7 Best Power Wheels for 7 Year Old 2023 Reviewed

Your 7-year-old will love the thrill and excitement of driving their own ‘car’. Hence, I have done some comprehensive research to help you choose the Best Power Wheels for 7 Year Old.

When choosing a power wheel for your 7 Year Old, you’ll want to confirm that’s it’s in line with his age. Buying a ‘car’ that’s too big or small will disrupt your child’s fun time. It makes it difficult for them to cruise around with ease.

Therefore, pick the correct size of the power wheel for your 7-year-old. It should not be too big or too small.

Since your child is still growing you can choose a power wheel that they’ll use for some more years. For example, you can buy power wheels that accommodate 7+ years.

Check out some great options below and choose your favorite power wheel.

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Reviews: 7 Best Power Wheels for 7-Year-Old in 2023 Reviewed

1. BEZGAR 17 Toy-Grade 1:14 Scale 2WD High Speed Remote 7+ Years

Give your children an unforgettable childhood experience with this amazing large wheeled battery-powered ride. The BEZGAR 17 offers many amazing ride features to keep your children entertained for hours!

Best Power Wheels for 7 Year Old View on Amazon

This ride-on features two functional doors to secure your kids inside safely; with this, your kids cannot tip or fall off the car.

To make driving even more exciting, the manufacturers have ensured that the front area has enough space to allow comfortable footing for your kids.

Besides, the BEZGAR 17 comes with a swivel steering wheel, which makes driving more easy and fun for the kids.

The toy has real car features and designs; your kids will instantly love this sleek design. It has a clear windshield, real mirrors, a detailed dashboard, and large wheels.

To ensure durability and value for your money, the ride-on car is made with heavy-duty plastic, a rust-free truck frame, and comes with a year warranty.

Besides, it has a powerful battery that’s fitted with a quality battery indicator, which alerts your kid to the best time to stop. BEZGAR 17 is best for kids aged 7+ years with a weight capacity of 130 lbs.

Furthermore, this ride-on comes with a remote control function that allows parents to remain at ease. Using a remote control, parents can conveniently direct the movement of their kids. Thus, learner drivers develop confidence and driving experience within a short time.

Because of its four-wheel drive, the Polaris Red Ranger is considered the best power wheel for driving on terrains and off-road driving since its tires have more grips and can withstand different surfaces.


  • Comes with many real car features
  • The safety of the kids is guaranteed.
  • Can accommodate two riders
  • high-speed lockout allows you to control speed limits for the kids
  • Has side view mirrors
  • Has both forward and reverse speeds


  • 2 AA batteries not included and required to produce steering wheel sounds

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2. Best 12V Ride on Car Truck – Best Ride-On for Kids Aged 3-8

The 12V Ride On Car Truck is the best gift any parent can give their kids to help them be more adventurous. This truck is perfect for children aged 3 to 8 years and can be operated by the steering wheel or the foot pedal accelerator.

Best 12V Ride on Car Truck - Best Ride On for Kids Aged 3-8 View on Amazon

This car allows children to drive it without their parent’s close supervision. However, it features a remote control for those adults who want to join in the fun with their kids.

This truck features spring suspension and a great external design. The traction wheels come fitted using a spring suspension design to guarantee a very smooth ride for the kid.

Also, this feature enables parents to control the remote parts of the cars better, allowing more fun and excitement for both parent and child.

To ensure that the kid remains entertained while driving, this 12V truck contains in-built musical tunes and a functional horn.

However, if your kid prefers other music, the car is fitted with a plug-in device that can accommodate an MP3 player, which means more fun and entertainment for the kid!

For a more realistic and fun experience, the truck comes fitted with a standard seat belt, spacious interior design as well as functional front and backlights.


  • Has an adjustable seat belt
  • Has a remote controller
  • Fun exterior design
  • Has 3-speed options- high, low, and medium speeds which can be adjusted using the remote controller
  • ASTM certified, thus, high safety standards
  • Comes with assembling instructions
  • Has a charger and rechargeable batteries


  • Can only accommodate one kid

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3. Roleplay 6 Volt Chevy Tahoe Police SUV Ride On Toy

If you want a realistic car design that comes with authentic car features, then this is the best bet for you! The Chevy Tahoe 6 allows your kids to have more fun, develop their imagination, and enhance their exploration techniques.

Rollplay 6 Volt Chevy Tahoe Police SUV Ride On Toy View on Amazon

The car has two functional doors to keep your kids tucked in securely. The car also features reverse and forward speeds functions at 2.5 mph for extra fun and the safety of your kid.

The driver’s area has enough space to allow a comfortable footing for the child. It also has a steering wheel that is easy to swivel and turn to allow kids to quickly and safely avoid tricky driving hurdles.

Also, it has a functional headlight and real engine sounds that come with emergency lights, sounds, and loudspeaker microphones. The emergency switch turns on flashing lights and siren sounds to give your kids a police-like experience.

