Springfree Trampoline Vs Regular: Complete Review

Safety is the number one consideration when buying trampolines. Most parents are overwhelmed with the many brands, styles, and shapes of trampolines. To make it a bit easier, I will discuss Springfree Trampoline vs. Regular Trampoline.

I will cover everything you need to know about these two options. So sit tight, read this article to the end, become more informed.

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Springfree Trampoline Vs Regular Trampoline-Details

Trampolines provide an excellent way for kids and adults to have active and healthy lifestyles. A recent study has shown that children spend hours in front of the screen.

Hence, parents need to look for exciting ways to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors.

A lot of screen time is not good for kids. It can cause obesity, impair social skills, Physical strain to the eyes, and sleep deprivation among other issues.

Thus, I will provide detailed information about Springfree Trampoline Vs Regular Trampoline to help you keep your children outdoors for longer.

Let’s get started!

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What Is A Springfree Trampoline?

A Springfree Trampoline is simply a trampoline without springs. These trampolines don’t have springs in their construction, instead they are reinforced with fiberglass poles. Hence, they eliminate areas that can trap the toes or feet or those areas that can cause pinching.

Developed by Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander, springfree trampolines have hidden frames. These frames have 3 layers of rust protection to prevent peeling. The frame is also located beneath the jumping surface. Hence, there’s no way a jumper can hit it or fall on it.

Dr. Keith Vivian created safe trampolines by eliminating all areas on a regular trampoline that cause injuries. Thus, he eliminated steel coil springs and the rigid perimeter frame to come with the safest trampolines of our time.

The Springfree Trampolines also feature a SoftEdge mat that provides 30 times more shock absorption than regular pads. This mat also eliminates all the hard edges on the jumping area to make it injury-free for the user

The springfree also comes with an enclosure net that helps to cushion wayward jumpers and protect them from falling to the ground. The structure feature flexible enclosure rods that reinforce the safety net eliminating the need for metal poles

What Is a Regular Trampoline?

Regular trampolines commonly known as Spring-based trampolines use springs to reinforce the structure. The springs can pinch or injure the user. Hence, they are not as safe as the springfree trampolines.

However, the Regular Trampoline are more affordable and their spare parts are easily accessible. They also come in different shapes including oval, rectangle, and round. All of these shapes provide a different experience in terms of the bounce.

Regular Trampolines also have exposed frames that make the jumping surface hard. Hence, a jumper may get serious injuries and fractures.

Unlike the SoftEdge mat in springfee trampoline that provides good shock absorption, the pads in regular trampoline do not provide as much shock absorption. Thus, a jumper is likely to get injuries while jumping on a regular trampoline. These pads also have a short life span.

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Springfree Trampoline Vs. Regular – Differences

Enclosure Net

Both the Springfree Trampoline and Regular trampoline come with enclosure net. These nets are crucial at enhancing the overall safety of the trampoline user.

These nets prevent unintended trampoline falls that may result in life threatening injuries like broken bones. Both the Springfree Trampoline and Regular trampoline have tightly woven nets.

The only difference is that regular trampoline use steel poles to reinforce the net. However, Springfree felt that the traditional trampoline was not safe enough so they made their enclosure net more flexible. Thus, in springfree you’ll not find any steel poles.


A regular trampoline features steel coil springs while the springree features glass-reinforced rods that are located below the edges of the jumping mat.

Most people agree that springfree trampolines provides smooth, non-jarring bounce that’s gentle to the joints and knees of the jumper. On the other hand, some people argue that the regular trampoline gives a better bounce because of the coil springs, which helps in increasing the bounce.

Overall, we can say that both the Springfree Trampoline and Regular trampoline have a comparable bounce.


When it comes to cost between springfree trampolines vs. regular you’ll notice a huge price difference between the two. A springfree trampoline will cost more than a regular trampoline. The huge difference in price between this two options is largely because springfree trampoline are durable and have excellent safety features.


