Skyfort II Backyard Discovery – Cedar Wood for 3-10 years

The best backyard playset for your kids should be safe and fun creating an unforgettable experience for your kids and their friends. 

The Skyfort II Backyard Discovery will come in about boxes and you might require some hand and a carpenter to assemble it effectively.

The swing set will elevate your landscape and your kid’s creativity with its wooden castle-like design. Read Also: Great Way to Anchor a Swing Set?

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Money bars

Skyfort II has monkey bars, which go the full length, and will sing them into the elevated clubhouse. However, I noted that the monkey bars are very high above the ground and thus the small and short kids might not reach them effectively. 

Hence, you might need to create a stand or short kids to reach the monkey bars. The set has an amazing and bumpy slide to create real fun rides for your kids. Also, the slide is highly sturdy and thus will withhold the recommended weight appropriately.

You might require about 2-4 days to install the project. Read Also: Swing Sets for Small Yards.  

Picnic area

Also, your kids will love the picnic area where they can have chit chats or take snacks. Also, you can put sand in the sandbox provided or additional fun. Read Also: Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers

Also, you can install a kitchen set up in the picnic area. However, the kitchen set up is not sold with the swing set and thus you can purchase the KidKraft kitchen set up separately on Amazon

The picnic table, made for 4 kids, is right below the ort where your kids can eat or chat. The picnic area for the Sky Fort II is totally shaded from direct sun and thus excellent relaxation place for your kids. 

From the picnic areas, you have steps leading to the play platform. The play platform is very large, looking like a treehouse, and thus provide additional fun. You might require to insulate the play platform from possible raindrops on the roof. 

Also, the swing set has a bird nest that has a telescope that your kids will definitely enjoy safely. However, you might need to secure the windows or maximum safety. 

Sky Fort II’s bird nest is appropriately attached to the whole structure. Also, the glider, which your kids will love, is safely anchored to the birds’ nest. Read Also: Wooden swing set


There are three swings that can carry about 2 kids. The swing chain is adjustable and thus will cater or kids of different heights and ages, as recommended. Read Also: Swing Sets For Small Backyards.

10-foot wave slide

Sky Fort II set has a 10 foot and wavy slide that your kids will without a doubt enjoy. Also, the slide has a plastic construction that will reduce friction and the possibility of injury or your kids. The 10-foot wave slide can be safely anchored on the ground and will be safe for your kids.

Assembled Dimensions

  • Width – 22 Foot 7 Inches
  • Depth – 16 Foot 8 Inches
  • Height – 12 Foot 5 Inches
  • Upper deck – 60″ by 80″
  • Height for Upper deck: 5′
  • 6 cubic feet Sand
  • Weight – 780 lbs

Cedar Wood Design

Sky Fort II swing set is largely designed from durable Cedar Wood. Therefore, with the appropriately created small and tight knots, the wood will not decay or create cracks.

Further, the cedar wood has a clear and smooth look from the pre-staining procedure. However, the swing set is easy to assemble due to the Safe-T-Fuse design.

Further, the swing beam is laminated and has brackets that are designed from steel or secure swinging experience for your kids. Check out these quality Wooden swing set


1. Question 1: is the set pre-stained? 

  • Response: Yes! 

2. Question 2: Can it accommodate an adult? 

  • Response: Yes. However, the adult should swing softly.  

3. Question 3: Can the set accommodate my height? 

  • Response: Well, the set will allow about 7 feet in height. 

4. Question 4: Is it weather resistant? 

  • Response: Yes, it will withstand the snow, rain, and the sun.


The Skyfort II will serve you right if you have more than one kid that require to play on the set simultaneously. The swing set is strong, durable, and safe for all the play and swinging needs in your backyard.

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