7 Best Swing Set Under 200 in 2022 Reviewed

Are you thinking about getting your kids a swing set, but the cost is making you think otherwise? Well, most parents go through the same situation. In this, I’ve reviewed Best Swing Set Under 200. Best Swing Set Under 200

These swing sets will give your kids hours of fun and excitement. Let’s dive right in! I recommend either this Little Tikes Hide and Seek or the Step2 Panda Climber.

Fun Features: A fun slide, Large platform, Crawl-through tunnel, Platforms enclosed with safety rails, and Durable poly construction. Read Also: Swing Sets for Small Yards.

Reviews: 7 Best Swing Set Under 200 in 2022 Reviewed

1. Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber Adventurous crawl tunnel

Develop your kid’s imagination and creativity with this mind-blowing Hide and Seek Climber and Swing from Little Tikes.

Best Swing Set Under 200 View on Amazon

With this playset, your kids will have hours of fun and excitement. This fun playset features a slide, a climbing wall, a big standing platform, and a ventilation window.

It comes with a tunnel that’s located under the slide to give kids more play action. Hence kids remain engaged in their playtime for hours. The Hide and Seek Climber and Swing is ideal for kids who have learned mobility. This playset will offer your kids an imaginative and creative place, where they can exercise their thinking and exploration skills.

The set’s low height is ideal for kids as they are still developing their balance. With time, their confidence will grow, and they will start engaging in even more creative plays.

The fun and excitement that this playset offers will give you a hard time taking your kids off the set. They’ll want to always play with it all day long. The gentle swing and slide, the fun rock wall, and the great crawl under tunnel will give your kid’s loads of activities to engage.

Also, most of the sets we’ve discussed below will grow with your kids, so you don’t need to worry about going back for a new purchase after a few years. You Can Also Check Best Swing Sets under 500.


  • Many cool play activities and Safety is guaranteed.
  • Kids get to develop their imagination and Highly durable.
  • Low height allows kids to build their balance


  • Low height, kids who grow fast are likely to outgrow it quickly

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2. Step2 Panda Climber, Tan/Red/Yellow/Blue

Bring your kids a new and fun adventure with the incredible Step2 Panda Climber. This set allows your children to slide, hide, or crawl while having endless enjoyment in the comfort of their compound.

Step2 Panda Climber, Tan/Red/Yellow/Blue View on Amazon

This playset will significantly enhance your child’s movement abilities as well as their gross motor skill as it comes with numerous activities to keep kids moving and engaged for hours. This activity set comes with a stylish slide, an archway, a crawl-through tunnel, and a big platform that allows kids to develop their creativity, imagination, and exploration.

When designing this fantastic playset, the manufacturer had toddlers in mind, and as such, they made the set to fit the unique needs of the toddlers. All the features that come with the playset are safe and ideal for toddlers. Therefore, parents can relax knowing that their children are safe while playing.

The playset is equipped with durable materials to ensure Safety. Also, the big platform comes fitted with rails that serve to enclose the climber, so kids are guaranteed protection while climbing.

The set is easy to clean and is designed to last for many years; your kids will outgrow it and remain as good as new. You can also easily disassemble it when you want to keep it away. The recommended manufacturer’s age is 1.6 – 5 years, while the allowed weight capacity is 60 lbs. The dimension of the set is 33.25 x 52.5 x 43.5 and can accommodate up to 4 kids playing at a go.


  • Easy to clean, Easy to disassemble for storage, and Does not take much space; Safety is guaranteed.
  • Made using sustainable materials, Numerous play activities
  • Can be used indoors, Easy to assemble, and Very colorful


  • None

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3. Step2 All-Star Sports Climber

Another playset that comes under $200 is the All-Star Sports Climber. You will be stunned at the many different activities kids can engage in, guaranteeing them years of fun and enjoyment.

Step2 All-Star Sports Climber View on Amazon

Your kids will remain active while playing on this climber. It allows them to shoot, climb, kick, and toss.

The activities the set offers include; football toss, climbing ladder, slide, basketball hoop, and soccer. At a young age, your children will learn how to shoot, kick, and toss on a target. This way, they get to know early the basic rules of engagement while playing either football, basketball, or any other game.

The in-built scorekeeper allows kids to keep track of their scores while playing. These scores will act as a reference for later review to see how they perform and take necessary actions to improve their games. The football toss prepares those kids that are into football to become future and world champions. They get to learn early the dos and don’ts of football.

The playset also features play ball accessories that include a soccer ball, basketball, and football ball. All these accessories allow kids to engage in various ball activities. With this sports climber, your kids will never run out of play activities.

The basketball hoop will help your kids become little all-stars as they get an opportunity to practice proper ways of playing basketball as well as develop their jump-shooting skills. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 2 to 6 Years, while the size of the set is 30 x 63 x 43 inches. It can also allow up to 5 children to play simultaneously.

The climber features a Climbing ladder, Slide, Scorekeeper, Football Toss, and Basketball hoop. The set features: Slides with gentle slopes for soft landings, a Climbing rock wall ideal for beginners, a Ventilation window, and a 3-point safety belt.


  • The climber offers multiple activities, and Safety for kids is guaranteed.
  • Made with durable materials and comes with accessories like a soccer ball, football, and basketball
  • Easy to assemble and The ladder provides an easy challenge for the kids


  • None

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4. Movement God Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set

Let your kids enjoy hours of swinging with this incredible Two Seat Swing Set. This swing set is simple, but it will give your kids maximum swinging fun and excitement.

