9 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches 2023 Reviewed

Your high arches’ foot does not effectively absorb shock while you are walking or running. This phenomenon tends to put increased pressures on the heel and at your metatarsal area at the rear of the toes. Solution? Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

Get the best walking shoes for high arches! But what are High Arches? – Well, High Arches (also popular as Cavus Foot) occur when you place an unbalanced weight on your arch and foot.

But….the foot arch is an important part of your foot since it assists in supporting your body weight while you’re walking. Read Also: Work Shoes for High Arches.

Reviews: 9 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches 2023 Reviewed 

1. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker – Brooks High Arch

Brooks Addiction Walker is a leather (full-grain) walker suitable for your high arches. The leather tends to give in significantly easily at the toe region, which is great for high arches.

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It’s excellently designed to help you with overpronation since it’ll give you adequate support in your foot. It’s designed for cushioning, support, and stability.

To help with your high arches, Brooks has built additional cushioning in the forefoot and heel on the Brooks Addiction Walker. Personally, I noted that the shoe provided enough shock absorption for every step I walked.

Further, the Hydroflow technology ensures that your shoe has enough shock absorption and cushioning, which is suitable for high arches and plantar fasciitis. The MOGO insole is durable and will effectively reduce shocks.

With extensive space and a removable liner, you can easily put your unique orthotic or insole for additional arch support. You’ll get great stability and motion control due to the Brooks Addiction Walker’s characteristic midsole support and midfoot cushioning.

The PDRB triple feature in the Brooks Addiction Walker will hinder your ankle from having to roll over and thus guarantee and more able walk. Its rubber sole produces a spring back effect for top stability and thus you won’t trip or fall.

I noted that Brooks Addiction Walker worked excellently with various high arch orthotics, which is great for my collapsed ankle. In addition, due to its size, the shoe leaves adequate space for the bunions and toes. 

The shoe’s footbed has DNA cushioning and arch support that’ll adapt to each of your steps. Read Also: Shoes for High Arches And Standing All Day.

2. New Balance MW928 Walker  – New balance Arch Support

New Balance MW928 Walker has its characteristic Rollbar midsole that’ll stabilize your rear foot and hence control over-pronation.

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You’ll love that the shoe has a wide width and your big toes’ cap. It has an EVA midsole that is compression molded to offer enough arch support. Read Also: Walking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet

Being a stylish looking and lightweight shoe, New Balance MW928 Walker has found favor among many men with high arches. In addition, it is comfortable and strong for walking and jogging.

The ROLLBAR will increase foot comfort as it prevents inward rolling of your foot and reduces rear-foot movement. New Balance MW928 Walker has a full-ground contact sole from its Walking-Strike Path innovation to increase comfort while you are walking.

3. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni

Saucony Men’s Grid Omni offers awesome arch support and is a great walker for people who have Plantar Fasciitis.

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I noted that the walker provided me with amazing shock absorption and is resilient too. The footwear is biomedically created to help with high arches.

The walker is not your regular walking shoe but will also great for casual wear, training, or running. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni comes with some compression insole that’ll give you great breathability and top comfort while walking, running, or working.

Further, the shoe will slow pronation in your foot, particularly for a moderate pronator, and hence maintains your heels and ankles in a balanced and aligned position. However, the shoe might require some extra orthotic insert to alleviate foot pain.

The Rearfoot Grid System in the Saucony Men’s Grid Omni will ensure that you get reliable stability against any impact that could affect your high arches. In addition, the shoe’s EVA insole (compression) gives you contoured and close support that will also help in slowing down compression.

As noted above, the shoe’s asymmetrical midsole will slop with your feet natural; curve and hence allow a highly natural and closer fit. The shoe with its great HRC cushioning will effectively correct any ‘foot roll’ that might come due to high arches. 

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Considerations in Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

Therefore, a shoe with an appropriately designed arch will help reduce the strain that your feet would suffer when you are walking.

Thus, you’ll feel additional fatigue and foot pain when your shoes lack appropriate support. Other issues include ligament fracture, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and strains. 

However, High Arches can result from genetic or neurological factors, and thus you need to first talk to your medical practitioner. Read Also: Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis.

Maybe you’re already aware that pronation is that characteristic where your foot would roll inwards to absorb shock when you are walking. Notably, when foot arches have problems, they could be over or underdeveloped.


In our case, high arch foot, the effect is that your foot will under-pronate or supinate in which situation the foot would not compress adequately and hence will increase the shock that lands on your feet.

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