7 Best Walking Shoes for Travel 2023 Reviewed

Stylish yet comfortable walking shoes should be your priority when traveling. You wouldn’t want to ruin your travel experience by wearing uncomfortable shoes, thus limiting the thrill and fun that you can get while exploring on foot. Best Walking Shoes for Travel

Best walking shoes for travel will guarantee that you get small exciting details about your travel destination, as they will give you all the walking comfort you need.

When traveling, you need to choose shoes that you can stand or walk with for more extended hours. You also need good compression socks for additional comfort. The right travel shoes and socks will prevent blisters, aching feet, and bad knees, giving you a fun and relaxed travel experience.

Reviews: 7 Best Walking Shoes for Travel in 2023 Reviewed 

1. Cole Haan Women’s Grandpro Tennis Leather Lace Ox Fashion Sneaker

Cole Haan Women’s Grandpro sneaker is the Best shoes for walking and standing all day as its incredibly lightweight and flexible allowing you all the comfort when exploring by foot.

Cole Haan Women's Grandpro Tennis Leather Lace Ox Fashion Sneaker View on Amazon

The shoes feature Rubber pods which give it excellent traction and grip, hence, chances of you slipping or falling while wearing the shoe are minimized. Further, the EVA outsole features ØS technology for durability and comfort.

Walking requires that you choose shoes that are lightweight and flexible. Well, Cole Haan Women’s Grandpro Tennis Leather sneaker gives you all the walking comfort you need.

Also, the footbed of these sneakers is covered by textiles allowing excellent breathability and comfort. Therefore, you’ll not worry about your feet sweating or smelling because of walking or standing for long hours.

The upper of the shoe is built with smooth leather which you can easily suede to give the shoe more product life while leaving you feeling great and confident.

Lightweight – Cole Haan Women’s are surprisingly light with ØS technology to give you the comfort and thrill of foot exploration. Your travel days may involve hours of walking and standing as such you need to invest in shoes that will allow you to make the most of your trip.

Comfort – Cole Haan Women’s is well-balanced and has excellent cushioning to allow you to go those extra miles in comfort without any knee or foot pain.

Excellent Traction – Cole Haan sneakers feature fantastic rubber pods on the heel and forefoot which provide great grip and traction protecting you from slips and unintended falls.

Excellent Cushioning – The footbed of this shoe has superior cushioning and support making it ideal for travel. Also, the rubber pods located on the forefoot and heel offer great traction allowing you to walk up and down with no fear of slipping or falling.


  • Exceptional Cushioning
  • Excellent Arch support
  • Enhanced Stability
  • great grip and traction
  • extremely lightweight


  • None

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2. Earth Venus Women’s Sandal – Leather and Synthetic sole

Earth Venus Women’s Sandal is one of the most stylish walking shoes for travel available on the market today. Earth’s elegant styling is made more appealing by the multi-density cushioning as well as comfortable footbed.

Earth Venus Women's Sandal - Leather and Synthetic sole View on Amazon

The shoe also features fantastic arch support and a heel that is generously cushioned to absorb shock effectively.

Furthermore, Earth Venus Women’s Sandal is made using a quality leather upper that has an amazing breathable lining to maintain the feet dry and fresh all day.

If you want comfortable walking shoes for women, you should get Earth Venus. These shoes have all the essential qualities needed for travel.

The shoes have excellent arch support, comfortable footbed that offers great cushioning from heel to toe. It also highly breathable and have adjustable gore and a Well-designed Zipper to help keep your feet intact.


  • Soft, breathable lining
  • Reinforced arch support
  • Quality leather upper
  • Excellent cushioned footbed
  • Comfortable and stylish


  • None

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3. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 medium – high arch support

If you want a shoe that delivers ultimate comfort and support to your feet, then Brooks Ghost 10 is ideal for you. This shoe can be used on all surfaces, making it a great choice for everyday walking.

Brooks Men's Ghost 10 medium - high arch support View on Amazon

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 is one of the best travel shoes for men that double up as a good running shoe. They are well cushioned to give you comfort while walking.

The upper of the shoe features a smooth engineered mesh that is unbelievably breathable and flexible on feet. Thus, the upper securely enfolds your foot in place to give a more comfortable walking experience.

