Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline: Complete Guide

In this article, we will look at Rectangular vs. Round Trampoline. Choosing the best trampoline for your backyard is never an easy task. Trampolines come in different shapes, sizes, and features.

Most people, especially first time buyers can get overwhelmed in deciding the kind of trampoline to pick. To make the decision easier, I will discuss everything you need to know about Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline.

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Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline- Details

When deciding which trampoline shape you want for your family, it’s important that you consider the size of your backyard, the ideal trampoline location in the backyard, number of children that would play on the trampoline, and your budget.

Both round and rectangular trampolines are good options worth considering. However, depending on your specific circumstances one might serve you better than the other might.

Therefore, in the next section I will provide all the differences and similarities between the two options. Thus, help you decide which between the two suits you best.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline – Differences

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Weight Limitation

When buying a trampoline, it’s important that you check its weight limitation. You would want to consider the number of children that would use it. Also, remember that adults might join the little ones during the jumps.

If both adults and children will use the trampoline, a rectangular one will be the best choice. Nonetheless, a small family can buy the round trampoline.

Here’s A Rough Weight Limit Estimate For Round Trampolines

  • The weight limit for a 14 to 16-foot round trampoline is about 250–400 pounds
  • A 12FT round trampoline has an approximate weight limit of between 250–300 pounds
  • A 8FT to 10FT round trampoline can hold about 200–250 pounds

Rectangular Trampoline- Weight Limitation

  • All rectangular trampolines will hold about 300FT-450FT pounds.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Safety

The rectangular trampoline has a large jumping area that allows you to choose where you want to land. Thus, Landing at the edges might cause injuries with the springs. On the other hand, in a round trampoline the user will only land at the center of the mat. Thus, chances of injuries reduce.

You’ll experience a higher bounce in a rectangular trampoline. Hence, if you’re a gymnasts or an athlete the rectangular trampoline would be a great choice. It will allow you perform your flips, twirls, and all the tricks you need to practice safely.

Nevertheless, rectangular trampolines might not be the safest for young children. This option encourages higher jumps and dangerous turns that can cause injuries to the little ones. Nonetheless, with adult supervision, a rectangular trampoline would be a great choice.

However, the round trampoline will not give you a higher bounce compared to the rectangular option. The design of the round trampoline doesn’t support a higher jump at the edges like in the rectangular option. Thus, all the jumping takes place at the center in the round trampoline.

The low jumping height and the center jump makes round trampoline a safer option for children. Without getting to the edges, children can’t come across springs that might hurt them. The low height jump will not allow dangerous maneuvers.

Read this article on trampoline safety.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure

Weather you choose a round or rectangular trampoline, the safety of the jumpers should be a priority. Therefore, both of these options must have a safety net enclosure system.

The net protects the jumpers from falling off the trampoline, thus prevent life threatening injuries.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Bounce Quality

You’ll agree with me that the bounce quality of a trampoline goes a long way in determining the level of fun and activities a user can do.

Well, between Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline, which gives a better bounce? I’ll say a rectangular trampoline gives a better and higher bounce. It has a large surface area that translates to a bigger jumping area.

A jumper can bounce up higher with a lot of ease while on a rectangular trampoline.

On the other hand, a round trampoline delivers a consistent bounce and the jumper remains at the center. Jumps directed towards the edges might not be as powerful compared to the rectangular option. The center jump in round trampolines promotes even weight distribution

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Usage

Most athletes and gymnasts prefer rectangular trampoline for their training. Therefore, if you or your child wants to practice some gymnastics a rectangular option would be a great choice.

A rectangular trampoline delivers higher jumping altitudes and excellent shock absorption.

On the other hand, a round trampoline is ideal for recreational fun at the backyard. Unlike the rectangular options, the round trampolines don’t have a higher weight limit. Hence, they are perfect for children and toddlers.

Therefore, think about the usage of your trampoline before doing a purchase. The intended trampoline use will determine the shape you choose.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Performance

Rectangle trampolines can improve the performance of gymnasts and athletics. The long, spacious, rectangular shape provides a reliable area to perform all the tricks and twirls.

Most professional jumpers have invested in professional-grade rectangular trampolines to enhance their skills. These trampolines can hold over 350lbs and have a huge landing space.

On the other hand, round trampoline have only one landing spot at the center. The weight limit for round trampoline is around 200-300lbs. Hence, they don’t meet the exception of most professional athletic training needs. Their bounce is also not as powerful as that of a rectangular trampoline.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Location

Before making a purchase, decide on the ideal trampoline location within your backyard. The available space will play a crucial in deciding between a round trampoline vs. rectangular trampoline.

