7 Best Swing Sets for Small Yards in 2022 Reviewed

Are you looking for the Best Swing Sets for Small Yards? well, in this article I will provide a comprehensive guide on some of the high-rated swing sets that can fit perfectly in your small yard. Best Swing Sets For Small Yards

Swing sets provide a perfect opportunity for kids to exercise, interact in role plays, improve their motor skills, and burn calories. 

Hence, I present Swing Sets for Small Yards that you easily assemble on your own. Check out my compilation below

Reviews: 7 Best Swing Sets for Small Yards in 2022 Reviewed 

1. Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With Me Swing 

Little Tikes have produced some of the best swing sets for kids and this Grow With Me Swing is no exception.  This swing set is a perfect choice for toddlers and babies who are 50 pounds and below. It’s an excellent addition to your backyard’s playsets. 

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you’ll the thoughtful security features that are included in this wing set.  The in-hinged T-bar provides security to the little ones. however, you can remove them if they are old enough. More than that, the stay-put shoulder straps help to hold the child in place to prevent them from falling off the swing set.

The Grow With Me Swing is pretty simple to assemble. it’s an outdoor swing set that’s compatible with the other swing set in your small backyard. You can also mount this set indoors for an uninterrupted play experience. 

However, the manufacturer has not included swing set anchors for this playset. it however comes with convenient hooks that promote simple installation.


  • Easy to install
  • Hours of fun for the kid
  • Excellent security features


  • Doesn’t come with swing set anchors

1. Skyfort II Backyard Discovery – For Kids 3 – 10 years

The Skyfort II Backyard Discovery tops the Best Swing Sets For Small Yards. This playset will help kids to exercise, interact in roles plays, improve their motor skills, and burn calories.

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This swing set has a lower play deck, crow’s nest, a clubhouse, and a sunny balcony with a spacious front porch. It is good for kids aged 3 to about 10 10 years.

Your kids will love the Skyfort II, and it can help them avoid Sedentary life, like video gaming that could pose health risks to them.

Interestingly, the swing set has the same quality as the commercially available sets in public areas. It has a slide that is higher and longer (10 feet) than regular swing sets, which will enable increased fun for your kids.

When your kids are relaxing, they can sit at the picnic table (created for 4), where they can chitchat or take their munchies.

Skyfort II is made, or large backyards and its main assembly are created from the cedar wood that is uniquely treated to withstand the harsh outdoor climatic conditions such as rain and the sun heat.

The cedar swing set has a rock climbing wall, swing set glider (for 2), two belt swings, and new monkey bars to allow your children to increase their strength and better their coordination capability. Check Skyfort II full review.

Unique traits include: (1) 5 different slides, 2-kids slider and 2 belt swings that are suspended using tough metallic chains. (2) The lower deck has a Picnic table – chitchat and munching site and has a rock solid climbing wall and multiple ladders that will excite your kids’ minds. (3) Monkey bars on the wavy playground slide and has Resilient cedar wood with a 5-year decay and rot warranty. (4) That will be easy to install (pre-drilled and pre-cut).


  • Spacious fort and a telescope for additional un with the kids
  • Cedar wood construction that will last long – resistant from rotting and won’t rust


  • Not easy to install

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2. Saratoga Backyard Discovery –  Upper Playdeck & Clubhouse

Despite having lesser whistles and bells compared to swings such as Skyfort, the Saratoga set is an excellent swing set with an upper playdeck and a clubhouse. 

Saratoga Backyard Discovery -  Upper Playdeck & Clubhouse View on Amazon

The downstairs clubhouse has a door and windows. Also, there is a play bench outside the clubhouse door.

It has the slide (8 feet), a glider swing, two belt swings, and monkey bars. Therefore, the kids can move to the upper deck using the ladder or via the monkey bars.

You’ll love outdoor clubhouse, with its spacious wooden roof, as your kids can use it to rest since it has a shelter and a bench. The Kids clubhouse has windows and doors. Also, it has an activity or snack bench. However, the swing set is also stable and safe to allow your children to have adequate fun. Check Saratoga Backyard full review.

Unique traits (1) Sheltered activity or snack bench (2) Speedy slide – Safe – 8 feet. (3) Lower Clubhouse has windows, doors and a playing deck (upper). (4) 2-kids glider and 2-belt swings.


  • Fast and smooth slide
  • Has many fun activities
  • An activity or snack bench is a plus or my kids
  • Superior quality parts or its price.


  • High price
  • Difficult to install

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3. Step2 Naturally Playful Swing Set with Glider

The gigantic Step2 swing set has a climbing rope, a slider, a clubhouse, swings, a basketball hoop, and a sandbox in the bottom room. 

Step2 Naturally Playful Swing Set with Glider View on Amazon

It has a two-story playhouse having a rustic lodge theme, and thus promoting imaginative play. Your kids can imagine the clubhouse to be a pirate ship since it has a fun steering wheel and an amazing fun slide (6′ – 1.8.m).

