How Do Portable Water Filters Work? 5 Tips

How do portable water filters work? You can make your water potable or drinkable. How Do Portable Water Filters Work 

The methods include water treatment and water filtering including emergency water purifiers to use during camping or exploration missions. 

Water purification will involve passing the water via filters (make from fiberglass or ceramic) that’ll remove the soil sediments and other bad microorganisms. 

How Do Portable Water Filters Work?

1. Squeeze Filters 

Squeeze filters are lightweight, easy to use and hence you can carry them upcountry, camping, or just general road and off-road traveling.

So, readily filter your water and take safe and clean water with unmatched confidence. Luckily, most can readily fit into your hands – easy to use, and it’s highly packable. 

Squeeze filters will mainly consist of pores that are as small as 0.1 microns. They’ll come with some printed usage instructions to allow easier operation. 

It may come with a drinking cup, back-flush cup for easy sharing into other bottles or drinking. Further, some purifiers may have a back-flush plunger. 

The water filters have tiny pores that’ll only let molecules of water to go through them while filtering out protozoa (cryptosporidium plus giardia) or bacteria such as e-coli.

However, various microorganisms including bacteria need filters that have pores measuring under 0.2 microns for effective removal. Further, water filters having carbon elements will assist in improving the water flavor.

Squeeze filters work akin to the pump filters but won’t need additional housing material and weight like it is with other general pumps. 

On operation of the squeeze filters, you’ll simply need to squeeze the pouch or bottle and this will make the water move out – hence are good for camping or backpacking. 

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2. Pump Filters 

Pump water filters will utilize your body’s energy for pumping out water via the filter. These are excellent for quick water filtration like when you’re on camping or exploration missions. 

Considering your pumping energy – you can get clean and safe water within a very short time – buts its filters will age fast and it requires high amounts of energy for the pumping process. 

However, get a pump filter that’ easy to use and clean – this enables you to rejuvenate the pump filter within a short time. The pump filters are equally light-weight and easy to use. 

3. Gravity Filters 

Gravity filters profit from the force of gravity to get rid of contaminants and sediments in your water. It has 2 chambers – a lower one and a mediator one that holds filter elements. 

Also, the gravity filters equally utilize similar filters like the pump filters – you can let it rest while filtering as you do your comping or other leisure activities in the wild. 

In comparison, gravity filters weigh less than the pump filters and hence are considered more portable and usable on travels or camping. 

So, as you camp in the wild, take some dirty water, and simply let it get down through the gravity filters as you wait for your safe and clean water. Read Also: Shoes for Heavy Female Runners.

Water Treatment 

1. Chemicals 

Water treatment using various methods like water purification tablets – luckily these will kill micro-organisms including protozoa and bacteria. Those with iodine or chlorine dioxide chemicals.

Strain the dirty water through a shirt or bandanna to remove the debris and finally pass them through the chemical treatment process to kill micro-organisms like viruses. 

However, chemical water treatment solutions could leave some bad after-taste and may need that you leave the water standing for some time before drinking. 

2. UV Light Treatment 

You can also treat the water using UV light that’s generated by a special type of water filter – this will remove the debris, sediments, and kill various micro-organisms. 

Boiling the water can also be effective in treating the water but may not be as great as the chemical methods like water purification tablets. 

Ensure that the water continues boiling for about 1 minute or more at elevated temperatures to exterminate all the dangerous microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. 

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So, that’s it on how do portable water filters work? So, the filters through gravity force, physical human force, or electric powered motors.

However, you can also use other water treatment methods including water purification tablets or boiling the dirt water at elevated temperatures for some minutes.

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