7 Best Trampoline Grease in 2022 Reviewed

If you want the best functionality and durability for your trampoline, you need to get the Best Trampoline Grease.

Most trampolines squeak and it’s a nuisance to most people. I’ve heard someone complain about a noisy neighbors’ trampoline and how it negatively affects their peace. So how can you stop all these trampoline noise complaints? How can you stop your brand new trampoline squeaking?

Well, you need to lubricate the joints, the springs, or any moving part of the trampoline. Here is a list of some great trampoline grease options you can use for the lubrication.

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Review: 7 Best Trampoline Grease in 2022 Reviewed

1. WD-40 Multi-Use Product with SMART STRAW SPRAYS

WD-40 Multi-Use Product is one of the best trampoline grease you can pick for your outdoor equipment. This product is an excellent lubricant and it allows multi-purpose use. Thus, you can be sure it will be a good choice for your squeaky trampoline.

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The WD-40 lubricates all moving metal parts including springs, chains, hinges, and joints among other parts. This Multi-Use Product is an effective lubricant that ensures all metal moving parts attain their original glory.

More than that, this trampoline grease provides excellent rust resistance. Hence, protects the trampoline against corrosion.

You’ll also notice that this WD-40 Multi-Use Product loosens sticky metal parts and frees them up. It also removes rust on metal and loosens frozen parts in your trampoline.

Furthermore, the product removes all sticky stuffs from surfaces. It removes superglue, residue grease, and other sticky components.

To make the application of WD-40 more effective, you need to let someone jump on the trampoline as you apply the grease. This way you achieve a wider coverage.


  • Excellent protection against corrosion or rust
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Effective lubricant for metal moving parts


  • A reviewer complained the poor design of the spray tip


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2. Triax Atlas 600 Grease

Triax Atlas 600 Grease provides outstanding performance in almost all applications; hence, you can use it to stop the squeaking in trampolines. You can use it to grease the trampoline’s springs and joints.

Triax Atlas 600 Grease Check Price On Amazon

You’ll also appreciate the flawless operation of this product in different temperature ranges. The grease is ideal from 40F to 400 F.

Furthermore, the Triax Atlas 600 Grease doesn’t liquefy or separate. Thus, it has a longer lifespan. This product also provides excellent corrosion inhibition for rust free equipment.

Other than that, you’ll love the exceptional adhesion to metal that this grease delivers. It’s virtually waterproof. Thus, applying it on your outdoor equipment like the trampoline will help to reduce adverse weather effects.

More than that, this Triax Atlas has a longer lifespan than other greases on the market. It can lasts up to 10 times longer before need for any replacement.


  • Water-resistant
  • High-temperature ranges
  • Longer lifespan
  • Easy application
  • Prevents corrosion


  • Pricey compared to other greases

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3. Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease

Valvoline grease is a general-purpose grease that’s ideal for industrial and automotive uses. Since it’s a, multi-purpose grease you can use it on your outdoor equipment like the trampoline.

Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease 14.1 OZ Cartridge Check Price On Amazon

When left outside, trampoline are exposed to adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, and dirt. All these can have some negative effects on the trampoline.

Therefore, it’s important that you do regular checkups and maintenance to ensure the trampoline is in a good state.

One thing you can do is to apply the Valvoline General Purpose grease on all the springs, joints, and any other moving part on the trampoline. The grease will help prevent excess trampoline noise.

The Valvoline grease has excellent water resistance properties. Since moisture can cause build-up of rust, the grease will greatly help in preventing rust.

More than that,  the grease has a high temperature lubrication range of 10F to 400F. This range is ideal for outdoor structures like the trampolines.

Therefore, if you want to stop trampoline noise complaints from your neighbors’ it’s good to always do a routine greasing. This way your outdoor structure remains safe and squeak free.


  • Excellent Water resistance
  • High temperature ranges
  • Best All-purpose grease
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Packaged in tall cylindrical tubes that makes accessing the grease difficult

4. Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty Grease

The Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease is a long lasting product that delivers exceptional results on equipment.

Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz,Green Check Price On Amazon

This grease lasts for times more than the other grease on the market. This means, if you apply it on your trampoline’s springs and joints you should expect it to last much longer before replacement.

In addition, most reviewers praise this heavy-duty grease for its many uses and excellence at restoring the glory of equipment.

The Lucas grease can handle extreme temperatures exceptionally and it wont dry out or drip out during hot weather. Thus, it’s an excellent choice for most trampolines that remain outdoors.

Furthermore, this trampoline grease is virtually waterproof. This means it can protect the trampoline from the negative effects of rust.

You’ll definitely love the Lucas heavy-duty grease. It an all-round grease that you use on almost all equipment and attain the best results.

It ideal for all temperature ranges. You can use it in cold or hot weather. The oil doesn’t separate or drip out like others on the market. I the grease does a good job. You’ll be happy you chose it.


  • Affordable
  • All temperature stable
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting
  • Wont dry out drip during hot weather or when not in use


  • A reviewer complained that the top of the tube had a dent

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5. Lubriplate Multi-Purpose Grease

If you live in low temperature, areas and are looking for the best trampoline grease for cold weather pick the Lubriplate Multi-Purpose Grease.

Lubriplate Multi-Purpose Grease Check Price On Amazon

This grease has exceptional cold operating characteristics that makes ideal for regions with low temperatures.

