Best Shoes For Rebounding 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Shoes for Rebounding are ideal for those interested in fitness regardless of their age.

If you want to shed excess weight, maintain a healthy body or just have fun without spending so much on other exercise activities invest in best rebounding shoe.

Best Shoes for Rebounding offer additional cushion and support to your feet and ankle. As a result, your ankles, joints, and feet, remain protected from pain and injuries.

Furthermore, if you want a low impact exercising, consider using Jumps rebound shoes. Shoes for Rebounding help to rehabilitate injuries and reduce 80% impact shock.

You can jump and have fun on your adult mini trampoline with confidence knowing you are safe from any injuries.

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Roundup: My Picks For Best Shoes For Rebounding

Kangoo Jumps XR3 White Edition features an IPS spring which provides convenience and efficiency.The two protection function comes fitted with a durable locking gadget to lock your feet securely. The study shell boot offers comfort.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition This rebounder shoes are well-cushioned, stable, and offer excellent support. Thus, protect you from muscle strain, ankle injuries, knee and back pains. Designed to fit both females and males.

Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots come with a unique design to appeal to anyone interested in rebounding exercises. These boots feature T-Spring Technology that helps in motion control while providing the much-needed cushion to the user.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 Model facilitates an easy way to burn stubborn calories. Also, they help minimize joint to ground impact by 80 % while ensuring complete body workout. These rebounder shoes can be worn while jumping, walking, running or dancing.

Unisex Fitness Jumping Bounce Fitness Shoes These fitness boots are considered as the best shoes for rebounding because they provide a safe, fun, and excellent low impact exercise that burns excess calories helping one to get into shape quickly.

Best Shoes For Rebounding- Ultimate Review

1. Kangoo Jumps XR3 White Edition – Best Rebounding Shoes For Low Impact Exercise

Best Shoes For Rebounding

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Kango Jumps XR3 rebound shoe is one of the best low impact rebounder shoes preferred by most athletes.

The boot facilitates safe muscular development leading to overall health improvement.

If you want a terrific way to become fit, lose weight, tone your body, or just have fun these rebounding shoes will be an excellent choice.

Also, using the boots can prove beneficial in the long run regarding improved health and vigor.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 White Edition Review

Adjustable Straps And Lining

Kango Jumps XR3 (white edition) is made with durable lining and straps that you can quickly adjust to properly fit you irrespective of the size of shoe you usually wear.

These adjustable straps and lining make this shoe stand out and has become a favorite of many people looking for a more natural way to be fit or lose weight.

Stylish Design

Kango Jumps XR3 is the most stylish and attractive design from the trademarked Kango Jump.

The good thing is that the XR3 are available in different colors, meaning you can order one that fits your taste.

With this best rebounding shoe, you’ll appear stylish and sporty while doing your rebounding exercises.

Patented Impact Protection System (IPS)

This impact protection system is fitted in Kango Jumps XR3 to protect you against surface impact while doing your exercise.

The high-quality protection system guarantees you safety and improved sense of confidence all the time.

Highly Responsive

If you want a highly responsive rebounding shoe that delivers excellent fitness results, the Kango Jumps XR3 is your best bet.

The shoe delivers beyond expectation to give you an enjoyable and fun rebound exercise experience.

The boot is intended to absorb shock impact by up to 80 percent while exercising.

Best For Low Impact Exercise

Looking for a low impact yet effective rebounding shoes? Well, physical therapist and fitness experts recommend getting rebounding shoes that are safe, well-cushioned, and stable.

Kangoo XR3 Jumps have been made with the safety of users in mind. The shoes help to rehabilitate knee and ankle injuries as well as reduce impact shock on training surfaces.

Things We Liked
  • Best for adults weighing 200lbs
  • High-quality rebounding shoes
  • Perfect fit for most shoe sizes
  • adjustable straps and lining
  • best shoes for overall body workout
  • best for low impact exercise
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Can be a challenge to figure out your actual size

2. Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition

 Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition

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The XR3 special edition gives you a unique opportunity to exercise in style as the shoe is very stylish and attractive.

The pink accents make the rebounder shoe more appealing to women who are fashionable.

This shoe accommodates people of all ages as well as all shoe sizes.

You can easily find your size or make some few adjustments to get that perfect fit.

