7 Best Electric Tiller for Clay Soil 2023 Reviewed

Clay soil may not be the best for your gardening needs.

  • But it is possible to improve the condition of your soil within a few growing seasons with the right approach and the right tools.

The Best Electric Tiller for Clay Soil is one such tool that is out there for you – even tillers for new ground.  

Tillers: 7 Best Electric Tiller for Clay Soil 2023

1. Sun Joe 2.5amp electric garden cultivator (Red)

If you are looking for a lightweight electric tiller for clay soil, this model is the ideal choice for you. Sun Joe TJ599E-Red’s electric-powered engine spares you the hassle of mixing oil and gas.

Sun Joe 2.5amp electric garden cultivator (Red) Check Price on Amazon

What’s more? You don’t have to break your sweat starting this tiller due to the convenience of a push-to-start button. 

This model may not be as versatile as other Sun Joe tillers but it has unique features such as a light and compact frame which helps in portability for when you want to take it around with you.

  • Sun Joe TJ599E-Red has four steel blade tines powered by a 2.5amp motor.
  • It can dig up to 6 inches and also features an unbeatable handle design that guarantees user comfort when tilling through hard clay soil.

The tiller’s foldable handle is just what you need if you do not have enough room for storing it.

This clay soil tiller will also help you reduce your carbon footprint since it is electrically powered. This tool is designed to pierce through the toughest grounds.


  • Easily maneuverable
  • Powerful and comfortable to handle
  • Environmental friendly
  • It comes equipped with safety features
  • It saves you the hassle of mixing oil and gas


  • Its tines tend to get clogged easily

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2. Greenworks corded tiller

As far as corded tillers go, this 10-inch tool is powered by an 8 Amp electric motor, which is easily started through an easy to start button.

Greenworks corded tiller Check Price on Amazon

It features four 8-inch rotating tines, which is just what you need to scour through that thick clay soil.

  • These tines are also forward rotating, an important feature for helping you clean out any debris stuck in the blades.

No gasoline is needed to power this unit’s motor which makes it an excellent choice if you are an environmentally friendly gardener.

The Greenworks 27072 8 Amp corded tiller has a tilling width of 8-10 inches and an adjustable tilling depth of up to 5 inches. The adjustable tilling depth feature will help you churn out the hardened soil better.

This tool has reduced noise levels, guaranteeing you a quiet operation each time. However, some users have complained that this unit tends to overheat when used for prolonged periods of time.


  • It features forward rotating tines which help in eliminating stuck weeds
  • It features a collapsible handle
  • Less noisy


  • It tends to overheat over prolonged hours of use

3. Earthwise 11-inch 8.5 amps corded electric front tine tiller

This is the ultimate tool to go for if you are looking for both an electric tiller and a cultivator.

This unit is powered by a 120-volt motor and is a clean air choice so you don’t have to worry about carbon emissions as you till your garden.

Earthwise 11-inch 8.5 amps corded electric front tine tiller Check Price on Amazon

This Earthwise electric tiller features dual four-blade steel tines and generates enough power to plow through-hardened clay soils.

With a cutting width of 11 inches and a tilling depth of 8 inches, the Earthwise corded 8.5-Amp does the hard work for you by optimizing your gardening efforts.

  • This unit’s compact and sleek design will appeal to gardening enthusiasts’ sense of style while providing excellent performance.
  • This front tine tiller is just what you need to get that clay soil ready precisely how need it.

It features a slightly higher price tag but offers more comfort to the user because it does not need an extension cord as you push it along allowing you to cover more ground.


  • Features an ergonomic handling grip for increased user comfort
  • It has a powerful motor (8.5-Amp)
  • Compact design eases portability and storage


  • It requires some assembly before usage
  • It has a higher price tag

4. Scotts TC70135S 13.5-Amp front-tine tiller

This model was made into the list of the best tillers for clay soil because it features a superior and powerful 13.5-Amp engine which is just what you need till hardened grounds. 

Scotts TC70135S 13.5-Amp front-tine tiller Check Price on Amazon

Its 6 adjustable tempered alloy tines allow you to plow through the hardened ground. A lifetime warranty on the tines guarantees you years of service. 

It has a tilling depth of 8 inches and is capable of cultivating width of 11-16 inches. Its flip-down back wheels are convenient for walking the tiller.

This is the tool to go for if you are dealing with clay soil given its excellent run time, durability, and the fact that it generates higher power.

You might want to consider picking the right tool whose tines do not break or fold when they encounter hardened or wet clay soil.

The Scotts 16” corded tiller is a piece of heavy-duty equipment that will serve all your tilling and cultivation needs. 

This unit features two heavily trended wheels that aid in maneuverability in wet clay soil.


  • Propelled by a powerful 13.5-Amp motor
  • Its engine has a built-in overload protection
  • It is light in weight and easy to operate
  • 6 tines help in tilling through hardened ground
  • Heavy duty and highly durable equipment


  • It is corded and could limit your movement in larger areas

5. Mantis electric tiller

This unit delivers an exceptionally quiet and powerful performance with a 9-amp electric engine. A 2-speed motor allows you to select the perfect speed for breaking through sod or hardened ground. 

This electric tiller offers you a tilling depth of 8 inches and tilling width of 12 inches. It is ideal for raised beds and tight garden rows.

