7 Best Swing Set for Older Kids in 2023 Reviewed

It’s a dream for every parent or guardian to see their children happy at all times. The best Swing set for older kids will guarantee your children happiness and hours of fun! Best Swing Set for Older Kids

Swing Sets offer an excellent way for kids to develop their strength, improve their physical balance and health. Furthermore, they help to enhance a child’s self-esteem and help them rediscover their personalities.

All these aspects will significantly help improve kids’ grades and concentration levels. You may want to surprise your children with a swing set, but you are not sure how to go about it. Read Also: Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers

Review: Top 7 Best Swing Set for Older Kids in 2023 Reviewed

1. Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set – #1 Pick 

Make your children outdoor activities fun and exciting with a Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set. This swing set features three belt swings, meaning three children can swing simultaneously.

Best Swing Set for Older Kids View on Amazon

Also, the swing set has a trapeze bar fitted with gym rings that gives your kids additional fun activities that can keep them happy for hours. The swing set activities include;

  • Standard belt swings
  • Monkey bars
  • Wavy slide
  • Firepole, and trapeze bar.

To ensure the safety and well-being of your child, the Monkey Adventure Swing Set is designed with quality rubber grips on each swing chain, to prevent the child’s fingers from getting injured or pinched.

Further, the top of the swing set is designed with chain clips that help to firmly clip the swings to their frame. Also, all rough edges and chains have been properly covered or rounded to prevent pinching and scratching; thus, your child will not get any cuts.

Therefore, it’s shielded against discoloration, rusting, and heat retention. So you don’t need to worry about painting the swing set. Also, Because of the heat resistance, your kids may play comfortably under the sun.

This swing set is easy to assemble as no cement is needed. Also, you can easily move them around to fit your backyard taste. They are recommended for children of 3-12 years.

This Adventure Swing Set is built with heavy-duty coated material and protected with UV plastic. Read Also: Stain For Cedar Swing Set.


  • The Monkey Bar Swing Set is strong, safe, and durable.
  • Does not require painting or staining
  • Easy to set up
  • Can accommodate many kids at a go
  • doesn’t rust


  • Quite pricey

2. Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Swing Set – #2 Pick

Let your children develop their social skills, creativity, imagination, balance, and coordination with Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Swing Set and Play Center.

Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Swing Set And Play Center View on Amazon

This Play Center offers multiple activities that the kids can get involved in. But first; We’ll provide a comparison table so that you have a quick view of some of the best swing sets.

The playset features;

  • Two strap swings
  • Backboard hoop,
  • A spacious clubhouse with an integrated playhouse that contains a colorful canopy roof
  • Balcony railing
  • And large windows.

The adventure swing set is also made of strong double-wall poly material that helps to prevent maintenance cost as well as eliminates problems linked to wood-like decay, splitting, and warping.

The playset is easy to assemble, and all components for successful set up are included at no extra costs. All of These sets are designed differently and are suitable for bigger or smaller backyards.


  • Easy to assemble
  • No extra costs incurred to purchase additional parts during setup -= Read Also: Swing Sets for Small Backyards.
  • Highly durable swing set
  • Can accommodate several kids


  • Adult supervision is required when kids are playing

3. Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset _#3 Pick

Open your child’s world of imagination with a lifetime’s adventure tower playset. This playset offers a perfect way to indulge your kids in healthy physical activities.

Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset View on Amazon

The lifetime’s adventure tower playset is designed with a clubhouse that has a firm hardtop roof, a wavy slide, two swings, the trapeze bar, and many other features that will offer your kids hours of fun and enjoyment that will trigger their creativity.

Its UV resistant coated steel is designed to retain minimal heat to protect your children against the glaring sun. The UV resistant also helps the Adventure Tower playset maintain its color, thus no need for painting or staining.

Because of its weather-resistant properties, these playsets do not crack, rot, splinter, or warp. Therefore, they have high safety and performance standards. Read Also: Swing Set Under 200.

Another safety measure that has been incorporated in the playsets is that all the swing chains and rough edges have been covered or rounded with comfortable rubber grips to prevent snagging or pinching.


  • Easy to maintain as no paint or staining is needed
  • Can accommodate up to 10 kids at one time
  • The playset is all-weather resistant and UV resistant.
  • Swings are designed with rubber grips to protect fingers


  • Adult supervision is required.
  • Might take time to assemble

4. Oakmont All Cedar Wooden Playset

Let your kids develop their imagination while having endless fun with this amazing and colorful Backyard Discovery Oakmont All Cedar Wooden Playset Swing Set.

