Trampoline Care In Winter

A trampoline is a significant and fundamental investment that anyone would decide to make.Trampoline Care In Winter is essential, but you should strive to care for your trampoline not only in winter but all year round. Trampoline Care In Winter

However, Winter is the time you need to devote extra time to do your maintenance and cleaning. 

You may ask why? Because in winter, trampoline damage can be witnessed easily because of the heavy snow and rains that are likely to be experienced in that period. Read Also: Swing Sets for Small Yards.

Step by Step: Trampoline Care In Winter

1. Manufacturer’s Manual

Most if not all trampolines come with care manual on how to properly maintain and care for the trampoline.

It is critical that you go through the manufacturer’s manual on tips to care for the structure. However, we’ve compiled some tips that you can follow to keep your jumping set in excellent working condition. 

When you do proper maintenance, your trampoline can last for years without losing its bounciness and stability. Therefore, proper maintenance and care are crucial in extending the lifespan of the structure. 

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2. Clear the snow

If you reside in areas that experience heavy snows in winter, you’ll notice that the fallen snow accumulates on top of the trampoline. This snow will ruin your structure since it puts extra strain on the springs and frame of the trampoline.

Therefore, you need to remove the snow from your structure regularly. You can clear it off using a broom or a soft bristle brush. To make the job easier, you can stretch up to the middle of the mat and pull out the amassed snow through the edge of the trampoline.

However, desist from using sharp or had equipment like a shovel since it will destroy the net or the mat of your structure. Read Also: The best way to anchor a swing set

3. Use Trampoline Anchor Kit

Trampoline anchor kits are some metal stakes that you can hammer into the ground which you then connect to the trampoline’s legs and frame using durable straps to help the structure stay in place during harsh weather. 

These anchor kits are handy, and they save you great liability if correctly installed. Go through Quality trampoline anchors and choose one that you feel is ideal for you. 

When choosing your anchor kit, consider the size of your trampoline, amount of snow, or the kind of weather you usually experience, and type of soil in your area. All these factors will determine the kind of anchor set you’ll choose for your trampoline.

For instance, if you own a more massive trampoline let’s say 14ft, or a rectangular, or big oval trampoline, you should buy two anchor kits that will firmly hold the trampoline in different positions for more protection. 

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4. Before Jumping On It, Clear the Moist Using a Towel

Always keep in mind that during winter because of the snow and excess water, the jumping surface of the trampoline will become slippery. Therefore, it is imperative to be careful while jumping.

Before embarking on your jumping session, always ensure you clear the moisture using a towel. This way, cases of unintended falls will not be reported, and the trampoline will remain in excellent condition.

So, how do you keep your trampoline in good shape during winter? Trampoline care in winter is relatively simple, and in this article, we’ll discuss some of the actions you need to undertake to care for your trampoline. 

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Maintenance of your trampoline during winter is critical. Whether you decide to use it during winter or disassemble it, it is still crucial to invest some time taking care of your structure.

If you live in snow-prone areas, regularly clear the snow from the trampoline, this way the springs will not overstretch and cause health hazards while being used.

Always take proper care of your jumping structure, use trampoline covers and it will give you years of service.

You must check it regularly to ensure that the springs, the jumping mat, and the frame are in excellent condition. Do regular cleaning using hot soapy water to clear all dirt.

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