The Mantis 3550 electric tiller/cultivator features 3-position wheels which help in portability and adjusting the tilling depth.

Its compact size allows it to fit into any garden size. 16 strong steel tines deliver excellent tilling performance. Weighing in at 24 pounds, this unit is highly maneuverable and easy to carry.

  • This unit comes equipped with collapsible handles which allows you to conveniently store the 3550 in the tool shed or garage.
  • Its built-in electric cold holder helps you secure the extension cord in place.

Handling this tiller is made easy by comfortable cushioned hand grips. The controls are conveniently positioned at the fingertips for ease of operation.


  • Easily portable
  • It is quiet and powerful
  • It has an easy start mechanism
  • It features self-sharpening tines
  • Foldable handles ease in storage


  • Its engine has a limited warranty (2 years)

6. Sun Joe TJ602E

This is one great tool that always steps up to the task when you need to get dirty in your clay soil garden. Powered by an 8-amp engine, this tiller/cultivator pulverizes soil by cutting through dirt at 300rpm.

Sun Joe TJ602E Check Price on Amazon

This unit conquers the toughest grounds and will till for a depth of 8 inches and a width of 12 inches in no time.

The Sun Joe TJ602E features height-adjustable wheels that ease maneuverability whereas a collapsible handle helps in convenient storage when the tool is not in use.

This Sun Joe model provides maximum soil aeration and is ideal for preparing seedbeds. Its four steel tines are highly durable and are guaranteed to provide excellent performance over time.

This unit offers you the double functionality of a tiller and a cultivator. Its ergonomic grip handles will help you ease through that hardened ground with ease.

This is the ideal choice for suburban gardeners because it is quiet during operation as compared to others in its class.


  • It offers a quiet but powerful performance
  • Adjustable wheel height feature (3-position) eases movement
  • It can be conveniently stored and transported


  • It tends to run off on very hard ground

7. AAVIX AGT307 13” electric tiller/cultivator

One of the most outstanding features of this unit is its ability to shut down on releasing the handle. Its powerful motor-powered blades (120V/60hz) tame the hardest grounds without much difficulty.

AAVIX AGT307 13” electric tiller/cultivator Check Price on Amazon

This cultivator features four dual inches still tines with a tilling depth of 8.7 inches and a cultivation width of 12.6 inches.

  • This unit is fast which allows it to burst through tough grounds.
  • However, first-time users need to familiarize themselves with this unit. Some users recommend that pulling the tiller backward is the easiest way to conquer hard clay soil.

This unit handles excellently and its motor power is sufficient to plow through sod without getting stuck. Its wheels can be raised or lowered with ease without using any tools.

The AAVIX AGT307 features a sturdy design that provides a comfortable grip and leads to improved handling.

This tiller will provide efficient tilling performance in your hardened soil by turning up soil in preparation for planting.


  • It features a reliable 10-Amp motor
  • It has fast tine speed to help you ease into hardened soil
  • It has a comfortable grip and excellent handling
  • Its handle release feature also serves as a user safety feature


  • Not ideal for first-time users tilling the hard ground

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Considerations for Best Electric Tiller for Clay Soil

An overview of the electric tillers currently available in the market suggests that most brands have similar features.

  • Making the best choice particularly where you have to contend with clay soil is of utmost importance.

1. Soil type

The type of soil in your garden will determine the ease or difficulty of tilling. Whereas loose and soft soil requires relatively less power to till, a more powerful electric is needed clay soil and other hardened grounds.

Compact and rocky soils need a strong tiller because it is difficult to dig up given that it sticks like glue when wet.

It is also worth considering such debris as rocks and roots as you make the purchase decision.

2. Adjustable handle

For optimized gardening performance, you might want to consider going for a tiller with a handle that is sensitive to every slight movement.

The best electric tiller for clay soil should be highly maneuverable through the right left and center.

3. Garden size

The larger the garden size the more versatile it should be your electric tiller.

Broader gardens require a wider working width. Yet even the smallest gardens with hardened ground require a powerful tool with a deeper tilling depth.

If you are dealing with large and open spaces, a corded tiller may not be convenient for you. Ensure the model you are seeking fits the needs of the space you intend to till.

4. The number of tines

Most electric tillers feature 2 to 4 tines. The more tines an electric tiller has the easier it will break into the background. Check the Front Tine vs. Rear Tine Tillers

5. Extension cord lock

Most users overlook this feature when shopping despite its importance when working in large open spaces.

  • Electric tillers allow the user to walk up to 100 feet away from the power source.

A cord that gets unplugged more often is frustrating since you have to work back and forth to plug it. The cord lock feature alleviates this challenge.

6. Cost

The cost of your electric tiller of choice is determined by several factors such as power output, tiller size, durability, quality, and manufacturer brand.

7. Other factors

Other factors worth considering include ease of use, maintenance costs, and safety features.

  • The availability of forwarding and reverse features determine how freely you will move about when working on your garden.
  • The tine rotation available is another important component worth considering.

Counter-rotating tines are considered ideal for breaking through tough ground surfaces because the wheels move in opposite directions.


If you are looking for an electric tiller for clay soil, the above list contains affordably priced, versatile and comfortable to use tools. Electric tillers are lighter and compact as compared to gas-powered models. The Scotts TC70135S 13.5 tiller stands out from others in its class given its relatively stronger engine and durable tilling tines.

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