Oakmont All Cedar Wooden Playset View on Amazon

This swing set comes with an amazing wooden deck that stretches to shield the lower area of the set. The upper fort of the playset comes with a colorful canopy featuring yellow and green stripes that extends to the outdoor fort of the upper level.

The wooden swing set contains two flexible swing sets and a trapeze swing that ensures your children have multiple activities to engage in. Read Also: Stain for Swing Set.

The monkey bar offers a great and fun challenge to the kids while building their strength and coordination. At the same time, the Standard playset ladder offers an additional play activity.

The Oakmont swing set is made from a heavy-duty canopy material while adhering to high safety and quality standards. You and Your children are guaranteed safety and value for your money when using the swing set.

The wooden swing set features a playhouse with a lower play area that has a wooden children clubhouse, an in-built bench, and a snack stand that provides an opportunity for the children to bond after or in between plays.


  • Comes with a variety of activities, ensuring that kids remain active and happy all through
  • It’s very sturdy and durable.
  • Made from a heavy-duty canopy material
  • Maintains high standards of quality and safety


  • Might take time to assemble

5. Lifetime Heavy-Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

I believe this is the most simple yet very functional swing set that offers values for the money. Read Also:  Swing Sets for Small Yards.

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set View on Amazon

With an A-frame Metal Swing Set in your backyard, your children will want to remain outdoor, ditching indoor activities like video games and TVs.

The A-Frame Metal Set features two belt swings and a trapeze bar that comes with gym rings guaranteeing your children hours of fun and physical activity at the safety and convenience of their backyard.

The playset is designed with the safety of children in mind. Thus, hard and rough edges are covered or rounded using plastic caps and soft rubber grips on all swing chains to avoid pinching or scratching.

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance or setup costs of the playset. This metal swing set has zero maintenance fees and is made of high strength alloy steel weather-resistant materials that ensure that the playset doesn’t crack, fade, chip, warp, peel, or rot.

Besides, no setup costs are incurred as you only need to choose a location in your backyard and place it, and your children can immediately start having fun. No cement or anchoring material is required.

Further, this metal swing set is made of UV-protected polyethylene plastic and powder-coated steel, which ensures safety for your kids during their playtime. Also, the UV resistance allows your children to continue playing even under the hot sun.

Go ahead and surprise your kids with this simple yet amazing playset!!


  • Low maintenance costs required
  • No cement required for anchoring
  • Weather-resistant material ensures the playset does not crack, fade, chip, warp, peel, or rot.
  • All rough edges are covered to ensure safety for the kids.
  • Very sturdy


  • Might take time to assemble

6. Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Frontier Playground System

Let your kids develop their creativity and imagination while having fun with this incredible Blue Ridge Frontier Playground System.

Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Frontier Playground System View on Amazon

The Blue Ridge Playsets features an amazing 10-foot green wave slide, picnic table, an in-built sandbox, a rock wall that has a climbing rope, three swing sets, and a tire swing.

This playset ensures the safety and well being of children while playing. The chains of the swings are powder-coated, and all rough edges rounded, so you don’t need to worry about kids getting injured.

This playset system is made from premium rot-resistant lumber from the Cunninghamia Lanceolata wood. Meaning, it’s protected from decaying, rotting, or insect damage.

The manufacturers have been careful enough to seal and stain the playset system from the factory to reduce maintenance costs.  It has a 10-year warranty. Read Also: Wooden Swing Set.


  • Low maintenance costs required
  • It is constructed using quality materials that have the ability to resist rot or decay, giving your children years of happiness and fun.
  • Weather-resistant material ensures the playset does not crack, fade, chip, warp, peel, or rot.
  • All rough edges are covered to ensure safety for the kids.
  • Very sturdy


  • This playset is fairly large (18 feet by 23 feet) and might require a bigger space. Consider the space of your backyard before purchasing it. Otherwise, you might need to settle for a smaller playset, if your backyard is small.
  • you might need a professional to help in assembling

7. Gorillaplay Sets Home Backyard Playground Treasure Trove Swing Set

Bring your children the park experience in their backyard by getting this Gorillaplay Sets. This playset comes with a tone of options to give your kids multiple activities to engage in.