Tires are fitted with rubber traction to give your kid a super smooth ride. For more fun, the car comes with an MP3 connector to allow the kid to listen to his favorite songs as they enjoy the ride.

This Battery-Powered car has a battery life indicator that can operate for 2 hours while on a full charge. The recommended manufacturer’s age for this car is 3-8 years with a weight capacity of 77lbs.


  • Has many features that give the kids more fun and excitement
  • Has forward/reverse speed functions
  • Safety is guaranteed
  • Has battery life indicators
  • Comes with emergency sound lights


  • Accommodates only one kid
  • 2 AA Batteries are not included

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4. Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric Police Ride-On

This police ride on gives your kids the real police experience. The car comes equipped with real police flashing lights and sirens, allowing your kids to role play and act patrol agents in their backyard.

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric Police Ride-On View on Amazon

With a speed of 2.3 MPH, kids get the real patrolling experience. They can even role-play among themselves, trying to catch criminals and fighting injustice at the comfort of their homes.

This black cop car can be controlled using the remote control, or the kids can drive it manually with little adult supervision.

For an enjoyable ride, the car has an AUX cord that comes with pre-recorded songs ensuring the kid remains entertained during driving.

To ensure safety, the SUV comes fitted with two speeds (high and low), so it becomes easy to control the speed of the car. The car also has safe seat belts to hold the kid inside securely.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Safety is assured
  • Fun multi-color LED lights
  • AUX cord for music
  • Has authentic engine sounds and siren


  • 5V AAA battery not included

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5. Best Choice Products Kids 12V Lamborghini Aventador

Get your kids this green, luxurious, and fun Electric Battery Powered car and watch as they enjoy an authentic drive experience. This sleek Lamborghini Aventador allows your kids to hit speeds of 4 MPH in style; of course, safety is guaranteed.

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Lamborghini Aventador View on Amazon

This electrically powered ride-on permits the child to drive using a gas pedal or a controllable steering wheel. Further, the parent or guardian can take control of the car using the provided remote control.

To bring that realistic feel during the kid’s driving, this car is fitted with real horn and engine sounds. In addition, the MP3 plugin for audio music ensures the child enjoys their favorite music as they drive.

This branded and officially licensed car offers a fantastic way for the kid to have fun and a real driving experience. The vehicle features fundamental car attributes, making the children feel as if they are getting behind the entire wheel.

The manufacturer’s recommended age is 3 to 8 years with a weight capacity of 55 lbs. It comes with a 6-volt charger together with quality rechargeable batteries to ensure the child’s play is never interrupted.

The manual driving option allows older kids to drive by themselves with little adult supervision.


  • Many real car features that give kids an authentic drive experience
  • The child can control the car using the steering wheel or the pedal, or the parents can use the remote control to direct the movements of their kids.
  • Authentic engine sounds
  • Fitted with MP3 plugin
  • Fitted with preloaded soundtrack
  • Has adjustable seat belt for maximum security
  • Has a durable and sleek design, giving the real Lamborghini driving feel.


  • None

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6. Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Red Ride-On for 7 Year Old

If you are one of those parents that love to see your kids start exploring the world at an early age, then you should get them this fun RZR Polaris Red Ranger. With this car, fun and excitement are guaranteed!

Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Red Ride On for 7 year Old View on Amazon

The RZR Polaris Red Ranger is an amazing ride on the car and is very different from the rest of the other power cars we’ve reviewed. This ride-on toy has enough space for two kids, making it perfect for siblings or friends to ride together.

With this RZR Red Ranger, your kids will always look forward to outdoor adventure. This High-Performance 24-Volt is fitted with two seats allowing children aged 5-10 years to drive over different terrain at maximum speeds of 3½ to 7 mph.

This Red Ranger offers a dependable power supply and comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries to ensure the fun continues for hours.

Furthermore, this car toy features an FM radio and an MP3 input that allows you to conveniently put your children’s favorite music.

In addition, you can easily adjust the volume of the music from the dashboard, giving your kids all the fun that they need as they drive.

This battery-powered ride-on offers a realistic and fun experience for the kids. The individual seats, the high traction wheels, FM radio that comes with an MP3 plugin, the available rear suspension, and an accelerator pedal that contains automatic brakes make this toy stand out among the rest.


  • Can be driven in almost all terrains
  • Have real car features to give kids a whole driving experience.
  • Comes with automatic brakes and an accelerator pedal
  • Shock-absorbing suspension, to allow a smooth ride
  • Comes with two-speed options-reverse and forward
  • High performance 24-volt rechargeable battery


  • Required 2 AA batteries for FM radio are not included.

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Finding a perfect holiday gift or birthday present for your child or guardian is no longer a challenge for you. 

Just go through our reviewed power wheels ride-on, and we assure you that you will find one that is just ideal for your 7-year-old and perfectly fit your budget and preference.

However, if you feel that there is a powered ride on that needs to be on this list, feel free to tell us in the comment section, and we’ll be glad to add it. Happy shopping!

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