7 Best Shoes For High Arches And Standing All Day 2020

If you have high arches yet your job demands standing all day you need to invest in the right shoes. These Shoes should be supportive and well cushioned to aid in shock absorption. Your high arches can make you underpronate leading to sprained ankles or other foot injuries. Luckily, the market is filled with quality shoes that will make your days comfortable and bearable. Therefore, we’ve researched and come up with this list of best shoes for high arches and standing all day to help you choose. Let’s get started.

Summary: In a hurry? Well, I recommend New Balance Women’s W1340v2 running shoe or Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19 as the best shoes for High Arches and Standing All Day. These two shoes are applauded for their comfort, support, and excellent cushioning ideal for all day comfort.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For High Arches And Standing All Day 2019

1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19 

The Adrenaline GTS 19 is another amazing shoe for high arches and standing all day. It is built using soft cushioning and a support system that will ensure your feet are safe all day long. The updated guide-rail system encourages remarkable underfoot performance, thus, guarantees your safety as you move.

Best Shoes For High Arches And Standing All Day
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The Brooks GTS 19 provides comfort and secure fit hence, considered best shoe for overpronation. It is designed using quality and durable material to give you value for your money. However, you’ll need to check on the sizing as it comes a half-size smaller to your actual size.

The shoe also features an amazing cushioning technology (BioMoGo DNA), and the DNA LOFT (a mix of EVA and rubber) to give important support to your feet.

You’ll love the 3D Fit technologies and the engineered mesh which work in combination to give you a comfortable wear as well as a secure fit.

The topmost section of this shoe is cushioned with padded collar and padded tongue to ensure upper part of the foot including ankles, the Achilles tendon, and high arches are protected. You’ll be glad to realize that your foot will remain secured throughout the day as all these features work together to give you a comfortable and stable wear experinece.

2. New Balance Women’s W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoe 

The 1340 v2 takes top position for best shoes for high arches and standing all day. This running shoe has remarkable motion control technologies that allow users endure long standing hours while soothing their high arches. Overpronators also benefit from these shoes as they offer comfort and support while walking, standing, or running.

Best Shoes For High Arches And Standing All Day
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Another incredible feature is the shoe’s breathability. Being on your feet all day requires that you wear shoes that allow sufficient air circulation to keep you comfortable and fresh all day long. This new balance W1340v2 guarantees you all day freshness and comfort.

You’ll love the cushioning of these shoes, thanks to the amazing ABZORB cushioning system. Your forefoot and arches will get maximum cushioning for added comfort.

This optimum control running shoes features a plush inner lining that has a padded toe box and padded tongue to give your high arches comfort as you stand all day.

You’ll be impressed by the durable outsole that is all rubber at the forefront section to give you needed traction and cushioning.  You will stand or walk on all surfaces without fear of slipping.  Most reviewers were impressed by this shoe’s durability and traction.

3. Saucony Women’s Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe

Another amazing shoe you may want to choose is the Saucony Echelon LE2. The shoe boosts of excepotional quality, durability, and comfort. These shoes are designed using excellent cushioning and impressive shock absorbing mechanism to allow you stand throughout the day while soothing your high arches.

Saucony Women's Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe
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The midsole has an amazing PowerGrid cushioning system that aligns your feet properly to prevent it from rolling. Further, the shoe effectively absorbs shock to protect you from undesired ground impact while giving you comfort and a highly responsive footwear.

Another feature that will act the part when it comes to standing throughout and high arches is the rubber outsole of the Echelon LE2.  The sole is highly durable and offers excellent traction on all surfaces.

You can have your own custom orthotic or foot inserts as these shoes have enough space to accommodate them. You are assured comfort since the inserts don’t compromise on the fit. Also, the upper section of the shoe is covered with full-grain leather garment. The material is amazingly soft and supportive to give all the walking and standing comfort.

4. Orthofeet Comfortable Diabetic Achilles Tendonitis Heel Pain 611 Walking Orthotic Shoes Men

Many cases of painful feet as you walk or stand can be attributed to wearing the wrong type of shoes. Therefore, if you experience painful feet, you need to check the type of shoes you have, and probably change them to the ones recommended here for soothing high arches.

611 Walking Orthotic Shoes Men
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The 611 Walking Orthotic Shoes are designed to alleviate pain and discomfort on your feet, leaving you comfortable as you walk or stand throughout the day.

The good thing with these Orthotic Shoes is that they have an extra premium orthotic insole which aids in anatomical arch support. The heel pads are also well cushioned to align to the shape of your feet to give you comfort as you do your duties.

The orthotic cushioning system helps to align your steps to give you softer landings. This system is also biomechanically engineered to eradicate pressure from your joints and enhance your stability level. Most wearers applaud the comfort, support, and stability these shoes provide. The shoes are desired using state-of-the-art features to alleviate your high arches.

The wide toe box design allows your feet to spread out comfortably and alleviate pressure on your toes or bunions. In addition, the foam padding pattern and the awesome interior lining helps to alleviate stress on your arches while leaving you comfortable.

5. Dansko Women’s Emma Flat

This Dansko Emma is one amazing lace-up shoe that’s loved because of its comfort, support, and striking style. The shoe has contoured polyurethane footbed with memory form which securely clutches your foot to keep them in place as you walk or stand.

Dansko Women's Emma Flat
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Another remarkable feature is the in-built arch support that offers important support and comfort throughout the day while protecting your high arches. Also, the insoles are removable, meaning you can easily modify the shoe by getting additional arch supports or orthotics to ensure comfort.

The outsole of Dansko Emma Flat is durable and slip-resistant, hence, can be worn on dry, wet, or oily surfaces.

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