Gorillaplay Sets Home Backyard Playground Treasure Trove Swing Set View on Amazon

Not only does the playset offer swings, ladder, trapeze rings, slide, it also provides a wide range of activities. This Playground Treasure features a rock wall that comes with a climbing rope.

It has an in-built picnic table where kids can get their snacks. The playset also features a sandbox and an additional sandbox below the tower. In addition, it has a Safe Entry Ladder and durable glider swings that can accommodate up to 2 riders.

Further, the playset has a Green Vinyl Canopy that provides shade and protects the tower from rain or other harsh environmental conditions. More, the playset is made using stained wood to safeguard against insect damage, decay, and rot.

The playset also features a play telescope, a steering wheel, three swing beam accompanied by a timber shield, among other options that give kids endless fun activity.

To make the swing set even more attractive, it comes with a ten years warranty on the wood as well as a year warranty for all the accessories that accompany the playset.

To make the setup easier, detailed instructions are provided, including 3-D illustrated instructions that offer an individual an easier time while assembling the playset.

Overall, this gorilla playset is highly recommendable as it offers multiple activities for the kids. High safety playground standards have also been maintained to ensure kids remain safe at all times.


  • Low maintenance costs required – check the Tree Swings Reviews.
  • Constructed using quality materials that have the ability to resist rot or decay
  • Weather-resistant material ensures the playset does not crack, fade, chip, warp, peel, or rot.
  • All rough edges are covered to ensure safety for the kids.
  • High-quality playset
  • Numerous activities for the kids
  • A warranty of 10 years on wood and a year on accessories is given.
  • Very sturdy


  • May take up to 16 hours to assemble

8. Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set

Unleash your kid’s active personality with a real playground experience by getting this Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set.

Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set View on Amazon

This swing set allows children fun and hours of enjoyment. It is designed with various play activities to enable ten children or more to play simultaneously.

This flexible metal swing set features an exciting wave slide, two sling-swings, trapeze, lawn swing, and a fun air glider that can accommodate two kids.

Since Flyer Play Park Swing Set can accommodate many children at once, it can be a great choice, especially for large families.


  • It has Quality chain covers that protect against pinching.
  • Quality is guaranteed. This metal set is made using durable steel material.
  • The swing chains can be adjusted depending on the height of the children.
  • Designed with many play activities, thus allows up to 10 kids at once
  • Low maintenance costs required
  • All rough edges are covered to ensure safety for the kids.
  • High-quality playset
  • Numerous activities for the kids
  • Very sturdy


  • You may need to buy anchors to prevent the Swing set from shaking while kids are playing

9. Orbiter Swing Set

The complete wooden swing set will give your children an enjoyable fun experience. This playset features two swing seats and a ring/trapeze combo that offers various ways to hang and swing.

Orbiter Swing Set View on Amazon

It can support 115 pounds. You’ll incur no additional costs when purchasing this playset as ground anchors, and Swing hangers are included. This wooden swing set is very durable compared to other traditional metal swing sets.

The playset is made with the safety of the child in mind. The woodgurd are carefully put to protect the child against any injuries. Besides, the round wooden guard poles come with a warranty of five years.

To ensure ease of set-up, this 3-position wooden set comes with a comprehensive installation guide to reduce the assembling time of the playset. Read Also: Swing Sets under 500.


  • High quality playset
  • Very sturdy
  • Ground anchors and Swing hangers included
  • Very durable
  • Has a comprehensive installation guide
  • Has Chain covers that protect against pinching


  • Limited fun activities

10. Step2 Clubhouse Climber

Let your children develop their imagination, coordination and motor skills with this amazing Step2 Clubhouse Climber.

Step2 Clubhouse Climber View on Amazon

This playset features quality grip hand rails and a climbing ladder to help the young adventurous get to the top of the set.

To ensure maximum fun, the playset has two slides, a rotating steering wheel, skylight, and Dual windows. Thus, children remain engaged longer in outdoor activities.

Also, the playset has a hide-out area and a crawl-thru tunnel to guarantee maximum fun.


  • High-quality playset
  • Very sturdy
  • Very durable
  • Large can accommodate several kids.
  • Has a comprehensive installation guide


  • might take more time to install

Considerations in Best Swing Set for Older Kids

1. Size of Your Backyard

When buying a playset take into consideration how the set is configured. It is vital to remember that enough space is needed to install a complete play structure.