It is adjustable to give you a perfect fit. People using this rebounder shoes have shown some remarkable improvements regarding posture, stability, and overall body balance.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition Review

Excellent Cushioning

The XR3 Special Edition is well-cushioned to give the needed support and stability while rebounding.

With this shoe, you get to go for longer miles even on uneven ground without getting any injuries.

The soles are well-cushioned, such that In case of a wrong landing, you’re protected from feet injuries or ankle sprains.

Customize To Your Taste

You can easily customize the XR3 Special Edition to fit your taste and preference.

This rebounding shoe is specially designed with adjustable t-springs to enable the user to modify the boot according to the type of rebound or jump they want to engage.

You can also add a coil spring to the boot, depending on the kind of exercise you’re undertaking.

Stylish And Attractive Design

If you are into stylish, fashionable, or attractive rebounder shoes, then the XR3 Special Edition will make your dream come true.

The boots are black and are equipped with bright pink trim. The boot has a revolutionary design placed on a durable spring-loaded construction.

Flexible Sole

The XR3 Special Edition has a flexible sole that helps to absorb any excess shock while you‘re exercising.

They are fitted with thick rubber soles to give you excellent traction and grip. You can relax knowing that chances of slipping or falling are minimal while doing your rebounding exercises.

Offers A Nice Way To Keep Fit

The XR3 Special provides a remarkable and easy way of rebounding.

The shoes are bouncy enough to allow you jump your heart out thereby losing those extra calories within a short period.

Things We Liked
  • Stylish And Attractive Design
  • Offers A Nice Way To Keep Fit
  • Highly flexible
  • Excellent Cushioning
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Challenges in finding the right fit

3. Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots

Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots

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Air kicks boots are ideal for strengthening back muscles and correcting bad posture.

With this shoe, you will slowly learn correct ways of balancing your posture.

ultimately, reduce posture related injuries like knee pain, back pain, among other injuries.

These shoes are available in various sizes that allow them to accommodate people with different weights.

For instance, medium boots ideal for 99-176 lbs., small boots 55-99 lbs., and large boots 121-199 lbs.

Remember to check your shoe size and weight before buying this shoe. This way you’ll get the right fit for you.

Anti-Gravity Running Boots Review

Custom Replacements Are Available

The manufactures of this boot have been careful enough to develop custom replacement t-springs for this boot.

So, in case the original springs wear down, you shed or gain weight, you can always purchase the replacement t-springs.  There is no need of buying another pair of the shoe if the jumping system and the shell of the boot are not worn out.

T-Spring Technology

The anti-gravity boots feature T-Spring Technology.

The technology is equipped with heavy duty T-Strings that helps to transform energy into low impact jumps that are very gentle on knees, ankles, and back.

The technology facilitates a seamless and cushioned motion during rebounding exercise.

Accommodates all age groups

The anti-gravity boots are highly recommended for all people of all ages who are keen on maintaining a healthy body shape.

The boot can be used by anyone weighing from 99 to 176 pounds and 8 years old and above.

Things We Liked
  • Custom replacement t-springs
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • T-spring technology for improved cushioning and stability
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Can be quiet challenging to find a perfect fit

4. Kangoo Jumps XR3 Model

Kangoo Jumps XR3 Model

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Fitness experts agree that rebounding is an excellent way of burning excess calories.

People who engage in jumping and rebounding exercises have reported improved self-esteem, reduced back and knee pain, weight loss, and overall body improvement.

If you want similar results, invest in this XR3 Model. This best shoe for rebounding will guarantee you bounce your way to a healthy you within a short period.

However, if you have a bad knee or any other injuries, you may consider Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 Model Review

Durable Shell

This rebounder shoe has harder shell compared to other rebounder shoes.

The harder shell is ideal as it makes the shoe more durable. Meaning you’ll use it for longer.

However, the harder shell has its disadvantage too. Beginners might find the boot heavier, hence, might not be ideal for them.


This XR3 Model is exceptionally lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear and remove.

The lightweight feature makes the best shoes for rebounding.  With these boots, you can go for many miles without getting tired giving you unforgettable fitness experience.

Excellent Cushioning

This XR3 Model has been built with a remarkable cushioning to protect your feet and legs from muscle strain, tears, sprains, or other leg injuries while rebounding.

Whether you need to improve your posture, jumping, or overall body fitness, XR3 Model will be an ideal choice.

