7 Best Shoes for Supination and Underpronation 2023 Reviewed

With so many supination/ under-pronation shoes (Brooks, Asics, Mizuno, New Balance, Aetrex, Saucony, and Nike), which one do you choose? Hopefully, this guide helps. Best Shoes for Supination and Underpronation

To prevent your feet from rolling outward (Supination), I recommend ASICS fuzeX or Asics Gel-Cumulus 19 as best shoes for Supination to allow proper stability and alignment of the musculoskeletal structures.

The models have a more bottomless heel cup, low profile, and are very light. With flexible shoes, you’ll have a number of motion options, and you might even benefit from insoles and women running shoes with better stability.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Supination and Underpronation 2023 Reviewed

1. ASICS Fuzex Running Shoe Asics for Supination or Underpronation

ASICS launched its fuzeX collection featuring FuzeGEL, its innovative and responsive cushioning system, a combination of their older GEL technology with traditional EVA. Available for both men and women.

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Fuzex is appropriate for indoor and outdoor running: being low profile and very light. In addition, the design and cushioning system graduate it to the supinator’s shoes.

Coming with a 6mm heel drop, the shoe is excellent for fast runners. It allows a smooth transition that would be favorable for forefoot, mid-foot, and heel strikers. (1) Fuzex Lyte (2) Discover Fuzex

However, if you need additional cushioning in your Asics for the Supination, check the below shoes, and you’ll love the protection provided to your foot. (1) Gel-Cumulus 18 (2) Gel-Sendai 3 (3) DynaFlyte (4) Gel Nimbus 18.

You’ll benefit from neutral padded shoes such as the supination or underpronation shoes: you won’t require medical stability, and thus motion control shoes won’t be your fit.

The supination shoe brands will come enough cushioning/ padding to allow your foot to remain highly natural and roll enough to the end of your stride. 

2. Asics Gel-Cumulus 19, Men’s & Women’s Dress Shoes for Supination

Offering you a comfortable ride on its plush cushioning, the Asics Gel-Cumulus 19 is an excellent choice for supination sneakers.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 19, Men's & Women's Dress Shoes for supination View on Amazon

Further, if you’re concerned with shin splits, the Gel-Cumulus coms with enough and soft cushioning at its forefoot suitable for under-pronated or neutral runners.

Gel-Cumulus 19 is appropriate for supinators having high arches. This is because it has gel insoles that will relieve both foot pain and reduce the supination effects.

Interestingly, Gel-Cumulus 19 comes in a variety of colors for both women and men. It also very durable and can clock over 350 miles.

You selected shape for Supination Shoes must have (1) flexible and light material to neutralize your Supination. (2) The unique internal shape that will control your leg’s movement (3) adequate padding or cushioning.

Supination correction mechanism

  • Asics Gel-Cumulus 19 offers a snug fit and is true to its size and is also lightweight compared to the Cumulus 18.
  • Coming with a 10mm offset (heel-toe) and a substantial cushioning (on forefront and Rearfoot), Cumulus 19 will quickly correct yours.
  • The Guidance Line System and FluidRide System allow the shoe to offer additional flexibility and shock absorption, respectively.

3. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline Gts 17 Brooks’s shoes for Supination

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 17 has a sleek update to its design, particularly to its upper (having supportive materials) that will enable you to walk and run faster even with Supination.

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline Gts 17 Brooks’s shoes for Supination View on Amazon

It is more aerodynamic and has a diagonal roll bar that will direct your body into its natural motion path and hence excellent for moderate to severe overpronation.

Its BioMoGo DNA technology enables the shoe’s midsole to adapt to your weight, stride, and foot type. Definitely, running with your natural gait will limit your risk of injury and will improve your speed.

Its segmented crash pad will reduce injury by absorbing the shock you feel when you’re hitting the ground. Further, you’ll get a customizable fit in its heel and universal platform, and hence your feet won’t slide and slip all over the place.

Its asymmetrical saddle comes with adjustable eyelets that’ll give the feet additional snug feel. The extra eyelet in the shoe will provide you with the optimal heel lock.