You are probably overwhelmed about what features to look out for when buying the best playset for your kids. Well, we’ve done all the groundwork and put together important aspects you should consider before buying a swing set.

Most manufacturers give the dimensions for each swing set. Check to see that these sizes match your backyard space before making a purchase. You should also consider the appropriate safety space needed while installing the swing set.

Industry-standard for safe residential playground equipment recommends leaving a space of 6-foot on all the four sides around the perimeter. So, when measuring your yard space, add 12-feet extra to the dimension given.

2. Safety

Safety for your family should be the first thing you look out for when purchasing a swing set. Ensure that you select a playset that has durable and soft materials.

But first; Are you looking for a swing set that your kids will use even in the future? Or one that they’ll use only as kids? Are you planning to have more kids? Do you often entertain your friends and their children?

A swing set that is safe has its edges rounded or covered. Thus, kids are protected from injuries. Also, select playsets that have plastic caps that cover edges to ensure safety.

Rubber grips are another safety option that you should consider. Rubber grips are placed on the swing chains to prevent injuries to fingers. Thus, enable the kids to swing without getting injured.

3. Future Use

As a parent, you may want to make a swing set investment that is viable even as the child grows. You should, therefore, look out for playset features that can be changed as the child gets bigger.

Well, all the above questions are important to determine the kind of playset or swing set you might want to consider. You and Your kids deserve a swing set that you will regularly enjoy for years.

Hence, it important to choose a playset that is built to last and safe for your family. You should also consider a set that can be used by multiple children if you intend to have a large family. Therefore, buying a set that children will use as they grow up saves money and time.

4. Materials Used

Many swing set manufacturers use wood, metal, or plastic as ground materials.

Plastic models are considered safe and inexpensive, while wood is easy to repair as well as environmentally friendly. Other popular materials that manufacturers use include;

Yellow cedar, northern white cedar, and red cedar- these woods are durable and are rot-resistant. However, they lack density, and parents may need to have tools in handy to fasten bolts or screws.

Redwood- this wood is durable, thus perfect for swing sets. It does not rot or decay quickly. When buying a playset check out one that is made of quality redwood if considering a playset made of wood.

Pinewood swing sets are also another option to consider. Pinewood is durable and weather resistant. However, you might need to paint it to bring out its beauty. Look for a playset that is made of Pressure-treated pine wood because it guarantees durability.

5. Weight Limit

If you wish to join your kids while in their outdoor activities, you might want to consider a playset that can accommodate more weight.

When buying a swing set, always consider the weight capacity of the structure. This way, you’ll also get to have fun with your kids.

Plastic is a great material to consider, especially if you are worried about constant maintenance, wasps, or splinters. An awesome fact with the plastic swing set is that they are low-priced and safe.

Stainless steel- this product is mainly used to make metal swing sets. Swing sets made of stainless less steel are long-lasting and durable compared to plastic or wood.

When buying a metal swing set, purchase one that is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel products guarantee durability, great design, and ease of customization. They are also easy to assemble and maintain.

6. Budget

Your budget will determine the kind of swing set you’ll get. The good thing is that swing sets are many, and there must be one that fits your budget.

You’ll only need to carefully plan and check this guide for directions. Swing sets range from $100-5,000; the options are endless.

Since you are now aware of what materials and features you need to consider, you should not be overwhelmed about finding a safe set that meets your budget.

However, I must inform you that finding a swing set under $1000 that will withstand the test of time will be a challenge. A quality swing set might be approximately $1,500.

You should also leave adequate space that will allow your kids to jump or drop off from the swings, and enough space for sliding off from the slides. Other than leaving adequate space, ensure that your yard is clear of things that might bring injuries like rocks, trees, or fences.

You may also want to think about the future when buying a swing set. Will you construct a pool or any other outdoor structure in the coming years? Will you leave space for your pet? Will you need a garden?


There you have it!! This guide has simplified the process of getting a swing set for your older kids. Hopefully, you have learned a few things about different swing sets and what to look out for. Always remember safety for your family comes first.

With this guide, finding a perfect swing set for your older kids is no longer an issue for you. The guide has covered some of the best swing sets to enable you to select one that you like and can easily afford.

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