7 Best Tiller For Roots in 2023

I’ve reviewed the best tiller for roots – including for chopping roots, weeds, or loosen soil and remove the grass with the tiller. A right tiller gives you a consistent level and allows a uniform planting depth that eventually provides uniform germination for grass or vegetable. Best Tiller For Roots

For small land, you can use manual tillers but motorized tillers- like the PTO tillers, are more appropriate for cultivating a more extensive garden, vegetable garden, or lawn. Read Also: Pole Digger for Rocky Soil.

Root Tillers: 7 Best Tiller for Roots in 2023 

1. Sun-Joe TJ604E 13.5-AMP 16-Inches Electric Garden Cultivator or Tiller

Sun-Joe TJ604E is the best tiller for roots – great things coming in tiny packages. It’s suitable for tilling and cutting up roots in a small garden or lawn.

Sun Joe TJ604E 13.5-AMP 16-Inches Electric Garden Cultivator or Tiller Check Price on Amazon

However, this 14-inch tiller will be easier in maneuvering. Luckily, it has smaller steel tines that’ll give you a 10-inch tilling depth.

Sun-Joe TJ604E is a self-propelling tiller that’ll allow easier tilling. Therefore, the farmer will only require to guide their tiller alarming as opposed to needing to pushing it manually. You’ll find this tiller a new tool, particularly during overly hot summer months. 

This tool provides superior control and traction due to kits having a rear-wheel-drive even in rocky or hill terrains with roots.

With 14 inches in its cultivating width – you’ll note that the machine is easy to navigate around obstacles, trees, and tree stumps on your farm. 

Further, Sun-Joe TJ604E allows a 7-inch in cultivating depth. Therefore, even for small land requiring cultivating, this tiller will break up the compact soil plus rip off the harsh roots running around. There is a shield on the tines that’ll block flying debris – this increases your safety.


  • Highly maneuverable
  • 7-inches of cultivating depth which is excellent in removing roots


  • None

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2. Champion Dual-Rotating (19-Inch) Rear Tine Tiller

Champion Dual-Rotating is a budget-friendly tiller that is available. It comes with 8″ tilling depth plus the 19″ tilling width pushed by the powerful 212cc engine to break up the hard soil. 

Champion Dual-Rotating (19-Inch) Rear Tine Tiller Check Price on Amazon

Luckily, the Champion Dual-Rotating has adjustable tilling width. Therefore, you can get readily till in wide paths and narrow rows suing the same Dual-Rotating tiller. 

This tiller also includes four steel tines (13.8 inches), making the tilling process easier – flexibly switch between forward to reverse. The tines are also dual rotating, and thus they’ll quickly break down the problematic soil and roots in your yard. 

The gear-driven tiller has a transmission made from cast iron, and it’s equally fixed in the cast-iron case. You’ll have an easy time chopping those roots in your land. 

Rear-tine tillers also have 13″ inches self-propelling wheels, making it easy to operate in rough terrain and tree roots in the lawn or garden. Check these riding lawn mower for rough terrain

Further, the tiller has ample tread to allow maximum traction when you’re tilling grounds with large roots. Also, the tires are self-propelling, which enables the farmer to quickly guide the machine when it’s digging in harsh terrains. 


  • Its agricultural tires (13 inches) are self-propelled that allows better maneuverability in uneven terrain. 
  • High tilling flexibility. The dual-rotation tiller enables the farmer to switch between forward to reverse for better flexibility readily
  • Versatile tiller – Provides a  tilling depth of 8 inches plus a tilling width of 19 inches. 
  • It has a gear-driven transmission (cast iron) that’s housed in some durable cast iron in its engine (212cc). 


  • It requires considerable effort in powering forward. 
  • Considerably highly fuel consumption

3. Dirty Hand Tools 106145 Counter-Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller

The Dirty Hand Tools 106145 allows reversing – makes it easy to till tight spaces. The machine is heavy and will easily cut through old and tenacious sod. 

Dirty Hand Tools 106145 Counter-Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller Check Price on Amazon

The tiller makes it easy to rip out your old garden or raised bed

The Kohler SH265 engine offers 6.5 HP in its 196cc will give your enough power to cut roots and rip out virgin soil or compacted soil – an excellent tool for both professional, home, or amateur gardener. 

Luckily, for us environmentalists – this Dirty Hand Tools 106145 has an engine approved by EPA/CARB for being environmentally friendly. 

Dirty Hand Tools 106145 use a transmission with V-belts. It makes sure that the tiller won’t experience slippage when cutting up the roots – gives excellent maneuverability and strong forward movement.

Dirty Hand Tools 106145 is made from heavy steel, and the engine excellently shielded to guarantee durability and strength. Therefore, the tiller will last long, even with repeated use season in-season out.

Its pneumatic tires measure 12 inches in diameter and also have treads that’ll move the tiller quickly through different soil types and terrains. Thus, it won’t slip or skid even in muddy clay soil.

