Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline-Complete Guide 2023

In this article, I will compare Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline. Buying a trampoline can be an overwhelming task because of the many brands on the market. You may find it challenging to decide on the best option for you.

Hence, I went the extra mile, did some research, and provided everything you need to know about Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline.

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Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline- Details


The Skywalker Company prides itself in the safety and quality of its products as well as its interaction with customers. The company’s values are safety, integrity, fun, connection, and activity.

The Skywalker vision is to set a foundation for an active lifestyle right from when a person is young. Their mission is to connect people with their family, with the outdoors, or with themselves.

All Skywalker trampolines come with a reliable patented enclosure that provides safety to jumpers by ensuring they don’t land on springs as they jump.

Other than that, all Skywalker trampolines exceed or meet all the safety and quality standards as set by ASTM.

Skywalker and Autism

Research shows that trampolines have positive effects on children with Autism. They act as excellent therapy tools for their overall well-being.

With this in mind, the Skywalker Company is involved in Autism awareness. The company pledges yearly support and gifts one nominated person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASA) a free trampoline.


Propel company is founded on honesty, integrity, quality values, and principles. Most reviewers agree that Propel produces some of the safest and bounciest trampolines.

These trampolines come with amazing features like galvanized steel springs, Impact-Absorbent Enclosure, and superior mats to deliver ultra-smooth bounce.

Propel trampolines are safe thanks to the durable steel joint brackets that provide stability and ease of assembly.

All propel trampolines boast durability, stability, and safety. They provide hours of fun to the entire family.

Skywalker Pros:

  • The company focuses on Autism Awareness
  • Basketball accessory included
  • Buttonhole enclosure for additional safety
  • Frame warranty is 3 years while other materials have a 1-year warranty
  • ASTM certified

Propel Pros:

  • Enclosure net features an impact absorbent system
  • Features T-bracket technology
  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • T-bracket technology
  • Features safety padlock systems

 Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline Main Differences and Similarities

In this section, I will take you through the differences and similarities of Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline.

Propel Vs Skywalker Trampoline Price

Both Propel and Skywalker trampolines in similar categories may have the same price range. Though at times propel maybe a little cheaper than Skywalker. Therefore, in terms of price, I will say both of these brands cost almost the same.

Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline – Safety

In terms of safety, Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampolines are both safe options worth considering. Both feature excellent safety features to keep the user protected throughout.

Propel trampolines have an enclosure net with an impact-absorbent system. They also have a safety net that’s placed under the jumping surface to prevent slipping.

On the other hand, the Skywalker Trampolines also have safety enclosures. They also come with additional accessories like spikes and anchor straps.

Other than that, instead of metal springs, the propel trampolines have bungee cords that eliminate pinching points or injuries. Propel trampolines also come with a sure lock safety pad and T-bracket technology for enhanced stability.

Skywalker Trampolines have excellent metal springs that provide bounces that are more powerful. They also feature T-bars and T-joints to keep the trampoline more secure and stable.

Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline Warranty

Skywalker trampolines have a 3-year warranty on the frame while the other parts have a 1-year warranty. This warranty is non-transferable and only the original buyer can apply for the warranty. However, you might need to do regular maintenance to keep the trampoline safe.

On the other hand, the propel trampolines provide a 30 day registration period. You need to register your propel trampoline within 30 days.

The registration allows the company to contact you in case of any issue with the product purchased. If it has been discontinued or been recalled the company can give you a replacement. Propel doesn’t declare clearly on their website about the warranty.

Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline Accessory Options

Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline comes with different extra accessories to provide additional play activities. The skywalker trampolines include a basketball loop and hook.

On the other hand, the propel trampolines come with more unique accessories compared to the Skywalker trampolines. Propel includes a shade cover that protects the jumpers from excess heat. The clubhouse accessory also provides for a cozy bounce and the mist sprayer kit keeps the jumpers cool as they jump under the hot sun.

Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampoline Available Options

Both the Propel Vs. Skywalker Trampolines have different offerings and options. However, Skywalker seems to have more options than propel trampolines.

The propel trampolines are available in different sizes ranging from 7ft to 15ft. while the available shapes are round and rectangular. The propel website has a rectangular option that measures12ft by 8ft.

Conversely, Skywalker trampolines provide an array of options. They are available in different shapes including square, rectangle, oval, and round. The Skywalker Round trampolines sizes range from 7.5ft to 16ft.  The largest Skywalker rectangular offering measures 10ft by 17ft.

Although the propel trampolines are available in different color options the sizes are color-coded. This means the customer doesn’t have the luxury of choosing the trampoline color.

On the other hand, Skywalker trampolines also come in different color options and you get to choose your favorite from standard blue, purple, red, or camo green.

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Product Reviews for Propel Vs Skywalker Trampoline

1. Propel 14-foot Trampoline

As we’ve mentioned above propel trampolines are available from 7ft to 15ft. The 14ft propel trampoline is more costly than that the Skywalker 14ft trampoline.

Propel 14' Heavy-Duty Pro Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Check Price On Amazon

Nevertheless, the Propel 14-foot trampoline comes with many amazing features and accessories to make jumping more enjoyable.

This trampoline features a basketball hoop that comes with a pump and ball. The trampoline delivers a super smooth bounce thanks to the 96 galvanized steel springs.

Other than that, the click connect system makes the assembling process easier and fast.

More than that, the propel trampolines have an Impact-Absorbent Enclosure technology. This system protects the jumper from impact in case of a collision. Hence, propel promises the safety of the user during playtime.

