7 Best High Lift Mower Blades 2023 Reviewed

Blades are one of the most components of a lawnmower. You need the best available blades to achieve that clean and efficient cut on your lawn. 

  • Blades with a sturdy construction design help eliminate maintenance costs.

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Reviews: Top 7 Best High Lift Mower Blades in 2023

1. EGO Power+AB2101 21” high lift blade

This is just the right fit for a 21” EGO Power+ lawnmower. This high lift is designed for this brand, but it also attaches perfectly to other mowers with the same features. 

This unit features a factory sharpened steel blade which guarantees you superior performance for that clean look on your lawn.

This feature saves you time and effort since you can start preparing the lawn immediately after installation. Its steel build ensures that your blade doesn’t rust regardless of the season.

In addition to its superior cutting performance, this unit also provides an excellent bagging capability.

This blade measures 21” in length with a thickness of 0.40” with a high lift blade design. This design facilitates easier bagging of grass clippings.

A 5-point star center hole facilitates easier mounting of the blade. This model is compatible with the EGO power plus 56v battery powered LM2100SP and LM2100 series which attests to their energy-efficient nature and potential for a healthy and well-manicured lawn. 


  • It is specifically designed to improve efficiency when bagging cut grass
  • It provides a clean cut which promotes lawn health
  • High quality and original EGO parts for superior performance and quality of cut


  • None

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2. Max-Power 331740S Mower Blade

This blade is designed for a 22” lawnmower and will work just as effectively as other larger blades. This model features a 5-point star center hole for easier mounting. 

At 22” by 2.5”, the size of this blade makes it easier and clip the grass better as compared to other brands. 

This blade will cut through the thickest grass with relative ease for that healthy and attractive look on your lawn.

The 331740S blade is designed for a Husqvarna Craftsman walk-behind mower. This blade weighs 2.5 pounds and is made of top-quality steel, as evidenced by the 100% satisfaction rate among past buyers.

This blade is highly durable and is designed to outlast other rival products.

In addition, the lightweight nature of this blade facilitates its installation in the lawnmower. Maxpower 331740S mower blade is suitable for all seasons.

  • The best feature of this unit is the length of the blade which covers a wide cutting area without compromising the quality of the cut.

In addition, there are fewer maintenance costs involved with this model as compared to others in its class because it is rust-free and highly durable. 


  • Ease of installation
  • Large blade
  • Features a durable steel construction


  • Pricey

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3. Stens 340 178 high lift tractor blade

This unit comes in packs of 2 and is ideal for lawn tractor mowers. The 340 series set of blades is made of high-quality material with high durability which spares you the hassle of replacing the part from time to time. 

Additionally, their factory-sharpened features offer you a healthy cut and prevent pest infestation in your lawn.

This high lift set of blades measures 21 inches by 2.25” by 0.149”. For improved mounting capability, this blade set features a 5-point star center hole.

The factory feature guarantees you clean cuts ensuring that your yard stays pest-free throughout the season.

  • This blade guarantees you a seamless bagging performance due to its high lift feature, which makes bagging and mowing easy.
  • This also saves you valuable time and energy in addition to guaranteeing that your tidy is left tidy.

Like other high lift blades, this brand works well with side discharge mowers by pushing the clipped grass away from the mower for easier raking.

The heavy-duty nature of these blades makes them ideal for use in tractor mowers. 


  • Efficient discharge of clipped grass
  • Seamless bagging performance
  • Factory sharpened and ready to use on purchase
  • They require little or no maintenance
  • Highly durable


  • Relatively pricey

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4. Honda 72531-VH7-00 high lift mower blade

Similar to the previous model in our featured list, this Honda series blade also comes in sets of two. 

The twin-blades measure 20.75” in length and are corrosion-resistant in nature. This is an original OEM Honda component which makes it the ideal upgrade for Honda mowers.

This set of blades are highly affordable and guaranteed to give you clean cuts for that clean look in your garden.

  • This unit provides perfect for regular mowing, given its high level of durability because it is made of steel construction.
  • Also, this unit is easy to install, and it differentiates itself as the best Honda blade replacement in the market.

This blade weighs in at 4lbs and measures 24” by 4” by 4” in dimensions with a notched medium-high lift position.

A 5-point star center hole works just fine for this blade model. The more extended blade version of this item allows the user to disperse clippings at a greater force.

The high lift design of the blade allows you to lift grass hence leaving a fresh-cut look. 


  • Highly durable
  • They guarantee a clean and healthy cut
  • They require little or no maintenance
  • Factory sharpened and ready to use


  • Not compatible with other brands

5. Toro 22” 131-4547-03 recycler blade

This original Toro recycler blade is the go-to blade if you are looking to replace your 22” cutting blade.

This model has a width of 2.25” and a length of 22” which is sufficient to cut through the toughest grass in your lawn.

With this unit, your lawn is guaranteed to stay crisp, healthy, and immaculate. This recycler blade does an excellent job in cutting grass into fine particles before returning them to the ground.