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 17 has a 12 mm heel-toe drop with its sock-like fit, and its design will give you top stability, which is excellent for experienced and beginner runners.

4. Brooks Glycerin 14 Fabric and Synthetic sole

Brooks Glycerin 14, which the company described to be “premium and ultra-cushioned, “has a smooth lining that’ll leave a great feeling on your feet.

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You’ll love the shoe’s slide wall since they are firm to significantly bolster your foots shape. With its rounded heel, Brooks Glycerin 14 will significantly improve your foo0t and ankle-bone area alignment.

This feature guarantees that you reduce the stress that lands on your ankle bones and joints, which significantly supports Supination. It has additional padding on the footbed, tongue, and throughout the shoe, which will allow you increased comfort.

Brooks Glycerin 14 comes with the DNA midsole (caterpillar) that are uniquely designed to give you excellent foot alignment. The DNA midsole will provide top comfort and won’t bottom out as it’s created for the hard hits.

Further, the shoe’s midsole area is more stable due to the DRB Accel characteristic and Caterpillar Crash Pads.

Besides the awesome supination features, Brooks Glycerin 14 shoes have an excellent upper with a sock-like fit and feel. Not to forget its high-abrasion rubber outsole material.

Brooks Glycerin 14 will provide appropriate cushioning to help in the foot supination. Its platform pad will help with the shoe fit and function while the crash pad will assist in absorbing various shocks on your foot while you are walking.

I noted that the shoe’s midsole tapped at its toe region (with the Omega-Flex Grooves) and hence gave me a smooth journey while transitioning from its foot-strike to the toe-off.

5. Brooks Ghost 9 Synthetic, Fabric and Synthetic

After reviewing the Brooks Glycerin 14 for Supination, I’ll now analyze Brooks Ghost 9. In various standards, Brooks Ghost 9 falls very close to the above-reviewed shoes as an appropriate shoe for Supination.

Brooks Ghost 9 Synthetic, Fabric and Synthetic View on Amazon

Brooks Ghost 9 has a neutral support system and has appropriately energized foam that’ll help absorb various shocks that come up when you are walking or running.

This will maintain your feet in an aligned position and thus prevent any supination & under-pronation.

Its contoured midsole will maintain your foot in a stable position due to correct cushioning and alignment. Brooks Ghost 9 has a substantially padded footbed to give your top comfort. Also, its collar and tongue are padded and soft to provide an impressive grip near your ankle.

With its medium-high arch support provides appropriate support for Supination. Brooks Ghost 9 also comes with a great mesh upper to offer top breathability. Hence, you’ll avoid any infection at your feet since the upper enhance high breathability and prevents any moisture.

6. New Balance 510v3 New balance Supination Shoes

New Balance 510v3 is an awesome Trial Running shoe that has top constant comfort and alignment. Its unique outsole and midsole provide amazing support to prevent pain resulting from Supination.

New Balance 510v3 New balance Supination Shoes View on Amazon

It is able to sustain flexibility and absorb any shocks. Amazingly, the shoe is designed from mesh and leather, which ensures that it’s ultimately breathable. New Balance 510v3 has a 12 mm drop will offer you awesome foot comfort. It has NB ultra-soft on the shoe’s inner surface.

The New Balance supination shoe comes with a rubber sole and thus will support your feet and reduce supination pain. Further, the innovative ABZORB technology allows the distribution of energy throughout your shoe and hence prevents supination pain.

Its IMEVA midsole eliminates any complications from your way and makes the shoe durable too. I would describe the New Balance 510v3’s midsole as flexible, contouring, and firm.

To maintain top balance, New Balance installed a midsole (IM ethylene-vinyl acetate) in the New Balance 510v3. It tops among supination shoes with excellent comfort and alignment. Finally, the ABZORB technology will offer support against any shock which enters your shoe.


Therefore, it is crucial that you consider the most respected Supination or under-pronation shoes’ manufactures for various walking and running shoes.

Supination is caused by inflexible joints (or ball) & heel misalignment and flexibility (and strength) imbalances in your ankle. The effects could be plantar fasciitis, fractures, ankle sprains, shin splints, and bad knees.

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