7 Best Trampoline Covers for Winter 2023 Reviewed

Trampoline Covers For Winter will guarantee you and your family years of fun and enjoyment. A trampoline can become dirty and lose their original new look if left for an extended period in the harsh weather. Trampoline Covers for Winter

Therefore, it is critical to invest in trampoline covers especially during winter. The best trampoline weather covers are a sure way of ensuring your trampoline remains in good condition for decades. 

Adding trampoline covers to your trampoline will prevent faded padding, rusty springs, and accumulation of leaves or dirt witnessed due to changes in seasons. Read Also: Swing Sets for Small Yards.

Reviews: 7 Best Trampoline Covers for Winter 2023 Reviewed 

1. Skywalker Trampoline Weather Cover – Trampoline covers 15 ft

If your trampoline is 15ft, you should buy this Skywalker weather cover. The cover is designed to give your trampoline maximum protection against harsh winter weather.

Skywalker Trampoline Weather Cover - Trampoline covers 15 ft View on Amazon

The trampoline cover is fitted with a vinyl-coated material that is weatherproof. Thus your trampoline is protected when harsh weather strikes. So you will have peace of mind knowing that your investment is safe and cannot get ruined by any weather element.

To ensure that this cover is firmly secured in place, it comes fitted with a heavy-duty strap that helps to build tension along the trampoline’s edge.

Further, the surface of this cover has drain outlet that helps to prevent water from accumulating on the trampoline. Hence, your trampoline is protected from excess moisture buildup which can destroy the trampoline.


  • Has rain outlets that prevent water accumulation
  • High-quality cover
  • Made of Weatherproof material
  • Easy to fit


  • None

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2. Propel Trampolines Club House Cover 12-Feet Trampoline Cover

Protect your trampoline with this 12ft trampoline clubhouse cover.  This clubhouse cover will fit perfectly on your 12ft Trampoline Club House.

Propel Trampolines Club House Cover 12-Feet Trampoline Cover View on Amazon

The clubhouse cover has a weather-resistant wall that protects the clubhouse and the play area from severe weather. Thus, your investment is secured allowing you to have peace of mind.

The cover is large enough; it adequately covers the whole clubhouse while allowing it to attach to the trampoline frame and enclosure posts securely.

This clubhouse cover features a private entrance that can be zipped or opened up quickly making it even more appealing. It also has Screened Windows and adjustable covers to add more fun to the clubhouse.

They help to lengthen the lifespan of trampolines as well as protect the mat and the net from severe winter weather. Also, the covers make the removal of snow an easier task.

In this article, we’ll discuss and review best trampoline covers for winter. Further, we’ll provide a buyer’s guide to just what you need to consider before buying your trampoline cover.


  • Has a weather resistant wall
  • A single piece assembly
  • Zippered Privacy Entrance
  • Comes in different colors


  • None

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3. JumpSport Trampoline Weather Cover

Protect your investment with this durable JumpSport Trampoline Weather Cover. The JumpSport is the only weather protective cover that allows you to adequately cover your trampoline without having to remove the safety net.

Trampoline Covers for Winter View on Amazon

The JumpSport Trampoline cover is very easy to use. It features Velcro and durable buckles to ensure the weather cover is appropriately secured to the trampoline.

This cover is large and adequately spreads across the trampoline’s bed covering the whole area appropriately, allowing it to get fitted through the enclosure poles easily.

For durability, the JumpSport cover is made with marine Canvas and awnings. Hence, your trampoline bed and pads get protection against dangerous UV rays.


  • Highly durable
  • Large comfortably covers a 14ft trampoline frame
  • No need to remove safety net when fitting this cover
  • Mad using marine Canvas and awnings
  • Has a hole in the middle that allows water to drain through
  • Made with PVC-Coated Polyester


  • Only appropriate for trampoline frames that are 14ft with four U-legs

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4. Upper Bounce Trampoline Protection Cover

This Trampoline Protection Cover from Upper Bounce is intended to offer maximum protection to your trampoline during harsh winters and adverse weather conditions.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Protection Cover View on Amazon

The Protection Cover has been specially designed to protect and extend the lifespan of your investment.