The tiller has a tine speed of 240 RPM plus they’ll give a tilling depth of 10 inches and a tilling width of 16 inches. Also, It has both forward (engaged) plus neutral (disengaged) transmissions.


  • The tiller’s motor or the engine runs quietly. 
  • Offers a tilling width that’s wide to allow covering or more extensive land per tilling pass.
  • Ease of use and assembly too
  • Has both forward and neutral transmission that are equally smooth in operation.  


  • None


4. YARDMAX YT4565 Dual-Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

YARDMAX YT4565 is also a dual-rotating rototiller for excellent groundbreaking and tilling power.

YARDMAX YT4565 Dual-Rotating Rear Tine Tiller Check Price on Amazon

The sturdy tiller provides top performance that’s great for beginning or professional farmers and homeowners. 

YARDMAX YT4565 allow reverse rotation plus forward rotation that’ll enhance soil tilling at greater soil depth. It has a 6.5-inch and 18-inch tilling depth and tilling width, respectively – increasing faster and more effective tilling. 

The tiller is one of the best tillers for roots – it has self-sharpening tines (13 inches in length), which makes it easier and cheaper to use the machine. Further, the 13-inch pneumatic wheels guarantee that the tiller will be fully maneuverable even for rocky terrain.

The available drag bar is easy to adjust and use – this improves the tiller’s balance even in for uneven terrain. Further, the installed side and rear shield are readily adjustable to enhance tiller safety and performance.

It delivers an RPM of 190 RPMs plus gross torque of 9.50 ft-lbs from the 208 cc engine (Stratton and Briggs engine) for best tilling in rocky or clay soil (with or without roots). The tool will uproot both the thin and thick roots with its high (190 rpm) sped.

Further, the tiller’s tines are designed from durable metal, and this will enable the tine to be sharp for longer, so you won’t waste time and money doing regular tine sharpening.

For a situation where you’ll be tilling a big yard, you can adjust the machines tilling depth to 6.5 inches. Further, the handles on the YARDMAX YT4565 are fold-able – which allows better storage as the machine will take less space. 


  • Allow more profound cultivation with its dual-rotation plus comes with self-sharpening tiller tines. 
  • Better balance with the wheel having counterweights and thus ease of use (handling) while tilling your land. 
  • Provides secure working due to its installed safety shields 
  • Broader tilling width (18 inches) plus better tilling depth (7 inches) allow faster tilling and hence more substantial ground coverage. 
  • Has a 208cc engine (the very powerful and durable brand – Stratton and Briggs


  • Costly tiller 


5. Husqvarna TR317C, 17 in. 208cc Rear-Tine Tiller, CARB

Husqvarna TR317C is your perfect tiller for roots – both in rocky or clay soil terrains because its 208cc engine allows its times to cut through any hard or compact soil easily.

Husqvarna TR317C, 17 in. 208cc Rear-Tine Tiller, CARB Check Price on Amazon

Also, the tiller has a tilling width of 18 inches, and hence you’ll easily cover more ground or distance in a short time. 

Husqvarna TR317C has both forward and counter transmission, and thus any newbie or experienced farmer will easily till using the tool to cultivate with the forward-rotating tines. Therefore, I would recommend this Husqvarna TR317C for cutting or uprooting plant or tree roots – remember its an ear-tine tiller. 

Next, Husqvarna TR317C has a speed of 180 RPM in its 208cc engine from Briggs & Stratton that has enough power to cut out or remove roots. Thus, be ready to use this tool to cut through various roots with top efficiency. Also, the device has a quality tine shield that’ll protect you from flying debris that may come when you’re tilling your garden. 

Husqvarna TR317D is also appropriate for undertaking lighter-duty tilling.  Wit its tines being 6.5 inches in depth and made from durable steel plus they are counter-rotate, you’ll readily pulverize and break up any hard or compact soil.

The rear-tine tiller will work in all USA states as its CARB-compliant – it’ll also give you top fuel efficiency with its powerful 208cc engine. It also has agricultural tires that are engineered to work perfectly for most land and soil types. Its 17 inches tilling swath is also adjustable through 7 tilling depth adjustments – it’s a tremendous rugged tool for many homeowners.


  • Has a 190 rpm speed on its durable tines
  • It has a shield on the tines, guarantee that you’re protected.
  • Has a 208 cc (powerful) engine by the Briggs and Stratton that’s both efficient and runs cool 
  • Its easy to use
  • The counter-rotating tines are highly versatile
  • The machines design is light-weight to allow ease of use
  • Allows a tilling width of 18 inches allowing the farmer to cover more ground in a short time


  • Relatively Pricey


Landscapers require a quality tiller that’ll cut roots allow easier landscaping. Equally, larger roots need a tiller with higher horsepower to cut. 

So, improve your gardens, orchards, yards, or lawn by tilling off those roots that may affect the root development in flowers, vegetables, fruits, flowers, or other crops. 


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