The frame of the springfree trampoline is located underneath the jumping surface, thus, it’s invisible. The springfree has been re-engineered to eliminate impact areas that cause common trampoline injuries.

This patented design of the springfree ensures the user’s safety while jumping.

On the other hand, the frame on the regular or traditional trampoline is visible. To make the frame more durable, most regular trampolines now feature a galvanizing technology that enhances the overall safety of the net pole and the frame.

Why Are Springfree Trampolines Safer Than Regular Trampolines?

The design of Springfree Trampoline makes it safer than traditional trampoline. The fact that it’s springless and can’t pinch or injure the user makes it a number one choice for many.

Other than that, the frame on springfree trampoline is underneath the mat and the jumper can’t hit it, thus, eliminates chances of injuries.

However, spring-based or the regular trampolines are hazardous to jumpers and they can cause life threatening injuries like fractures on the legs, hands, or joints. A jumper can also get serious head injuries.

Springfree Trampoline are also Safer because of the SoftEdge mat that provides 30 times more shock absorbency than the pads used in regular trampolines.

The pads on traditional trampolines or spring-based trampolines don’t offer much protection from injuries. These pads have a short lifespan and they tend to lose their shock-absorbency quickly.

Are Springfree Trampolines Better?

Yes! Springfree trampolines are a better choice if you’re not disturbed by the high price.

Springfree trampolines have a patented design that eliminates all impact areas that are likely to cause trampoline related injuries.

Other than that, the Springfree Trampoline features flexible composite rods that are located below the mat to prevent injuries. On the other hand, regular trampolines have springs that can injure or pinch the user.

Are Springfree Trampolines Worth The Money?

I would say yes. Springfree trampolines are worth the money. They deliver a better bounce, have excellent safety features, and they have many positive buyer reviews.

However, springfree trampolines are more expensive than the regular trampolines.  The springfree are double or triple the price of a traditional trampoline.

However, they eliminate the risk of landing on springs or the frame. Therefore, if your budget allows, I will advise you to go for it.

Another thing worth mentioning about springfree trampolines is that their spare parts are expensive. They are also not easily accessible.

You’ll appreciate that the manufacturer of springfree provides easy to follow installation instructions. So your structure should be up within a short period.

Springfree Trampoline Review

In this section, we’ll look at some of the best springfree trampolines that you can pick right away

1. Springfree Trampoline 13ft | Oval Round Square

If you’re looking for the best springfree trampoline for adults and kids pick this fun-filled springfree trampoline. This product is available in different sizes from 8 ft to 13 ft. it also comes in different shapes like square, round, and oval.

You’ll appreciate that the springfree trampoline don’t have any hard edges or springs that can cause harm to the user.  Instead of springs, the structures has Flexible composite rods.

The frame of this structure is located underneath the mat and the jumper cannot land on it. These trampolines are re-engineered to eliminate impact areas that cause injuries. Thus, you can rest easy and let your children have a time of their life.

Springfree trampolines are made to last, as they feature high quality material to give you value for your money.

More than that, the Springfree Trampoline features a SoftEdge Mat that provides exceptional shock absorption. Hence, protects and cushions against serious injuries.

Furthermore, these trampolines also comes with FlexiNet Enclosure that help to cushion the jumper while preventing accidental falls.


  • Flexible Safety enclosure net
  • No springs
  • No exposed frames
  • durable


  • Pricey

Checkout this video on Springfree trampoline review

Regular Trampoline Review

1. ORCC Backyard Trampoline

If you’re looking for a safe trampoline for kids pick the ORCC Backyard Trampoline. This trampoline has excellent safety features to keep kids safe throughout their play.

The structure has a high Enclosure netting that provides UV protection and durability. The enclosure poles have good padding. Hence, they will protect the young jumpers from banging against the metal pole.

More than that, the trampoline features heavy-duty steel frame that incorporate hot-dip galvanizing technology. This means the frame are rust free, hence will last longer.

Furthermore, the jumping mat incorporates an excellent stitching technology that ensures a better bounce and a longer use period.

