9 Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees 2019 Reviewed

Are you looking for the Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees or knee pain? Knee pain can be a real challenge to runners. It can negatively impact their workouts, runs, & emotional health. Hence, get a pair of shoes with a great level of cushioning and support.   Summary: If you need a quick answer, I recommend … Read more

How to exercise with bad knees to lose weight

In this post, I’ll take you through different cardio workouts planned to assist you to lose weight, even when you have a bad knee. But first, the term “Bad knees” is way too broad. However, with bad knees, you should work your knees without jarring them to reduce pain and to make them stronger. Appropriate … Read more

What it truly means to have ‘Bad Knees’?

What it truly means to have ‘Bad Knees’? I was yearning to stay active, but I didn’t have my ever strong knees. “Bad knees” – the root of most of my fitness challenges – is a collection of injuries that occur to the knee. The injuries are classified into two: (1) traumatic/ acute injuries and … Read more

10 Keys to Running with Bad Knees

Having a bad knee? Here are the rules: don’t run, lift or squat! Right? …Wrong! You should consider bad knees as just a hurdle to overcome, and never an excuse to evade running and exercise. However, take caution while running with a bad knee since any weight-bearing exercise could increase knee pain. I know, there are significant … Read more