7 Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees 2023 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best running shoes for bad knees or knee pain? Knee pain can be a real challenge to runners. It can negatively impact their workouts, runs, & emotional health. Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees

Hence, get a pair of shoes with an excellent level of cushioning and support. 

Summary: If you need a quick answer, I recommend this Saucony Cohesion 10 or the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 as your Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees. Read Also: Running Shoes For Men With Flat Feet.

Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees in 2023 Reviewed

1. Saucony Cohesion 10 – Rubber Outsole – #1 Pick 

On the top spot, I have out the Saucony Cohesion 10 both for its suitable price and effectiveness in preventing and treating pain from bad knees. This pair of shoes will give you adequate support and stability while running – both for heavy and short mileage. 

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Saucony Cohesion 10 has a mesh upper that’ll make the feet relaxed while you’re running. When the feet will not have blisters. Further, it is adequately cushioned, comfortable, and lightweight for your runs to reduce knee pain.

The manufacturer removed a few overlays on the upper, which leave the trainers being comfortable and lighter. 

The GRID technology will help in absorbing shock from your knees while its midsole utilizes the injection-molded Eva technology to give you proper knee support.

Further, the Tri-flex system (with flex gloves) will give you additional traction, flexibility, and improved shock absorption. 

The shoe also offers impressive cushioning to enable both light and male and heavy female runners to use the shoe for an extended period and losing weight

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe – #2 Pick

GEL-Venture 6 comes with an excellent outsole to give you adequate traction in all your run on rough roads. A recent study show Knee cartilage loves cyclical loading making cartilage cells divide faster and replenish knee tissue. 

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It comes with a removable sock-liner, which will enable you to use suitable orthotics to prevent knee pain. 

I found this pair of shoes to be great for people with high arches / under-pronators – as it’s not a must to use extra support.

Further, it’s excellent cushioning will give you a smooth ride as it absorbs all the shock that might otherwise land on your knees.

This shoe is also championed to be fantastic footwear for supination. It has rear-foot Gel Cushioning assists a runner in taking off the shock that land on foot. It’s comfortable and has fantastic sizing. 

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3. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 14 – #3 Pick

Next on our list is the Brooks Glycerin 14. I know you are asking, what about the newer Brooks Glycerin 15 model? 

Brooks Men's Glycerin 14 View on Amazon

Well, Brooks Glycerin 14 continues to stand out for preventing shock damage for people who suffer from knee pain.

This shoe’s outsole is made from durable rubber, providing excellent grip and traction for support and stability when you are on most surfaces. 

With bad knees, shock absorption is a critical aspect of achieving the required comfort and of protecting your knees from excess stress.

Luckily, Brooks Glycerin 14 has a custom mid-sole that will offer you a custom fit, and it’s adequately cushioned.

Besides protection against knee pain, you’d want your shoe to have the required breathability. Read Also: Women’s Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis.

Brooks Glycerin 14 has excellent ventilation to give you the need for breathability and thus maintain your feet in a dry and cool condition.

4. Asics Gel Nimbus 16 

Gel-Nimbus 16 is our awesome running shoes to prevent hurting knees that feature gel cushioning and FluidRide midsole for an additional bounce back and energy. 

Asics Gel Nimbus 16 View on Amazon

The FluidFit technology enables the shoe to quickly adjust to your strides and give you that glove-like fit while running. 

If you are suffering from any knee pain or other knee-related injuries, the Nimbus 16 will be an excellent running shoe for you. The footwear offers impressive support and cushioning to your feet.

The shoe absorbs excess shock from ground impact while you are running, leaving your knees, legs, joints, and feet feeling awesome.

The upper has an excellent FuidFit system, which allows the top mesh to stretch appropriately to give you that personalized fit and securely holds your feet like a glove. 

Also, the eyelets aids in removing excess tension on the upper. Another feature is the Exo-skeletal Heel Clutch System that provides extra stability, support, and cushioning to your heel.

The inside of the shoe has a breathable mesh for increased comfort while the insole is adapted to fit your feet comfortably, and you can also quickly remove it.

The midsole features an exceptional FluidRide technology that offers a unique combination of cushioning and bounce-back attributes. Read Also: Stability Running Shoes Women’s.

5. ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 – Best Choice for Overpronators 

ASICS Gel Kayano 24 is undoubtedly the best on a treadmill or road. It features a double-layered form that securely holds the feet. 

