7 Best Running Shoes For Men With Flat Feet 2020

Your flat feet should not limit your running and training schedule. Many marathoners with flatfeet engage in their normal training activities without fear of painful feet or injuries. These runners know the importance of wearing the right shoes and paying attention to any warning signs. Our review is based on shoe’s stability, support, and safety while aiming for pain-free run and comfort.

Best Running Shoes For Men With Flat Feet
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Summary: I recommend either this Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 19 or the ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 as your Best Running Shoes for Men with Flat Feet. They look for shoes that are flexible, those with no heel elevation, and those without toe spring. In this review, we’ll discuss Best Running Shoes for Men with Flat Feet. 

Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes For Men With Flat Feet 2019

1. Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 19 

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is designed for flat-footed runners and is best for over pronated foot motion. This shoe boosts of excellent support, exceptional stability, and ample cushioning. You’ll be delighted to know that the Adrenaline GTS 19 is extremely lightweight and most flat-footed runners love them because they are highly responsive.

Best Running Shoes For Men With Flat Feet
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These shoes feature an amazing DNA LOFT cushioning technology that’s a mix of EVA and rubber. These Adrenaline series retains the BioMoGo DNA cushioning which offers needed support and comfort to your feet and arches, hence, more stability.

You’ll love the Guide Rails as they provide exceptional support system to the entire medial section of your arch as well as the lateral area around the heel. As a result, your feet master natural strides hence prevent overronation, also, you get a balanced underfoot performance.

Another amazing feature is the durable outsole that has exceptional grip to allow transverse even the worst weather conditions you’ll notice that these shoes have quality, hence, they don’t wear off easily even after putting on 100 0of miles.

The upper unit is fitted with an amazing combination of engineered mesh as well as 3D Print technologies which work together to give you a secure and fitting shoe

However, you might notice that the heel drop is 12mm, something that some runners find a challenge. But one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll have normal transitions and you’ll not feel like you’re overworking your feet, thanks to the guide rails that offer amazing support system to the entire foot.

2. ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 

This 24th series from Asics is designed for overpronaters and is best shoes for runners with flat fleet. Most marathoners and runners alike praise the construction of these shoes. They claim that these shoes offer enhanced cushioning and are highly responsive. As such, they feel that the Gel Kayano 24 is ideal for runners who clock many miles because of its tremendous performance.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes
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The design of these shoes are built to offer comfort, support, and stability. Therefore, flat feet runners get to benefit from an injury free run while enhancing their running efficiency.

You’ll appreciate the ASICS Impact Guidance System which allows feet to roll naturally as you run. As a flat-feet runner overprontation may cause you more pain as you run interfering with your running sessions. Wearing this Gel-Kayano 24 helps to prevent your feet from rolling inwards. As a result, you get to clock many miles without fear of any injuries.

Most if not all users appreciate the comfort and support these shoes provide. The shoes features a cushioning system with an amazing gel technology which aids in shock absorption. Runners with flat feet are protected from feeling the intense ground impact as the shock is absorbed to give them a more comfortable ride.

3. Brooks Mens Beast ’18 

These Beast ’18  from Brook is also considered Best Running Shoes For Men With Flat Feet. The shoes boost of comfortable construction, roomy toe-box, excellent stability mechanism, and durable material.

Brooks Mens Beast '18
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The midfoot and rear parts of the upper have an amazing air mesh that’s highly breathable. The forefoot part is also fitted with perforated engineered mesh to encourage ventilation.

This motion control shoe is highly applauded because of its ability to stabilize and control the arch while ensuring the feet obtain a more natural and smother gait.

The super DNA Midsole offer stability and comfort because of its additional padding and support mechanism to give seamless heel-to-toe transitions as well as great responsiveness. This shoe is well cushioned making it ideal for runners with flat feet who love going long distances.

The external heel reinforces support around the rear section of the foot to give flat footed runners comfort as they run.

4. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s M Gaviota Running Shoe 

Another shoe that we consider best for male runners with flat feet is the Hoka One One Gaviota. This shoe is very supportive, has exceptional cushioning, and a low drop which makes it stand out among other running shoes.

Hoka One One Men's Gaviota Running Shoe
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This durable and amazing running shoe offers excellent stability and understated pronation control. The shoe is ideal for overpronaters or anyone craving additional stability and support to allow extra-long runs.

The outsole is designed using Hi-Abrasion but durable lightweight rubber to protect the midsole. The durable rubber offers important traction on different surfaces to give flat footed runners support as they clock their miles. The outsole is also grooved to make it flexible and durable allowing feet to adopt a natural gait.

The shoes also features plush Ortholite Sockliner which offers needed cushion as you take each step. The Meta Rocker Geometry is designed to allow more smother and comfortable landings. The collar and the padded tongue offers extra softness and comfort. Hoka One one’s Gaviota are best shoes for standing all day, are also perfect for long walks, and for running long distances.


5. New Balance Men’s M1260v6 Running Shoe 

The New Balance M1260v6 features ABZORB crash pad that enhances its stability making it ideal for flat-footed runners. You’ll love the spacious toe box of this shoe which allow your toes to move freely.

New Balance Men's M1260v6 Running Shoe
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If you have flat-feet and yet want to engage in running sessions (both short and long) these shoes should be your number one choice. Most users also commend the durability of this shoe as it gives value for the money.

The midsole features ABZORB which offers exceptional cushion around the forefoot. The N2 pod found around the heel section is ideal for overweight runners as it absorbs ground impact to give softer landings. The REVlite foam ensures the shoe is light and springy for a more comfortable run.

The outsole is full blown-rubber and has 6 quartered pods below the forefoot. Also the forefoot sole is exceptionally wider to provide extra stability and cushioning.

Overall, this shoe has a firm and solid foundation, hence offers smooth ride to give runners with flat foot all support and comfort as they engage in their training activities. Also its engineered mesh ensures your toes spread out comfortably within the forefoot area, thus, enhancing your stability.

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