7 Best Tiller for Subcompact Tractor 2023

To find the best tiller for your subcompact tractor or rotary tiller, you need to be cautious and detailed. Whether you are a professional farmer, a hobbyist or just need it for landscaping, you will need the perfect tiller for the job.

So, what tiller would you choose for your purpose? Below, we take you through seven tillers for the year 2023.

Best Tiller for Subcompact Tractor

Tillers: 7 Best Tiller for Subcompact Tractor 2023

1. Farmer Helper Rotary Tiller for Subcompact Tractor

This tiller is more substantial and more powerful, making it useful for subcompact tractors as well as larger tractors.

Farmer Helper Rotary Tiller for Subcompact Tractor Check Price on Amazon

This tiller is chain driven and has an overrunning clutch that disengages the driving gear from the driven gear in events where there is an overrun of the apparatus. This tiller runs on a tractor designed for 12 – 35 HP, with the gearbox for the tiller itself at 35 HP.

This tiller is resistant to moisture, dust, and debris as the chain tightener assembly has been built to withstand these factors. It also has a category 1 to 3 point hitch as well as a 14-inch blade swing. With an adjustable tilling depth, you will find multiple uses for this tiller.

If you are looking for something great, well-built, then this is perfect for you. The lack of instructions though means that, if you are new, you will need help to set it up. Nut it is pretty easy to put together. It is one that will satisfy you much.


  • It comes with a two-year warranty, as well as having an excellent shipping time.
  • Is is also easy to assemble, with a perfect length for the driver clutch.


  • Spare are hard to find if anything goes wrong. You will need to ship the from the manufacturer in China.
  • It does not come with an instruction manual, which is a pain when you are new to the product. 

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2. Titan Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

There are two variants of this tiller, one with a working width of 48 inches, the other with 60 inches working width. The one you choose will depend on how you would wish to use it as well as the efficiency you need when you till the land.

Titan Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller Check Price on Amazon

Both tillers have a category one hitch, as well as PTO to drive gear drive. The 48 inch has up to 30 tines, while the 60-inch one has up to 36 tines. Both tillers can work up to 8 inches deep, the deepest we have seen in this category, which is excellent when you want to cultivate the soil deep and move beyond just aerating the top ground.

The titan tiller is an excellent tiller for its price with the users praising its heavy-duty build. With a depth that is much more than any that we have covered, this is the tiller that you can find multiple uses for and still not break the bank to acquire. Its free shipping is a plus.

With several options in the line up (there is also a 72-inch working width one), you have different choices in this tiller, and that could be an excellent problem to have when you are a farmer – tillers for new ground


  • The 48 inch is cheaper than most tillers on this list, making it a steal.
  • The price is excellent and they ship it to you for free.


  • Based on observation, the gears may be a bit too thin and could wear easily.
  • It might also be a little heavier than the others, thus costlier.

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3. Value Leader 37 inch Adjustable Offset

This tiller is built to be perfect for rocky. Its compact width of 37-inches makes if absolute for home gardening, useful when you want to establish a seedbed or for landscaping exercises.

Value Leader 37 inch Adjustable Offset Check Price on Amazon

It is a chain-driven tiller and has durable and tight tensioners that make it permanent. It has 16 hardened tines, which is why it makes for a perfect rock crusher.

Value Leader will deliver it to you swiftly as well as give you value for money. It is perfect for you when you are a recreational farmer or a landscaper. Due to the build of the tines, you can use it on rocky and hard earth without putting them under too much strain, which is perfect tillage for subcompact tractors.


  • Its small size means it is a perfect fit for subcompact tractors.
  • The steel of the tines is self-sharpening, thus, it’s durable as well as efficient for longer.
  • It is also water and dust resistant, thus making it more durable too.


  • Its small size makes if likely that you won’t efficiently till the land.

4. Tarter 4-inch Rotary Tiller Sub-compact

This tiller is a very compact tiller that is perfect for mixing up soil, as it has tines that are wider than average and will break up tough ground.

Tarter 4-inch Rotary Tiller Sub-compact Check Price on Amazon

It works with Cat 0 – 1 hitch. You will use it on tractors from 18 – 30 PTO HP. It has adjustable gears that can help you dig deep, up to 7 inches.


  • Its wide tines make it perfect for mixing soils better, in addition to rocky parts of the earth.
  • It is thick and sturdy, and the tines are self-sharpening, which means you have the tiller lasting you for long, reducing maintenance cost.


  • Its relatively small size makes it hard to use it on a more significant land portion

5. King Kutter Rotary Tiller

This gear-driven rotary tiller comes in as the best of the pack, with its sturdy, compact and dense design making it perfect for your subcompact tractor. It comes with a 48-inch working width, but you can adjust it to an incredible 72 inches, thus, allowing you to work better and do more.

King Kutter Rotary Tiller Check Price on Amazon

The King Kutter tiller has a heavy-duty cast iron gearbox and comes already greased from the manufacturer. This tiller is built to last. Its adjustable skids mean that you can make it work for any tillage, whether its deep cultivation or loosening up the topsoil for aeration. It has a depth of up to 8 inches and an HP of between 25 – 40 HP. Is category 1 – 3 compatible.