You’ll also appreciate the thick Sure-Lock frame system that provides additional safety. The steel joint brackets make the setup process quick and easy. The brackets also provide extra stability to the structure.

Besides that the Propel 14-foot trampoline has a weight capacity of 275lbs. the thick galvanized steel with powder-coated legs provides durability and more stability.

Most reviewers on Amazon complain that the assembly guidebook provided by the manufacturer has poor instructions.

However, you can visit the propel trampolines website to get clearer instructions. You can also visit this YouTube channel for assembly instruction.

The propel trampoline will provide hours of fun throughout the seasons. Hence, you and your kids can have memorable experiences as you together to your satisfaction.


  • Impact absorbent enclosure technology
  • Click Connect system makes the set up quick and easy
  • Features a basketball hoop
  • Sure-Lock frame system for additional safety


  • The product comes with poor assembly instructions. You’ll need to go to YouTube or visit the propel website



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2. Skywalker 14 Foot Round Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines are ideal for all jumpers. They come with innovative safety features to keep everyone using them safe throughout. Thus, create unforgettable memories with your family by picking the Skywalker 14 Foot Round Trampoline.

Skywalker Trampolines 14' Round Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

The Skywalker 14 Foot Round Trampoline is spacious enough for jumping and doing some gymnastics. It has an enclosure netting with the patented no-gap design that helps to keep kids safe while playing.

More than that, the trampoline features tightly coiled springs for additional safety. The springs are rust-resistant; hence provide a longer use period.

Besides that, Skywalker trampolines are reinforced with T-sockets that help to enhance the structural stability of the trampoline. Thus, prevent the trampoline from twisting or coming apart when someone is jumping.

The Skywalker 14 foot trampoline is easy to assemble and most previous buyers reported to have assembled it within two hours. The provided setup instructions are also easy to follow.

Other than that, the spring pad features an extra-thick vinyl-coated material that covers all the springs to ensure the jumper is safe at all times. This pad is also fade-resistant.

The Skywalker trampolines include various accessories to make playtime more enjoyable. Some of the things you’ll get with this product include assembly tools, enclosure hardware, Triple Toss Game, spacious jump mat, and basketball game among other accessories.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Budget-friendly trampoline
  • Includes safety enclosure net with no gap design
  • Spacious jumping surfaces


  • You’ll need to purchase ladder and wind stakes separately

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3. Propel 7 Foot Trampoline

The Propel 7 Foot Trampoline is an excellent option for young kids. It accommodates 150slbs, hence allows multiple small children to jump together simultaneously.

Propel Trampolines Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure, 7-Feet Round by 86-Inch Tall Check Price On Amazon

The 7ft trampoline is fun-packed play equipment that will keep your kids outdoors for hours. It comes with excellent features to keep kids safe, entertained for hours.

This trampoline features a Jump N’ Duck basketball hoop with a basketball ball. These accessories provide additional play activities for the kids.

More than that, you and your children will appreciate the ultra-smooth bounce. This 7ft trampoline features 40 steel springs that ensure you have a more responsive and enjoyable bounce.

Other than that, the trampoline has an Enclosure System that’s Impact-Absorbent to protect the young jumpers from injuries.

For additional safety, the trampoline also has a Sure-Lock frame pad. This pad provides additional safety.

The 7ft trampoline also features a T-bracket system that keeps the frame strong and prevents structural twisting.   The system ensures the overall stability of the structure. Hence, you don’t need to worry when your children are jumping as the trampoline is properly secured for safety.


  • Best trampoline for young kids
  • Basket hoop provides additional play activity
  • The T-bracket system reinforces the trampoline
  • Budget-friendly


  • Low weight capacity

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4. Skywalker 8-Foot Trampoline

Just as the 7ft propel trampoline, the 8ft Skywalker trampoline is also ideal for young children. It has a close-to-the-ground design to allow small toddlers to access or exit the trampoline with ease.

Skywalker Trampolines 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net– Basketball Trampoline Check Price On Amazon

Skywalker trampolines provide the highest level of safety and this Skywalker 8ft is no different.  It has a patented enclosure system that eliminates gaps throughout the enclosure net.

This means the young jumper will remain safe throughout the jumping period. This design eliminates all the openings and pinches points that may cause injuries to the user.

All Skywalker trampolines meet the highest standards of safety, durability, and quality as set by the ASTM. Hence, you can have your peace as the young jumpers play as they’ll be safe throughout.

Other than that, you’ll appreciate the safe design of this structure. The steels springs are located on the outer part of the enclosure net. Thus, the kids cannot fall over them as they play.

Furthermore, the enclosure system includes foam-padded poles that provide stability and safety against impact.

To ensure additional safety, the trampoline features a clip closure design and a dual zipper. Therefore, you can close up the trampoline while the children are playing to prevent them from falling over or exiting the trampoline without assistance.


  • Features enclosure net that provides additional safety
  • Long steel springs provide reliable bounces
  • Provides excellent stability
  • Basketball hoop provides extra play activities
  • Low to the ground design


  • A bit expensive


I hope that this guide on Propel vs. Skywalker trampoline has been helpful. Both of these options are great choices. I’ve included products reviews of both of these trampolines to help you make a comparison and pick the best for your family.

The Skywalker Company is involved in autism awareness. All Skywalker trampolines are also ASTM certified. They also include a basket hoop in their offering.

Conversely, propel comes with unique and exciting accessories to make playtime more enjoyable. Some propel accessories include a clubhouse, misting system, and shade cloth.

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