Brooks Ghost 10 is designed to give you a smoother and comfortable walk. Many users swear by its cushioning, arch support, flexibility, and stability. You can never go wrong if you choose to get brooks as your travel walking shoes.

Excellent Heel – Brooks Ghost 10 has a highly responsive and well-cushioned heel; hence, you can walk miles without any knee or foot problem.

You will enjoy walking on these fantastic shoes as they are designed with state-of-the-art technology to protect you from any feet or muscle discomfort.

Outstanding Upper – The upper of the shoe features an engineered mesh that allows great breathability thus, increasing comfort and flexibility for the user.

The back of the shoe is built using the 3D FitPrint material for additional comfort. Further, the shoes have smaller toe caps and thinner lace eyes which make them much lighter hence ideal for walking or prolonged standing hours.

Roomy Toebox – The Ghost has a wide toe box providing enough room for your toes to move freely. If you have wide feet, then Ghost 10 will be a perfect match for you.

Excellent Sole – The sole of Ghost 10 is designed with two layers to give the heel a much softer landing when striking the ground. Further, the heel under is well-cushioned to allow a smooth walk. The midsole contains DNA cushioning to give you a smoother walk.

The outsole has additional pods at the bottom which feature flex grooves that improve traction and flexibility of the shoe. The sole also features a Crash pad with a segmented forefoot for added versatility.


  • The midsole has excellent shock-absorbing capacity
  • Walking and standing Comfort is guaranteed while wearing Brooks Men’s Ghost 10
  • The sole is well built and stable
  • The shoe offers excellent grip and traction
  • Great cushioning and support
  • Recommended for all neutral runners
  • Roomy toe box


  • Some customers complained that the underfoot platform is too low

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4. Merrell Men’s Annex Trak Low Hiking Shoe

Are you looking for durable, comfortable, lightweight, breathable yet unique walking shoes? Merrell Men’s Annex Hiking Shoes will be a perfect choice for you.

Merrell Men's Annex Trak Low Hiking Shoe View on Amazon

These shoes are waterproof leather that adds up as casual and ideal everyday wear that you can comfortably walk with while traveling.

This hiking shoe features exceptional arch support which protects you from all foot injuries. Also, the shoe comes with a generous heel that gives appropriate support to your heel.

Further, the lacing system is built in a way that allows you to get that perfect fit, thus, walking those miles will be fun and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the shoe is designed with a springy underfoot that adds to the comfort while allowing it to bounce back pretty well after hours of walking or hiking.

Comfort – The Merrell Annex offers exceptional comfort when walking. You need to lace the shoe to get a good fit correctly.

However, the shoe might be uncomfortable at first especially if you don’t invest in good walking socks.

Excellent Sole – The EVA midsole of Merrell Annex is designed to give needed cushion while walking. The bottom of the heel is generously springy and will provide important comfort, particularly while walking on concrete or any other hard surface.

The sole also offers important grip and traction on various surfaces which will protect you from unintended slips or falls.

Breathability – The Merrell Annex is designed with excellent mesh lining that allows free airflow inside the shoe. For your walking comfort, you need shoes that will prevent sweaty and smelly feet. These shoes will be perfect for travel.


  • The waterproof Gore-Tex technology helps the shoes retain their original glory after washing. With this waxed leather shoe, you don’t need to worry about the leather becoming stained after cleaning.
  • Great cushioning and Roomy toe box
  • Waterproof and Stylish plus casual-looking
  • Durable leather shoe
  • Great arch support
  • They are comfortable
  • Light walking shoes
  • Have excellent grip


  • You may need to break in on them for a few days

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5. Propét Women’s TravelActiv

Most walkers prefer Propet shoes for the walking comfort they give. These lace-up sneakers come in different color options to suit your preference.

Propét Women's TravelActiv View on Amazon

The most appealing quality of these shoes is their lightweight design which makes them ideal walking shoes for travel. Further, the shoes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all types of feet.

These Propét Women’s shoes are surprisingly flexible and supportive. They are designed with a well-cushioned removable insole that can be replaced with its own orthotic or arch support.

Extremely Lightweight – Propét Women’s TravelActiv has a lightweight design to keep you energized and less fatigued while walking. These shoes allow you to walk long hours without getting tired.

Water and Stain Resistant – The Propét TravelActiv is treated using Scotchgard which helps the shoe be water and stain-resistant. You can travel with these shoes on wet surfaces, and your feet remain warm and dry.

