10 BBQ Party Games Ideas for Adults 2023 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best BBQ Party Games Ideas for Adults that you can play right away? Search no more! I have compiled 10 Outdoor party games that are ideal for your BBQ Party.

These games will ensure that your friends and family have a time of their life. However, you need to know the likes and interests of your guests to select the best BBQ game that you would all enjoy.

Here’s my detailed compilation.

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10 Best BBQ Party Games Ideas for Adults

1. Giant jenga

The Giant jenga is a perfect BBQ party game idea for adults that you can implement right away. It provides immense fun for everyone involved.

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Your family and friends will appreciate this super fun BBQ game. It provides loads of entertainment for people of all ages. You’ll love the thrill and excitement of all your guests.

The Giant jenga is one of the best party game for adults. The game involves timber blocks that allows you to customize your game easily.

The blocks are numbered, so you can come up with your own rules to make the game even more lively and fun. Here is a video showing how to play Giant jenga

2. Lawn Darts

If you’re looking for the best bbq party ideas for adults why not try the amazing and exciting lawn darts. This refreshing outdoor game will ensure an interrupted fun and excitement throughout the BBQ party.

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The game is simple to understand and play. To play the game simply aim the darts at the lawn. To make it even more exciting you can purchase a glow in the dark set to play the game even when the night sets in.

This BBQ party game for adults delivers fun, excitement, and enhances the player’s aim and accuracy.

Here’s how to play Lawn Darts


3. Four Legged Team Races

The Four Legged Team Races is an excellent BBQ Party Games Ideas for Adults and children. It offers lots of fun especially if you have many guests attending your BBQ party.

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The game is simple to play. You can group up in teams of four. Put on the Velcro band tape on both the right and left feet of all team members. The members will have to work together to avoid falling and they need to race towards the finish line and see which team wins.

The Four Legged Team Races is a fun game that children, teenagers, and adults can play. The game encourages teamwork and cooperation. These races are excellent outdoor party games ideas for adults that you can incorporate in your BBQ party.

4. Cornhole

Another excellent BBQ party game idea for adults worth considering is the Cornhole game. This game will ensure your BBQ party is on another level. Most people prefer this classic game during outdoor parties.

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Depending on where you live, the cornhole might have a different name but the rules of engagement remain.

The game provides a simple and fun way to spend the BBQ party with friends and family. To play the game, you will need participants, an open space, and a Cornhole Set 

You’ll need to group people in to teams so that they compete against each other.

So How Do You Play Cornhole ?

Cornhole is a fun BBQ party game that involves 2 or 4 people competing.  During the cornhole game, the players stand on the same side and throw the beanbags or sandbags towards the other side. The aim of throwing the bags is to attempt to get them through the holes on the cornhole boards.

Here a video on how to play the cornhole.

5. Ladder Toss

The Ladder Toss is a perfect indoor or outdoor game that’s a perfect idea for the BBQ party. This BBQ party game for adults provides an opportunity for professionals and beginners to enjoy the game.

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The ladder toss accommodates multiple people at a go. 6 players can play all at once for a fun filled BBQ party.

The Ladder toss set features 6 ladder bolas, rules of the game, 2 targets, and score trackers. The ladder toss has a durable construction that features sturdy materials to ensure safety of all the players.

The ladder toss is one of the easiest outdoor game to set up. The assembly takes about 2 minutes to complete.

While playing the game you need to aim for the top section and gather many points to emerge the winner. The top tier gives a total of three points, the second 2 points, and the bottom one point.

6. Washer Toss

Just like cornhole, the washer toss also involves aiming at a specified spot around the backyard to get points.

The washer that lands at the centre earns 3 points and those that land on the box are awarded 1 point each. The first person to get 21 points is declared the winner.

You’ll need a washer toss set that you can easily purchase or DIY it yourself.

Here a video on how to play washer Toss

7. Hilarious Bigfoot Game

Another BBQ party game idea for adults worth trying is the Hilarious Bigfoot Game. Just as the name of the game suggests, it’s funny and entertaining hence, would leave your guests thrilled for hours.

These hilarious outdoor party games provide the perfect opportunity to bond and make close connections among the players.

It’s a simple game to make and play. Thus, your family and friends get to interact more during the process. You’ll need

Cut the box and leave the two big sides intact.

Use a pencil to draw a foot on each piece of the cut box. To make it even more fun, draw two left feet.

Attach the tape to the toenails, and then add the plastic balls on to the tape

Glue the sandals on the drawn feet

How To Play Hilarious Bigfoot Game

This funny game would leave you in stitches as you watch the participants walk in the funniest ways imaginable.

First, you’ll need to mark the start and finish line. The first participant will put on the funny sandals at the start line.

With the timer on, the whistle will blow and the participant will walk as fast as they could to the finish line. You’ll laugh at the funny ways each participants walks as they try to get to the finish line.

The photos taken will be so funny hence, will provide a memorable experience for everyone involved.

8. Keep It up Balloon Game

Another excellent BBQ party game idea for adults is the Keep It up Balloon Game. Let’s be honest there’s no party without balloons. Balloons are for decoration but they can also provide a fun way to spend the BBQ party.

Thus, you can keep aside some balloons for the Keep It up Balloon Game during the BBQ. In this game, you’ll need to keep the balloon up in the air as you take as many hits to remain at the top.

9. Egg and spoon Game

Egg and spoon Game provides a fun and exciting way to spend your time at the BBQ party. It’s a simple and easy to play game that anyone can get on and have a time of their lifetime.

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This game involves running while balancing an egg on a spoon. The team or the person that manages to run without the egg dropping/falling is the winner.

To make things less messy, you can boil the eggs and eat them after the game.

The egg and spoon provides a perfect opportunity to unite participants during the BBQ party or a family reunion.

I remember that we once did the egg and spoon race during our family reunion and it was a fun and exciting experience.  The good thing is that all ages participated and it was a great way for members who were not familiar with each other to bond quickly and have fun at the same time.

10. Limbo 

The limbo remains one of the most popular and favorite games played by adults during outdoor parties like in BBQs or other events.

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You can easily customize the Limbo game with readily available materials. For example, you can use the a long rod like the broom handle and let two people hold it apart on each end.

The remaining players can go under the rod or the limbo stick and see who can attain the lowest level down. To add more fun add some exciting party music to make the game even livelier.


Outdoor games for adults provide a perfect opportunity for grownups to have fun and interact at a personal level. Hence, I hope that this list about BBQ party games ideas for adults has been helpful in choosing a game you can engage in during the BBQ party.

You can also purchase comfortable backyard chairs for additional fun and comfort.

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