Round trampolines have a dimension that ranges between 8ft to 15ft while rectangular trampolines can vary from 10ft, 7ft to 10ft.

Both rectangular and circular trampolines may take up more backyard space depending on their sizes. However, Rectangle trampolines may take up more space than round trampolines. The rectangular shaped trampoline will fit perfectly in a corner while round trampoline might need a more centered space to fit the complete round diameter.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Price

Rectangle trampolines are costly than round trampolines. Rectangle trampolines are expensive to manufacture. They require additional springs, a stronger frame, and a reliable mat that can withstand force from all directions.

On the other hand, round trampolines are strong because of the circular design frame. This design is less costly to manufacture, hence, the lower cost.

However, if you’ve toddlers you might want to check this article on the best trampoline for toddlers.

Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline Review

In this section, I will provides a review of 3 rectangular trampolines and 3 round trampolines that you can pick right away. Check them out below.

3 Best Rectangular Trampoline

1. Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

If you’re looking for the best rectangular trampoline pick the Galactic Xtreme Rectangle trampoline from Happy Trampoline.

Happy Trampoline - Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

This trampoline boasts of excellent Safety Features and high performance. Thus, if you want to enhance your gymnastic training or just want a perfect jumping companion choose this Happy trampoline.

The Galactic Xtreme rectangle trampoline comes with one of the safest jumping mat. This mat will protect your little ones from falling through the mat as they jump.

This jumping mat is durable and the manufacturer claims that it will last over 20-30 years even under the toughest weather conditions. It can withstand extreme sun, snow, or rain.

You’ll also appreciate the excellent safety net enclosure that surrounds the whole trampoline. The net enclosure offers a safe and fun jumping environment especially to children and other inexperienced trampoline users.

The Stay-put enclosure net features high quality polyester mesh. The steel frame is also padded to provide cushioning against impact.

More than that, this happy trampoline features galvanized commercial grade frame that provide protection against corrosion and rust.

You’ll also appreciate the excellent bounce quality that this trampoline delivers. The frame structure is strong enough; hence, it will not bend or break while one is jumping.


  • Excellent bounce quality
  • Exceptional safety features
  • Durable jumping mat
  • Offers protection against rust


  • Pricey

2. Skywalker Rectangle Trampolines – Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampolines are an excellent option for any parent looking for a training structure for their young upcoming gymnast.

Skywalker Trampolines - Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

These trampolines have excellent safety features that would ensure that the young ones remain safe throughout their training period.

The trampoline comes with a patented no-gap safety enclosure net with a latch clip closure and a dual zipper system. This means you can close up the trampoline while children are inside to prevent them from falling out.

The patented no-gap design also removes all gaps between the jumping mat and the enclosure net. Thus, protect children from risky openings and pinch points.

This skywalker Rectangle Trampoline also exceeds all ASTM standards for safety and durability.

To ensure additional safety, the structure has tightly coiled springs around the exterior section of the enclosure net. The springs are made of steel and they have a rust resistant coating that promotes a longer use period.

More than that, the trampoline is reinforced with T-sockets, which enhances the overall stability of the structure. They also prevent structural twisting during intense jumping.


  • No-gap safety enclosure net
  • Exceeds all ASTM standards
  • Tightly coiled springs for extra safety
  • With supervision can accommodate multiple kids


  • Some people were dissatisfied with the delivery package

3. MX Pro Rectangle Trampoline

The MX Pro Rectangle Trampoline is an excellent trampoline ideal for professional gymnasts. Gymnasiums across the world use this trampoline to train their gymnast.

MX Pro Rectangle Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

More than that, the trampoline has a durable and strong steel frame system with galvanized steel tubing that protects against rust.

Furthermore, you’ll love the high quality jumping mats of this trampoline. The mat is a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene. These components makes the mat stronger and durable. The mats also have UV resistant properties that protect against fading when the trampoline is outside.

The MX Pro Rectangle Trampoline has a safety padding that’s tough and durable. This protective padding wraps all the metal frames to protect the jumper from impacts. The PVC covers also offers protection against harsh weather conditions.

More than that, the enclosed safety enclosure net provides protection to the jumpers ensuring that they don’t fall off while jumping.

The overlapped netting system at the entrance provides extra protection.