It features a single strong and highly durable atomic blade that helps you achieve that perfect cut you have always been looking forward to.

  • This item is a tooth mulcher blade that allows you to collect all the cut debris with the release.

In addition to its high dependability, this blade is highly affordable, even for first-time buyers. This high lift blade is suitable for use with walk-behind mowers.

This blade is clump-proof and capable of producing high suction pressure that directs clippings into the mower’s collecting bag. All this is achieved without forming grass clumps that might attach to the mowing deck. 


  • Provides heavy-duty performance
  • Highly dependable
  • Fairly priced
  • Efficient and clean performance
  • Strong and durable


  • No manufacturer guarantee

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6. Maxpower 561713X commercial mulching twin blades

This set of blades is guaranteed to give an outstanding performance when mounted to the lawn mower.


This item attaches to a 42” lawnmower with relative ease which makes it the top pick for both DIYers and professional gardeners.

This Maxpower series comes in sets of two interchangeable blades for the best grass clipping ability.

  • This unit’s frame is corrosion-resistant because it is made of quality metal compounds.

A five-point star middle positioned hole eases mounting when in use. Hence, you do not need a professional to get you going. This item is compatible with the 138971 and 127843 series.

One of the key takeaways regarding the quality feature of this blade is that it is produced by a U.S manufacturer with the highest performance standards in mind to conform with OEM specifications.

This manufacturer has been in operation for a while, making it the ideal choice if you are looking for high-quality cuts.

This set of twin blades works well with side discharge mowers by pushing the clipped grass away from the mower for easier raking. 


  • Features two interchangeable blades
  • It is highly versatile
  • Conforms with OEM standardization
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Ease to operate
  • Ideal for commercial use


  • Relatively expensive

7. Oregon 92-615 PK2 gator blades

These Oregon series blades come in a set of two and are the right fit for a 42” lawnmower.

They feature an elongated blade angle design which serves to boost airflow which pushes the grass for improved bagging capability. 

  • Another superior feature of this tool is its sharp edges that allow you to clip the toughest grass.
  • This unit is made of durable material which guarantees you years of rust-free performance.

The manufacturer of this unit has been in the business for a while, making it the ideal choice if you are looking for high-quality cuts.

What’s more? This unit is highly affordable, and its excellent performance provides the best value for money.

The Gator 92-615 series is the go-to blade for all seasons. It guarantees fewer bag stops and efficient side discharge as compared to others in its class.

  • The Gator Mulcher capability is highly efficient in normal and abrasive conditions alike.
  • The easy installation feature of this unit facilitated by a 7-point center hole makes it the right choice for all your blade upgrade needs. 


  • Offers a cleaner side discharge as compared to a standard high lift blade
  • It provides superior bagging performance
  • Reduces bagging needs by providing efficient cuts


  • None

Considerations for Best High Lift Mower Blades

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your lawnmower blade, searching for the best fit can be a challenging experience because it must fit perfectly and meet all your mowing needs.

Key points of consideration include the blade size, manufacturer number, construction material, and shape.

1. Manufacturer number and durability

Blade manufacturers inscribe numbers on the side to make it easier for the end-user to replace worn parts that need to be changed.

  • Searching the inscribed number allows the user to find the right fit that is compatible with their lawnmower.

When replacing worn-out or broken blades, you might want to go for original parts that are made of high-quality steel.

2. Blade length and Blade width

In order to achieve the perfect cut, you should consider the right length of the blade for your lawnmower.

  • Before replacing any worn blades, it is imperative to ascertain the size of the lawnmower to ensure that it is the right fit. Most replacement blades range from 6” to 32”.
  • This is an essential consideration in determining the durability ease of use of the blade in question.

More massive and thick blades are considered ideal for cutting through thick and sturdy grass. Most blades range from 1.5” to 4.5” in width.

3. Use and size of lawn

High lift blades are recommended for heavy-duty mowing containing a large amount of grass both in residential and commercial settings.

In choosing the right blade, users must consider the amount of work and the type of mower before making a purchase.

4. Power of the mower and Soil type

Whereas the extra length of high lift mower blades makes them ideal for clipping tall grass, it works best with a mower with a strong engine combination to expel the cut grass efficiently.

High lift blades are not ideal for use in sandy and loose soils because they are likely to carry soil particles onto the deck and hence compromising its performance.

5. Bagging capability Ease of installation

High lift blades are specifically designed to provide enough airflow to prevent clogging during mowing.

  • The ideal choice of the blade should be capable of bagging grass clippings before discharging them.

This is an important consideration when making the purchase decision. The presence of a mounting hole determines the ease of installation for high lift mower blades.


Buying a replacement blade for your mower can be a challenging endeavor because you have to find the right fit.

Based on our featured list above, the Toro 22” 131-4547-03 recycler blade stands out for its thickness and versatility and its cutting capability, which shreds grass into finer particles before returning them to the ground.

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