Comfort – These shoes are designed with removable and cushioned footbeds that you can easily replace to accommodate your own orthotic or arch support to give you all the walking comfort you need.

Perfect Fit – The inner part of this shoe gives you a smooth feel while the upper lacks stitched overlays. The dual loops and generous padding remove the lacing pressure making the shoe fit perfectly.


  • The rubber sole provides needed grip and traction making the shoe ideal for walking on all surfaces.
  • Rubber sole and Well-cushioned
  • Removable footbeds allow orthotics
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Highly durable
  • Engineered mesh upper for breathability
  • Cushioned EVA midsole for extra comfort


  • A customer complained that the sole was not very supportive

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6. Rockport Men’s Style Purpose Cap Toe Oxford

If you want a versatile yet comfortable walking shoe for travel, consider Rockport Men’s Style. These shoes offer walking comfort as they have fantastic shock-absorbing capacity at the heel as well as cushioned and removable footbed.

Rockport Men's Style Purpose Cap Toe Oxford View on Amazon

The upper of the shoe is all leather which makes it more durable and super easy to clean. Also, the mesh lining improves breathability leaving your feet feeling fresh. Rockport Men’s also features an exceptional rubber pod outsole to give you a grip on all surfaces.

Breathability – Rockport Men’s Style is designed using a mesh lining that allows free flow of air inside the shoe.

Durable Sole – Luckily, you’ll love that the Rockport’s outsole is built from a rubber pod that offers excellent grip on all surfaces. Furthermore, the upper is all leather enhancing durability of the shoe.

Rockport Men’s Style has cushioned, removable inner soles allowing you to insert those that you feel are more comfortable. You can wear these shoes to a date or a business meeting during your travel or better yet wear them as casual when exploring on foot.

The heel collar allows a smoother fit while the amazing mesh lining offers you a great consistent feel. The rear upper holds pretty well, thus, allowing you walking comfort. However, you might need to break in on them for a few days to ensure they fit well and are true to your size.


  • Well-cushioned
  • Highly flexible
  • Breathable
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Excellent shock-absorbing capacity
  • EVA cushioned footbed allows a personal fit
  • Complete leather upper
  • Perfect dress shoe


  • None

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7. KEEN Women’s Terradora Waterproof Hiking Shoe

If you want a shoe that is specially designed for women and has a variety of colors to choose from, then the KEEN Women’s Terradora will be a good option.

KEEN Women's Terradora Waterproof Hiking Shoe View on Amazon

These shoes are highly comfortable with ample cushioning and support. Thus, they offer the necessary stability to allow you to walk up and down on different surfaces.

The Women’s Terradora is waterproof helping to keep your feet warm and dry while walking on wet surfaces. If you anticipate rainy climates on your travel destination, then you should consider getting these amazing shoes.

These shoes feature Breathable leather lining for air circulation inside the shoe. Also, the open side vents further increase airflow inside the shoe. You can walk in these shoes without fear of your feet sweating or smelling.

Further, the shoe features the Terradora Waterproof mechanism that protects your feet from getting wet while walking on wet or muddy surfaces.

KEEN Women’s Terradora is one of the best women’s walking shoes available on the market today. Breathability – The upper of the shoes are designed using an engineered mesh to allow for the free flow of air inside the shoes.

Durability – The Ghost 10 features a complete rubber forefoot and a durable, resistant rubber within the heel section to give you a resilient yet comfortable ride. Further, the shoe has an efficient, seamless roll from heel to toe which helps to prevent premature tear within the outsole.


  • Excellent ankle support
  • Well-cushioned
  • Highly stable
  • Cleansport for natural odor control
  • True to size


  • These shoes are only designed for women

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Excellent Sole – Prophets are designed using low-profile outsoles which come with additional flexibility to give your feet a more natural movement. The lightweight, flexible outsole gives you amazing comfort while walking as it’s not heavy on your feet.

The best walking shoes for travel are waterproof – these shoes are designed using a Gore-Tex membrane that makes them waterproof. You can walk on wet surfaces with these shoes, and your feet remain dry and warm.

For added comfort, you may want to wear good marathon or hiking socks. Easy To Clean – for leather walking shoes, cleans up pretty well. These leather waxed shoes are meant to remain intact even after walking on muddy or wet surfaces.

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