  • Excellent safety features
  • Superior jumping mat
  • Safety enclosure system
  • Durable steel frame


  • Pricey

3 Best Round Trampoline

4. ORCC Round Trampoline

Safety is crucial when looking for a trampoline. You’ll want your children to be safe and happy while jumping.The ORCC Round Trampoline is one of the best Safe Trampoline for Kids.

ORCC Trampoline 450 LBS Weight Capacity for Kids Adults Check Price On Amazon

The ORCC outdoor trampolines features a 6ft high Enclosure netting that’s made with superior polyethylene material. This material enhances the durability of the structure while providing excellent UV protection.

The enclosure poles are also padded using foam to protect the little ones from impact in case they bang against the steel poles. Hence, this trampoline is safe for children.

More than that, this trampoline features a Heavy-duty Steel Frame that delivers excellent durability. Furthermore, the ORCC trampolines uses hot-dip galvanizing technology to fight off rust and ensure a longer use period.

Besides that, you’ll appreciate the high quality of this trampoline. It has 7 inch galvanized springs that ensures that you have a powerful bounce. The springs are also rust resistant. The springs also have a thick and durable foam pad that provides protection against injuries while jumping.

The trampoline also has W-shaped legs that provide reliable support and durability. The shaped wind stakes also provide additional stability.

The ORCC deliver an excellent bounce. It also has a waterproof surface, the jumping mat is fade and UV resistant. Thus, you can expect the mat to deliver a longer use period.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable trampoline
  • Excellent bounce
  • Good safety features


  • Poor installation instructions

5. Zupapa Round Trampoline

Zupapa is one of the best Trampoline for Kids. It passes all ASTM and TUV standards for safety and durability. It also has an upgraded no gap design that protects the children’s hands or feet from being stuck in between the gaps.

Zupapa 15 14 12 10 8FT Trampoline for Kids Check Price On Amazon

For additional safety, the springs are covered with a thick durable pad to eliminate pinching points. You’ll also notice that this trampoline has additional springs that allows it to deliver a much better bounce.

The Zupapa also features the hot-dip galvanizing technology that protects the structure from rust while promoting it stability and durability.

More than that, the W-shaped legs and the unique two steel joints construction provide a solid and stable base  for the trampoline. The recommended weight capacity for this trampoline is 425 lbs. for the 12,14, or 15ft while the 8ft and 10ft holds about 375 lbs.

The provided wind stakes allows you to anchor the trampoline properly, thus, it can stand firmly even during the storm.

The Zupapa trampoline also features high quality materials that ensures maximum safety of the jumper. It features rust resistant springs that delivers an excellent bounce. The Anti-UV jumping mat is strong and durable. The higher enclosure net provides more safety. The foam-padded poles protect against impact when the young jumper bangs the head against the pole


  • Excellent safety features
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Offers protection against rust
  • Covered springs
  • Passes ASTM and TUV certifications
  • Spacious trampoline


  • Assembling the trampoline might take time

6. Skywalker Round Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk 

Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline Check Price On Amazon



1. Is a Circular or Rectangle Trampoline Better?

Well, it depends! If you’re buying a trampoline for young children a circular one will be much better. However, if the children are a bit older a rectangular one will be great. Overall, a rectangular trampoline is the best option for gymnastics training. It can accommodate multiple people at once and it has a higher weight limit.

A rectangular trampoline has different landing spots for a more effective bounce. The circular trampoline has only one landing spot; at the center.

2. Why Are Rectangular Trampolines More Expensive Than Round Trampolines?

Rectangular Trampolines are More Expensive than Round Trampolines because of their shape, hence need for additional support. Rectangular trampoline also takes up additional springs and materials, which makes the production cost high, hence, the high purchase cost.

On the other hand, Round trampoline are strong because of their circular shape. They are also relatively easier and low cost to manufacture. Thus, the reduced purchase price.

3. What size Trampoline is Best for Flips?

The best trampoline for flips are rectangular shaped trampolines. They are bigger in size and they have a huge jumping surface. Thus, they are the best for gymnastics training. The bounce in a rectangular trampoline is of a higher quality. It’s also more consistent across the whole jumping surface.


If you were looking to compare Rectangular vs. round trampoline, I hope that this guide has been helpful.

Both the rectangular and round trampolines are great options that you might want to consider. However, it’s important that you establish “why and for who”. Once you’ve answered that you can make a correct decision.

Generally, if you’re looking for kids trampoline you can choose any of the round trampolines we’ve reviewed. However, it you’re more advanced and want to improve your jumping or gymnastics tricks pick any of the rectangle options I’ve reviewed.

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