Who Makes County Line Tillers?

Many of the tractor Implements we use to break or till our land or lawns are manufactured in the US. Finish mowers and tillers are mainly manufactured in Italy. 

  • Well, some wheels, ripper teeth, cutting edges, blades, gears, gearboxes, steel are made in China. But, who makes county line tillers? 

Simple answer – county line tillers are manufactured by King Kutter – great for the yard, garden, or raised beds. It’s a private label for TSC. In fact, you’ll notice the King Kutter phone number stuck on the implement. 

Details: Who Makes County Line Tillers?

Well, CountyLine Rotary Tiller is an excellent garden cultivator made by King Kutter.

  • They’ll stir up, aerate, and cultivate the soil in your food plots, gardens, or yards. 

CountyLine Rotary Tiller has a heavy-duty PTO, heat-treated self-sharpening tines, oil bath lubrication has 25 to 50 HP tractors, slip clutch, and adjustable runners. 

County Line Tiller Vs King Kutter

TSC County Line Tiller are impressive cultivators for gardens and yards. TSC County Line Tiller easily connects with the John Deere iMatch – you won’t require to alter the pins. 

  • County Line Tiller is inexpensive compared to other cultivators or tillers.
  • However, you’ll need to go through any parcel of land twice – even with the 4″ tilling depth to allow about 5 to 7 inches. 

County Line Tillers will leave fine soil after you take your tilling pass. This will be a great soil texture for you to plant all your seeds and seedlings. Check the front tine vs. rear tine tillers.

County Line Rotary Tiller Replacement Parts

King Kutter has allowed easy purchasing of technical products while also manufacturing excellent rototillers in the United States.

  • The company carries a broad number of accessories for different cultivators and tillers. 

So, if you require King Kutter parts, you’ll require to get out to the service centers that are authorized in your local area.

  • This includes all the new or replacement parts required for your tillers in the United States. 

However, check MowerPartsUSA if you’ll require any specialized parts that are very harder to find. Luckily, the company making garden tillers also has excellent customer service that’ll handle all your issues.

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Why County Line Rotary Tiller Doesn’t Spin with PTO Shaft?

Definitely, I would say that the section between the tiller’s gearbox and the tractor’s PTO shaft is the issue. For example, I would check if only the friction clutch is freely spinning around the tiller’s gearbox shaft. 

  • First, if that’s the case, this could be our main problem here. However, I would also say that the clutch might be faulty – one if there are no fiber plates that you can see in-between.
  • These could have worn out if you left the pack to carelessly loosen. 

Further, to rectify the situation, we may need to tighten the 6 or so bolts that are on the connection.

However, ensure that you tighten each of the bolts using almost an equal amount of force to ensure that each of them exerts an even amount of pressure on the connection. 

Also, probably the drive chain might have jumped off – so you’ll require to examine the clutch pack.



Check if the clutch packs tend to rotate without turning the shaft half you should know that the clutch pack has a problem.

However, ensure that the tractor is switched off while you’re working on the PTO equipment.

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