7 Best Swing Sets under 500 for 2023 Reviewed

Are you looking for an affordable but durable swing set? We know at times, parents are pressed within a rock and hard place, trying to make their children happy. 

However, finances might limit your good plans. I’ve reviewed the Best Swing Sets under $500 that’ll also fit in both small and large backyards.

Summary: The swing set models are designed for people on a budget but still want top quality playing equipment for kids. You Can Also Check the Best Swing Set Under $200

Reviews: Top 7 Best Swing Sets under 500 for 2023 Reviewed 

1. Backyard Discovery Weston All Cedar Wood Playset – #1 Pick

If you have a small space or even planning for a low budget swing set that has several play activities. Then, I believe the Weston All Cedar Swing Set will be ideal for you.

Best Swing Sets under 500 Check Price On Amazon

This fun playset has a durable fort with an attractive canopy overhead. It also features an 8′ speedy slide and a rock wall. The sandbox area offers a cool place where kids can relax and interact. Thus, developing their social skills. Furthermore, the two belt swings and the trapeze swing keep kids glued for hours in outdoor activity.

The snack stand comes with an integrated bench where kids can relax as they enjoy their snacks. The playset meets ASTM safety standards. Thus your children are guaranteed safety while playing. Further, this product is made from high-quality material; hence it resists rot or decay.

  • Meets ASTM safety standards
  • Features many play activities
  • Made from durable cedar wood that is resistant to rot
  • Assembling Instructions are quite confusing

2. Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set w/ Slide, Swings – #2 Pick

Give your kids an unforgettable fun experience with this fantastic Flyer Play Park Swing Set.

Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set w/ Slide, Swings Check Price On Amazon

Your kids will never run out of play activities with this set as it has several play options to keep children entertained for hours! This metal swing set comes with two swings, a wave slide, a teeter-totter, a ladder, and a shoe loop swing.

If you have a large family or you regularly host your friends with their children, then this is the perfect swing set for you. The set can accommodate up to 10 kids simultaneously, giving them an exciting play experience.

It would help if you did not worry about the safety of this metal swing set. It is made from a durable steel frame; hence it can withstand the test of time. The manufacturers have been careful enough to maintain high standards of safety.

  • Highly durable swing set
  • It has several play activities, hence can accommodate more kids.
  • The chains on the swings have been adequately covered for the safety of kids.
  • Adjustable chains
  • None

3. Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set – Best for 3-8 Years Kids

Outdoor play has now been made more exciting and fun with this incredible Sportspower Swing Set. This set allows multiple children to get engaged in different play activities at the same time. This means more fun and excitement for the kids all day long!

Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set - Best for 3-8 Years Kids Check Price On Amazon

This metal swing set features two standard swing seats, footrests, and a roman glider that contains two seats. It also has a flying saucer that can accommodate two kids, bringing extra fun to your backyard.

Also, the swing set comes with a 6’ wavy slide to give kids a thrilling experience as they slide their way down. The trampoline will keep kids bouncing happily and active for hours.

With this set, the height of your kid is no longer a limiting factor during their playtime. You can adjust the swing chains to your preference to accommodate everyone.

To ensure durability and safety, this set has been made from a heavy-duty material and steel tubes that are weather resistant. All its hardware is covered using powder-coated paint to guarantee durability and superior toughness.

Parents can rest easy knowing that this product meets all ASTM playground safety standards. Thus, the safety of your children is the priority of the manufacturers.

This Sportspower slide and Trampoline Set can fit perfectly in medium or large yards and can accommodate eight kids all playing simultaneously. Its weight capacity is 800 pounds total and 100 per child. The recommended age is 3 to 8 years. When assembled, it measures 179 x 96 x 74.

  • Meets all ASTM playground safety standards
  • Has a warranty of one year on product frame while accessories have a deposit of 90 days
  • Its Components are pre-drilled, thus ease of assembly.
  • Several play activities, can accommodate up to 8 kids
  • Anchoring set is not included

4. Jump Power UFO Swing Set for 1 or 2 Children, Kids, and Toddlers 

If you want your kids to have hours of excitement by enjoying their outdoor play, then this fantastic UFO Swing Set will do the trick. This swing set features a Saucer Swing that is strong and safe. You will not need to worry about the safety of your kids while swinging.

Jump Power UFO Swing Set for 1 or 2 Children, Kids, and Toddlers Check Price On Amazon

The set comes with a unique design, color, and style to appeal to your kids and encourage them to get out and play. Whether you have a small or large backyard, this set is easy to assemble and takes limited time to install.

To ensure durability, the swing set is constructed with a Heavy Duty steel material. You are guaranteeing your kids fun and physical exercise for years!

Further, the set contains an adjustable chain, which allows kids of all heights to enjoy. The dimensions of the set are 84 x 69 x 73. The recommended manufacturer’s age is 3 to 8 and maximum weight capacity is 110 lbs.

  • Highly durable product
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Has adjustable chains, thus can accommodate the height of everyone
  • Limited fun activity -has only one activity that kids can enjoy.
  • Adult supervision is required

5. Sportspower Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide Set

Introducing another swing set that is under $500, but still keeps kids entertained and excited for hours. The Rosemead Metal Swingset offers many play activities that can hold several kids engaged at the same time.