The King Kutter’s sturdy build is a hit among customers and will work for you too. You will most definitely find great satisfaction in this tiller. Because of its high cost, this is one that will work best for you if you have more extensive land and are a professional farmer. King Kutter is the top tiller of the year 2023 without a doubt, and above, we see why.


  • It is heavy, which makes it better for deep cultivation, but you can adjust the skids to make it light.
  • With an extensive working depth, it maximizes efficiency, allowing you to do more tilling.
  • Its heavy-duty design means that it is a machine that will last you long.
  • Its thick tines say that you will work for long with it without losing efficiency.
  • You will also break hard earth and move rocks with the tines. In essence, King Kutter is an all in one tiller fit for your subcompact tractor.


  • Because of its weight, shipping this tiller ill break your bank. Considering it is not cheap either, this will set you back quite a fortune.

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6. Everything Attachments Chain Drive Rotary Tiller – YJC 52” Tiller

This YJC 52 inch is another chain drive rotary tiller built to be a heavy-duty machine, able to withstand pretty much everything you throw at it.

Farmer Helper 53" Rotary Tiller - Tractor Tiller Check Price on Amazon

With a 52 inch working width and an overall width of 57 inches, this tiller’s size means that you will be able to cover large parts of the land. Though it is heavy-duty, it has a maximum depth of 6 and a half inches, thus, it is perfect for shallow tillage.

This tiller comes with 15 – 35 horsepower, as well as reinforced frame and a category 0 and 1 hitch. It weighs 416 pounds, thus, meaning that you will use it to clear grassy areas. Its a great tiller to have in your options, and with excellent customer service, you will get help when things go wrong.


  • The reinforced frame makes it perfect for tillage inland with rocks and hard soils, as it will withstand the missiles thrown at it during the tiling exercise.
  • Free shipping. There are many great things in many other tillers, but free shipping sets the YJC052 tiller apart.


  • Some farmers might find issues with the C shaped tines because the depth of penetration is low.

7. RhinoAG SRT 48 Rear Tine Rotary Tiller – Editor’s Top Tiller

This tiller is a perfect fit for a subcompact tractor as it only needs you to use 10 to 30 PTO HP. It is chain driven, with forward-rolling c-shaped tines.

Farmer Helper 53" Rotary Tiller - Tractor Tiller Check Price on Amazon

Because of its forward drive, this tiller is perfect for weeding and preparing the land for farming. The blades are also ideal for landscaping, pulverizing the soil into fine powder as well as leveling the ground, making it excellent for small gardening as well.

This tiller has a variable rear deflector that you can adjust depending on how deep you want the blades to go. It has a tilling width of 48 inches, an overall diameter of 53 inches and a depth of 7 inches. It also has a rotation speed of 370 RPM (out 540 RPM).


  • It’s compact design, and simple build makes it easy to maintain and cheaper.
  • It is heavy, thus, works better in tough and compact soil.


  • Not useful in clearing massive bushes. 

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Considerations for Buying Best Tiller for Subcompact Tractor

1. Forward or Reverse

This consideration should be to of your questions to ask when you seek a tiller. Usually, a reverse- rotating tiller will dig deeper into the ground, while forward-rotating tiller will bounce off hardpans – rear tine tillers. So, consider the nature of the land you want to till. 

If it is slightly soft, then a forward-rotating tiller will work for you. However, if it is hard, then you are better off with a reverse-rotating tiller. Forward-rotating tillers are also excellent on rocky places, as they will fling the rocks away from the rotor.

2. Number of Tines

The number of tines varies the HP of the rotor. Also, more tines per flange mean that you will have a rotor with a heavier weight, which will add to your maintenance cost. So, before you buy a tiller, ensure that your subcompact tractor can manage the weight and horsepower of the tiller.

High HP would mean high engine power. Thus, you will use more fuel. Also, more tines will result in more weight, meaning that you get that advantage. Knowing which tiller is perfect for your subcompact tractor will be critical in how the rest of the farming exercise goes on. Thus, you must find out what and why you need the tiller before putting money into it.

3. Gear or Chain

These two drive options will often come with their merits and demerits and will also depend on factors including your land type and the soil conditions. Gear-driven tillers will often pull harder on the earth, making them perfect for hard soils.

They provide more torque, which means that you can use them to open up new land for farming. However, their spare parts will be hard to come by when they do break up. A chain-driven tiller has less struggle when they break down, as you will easily find chains in a farm machinery hardware store. Gear-driven tillers also weigh more, which will mean that you incur additional costs when shipping.

4. Weight

Having a tiller with the right weight is also essential. Weight will often come with a high shipping cost, but if it what you need, then you should do it. Let’s say you have a farm that has hard earth or parched clay soil, then having a tiller that weighs down on the ground will work better.

Anything light will not penetrate deep enough. You might end up damaging the plates or tines, as they will only be hitting against the ground, not digging into it.

Weight is also critical in what you intend to use the tiller. Some tillers might come with adjustable gears that would help you take the pressure off the tiller to allow you carry out various functions, including preparing for farming, clearing bushes, loosening up the soil for better aeration, mixing up the fertilizers in the ground among many other features. You will need to consider the above when you choose the weight off on your tiller and the primary function of the tiller.


With several new models of tillers coming out this year, finding the right one for your subcompact tractor is essential in helping you farm better, without incurring too much cost.

But as we see, the tillers all have varying strengths and work better in some areas. On how to maximize each will depend on your most pressing needs.

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