Movement God Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set View on Amazon

This A-Frame swing set features two belt swings. It’s made of a powdered-coated material that resists rust.

To prevent discoloration, heat retention, and fading, it comes covered with a UV polyethylene plastic. To ensure safety, the chains of the swings come covered with a plastic coating to prevent kid’s fingers from getting hurt.

The recommended manufacturer’s age for the swing set is 3-8 years with a weight capacity of 100lbs per seat. The size and dimension of the playset are 102 x 74 x 71 inches and comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • Chains come covered; hence, children cannot get injured and Meets all playground and safety standards.
  • Highly durable and Easy to assemble
  • No cement required for anchoring and Comes with a warranty of 5 years
  • Smooth design


  • Features only one play activity (swing)

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5. XDP Recreation “The Titan” Swing Set

If you have a large family or you regularly host your friends with their children, then “The Titan” Swing Set will be a perfect setting for you.

XDP Recreation "The Titan" Swing Set View on Amazon

The set allows more than six kids to play simultaneously without having to wait for each other.

The set offers many play activities, including two swings, a seesaw, a trendy wave slide, and a metal trapeze swing. The chains of swing seats are covered with a PVC safe touch that protects kids’ fingers from pinching.

Also, the swing set is four-legged for added stability. Hence, children cannot tip-off, or the playset cannot fall on them while playing. Further, the seesaw is fitted with injection-molded seats that are safe for two riders.

Furthermore, the fun wave slide is equipped with handrails and comes with a secure landing zone that gives kids that added Safety when they are landing or entering the playground. The legs of the frame are also well secured with safety padding. Also, the steel frame comes fitted with welded corner brackets that give the set more stability and makes it easy to assemble.

The recommended manufacturer’s age is 3-8 years with a weight capacity of 100 lbs per seat. Parents can relax knowing their kids are playing on a swing that has been made with the highest standard of Safety.


  • Made of durable materials like high-density polyethylene and durable corner brackets and allow Multiple play activities to keep kids engaged
  • Offers five play stations, meaning up to 6 kids can play simultaneously and Swing chains come fitted with safety covers.
  • Its 4-leged; thus, stability is guaranteed and Easy to assemble.
  • Leg guards provide additional Safety and Pass ASTM safety standards.
  • It comes with a 180-day warranty and Has attractive colors; the frame is colored Black and silver while the seats and the slides are yellow.
  • Wave slide comes fitted with handrails together with a safe landing zone and Powder-coated paint protects the swing set against rusting


  • Some customers complained that the swing seats were a bit slippery

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6. Sportspower Super First Metal Swing Set

Bring fun and excitement to your backyard with the Super First Metal Swing Set from Sportspower.

Sportspower Super First Metal Swing Set View on Amazon

This swing set offers several play activities that up to 6 kids can engage in, giving them hours of outdoor fun and happiness. The playset features two stylish swing seats and a trapeze ring that can keep kids swinging all day long.

The teeter-totter allows two kids to ride, giving them more fun as they swing their way to happiness. The stylish wavy slide offers kids a more thrilling experience as they slide to their heart’s satisfaction. To ensure that kids of all height get to enjoy the swing set, the developers fitted the swing chains with adjustable chains. Hence, kids of all heights have an opportunity also to have fun and enjoy themselves without feeling left out.

This swing set is highly durable as it’s made from a dense material and steel tubes that are weather resistant. Also, the powder-coated paint used in the swing gives it excellent toughness and Durability. For additional playtime safety, the legs of the set are fitted with foam padding giving parents and kids peace of mind. It also meets ASTM safety standards.


  • Meets ASTM safety standards and Fitted with chains that are adjustable
  • Offer many play activities, and It comes pre-drilled
  • A powdered-coated paint gives it toughness and Durability, and Up to 6 kids can play simultaneously.
  • Made from heavy-duty material and Durability is guaranteed as it’s polished with a powder-coated paint.
  • Safety is maintained since the set is fitted with foam-padded legs and Can withstand severe conditions since it’s fitted with weather-resistant steel.
  • Easy to set up, it comes with clear instructions and Can fit perfectly in medium and large backyards


  • Anchoring set not included

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7. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

Develop your kid’s world of imagination and creativity with the amazing Playful Lookout Treehouse.

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse View on Amazon

This playset features a slide that is designed to give your kids maximum fun and excitement as they slide up and down in turns.

The periscope will help kids become adventurous as they get to spy and look out for any enemy while having fun. The playset is roomy with a high platform that measures 48.3 cm. It also features a “shingled” roof that offers shade to kids as they play. The treehouse is very sturdy, giving kids all the confidence they need when playing.

This swing set can fit perfectly in medium and large backyards, and it’s recommended for kids aged 3 to 8 years. The set can support a weight capacity of 100 lbs per child and up to 600 pounds in total.

When assembled the set measures 134.5 x 100 x 74 and for easier assembly, the set comes pre-drilled. This set features: 2 swing seats, A teeter-totter, A trapeze, A cool slide, Adjustable chains, and A teeter-totter.


  • Highly durable
  • Offers multiple play activities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fitted with a roof, children can play under the sun


  • None

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Getting an affordable yet functional and durable swing set under $200 is no longer a challenge for you. With our guide and review of under $200 swing set, you can surprise your kids with any of the swings we’ve reviewed.

Most of the reviewed playsets offer many play activities, so even with a large family, you’re still covered with our guide. Go ahead and choose a swing set that you feel is ideal for you. All the best shopping!

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