouncing fun during your gymnastic training this Upper Bounce rectangle trampoline will give just that. It has excellent safety pads that makes it ideal for any backyard setting.

This gymnastics trampoline features a high quality mesh-jumping mat that’s strong and firm to accommodate over 500 lbs of weight.

More than that, this rectangular trampoline exceeds the ASTM standards for quality construction. Thus, it has a solid steel frame for extra durability and safety. Hence, both kids and adults can jump on this trampoline without worrying about injuries.

Furthermore, this gymnastic trampoline has corrosion-resistant materials, thus, it can withstand the outdoor with all its hash conditions. It’s also steel gauged to prevent bending or breaking of the structure.

You’ll also appreciate the easy to understand installation instructions that this Rectangle Trampoline includes. You will take about half an hour to complete the set up. You may need extra hands to complete the installation quickly.


  • Steel frame delivers durability
  • Safety enclosure net
  • Spacious for gymnastics training
  • Accommodate over 500 lbs


  • Some people reported that it was not as durable as they had expected


4. Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

Galactic Xtreme trampoline is one of the Best long trampolines for gymnastics that you could possible choose. It comes with a variety of features to make your gymnastic training more enjoyable, safe, and efficient.

Happy Trampoline - Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline with Net Enclosure Check Price On Amazon

The rectangular gymnastic trampoline boasts of excellent safety features to keep children and adults safe while they train or jump.

The manufacture has ensured that this structure provides a convenient way to exercise while having maximum fun. Trampolines will help your young gymnasts to improve their coordination, agility, and balance.

Other than that, the entire trampoline has a net enclosure that provides added safety for the jumpers during their training. Even inexperienced trampoline users will feel safe because of this excellent construction.

The structure also incorporates steel frame in its construction. The steel frame and the trampoline frame interconnect to provide a durable structure that guarantees safety to the users. The padded steel frame also provides excellent shock absorption; thus, protect the gymnasts from impact when they fall as they train.

Furthermore, the Galactic Xtreme trampoline also boasts of enhanced durability and stability. It features commercial grade quality 4 leg heavy duty frame. most reviewers have endorsed its functionality, durability, safety, and strength.


  • Ideal for both beginner and elite gymnasts
  • Spacious for gymnastic training
  • Excellent safety features like the enclosure net
  • Steel frame ensures durability
  • Big and durable trampoline


  • Pricey


5. Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline also finds a spot in the best trampolines for gymnastics. Its super safe, durable, and effective at gymnastic training or just jumping.

Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline with Enclosure Net Check Price On Amazon

This outdoor round trampoline features a reliable safety net that extends higher to keep your young gymnasts safe. The PE netting incorporates a high-density material that add to the safety of anyone jumping on the trampoline.

The trampoline also encourages the young gymnasts to bounce with confidence thanks to the Thick Foam pad that prevents jumpers from falling off and injuring themselves.

You’ll also appreciate that the jumping mat is waterproof. The edges of the mat are also totally sewed to prevent V-rings from falling and causing unintended harm to the young trampoline jumpers.

The structure boasts of a waterproof surface, Fade-Resistance, and UV-Resistance to give you years of use while still in good condition.

The Exacme T-series Trampoline features 2 additional quick clamps at the bottom net pole to ensure structural stability of the trampoline. The recommended weight limit for this trampoline is 335 LBS and its ideal for adults, teens, and kids.


  • Spacious
  • Waterproof jumping mat
  • Safety net
  • Durable
  • Stable


  • You might need to disassemble during heavy weather conditions


6. Merax 12FT 14FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

If you’re looking for a perfect round trampoline for gymnastics training, you need to pick this amazing Merax 12FT 14FT Trampoline.

Merax 12FT 14FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net Check Price On Amazon

This trampoline features 6.5ft high safety net enclosure that ensures safety for the gymnasts. The structure also includes heavy gauge galvanized steel construction that provides excellent rust resistance and longer life of the product.

This round trampoline also has six W-shaped legs that provide extra stability ensuring the structure is firm on the ground.

The tightly woven jumping mat and the frame are securely attached with 72 galvanized springs to provide superior bounce back. The durable frame pad also provide protection to feet or hands as you jump or train.

More than that, this trampoline includes a thick pole and five foam-padded poles that reinforces the enclosures for enhanced safety while training or jumping.

The trampoline also includes a basketball hoop that provides additional entertainment for extra fun.

The recommended weight for the 12FT trampoline is 300 lbs while for the 14FT is 330 lbs. so choose your gymnastic trampoline according to the weight of the user.


  • Stable
  • Safe
  • Excellent bounce back
  • Decent weight limit


  • Assembly may take time


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7. SereneLife Trampoline with Net Enclosure

The SereneLife Trampoline also gets a spot on my list for the best trampoline for gymnastics. This trampoline is affordable, reliable, and high performing compared to others on the same category.

SereneLife Trampoline with Net Enclosure Check Price On Amazon

It comes with excellent safety features including a reliable net enclosure that provides excellent safety for the users.

The 12FT trampoline is ideal for kids, adults, and teens. It provides hours of family fun helping in creating stronger bonds in families. Aspiring young gymnasts can also train on this trampoline to enhance their skill.

Furthermore, the SereneLife Trampoline has L shaped feet that provides additional stability to the structure. This is one of the best kids trampolines with an L shaped feet design. Your children would be safe while training on this trampoline. It’s stable and durable.

This trampoline is also ASTM approved. It passes all the safety for quality and durable material. The structure also includes heavy duty metal frame and premium materials that can withstand all weather conditions.


  • L shaped legs for stability
  • Reliable bounce
  • Safe
  • Spacious
  • Durable trampoline


  • A reviewer complained about poor assembly instructions



1. Is Jumping on a Trampoline a Workout?

The simple answer is yes!  Trampolines provide the perfect way to workout. They are good for full body workouts. Jumping on a trampoline works your legs, core, behind, and leaves the heart pumping.

2. What Should you Wear on a Trampoline?

Well, you can wear anything as long as you’re comfortable. However, it’s recommended that you wear comfortable clothes like gym clothes to make your training even more fulfilling.

3. What is the Best Trampoline for Gymnastics?

The best trampoline for gymnastics according to my list is the Rectangular Skywalker Trampoline. However, all the other trampolines on this list are good choices and picking any of them will give you the desired results.

Some of the things to keep in mind while buying a trampoline include age of the user, shape, spare parts availability, and style

4. Are There Small Trampolines For Doing Gymnastics?

Yes!  Mini gymnastics trampolines are available and they provide good booking. However, the small trampolines may suit kids that are aspiring to become gymnasts. Adults may find them a bit small.


If you want to attain the best gymnastics trampoline tricks it’s crucial that you invest in one of the best long trampolines for gymnastics. These trampolines will give you a safe space to perfect your twirls and flips.

Hence, when choosing your gymnastics trampoline it’s important that you consider your age, weight, and skill level. This way you get to pick a structure that suits you best.

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