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The gel cushioning helps to absorb any excess shock. The Kayano 24 remains the best cushioned and stability shoe for running or even walking. 

The Kayano 24 has marked some significant improvements from the previous versions like reduced weight, making it a top choice among runners with bad knees. 

As a result, it is considered a remarkable solution to some common causes of knee injuries. 

Furthermore, the fluidity upper eliminates foot irritation that may be caused by the numerous stitches inside the shoe.

The exoskeleton and lacing system helps to lock down the feet, so Kayano 24 guarantees you comfort while running. It features Dynamic Duomax cushioning and gel in the heel for shock absorption and managing overpronation.

The outsole also has a physical divide, which helps to control the feet during running. Furthermore, the new FlyteFoam provides additional cushion and a remarkable bounce-back for improving the durability of the shoe.

The sole is unbelievably sturdy; you will always be in control as it allows excellent transition on different terrains. It has a seamless FluidFit fabric that allows the foot to fit in a glove-like design. 

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6. Brooks Beast 14 Running shoe

It’s one of the traditional running shoes but still preferred by many because of its high cushioning and support to knees. 

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The Brooks Men’s Beast 14 features a linear design that offers excellent support and stability to your knees. 

Further, they are designed with a motion-control mechanism that controls pronation. Hence, they are ideal for over-pronators.

Runners who experience over-pronation while running should consider the Brooks Men’s Beast 14. The shoe offers stability and great cushioning, giving total support to the runner’s body.

Its sock-liner technology and moisture managing mechanism will help regulate the temperature inside the shoe, leaving your feet feeling fresher.

The Beast 14 is flat in design, providing additional support to your foot’s mid-section. This shoe is ideal for those with flat feet type or those that need extra help and cushioning in their running or walking exercises.

The shoe has an asymmetrical saddle that extends to cover the feet inside the shoe. This ensures your foot is securely locked, giving you a comfortable and enjoyable running experience. Read Also: Walking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet.

7. Nike Air Pegasus 34 

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 has Dynamic Flywire cables, which comfortably enfolds your foot’s arch giving you support while running. 

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With this shoe, you are guaranteed comfort, excellent cushioning, and a responsive ride. This shoe has everything you might need to protect your knees.

The footwear offers comfort, a responsive ride, and an exceptional cushioning to make running sessions enjoyable. 

If you want reliability and safety during your running sessions, whether as a beginner or an experienced runner, then Pegasus 34 will be an ideal choice for you.

Pegasus 34 is uniquely designed to fit its size. Further, being a lightweight shoe, it’ll be safe and suitable for running while having knee and back problems.

Also, it is covered with a Flymesh material, which reduces heat buildup while you are running. You’ll love the support and cushion the Pegasus 34 will give you.

The shoe comes in over 20 different unique color combinations to give you your best preference. Read Also: Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day

Also, it has an exceptional rubber strip near the sole to help a runner quickly and comfortably transition between the toe and heel. 

9. Hoka One Bondi 5 – Best Running Shoe for a Smooth Ride

The Bondi 5 Running Shoe features an ortholite insole, which offers extra cushioning, arch support, and comfort. 

oka One Bondi 5 - Best Running Shoe for a Smooth Ride View on Amazon

The shoe is designed with meta-rocker technology to give your feet comfort and protect you against knee injuries. The footwear has considerable cushioning because of the EVA Midsole. 

If you want cushion, stability, and comfort all in one shoe, the Bondi 5 Running Shoe will offer you just that! Bondi 5 has remained the top choice of running shoes for bad knees.

The shoe has a rockered design, which gives it an elongated shape on the toe and heel, generating a seamless heel to toe transition.

The Bondi 5 features a unique redesigned upper that encompasses a seamless and engineered mesh construction. The upper engineered mesh gives the shoe Comfort and excellent cushioning. Most customers have praised the flexibility and smoothness offered by this shoe.

The Bondi 5 midsole has a soft EVA foam that overlays the whole shoe. This foam comes in the form of a thick layer to give you that critical cushioning.

This shoe will make you feel a little taller if compared with other brands. Read Also: Work Shoes for High Arches.


The two models will prevent injury to your joints’ protective cartilage. Don’t forget to check out these great compression socks

The shoe allows your foot to rest on the cushioning comfortably, giving you comfort and stability. Poor cushioning on your running shoes increases tibial impact shock and will not prevent Bad Knees. 

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