Step2 swing set has impressive features that will keep your kids adventurers and highly active, happy, and busy. The swing set has adequate room and features to allow multiple children to have fun concurrently.

The set will hold safely through ground anchors. Further, the double-wall poly design ensures the swing set is stable and strong. Since the structure is wood by design, you’ll require minimum maintenance.

The set also has a second Swing where two kids, such as brother and sister, can swing on the seesaw swing. Therefore, your children can swing concurrently. However, you should only have a weight of 75 lbs maximum weight in each swing.

However, that is not all; there is a clubhouse under the fort and is an excellent location to create a sandbox. Check the Step2 Naturally Playful Swing Set full review

Unique traits include: (1) 2-storied play house coming with hiding and climbing space. (2) Backboard ball-toss hoop. (3) 2-kids strap swings.


  • Large slide and strong construction
  • Durable parts such as sturdy poles
  • A rope ladder
  • A steering wheel on the upper level for three kids.


  • Club house only suitable or toddlers

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4. Lifetime Monkey Bar Swing Set

The Lifetime Monkey Bar swing set will enable you to keep your kids, of all ages, active and happy. It is considered to be highly quality and long lasting swing set.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Swing Set View on Amazon

Further, the set is built from UV-resistant plastic and powder-coated alloy steel that will last long despite harsh climatic conditions such as excessive heat. It has powder-coated steel, weather-resistant, and heavy-duty steel.

Considering the comfort safety of your kids, the Lifetime swing has chains with rubber grips that will prevent pinching of their fingers. Also, it has rounded or capped edges hence reducing exposed edges.

Further, the swing set is Free-Standing, and thus you will not require cement, paint, or stain while installing. It is sturdy with a fire pole, monkey bars, a trapeze bar, a 9-foot wavy slide, and three belt swings, features that will offer your kids extra fun. Check the Lifetime Monkey Bar full review.


  • It has a wavy slide that will allow extra fun.
  • Sturdy steel construction that will withstand harsh climatic conditions
  • Climbing bars will allow the exercise of the upper body.
  • Stable design and thus will stand on its own.


  • Requires longer installation time

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5. Orbiter Swing-N-Slide Swing Set

With Orbiter swing set has 3 swing positions, and will enable you to amazing fun. The set will be excellent I you have a small yard or if you require a simple swing set.

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It is easy to use as it comes with detailed installation instructions. It will allow your kids to build their kinaesthetic capacity and sharpen their monkey skills. The set’s elegant design will add a classy touch to your residence.

The Orbiter swing set has two swings and some amazing trapeze bar having gym rings. Your kids weighing up to 115 pounds can hang, soar, and swing on the trapeze or ring combo.

Therefore, the above features will enable your kids to shape their upper body and swing their selves to the fun. Created from the high-quality wood guard, the material is designed using plastic-encased cedar that will guar the various elements of your swing set.

It is more massive and sturdy compared to metal. The wood guard will not require maintenance. Its swing seats will allow about 115 lbs each. Therefore, the Orbiter swing set will enable you to create a collaborative play in your backyard. The swing set has achieved and exceeded the ASTM safety standards. Check Orbiter Swing-N-Slide full review.

Unique traits include: (1) Has ready anchor sets. (2) Woodgaurd posts or protection against insects, decay, and rot. (3) Ease of installation and low maintenance.


  • Has Woodgard and thus will require minimal maintenance. Therefore, no repainting or sanding.
  • Easy to install with a self-explanatory installation guide.


  • None

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6. Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun” Play Set

The “Triple Fun” Play Set has a plastic wave slide, a see-saw, and chains with modifiable height. However, you should restrict maximum 105 pounds in weight in every seat. 

Flexible Flyer "Triple Fun" Play Set View on Amazon

The set will provide your children with adequate fun with the 4 play choices: 6′ wave slide, teeter-totter, 1-shoe loop swing, and 2 molded swings.

Further, it will allow about six kids to have fun concurrently with its sturdy steel frame. It has UV protection and painted parts that will not fade quickly. Check the Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun” Play Set.

Unique traits include: (1) Vinyl chain covers (2) Adjustable height Swing chains (3) Powder-coated finish (4) Ease of installation.


  • Ease of installation
  • Has UV protected painted parts to reduce fading


  • Not suitable for older kids

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7. Fun Backyard Flexible Flyer Swing Set

The 4-legged tubular-steel set has a see-saw, a trapeze swing, 2 swings, a wave slide, and an air-glider.It has green themed swing seats will be an excellent addition to the fun for your 2-10 years.

Fun Backyard Flexible Flyer Swing Set View on Amazon

The set has a 2-seat air-glider, 6-foot slide, and has a see-saw with handles and green deluxe seats. Therefore, the swing set will offer your kids an excellent fun time in an interactive and safe environment.

