Saratoga Backyard Discovery – Cedar Wood

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set

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Saratoga Backyard Discovery – Cedar Wood

The Saratoga Discovery wood swing set can best be described as a play yard since it includes many play options that will create fun for your kids.

The set has an 8 foot Slide that is fast and safe. It will be favorable to provide fun or kids of different ages, even up to 12 years. The swing set will hold a maximum of 7 kids with weight about 150 lbs or each child.

It has a Clubhouse with door and windows having mutton bars. The brand will allow a twist of fun to your traditional backyard play sets through placing a play deck over the clubhouse.

Below the upper play deck, there is an activity or snack area while the upper deck has a wood roof.

There are swings on each belt swing and other on the 2-kid glider. Also, you kids can use the monkey bars or ladder to climb up the upper deck.

Despite that assembly of the swing set will take time, most people often find pleasure and therapeutic effect on seeing the final product and the fun their kids ultimately experience.

The set is made from high quality wood, it is strong and will have clear installation instructions and guides.


Upon assembly, Saratoga swing set will have 18’4” by 12’8” by 10 foot. Also, its upper deck will have a 4 foot height. The Safe-T-Fuse Hardware will enhance the installation of the swing set.

The full cedar wood construction is strong and durable with its tight and small knots that will avoid its cracking.

The wood is pre-stained and thus will not rot or decay naturally. Also, to create stable and strong joints, the swing set has steel brackets with high strength levels.


The swing set is reported, by some buyers, to be difficult to install. For example, some buyers take about 4 days to install the same swing set.

There are no significant problems with the installation process as the set comes with clear guides. However, it is important to install the swing set on a flat and stable ground.


Buyers have produced mixed reaction on the capacity of the swing set to withstand severe climatic conditions.

Some buyers report that the swing set will maintain its look despite severe environmental conditions. However, some report some slight wear on the swing sets coating. Despite that the swing set is strong, the cedar wood could crack in some places

Unique features

  • Swing beam having 2-kids glider and 2-belt swings
  • 8 foot fast slide
  • Monkey bars
  • Activity or snack bench
  • Wood-roofed Upper playdeck
  • An excellent playset complimented by a lower clubhouse.
  • Clubhouse with windows and doors having mutton bars

Wrap Up

Saratoga Backyard Discovery is a strong swing set that is favorable or both children and adults.

Our conclusion is that the swing set is strong and durable enough to withstand various weather extremes and serve your kids in their play.

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