Excellent Shock Absorbing

The XR3 Model is designed to absorb all excess shock as well as help in reducing the impact level while exercising.

The shoes help to lessen the impact on muscles and joints by 80 %. It’s ideal for persons below 200 lbs.

Things We Liked
  • High quality
  • Ideal for adults below 200 lbs.
  • Comes in a variety of colors to choose from
  • Offers excellent cushioning
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Figuring the right size can be a challenge

5. Unisex Fitness Jumping Bounce Fitness Shoes

Unisex Fitness Jumping Bounce Fitness Shoes

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Rebounding and jumping on trampolines have become popular exercise options preferred by many because of the convenience and low costs involved.

Unisex fitness jumping shoes make the hopping even more exciting as they are safe, effective, and offer better cushioning to the user.

These best rebounding shoes offer numerous health benefits to the user like improved posture, metabolism, burn excess fat, and enhance the cardiovascular system.


Unisex Fitness Jumping Bounce Fitness Shoes Review

Accommodates Higher Weight Limit

The good thing with this unisex shoe is that it can accommodate a higher weight limit compared to other rebounder shoes.

This means that people who have more than 200 pounds can comfortably jump using this shoe without fear of getting hurt.

Stylish design

These are one of the smartest and attractive rebounder Unisex shoes available on the market today.

The boots come in a variety of color scheme to appeal to anyone interested in rebounding.

To give the shoes that revolutionary look they come in the following color combinations, blue and black, silver and white trim, red and the buckles and soles black.

You get an opportunity to choose the ideal shoe for you from the various designs and colors.

Offer Comfort

The excellent cushioning and support this shoe has to offer make rebounding on them comfortable and safe. The joy and comfort of jumping come in when you are assured of your safety during your exercise.

Excellent Sole Unit

This shoe has a rounded sole which promotes better posture and overall body balance at the same time helping to align the hips and spines with every stride.

The inbuilt safety system feature protects you from injuries while doing your rebounding.

Consideration For Buying Best Shoes For Rebounding


The first question to ask while buying best shoes for rebounding is; are they comfortable enough?

Comfort means they are well-cushioned and can offer your body the support it requires while exercising.

Comfort also means you can use the shoes for more extended periods without feeling any pain or uneasiness.

The price

When buying your rebounder shoes, you may want to consider your budget.

Although most rebounder shoes are reasonably priced, it’s still important to plan and put a limit on the amount you intend to use.


The shoe should be stable enough to accommodate your body weight.

Look for rebounder shoes that have a firmer grip and traction on various surfaces to avoid cases of slipping or falls.

Also, check the stability of the springs and their traction level.

Weight Limits.

All rebounder shoes come with a weight limit.

Before buying, check your weight and shoe size to get a perfect fit.

You wouldn’t want to buy shoes that you cannot wear. It will be a waste of your time and resources.

The Benefits Of Best Shoes For Rebounding

Rebounding shoes help to alleviate leg and back pain.

If you have a hard time exercising because of injuries, then you should invest in one of the best shoes for rebounding. These boots have the potential of making your physical activity comfortable and pain-free.

Rebounding shoes promote intensity training. They do this by strengthening essential muscles, thereby increasing stamina and as a result, improved exercise outcomes.

These shoes offer an excellent way of maintaining a healthy weight and improving overall body fitness. Children also get to benefit health-wise from jumping on their small trampolines using the rebounder shoes.

Are Jumping/Rebounding Shoes Safe?

Over the years rebounder shoes have undergone numerous advancements to ensure their safety. The current designs redistribute weight to facilitate a more natural balance.

The rebounder shoes work to narrow down the center of gravity to a single point allowing you to maintain your balance while jumping. Thus, cases of falls or slipping are minimized.

However, remember always to wear protective gears and use your jumping shoes on stable and dry surfaces to ensure your safety.


You can now jump beyond your expectation with these fantastic rebounding boots. All the best rebounding shoes we’ve reviewed meet all the quality and safety standards of jump shoes. So you can relax knowing that your safety and that of your children is guaranteed.

Go through the article, and we assure you that you’ll find one or two perfect shoes that meet your expectation. Our criterion for selecting these rebounding shoes was based on stability, cushioning, support, and safety of the shoe.

Go ahead and grab a pair or two and bounce your way to happiness, fun, and improved health. The shoes are ideal for men, women, and children.

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