The swing chains are covered with vinyl, and you can adjust its height to cater for your growing kid.

Further, the swing set has additional ground anchors that will increase the stability of your swing set. The swing set will allow about eight kids of different ages to have fun concurrently. Check the Fun Backyard Flexible Flyer Swing Set.

Unique traits include: (1) 4-leg frame (3) Allow 5 fun activities: a seesaw, a shoe-loop swing, a slide, comfort swings, and a 2-kids AirGlider. and (3) Adjustable swing chains to cater for your growing kids.


  • Adjustable swing chains
  • UV protected painted parts to avoid fading
  • 4-leg frame for increased stability
  • Many fun features


  • None

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Guide – Best Swing Sets for Small Yards 

1. Yard Size and capacity

Yard size must be your first consideration when selecting your best swing set. There are swing sets for different yard sizes. Therefore, determine the size of the area you plan to install the swing set and know if you require a small or larger set.

Make a measurement of your yard, considering the patio furniture, pools, and concrete areas. Consider the possibility of making future adjustments or other facilities in the yard, such as barbecue areas.

The above consideration will enable you to match your needs with the size of the swing set that is available in the market, and thus make the right decision.

Also, you should consider the number of kids that you will need to use the swing set concurrently. Also, determine the type and quantity of activities that you require the kids to undertake on the swing set, such as swinging, climbing, and seesawing.

2. Materials used

Most swing set parts are made from cedar wood, steel or poly plastic. Therefore, determine the material you will require depending on your environmental conditions and your requirements.

For example, does the galvanized steel construction have a coating of polyethylene plastic that is UV-protected? Further, you can have swing sets, such as the Swing N Slide set, created from cedar and coated using UV-stabilized plastic.

Plastic material will incur lower maintenance costs that could be caused by insects such as wasps. Also, cedarwood is more robust and highly resistant to any rotting.

However, whichever material you choose for your swing set, it should be sturdy to withstand different varying forces applied to it by the kids playing, be weather resistant, and have right looking colors to blend with your yard quickly.

3. Design

So, how will the swing set be installed in the backyard? You’ll need to consider the size and design of every swing set and how it would sit in the garden. Read Also: Swing Sets under 500

For example, the Monkey Bar Swing set will come with a broader free-standing design and therefore, will require more ground space. However, the Flexible Flyer set is more compact, with its A-frame design, and thus will take less space in the backyard.

Further, you must determine the amount of space that you should leave around the swing set for ease of play by the kids. Further, if your available areas are concreted, you’ll need to purchase a rubber yard mulch to makes your kid’s landing softer.

3. Ease of installation

The swing set you consider must be easy to install and maintain. Also, the installation instruction must be easy to follow. Before making the ultimate purchase decision or your kid’s Best Swing Sets, you’ll need to consider the following factors. 

For example, the swing set should not have exposed edges or moving parts that can pinch your kids. Also, all the slides should be made of plastic to avoid excessive friction with your kid’s body if the metal is used.

4. Attributes of the Swing Set

How many kids do you want to swing concurrently? Do you need a seesaw in the swing set? Well, these are some of the considerations you should make regarding the swing set attributes.

For example, the Skyfort swing set will come with many options such as rock climbing wall, swing glider, belt swings, and playset ladder.

Also, you should consider I you will require to have a sandbox, a snack or activity table, or a spacious front porch.

6. Consider Safety standards

Safety is a critical aspect of the swing set to enable your kids to have fun without endangering their lives. Despite that there are outlined safety recommendations or all swing set, some brands may not meet all of them and thus endanger your kids.

However, you should have your minimum standards to have some level of satisfaction on the safety, in addition to the manufacturer’s assurance of meeting the required standards.

Safety Tips for your swing set

Despite what you want your kids to have unlimited fun with the swing sets, you must consider their safety first. There is no guarantee that even the best swing set will provide ultimate security or your kids.

Therefore you should adhere to outlined safety measures. Ensure that all your anchors are founded in concrete or maximum safety against toppling and causing accidents. 

  • To reduce the possibility of accidents, you should avoid dressing your kids in loose clothes.
  • For hard places such as gravel and concrete, you should install rubber yard mulch or pour sand to avoid hurting the kids when they all.
  • Consider the maximum weight and age limitation for the specific swing set that you have purchased or your kids.
  • Inspect the swing sets regularly to ensure that there are no loose bolts or nuts.
  • Also, teach your kids the necessary safety precautions on how to use the swing set the right way to avoid hurting themselves. Further, regularly supervise your kids while they are playing to ensure they use the swings sets correctly.


You could have some other unique requirements for your Best Swing Sets For Small Yards, but all factors held constant. I endorse the Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun” Play Set. 

It will safely offer you adequate fun in your backyard. However, from our tests and research, we clearly outlined the best swing sets you can purchase for your backyard. Check Our Blog

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