7 Best Heavy Duty Flail Mower for ATV 2023

You will love the versatility of AVTs. Besides using them for fun, their versatility makes them useful when it comes to hauling towing, and mowing – mowers to chop tall grass

  • The right add-ons to the ridding beasts can transform the ATV into anything. For starters, you only need to buy a heavy-duty flail mower to use the ATV for mowing.

We have done an in-depth review of the top flail mowers suitable for AVTs as follows:

Mowers: 9 Best Heavy Duty Flail Mower For Atv 2023

1. Nova Tractor Heavy Duty Flail Mower

Nova Tractor Heavy Duty Flail Mower comes with robust and durable material, which makes it long-lasting despite being subject to rough weeds and shrubs. 

The mower can comfortably cut grass and shrubs – including zoysia grass – mowers – of a 30-inch height. The mower’s flail shaft is adapted to mow large turf with its 2200RPM.

With such revolutions, it’s easy for you to mow a large lawn in an hour. The four-belt drive system gives the mower efficiency as it crushes the grass and weed to fine chips.

The mowers cutting length of 195 cm make it easy to mow a large area with a single pass. Its large, forged and galvanized high-performance 32 knives weigh 1.7 pounds each.

They are capable of breezing through any vegetation. The adjustable working width and cutting height make it easy for you to change it depending on the height you need for your lawn.

You can use the mower in any weather and climate. It’s suitable for mowing weeds, shrubs, and grass on large tracts of land. The key to keeping your mower in tiptop condition is keeping it clean and moisture-free. Clean it with a brush and soapy clothing before storing it.


  • Large cutting width
  • Heavy-duty transmission
  • Heavy-duty forged hammer
  • Hard and sturdy frame


  • Very heavy
  • Noisy

2. Vrisimo MiniMax 72 inch Flail Mower

If you are looking for a strong durable mower Vrisimo MiniMax 72 inch Flail Mower is the perfect one for the job. The study mower has frame dimensions of 33x80x28.8 inches.

It weighs 640 pounds, which is light for such a sturdy mower. It is super-efficient when it comes to trimming bushes and weeds. The mower’s cutter drum rotating speeds of 2700 RPM and input PTO speed of 540 ensures that you take little time mowing a large lawn.

The large 60-inch cutting width, which makes it ideal for mowing large turfs. Its rollers work in tandem with the knives making sure the weeds are cut and mulched correctly. Its height adjustment mechanism ensures that you can choose different heights for your lawn.

It’s straightforward to use the mower as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guide. The mower works flawlessly, even in wet conditions, and is ideal for mowing huge, uneven terrain turfs.

If it’s a new mower, make sure all the wrappings like the wire bands and tape have been unfastened to prevent damage to the mower. Always check the oil levels before using the mower to keep it in top condition.


  • Heavy-duty mower
  • Large cutting width
  • High mowing speeds
  • Height adjustment mechanism


  • Noisy 

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3. Farmer Helper FH-EF155

The mower’s dimensions are 66x30x19 inches and weigh a paltry 555 pounds in weight. However, it’s adapted to tackle rough vegetation while being attached to an ATV. 

Farmer Helper FH-EF155 comes with a powerful engine giving the mower power to cut through whatever is being thrown it into pieces without throwing them around. As a result, it’s ideal for mowing in areas where cuttings can cause damage to the surrounding.

Farmer Helper FH-EF155 uses 54 powerful Y-blades whose precision blade overlap ensures that the law is evenly cut. Its large deck gives it a mowing advantage over other mowers as you can mow a large area in a single pass.

The mower is known for its clean-cut finish curtesy of its y-shaped blades. Mowing ten acres in a mow is what this mower gives you. It’s ideal for mowing an uneven terrain with thick bushes or grass.

As for maintenance Always make sure that all the bolts get fastened before starting the mowing for safety. Keep the mower clean after using it to keep rust at bay.


  • Two offset positions
  • Have reversible y-blades for cutting precision
  • Made of Hard and durable materials 


  • Noisy

4. Farmer Helper 68″ Centered Heavy Duty Flail Row Mower

If you are looking for a flail that can mow through bushes, long grass, and weed with ease, Farmer Helper Heavy Duty Flail Row Mower is the one for you. It is connected behind an ATV, making it easy to control.

The mower comes with a robust 3-point frame for additional reinforcement under the deck. It uses a standard hammer blade or reversible y blades with precision blade overlap.

  • The overlap removes the gap between the knives for an even cut. Clump buster bars make the mower a mulching beast. The mower has a large 75-inch cutting width.
  • It is 27 once EFGC hammer style blades mechanism makes it easy for mowers to chop tall grass, weed, and brush in a single pass.

The mower’s cutting height ranges from 0 to 6 inches, ensuring you can easily trim your turf to any desired height.

The mower’s hinged rear gate makes it easy for you to inspect, clean, and change its blade during maintenance. You can always leave the gate open for more natural discharge when trimming rough vegetation or closing it for easy mulching.

The mower is suitable for cutting grass or bushes of any size or terrain. Its trendy wheels offer better traction and stability. Always ensure that the wheels remain inflated.

Check the condition of the blades to ensure they are in the right working conditions. Cleaning after use and proper greasing keeps the rust away.


  • Strong cast iron steel blade
  • Hardy housing
  • Large cutting width
  • Hinged rear gate


  • Noisy

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5. Titans distributors Inc. AT120

Titans distributors Inc. AT120 has thick, durable materials capable of withstanding any weed or shrubs thrown in its way. If you have a thicket that needs clearing, this mower will work for you like a charm.