The heavy gauged galvanized springs ensures the jumper has a more responsive bounce. The springs are rust resistant and are covered with thick durable pad to offer protection against injuries.

The structure also features W-shaped legs that provide stability, durability, and needed support. The U-shaped wind stakes provide extra stability.

The recommended weight capacity is 425lbs-450 lbs.


  • Heavy-duty Steel Frame
  • Safety Enclosure net
  • Easy to assemble
  • Delivers a better bounce


The springs inside the safety enclosure may cause pinching.

2. Zupapa Trampoline Review for Kids

If you’re looking for the best spring-based trampolines pick the all amazing Zupapa Trampolines. These trampolines have numerous positive reviews and most people appreciate the various safety features that help keep the user safe.

The Zupapa brand pass all the TUV and ASTM certifications. Hence, they are safe and reliable. The no gap design also ensures the user is safe at all times. This design prevents the feet or the hands from getting caught in between the gaps.

The spring cover and the mat are tightly stitched to provide more safety. Other than that, a durable pad covers all the springs to prevent pinching or injuries while jumping.

To ensure maximum safety, the manufacturer incorporates Galvanized rust resistant springs that provide an impressive bounce.

Furthermore, The higher enclosure net enures superior safety for the jumper. The well-padded poles offer protection against hard impact in case of a collision. The durable jumping mat also ensures a good jumping experience.

In addition, the frames incorporate a Hot-dip Galvanizing Technology that works to ensure the frame are rust free, stable, and durable.

Besides that, the w-shaped legs and the steel joints design provides additional stability to the structure. The maximum weight capacity for 12, 14,15ft trampoline is 425lbs while 8,10ft trampoline is 375lbs.


  • Has accreditation for highest safety standards
  • Affordable compared to spring free trampoline
  • Has no gap design
  • Available from 10 ft. to 15 ft


  • The steel poles in enclosure net can cause injuries

Trampoline Safety Tips

1. Install the Safety Net

The safety net enclosure plays a big role in keeping the jumper safe.  Trampolines manufacturers usually include these safety nets in the products. It’s crucial that you set them up during the installation to prevent common trampoline injuries.

2. Ensure You Have an Even Ground Level

Ensure the ground is even when setting up the trampoline. Sloppy or uneven grounds may not be the best places to set up the trampoline. To prevent potential life threatening injuries it’s good to choose a favorable ground location.

Further, you should set up the trampoline in a place with no fences, trees, or anything that can cause injuries as one jumps.

 3. Ensure the Trampoline Is Clear Of Any Objects

It’s crucial that you always check beneath the trampoline to ensure that no object is underneath. The trampoline should be visible in all directions or from all angles. This allows you to spot anything that could be below or inside the trampoline and remove immediately.

Your children may put things below the trampoline that may cause them harm when jumping. Also encourage your children to avoid going underneath the trampoline.

4. Do Regular Inspection

Regular trampoline inspection will ensure your children are safe always as they jump. Therefore, on a regular basis before they start jumping you should do a thorough inspection. Check for any structural weakness, sharp edges, tears, and anything that looks unusual.

5. Adult Supervision

Adult supervision is critical at all times as children jump on their trampoline. An adult will immediately notice any issue and take any necessary action. He/she can also advice the jumpers on the best ways to use the trampoline to avoid injuries.

6. Encourage one Jumper at a Time

Having one-person jump at a time will reduce collision and common injuries. However,  if you can closely supervise the kids you can have multiple of them jumping together. The safety of your kids while jumping is your responsibility.


If you’re looking for the safest trampoline I recommend you pick the springfree trampoline. Although most regular trampolines have incorporated more safety features, they still don’t match up to the springfree.

Springfree trampoline have many safety features like a soft edge mat, glass reinforced rods replace the springs, safety enclosure net, and the frame is beneath the mat. Therefore, expect to play higher for the springfree.

Most springfree owners are happy with their purchase and they are glad they choose the springfree trampoline than the regular trampoline.

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