This cover protects the jumping mat and the safety pad which can be damaged quickly as a result of being left outside for extended period.

Further, this trampoline cover will help eliminate dirt, leaves, and debris from your structure making it clean and safe for jumping.

With this winter cover, you’ll be sure that your trampoline is safe as it made with a premium quality material. The material offers protection against UV light. Hence, fading or discoloration of your structure is minimal.


  • High-quality material
  • protection against UV light
  • Easy to fit


  • None

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5. Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover

If your trampoline has U- shaped legs and round frames, then, this 15ft Trampoline Weather Cover is the perfect choice for you. This weather cover fits perfectly on any trampoline that is 15ft.

Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover View on Amazon

The Jumpking Laminated Weather Cover is built using a durable polyester material. Hence, allows the cover to offer excellent protection to your trampoline against harsh weather.

The weather cover has adjustable hooks that allow it to attach to the trampolines V-rings easily which makes the covering of the trampoline easy.


  • Durable design
  • Perfectly fits 15ft trampoline frames
  • Has adjustable hooks that attach to the V-rings


  • None

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Considerations in Trampoline Covers for Winter 

1. How Severe Is The Weather In Your Area?

It is important to note that each part of the world experiences a different weather pattern. For example, some places might get heavy snows during winter while others minimal or none.

Other areas may experience heavy rains or storms while others minimal to none. So it’s upon you to know the magnitude of snow or weather conditions you usually experience in your area. Hence, get to choose a cover that fits your individual needs.

However, you can decide to be all-round and select a cover that will protect your trampoline against all kinds of weather. Read Also: Compression Socks For Standing All Day.

Trampoline Covers ensures that your trampoline remains safe from leaves, debris, dirt, or snow that may pile up due to changing weather conditions. If adequately covered, your trampoline can withstand the test of time and weather, and even maintain its original new look.

Before making that ultimate choice of buying the best trampoline cover, there are a few things you need to consider. Hence, we’ve outlined what you need to consider before purchasing a trampoline.

2. Type Of Trampoline

What type of trampoline is in your backyard? It is good to note that its quite tricky to get covers for square trampolines, oval trampolines, and springless trampolines.

Therefore, if you own any of these trampolines, you might need to modify the already available covers to fit your structure.

For instance, if you own an in-ground trampoline and you need a cover for it; you can buy the usual trampoline cover installed on above-ground trampolines. Just enlarge the holes to enable secure attachment on the hooks of the cover.

For a springless trampoline, you should purchase a cover that is a little larger than your structure to make it easy to attach to the metal frame of your trampoline.

Further, Trampoline covers make it easier to remove snow that may accumulate on top of your trampoline. Heavy snow can be a risk factor for a trampoline as it makes the springs and nets overstretch losing their elasticity, thus making the jumping surface a danger zone.

Trampoline Covers are an essential investment. Choosing one that would adequately protect your trampoline from harsh winter or other severe weather should be your priority. 

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3. Get Correct Measurement of Your Trampoline

Before you decide on the kind of weather cover you need, take your trampoline measurements. These measurements will guarantee that you get the right cover size of your structure.

Trampolines are made in a variety of sizes and shapes like oval, rectangular, or round among other shapes. Their diameters can vary from 7ft to 16 ft.

The bottom line is: Take correct measurements to get the right cover size for your trampoline. If you’re uncertain about the size or diameter of your trampoline, check the manufacturer’s manual and get the correct dimensions of your structure.

Buying a small cover means that you’ll have to overstretch it to fit the trampoline. Hence, it can get damaged, while a bigger one might not look to the frame as required.

But, with regular snow removal, all this can be avoided. The trampoline covers make routine removal of snow an easier task. Furthermore, trampoline covers protect your trampoline from harsh weather. So the damage is minimized.


There you have it!! It no longer a challenge for you to choose a Trampoline Cover for winter, just go through this guide and select an ideal one for you.

We’ve strived to provide a comprehensive guide and review on best trampoline covers to enable you to save time and money that you would otherwise use doing research.

Feel free to leave a comment on anything you feel we’ve left out and we’ll get back to it immediately. Thanks in advance, and happy shopping.

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