The flail mower has a modest engine with 13.5 HP with a high spinning speed of 3150 RPM. With this specification, you will comfortably mow any lawn.

The mower doesn’t have a large cutting deck as compared to other mowers. However, you can always adjust it with its five offset positions on either right or left of the mower.

The mower has a 4 step cutting height-adjustable mechanism. It is ideal for mowing through thick bushes and tall grasses. You will comfortably mow around tight spaces and objects using its five offset positions to its left or right.

Using the mower is very easy. It’s also effortless to connect it to your ATV. Further, its 80 y-shaped teeth make it one of the fastest cutting flail mowers in the market.

Always clean the mower after using it to keep the rust away. Also, ensure that all bolts that require fastening are properly checked for safety.


  • Tough
  • Powerful engine
  • High revolution speeds of 3250 rpm


  • Pollutes air 

6. WoodMaxx FM-78H PTO Flail Mower

The large mower is designed to withstand the harshest mowing conditions from thick shrubs to rainy weather. Its 804 pounds is enough to hold it down to the ground properly. 

The thick deck plate materials make it durable as they can withstand the stress that comes with mowing shrubs. The mower has a powerful motor with 30-65 horsepower, giving it the ability to mow through any vegetation effortlessly.

Its drive belts and belt tensioners are perfect for adjusting the belt tension automatically. As a result, the belts remain firm during the mowing process.

Woodmaxx FM-78H comes with an overall width of 79.5 inches. However, the actual cutting width is 74 inches, making mowing with this mower a child’s play.

You can adjust its cutting height from 0.75-inches to 4 inches. Therefore, you can choose to mow your lawn to different sizes. The mower is best suited for mowing large tracts of lawns with minimal obstructions like trees.

It’s difficult to mow around obstacles with the mower. Cleaning and maintaining the mower is straightforward. Use a hard brush to remove grass or shrub debris. Further, use a piece of soapy clothing to remove soil and other darts that the mower may attract during the mowing process.


  • Durable
  • Large cutting width
  • High mowing speed
  • Powerful blades
  • Adjustable cutting height 


  • Noisy
  • unsuitable tight places

7. The chapman FM120 Paddock Flail Mower

The mower’s hardy exterior materials are constructed to deal with all types of rough terrains and vegetation. The steel material gives it extra protection making it long-lasting.

Its 18 HP powerful Briggs and Stratton engine gives it the ability to cut through shrubs and tough grass easily. The mower’s rear rollers and centrifugal clutch ensure the machine can sustain itself for a long time during the mowing process.

The mower comes with an enormous 1.2m meters cutting width, which makes mowing large lawns effortless. Its excellent cutting height adjustment mechanism gives you options of cutting grass to different heights.

  • It’s perfect for mowing through any weed with ease curtsey of its powerful blades. You can use it to trim the grass on your farm using your ATV comfortably due to its hard material and high mowing speeds.
  • Maintenance of this mowing beast is pretty easy. You need to keep it clean and oiled all the time, especially after use. Always check the connection between the mower and the ATV before starting to mow.

Ensure the drawbar is appropriately linked and is adjustable for better cutting efficiency and also to prevent mowing accidents.


  • Tough exterior
  • Large cutting width
  • All-weather mower 


  • Noisy

Buying Guide for Heavy Duty Flail Mower for ATVs

Buying a gardening tool without proper research is a thing of the past. A buyer will go online and analyze the best product that suits their needs.

Since all the products are so similar, you need to do your due diligence. The research will help you come up with the best heavy-duty flail mower that is compatible with your AVT.

1. Size of the mowing width

Choosing the mower with the best working width depends on the lawn you want to trim, and the time you want it to take you to finish the work. The bigger the working width, the faster it will take you to complete your task.

  • If you have a large yard, you need a flail mower with a large working deck.
  • Most flail mower width ranges from 48-72 inches.

Although flail mowers with large width take little time to complete the work, they don’t come cheap. Be prepared to pay top dollar for them.

2. Power and performance

You need to consider the engine size and the power of cutting blades when it comes to performance.

A large motor gives the mower more power compared to small ones. Go for flail mowers with large, durable blades as they will easily mow their way into any vegetation.

3. Cost of the mower

Don’t always assume that the value of the mower is directly proportionate to its performance.

Many established brands have been known to have pricey products that don’t justify their price tags. What you need is to research and get all the features you need in a mower to suit your small yard mower. Should the mower tick all boxes, then go for it.

4. How durable is the mower?

Most mowers are made of durable materials like steel and wrought iron. The sturdy materials ensure that they come out unharmed even in the most stringent test.

However, some parts like the mower’s blades may be vulnerable. You need to ensure that they are made of durable materials for them to be long-lasting.

5. Mower maintenance

It’s easy to find any mower part online nowadays. However, it’s always good to ensure that the mower is popular for ease in getting spares whenever you need to replace them.

Always go for a brand with an extended warranty period as you are safe within the warranty period.

6. Budget

Buying a mower is ultimately decided by how much you are willing to spend to get your perfect mower. You don’t have to purchase a famous expensive brand. You can still get an excellent flail mower without compromising on quality.

All you need is to do proper research on prices against their performance. You will be surprised by the many mowers out there with features you want but are still within your budget.


If you need to clear vegetation like thick grass and shrubs, a flail mower will be a great addition to your ATV.

Its strength, ease of use, and maneuverability make it the perfect mower addition for your lawn or golf course. Combining an ATV and flail mower makes mowing an enjoyable sport.

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