The set features a slide, two swing seats, a Roman glider, and a flying saucer. This swing set will encourage kids to get outside and play.

Go ahead and surprise your kids with this fun and fantastic swing set from Sportspower!!

  • Offers many play activities. Thus more kids get to have fun at the same time.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and comes in attractive colors
  • The swings are too low; kids with higher heights might be disadvantaged

6. Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set – Best Age 3-8

This is one of the simplest and basic swing set that we’ve come across, falling under $ 500. It only features two belt swings. But still gives kids an unforgettable swinging experience.

Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set - Best Age 3-8 Check Price On Amazon

It’s made of powder-coated steel that helps to protect it against rusting. It also comes with a UV-protected polyethylene to reduce fading, discoloration, and heat retention.

This swing set has been carefully constructed to avoid warping, splinters, and rough edges. The Recommended age is 3-8 years, and the kids should not weigh more than 100 lbs.

  • Safe and durable
  • Meets all playground safety standards
  • No need for cement for anchoring
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years
  • Limited play activities, only has two swing seats

7. Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Complete Wooden Swing Set

If you want a simple, yet extremely fun swing set, then the Swing-N-Slide Orbiter set is ideal for you. This wooden swing set features two swing seats and a gym ring.

Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Complete Wooden Swing Set Check Price On Amazon

The manufacturers had the safety of kids in mind while making this product. All wooden guard posts are rounded carefully and are maintenance-free. They also come with a warranty of 5 years.

For ease of installation, the set comes with A-frame brackets, all required hardware, and fully illustrated instructions. Parents can relax knowing that the set meets all playground safety standards as set by ASTM.

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Very durable compared to other traditional sets made of metal
  • Meets ASTM safety standards
  • 5 years warranty with Woodguard posts that are Maintenance free
  • Limited play activity

8. Big Backyard Andorra Swing Set Playset – Best Age 3-12 Years

If you have several kids and want a set that can comfortably accommodate all of them, the Big Backyard Andorra playset will be ideal for you.

Big Backyard Andorra Swing Set Playset – Best Age 3-12 Years Check Price On Amazon

Although the name of the set is “big,” it can fit perfectly even in smaller yards. It has a compact footprint of 80 sq. Ft. So, don’t let the name scare you!

To ensure hours of fun and excitement for your kids, the playset contains a rail wave slide, rock wall, and a ladder to help kids get to the upper deck. The set also features a sandbox and two durable belt swings to give kids maximum fun and excitement.

This playset can accommodate up to 7 kids with a weight limit of 110lb. Per kid. The recommended age is 3-12 years.

  • Ideal for both small and big backyards
  • It has several play activities, hence can accommodate seven kids.
  • Made from 100% premium cedar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Some customers complained of confusing instructions

9. Kids Outdoor Playground (Ironkids Playground)

If you want your kids to adopt a fitness lifestyle, then this is the ideal swing set for them. The iron kids’ playground set offers lots of great fun activities for several kids.

Kids Outdoor Playground (Ironkids Playground) Check Price On Amazon

With this set, you are guaranteed value when it comes to playing activity! With four play activities, six kids can have fun simultaneously.

The set features a Fitness Jumper Trampoline that improves body coordination and balance. It also helps to strengthen the knee, legs, and hamstring muscles.

The two swings help kids’ burn calories while they have fun swinging. Swinging also helps to engage several muscles, like quadriceps and hamstrings.

The iron kids’ playset is great for fitness. It helps kids eliminate excess weight and build arm strength by engaging in several play activities. The monkey bar helps to strengthen the shoulders, chest, and arms.

The set also features a fitness slide, a ladder, and a sunshade that comes with UV sun protection that allows kids to play even under then scorching sun. The dimensions of the set once assembled is 13.5 x 6.5 x 6.4.

  • Offers several play activities
  • Ideal for fitness and exercise activities
  • All necessary tools and parts are provided
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with 180 days warranty
  • Some customers complained of confusing instructions

10. Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set

Another amazing swing set that falls under $500 is the “World Of Fun” swing set. This set features several play activities that can allow up to 10 kids at the same time.

Flexible Flyer "World Of Fun" Swing Set Check Price On Amazon

It features a wave slide (green), two swings sets with adjustable height chains, and a rocket rider that can accommodate two kids. It also has a trapeze combo, an air-glider for 2, and a seesaw.

This set is beautiful as each part is painted with a different color to appeal to the kids as well as make your backyard look colorful.

The manufacturer recommends an age range of 2 to 10 years and a weight capacity of 105 pounds per child. The total weight limit is 1050 and comes with a 180-day warranty.

  • Bright, attractive colors appeal to the kids.
  • Many play activities can accommodate ten kids, maintain provided weight restrictions.
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with a warranty of 180 days
  • Tall kids might not enjoy the slide, it’s too short


The chains are adequately covered to safeguard against any harm. Further, the swing chains can be adjusted to fit the height of your kids. The 6-leg design guarantees the strength and durability of the set.

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