Therefore, you’ll want to pick this grease and thoroughly apply it on your trampoline on a regular basis. This way you retain the trampolines original glory and eliminate the trampoline squeaking noise.

Besides that, this multipurpose grease prevents corrosion. Thus, it would be useful at helping to ensure the trampoline is corrosion free. Further, since the grease is water resistant, it would protect the trampoline from moisture and rust.

If you’re also looking for the Best low-temp grease for garage door you can pick the Lubriplate Multi-Purpose Grease.

This grease is long lasting. Hence, will help to keep all your outdoor equipment like trampoline corrosion free.


  • Ideal for cold weather
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent lubrication characteristics
  • Multipurpose grease
  • Eliminates noise on garage door and trampoline
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • It’s a huge tube, hence, allows multiple application


  • A review reported that it smells awful

6. Super Lube Multi-Purpose Grease, 400g

Super Lube Grease is another best trampoline grease you can pick right away to stop the trampoline noise and squeaking.

Super Lube 41150 Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease, 400g, Translucent White Color Check Price On Amazon

The super lube is a multipurpose lubricant that allows a wide range of usage. It’s carefully formulated to fight rust and corrosion and since trampolines remain outdoors most of the time they’re likely to get rust. Hence, applying this product regularly will help maintain the trampolines springs and joints.

This grease is also long lasting; it accommodates a temperature range of 45°F to 450°F. This makes it ideal for most outdoor equipment including trampolines. The grease provides protection against friction, rust, and wear.

The super lube boasts of food grade, clean properties that provides reliable mechanical stability. It doesn’t evaporate or form hard deposits like others.

Most reviewers have confirmed that it doesn’t melt or separate. Thus, it provides a longer use period.


  • Long lasting
  • Offers protection against rust, friction and wear
  • Multipurpose lubricant
  • Does not melt or separate
  • Doesn’t evaporate


  • Some reviewers want the packaging upgraded to avoid spillage

7. 3-IN-ONE – Multi-Purpose Oil

3-IN-ONE is an excellent multi-purpose oil that you can use to stop the trampoline squeaking. It’s a trusted brand since 1894 and most professionals and do-it-yourself agree that delivers excellent results.

3-IN-ONE - 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil, 8 OZ Check Price On Amazon

This grease delivers precise application without splatting or over spraying the contents. This means, you’ll have no wastage as you do your oiling or greasing.

Another interesting thing is the indicator strip that lets you know when you’re running low. Thus, you have ample time to order for more.

This 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose oil provides excellent lubrication. It cleans and offers protection against corrosion and rust. Hence, you don’t need to worry about rust attacking your trampoline. Just ensure you do regular greasing and you’ll have noise-free and safe trampolines.

Other than that, the squeeze bottle design of this multi-purpose oil gives you control and allows you to regulate the amount of oil that’s dispensed.

In addition, the Marksman Twist Spout allows you to use or apply the lubricant more conveniently. Hence, you can easily access the hard to reach places on your trampoline.


  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Squeeze bottle design makes lubricant application easy
  • Versatile multi-purpose lubricant


  • A reviewer complained that the container is horrible

Buying Guide for the Best Trampoline Grease

1. Ease of Use

When buying the best trampoline grease, the Ease of Use of the product will make your work easier. Luckily, most multi-purpose greases are easy to apply on or use. You can use your bear hands or an automatic dispenser to grease hard to reach places.

It’s also important that you go through the manufacturers booklet or guide book. This helps you to identify any specific products that they recommend for lubricating the trampoline.

2. Grease Lifespan

You should know a grease has a specific time that works best. They have a limited lifespan and they need continuous replacement to ensure their effectiveness.

Therefore, checkout the manufacturers’ recommendation on the ideal temperature and best application outline.

Hence, after you’ve applied the grease on your trampoline and after some time you notice the squeaky noise.  Just know the grease has worn out and its needs replacement.

DIY Tips For Silent Trampoline- How to Stop Squeaky Trampoline

So how do you stop the trampoline noise? Check out these actionable DIY tips.

1. Clean the Jumping Mat

The mat or the jumping surface may be the cause of the trampoline noise. Ensure that you do regular cleaning of the jumping surface to remove dirt or any debris left behind by the children.

Ensure the mat is dry before any jumping resumes. A wet mat can cause trampoline noise.

2. Replace Damaged Springs and Screws

Inspect the trampoline for any damaged springs or screws that need replacement or fixing. If you notice signs of rust, lubricate using grease or oil. However, if the rust is at advanced stage you can replace the springs to prevent the squeaking.

Also remember to fix all lose screws as they can also cause extra trampoline squeaking. You can also unscrew the rusty trampolines and clean them up with any multi-purpose grease, then screw them back properly.

3. Use Grease

Spray some grease on all the joints and springs. You can also use Vaseline or any available lubricant on all the moving parts. You can have some jump on the trampoline as you apply the lubrication. This way, you’ll reach all the places that are squeaking and stop the noise.

4. Proper Trampoline Storage

When you disassemble your trampoline, ensure that you store it properly. Store the trampoline in an upright position away from excess moisture. This way, you’ll avoid rust and the frame from bending.


The best trampoline grease will ensure that your trampoline remains well maintained and safe. It will help prevent the squeaking noise, thus stop neighbors’ noise complains.

A trampoline grease should be water resistant, rust and corrosion resistant, and it should be easy to apply.

All the reviewed products on this list will do a great job and will ensure your trampoline stops the squeaking for a noise free play experience.

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