What Do Sugar Ants Look Like?

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Sugar ants (banded sugar ants or Camponotus consobrinus) are one of the most popular types of ant species. What Do Sugar Ants Look Like

Sugar ants will mainly be seen in most homes hauling grains of sugar and food particles.

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Summary:  The banded sugar ant is a type of ant that is only found in Australia. It’s polymorphic and relatively large in size with a black body and a distinctive orange-brown band wrapping around its gaster. Banded sugar ants differ slightly in appearance based on the roles they play in the colony. 

What Do Sugar Ants Look Like?

The soldiers, also known as major workers, and the minor workers usually measure approximately 5 to 15 mm in length while their queens can be up to twice the size of the worker ants. 

How banded sugar ants look like!
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Details: What Do Sugar Ants Look Like? 

These are the other types of sugar ants found in other parts of the world but share similar characteristics with the banded sugar ants (apart from the band).

Also referred to as odorous house ants, sugar ants are tiny ants that measure around 10mm in length and are commonly found in forests, woodlands, trees, shrubs, under rocks, in the soil, or even right in your home.

Male sugar ants are black while the female sugar ants have a lighter reddish-brown color than can easily be mistaken for a tiny drop of honey or syrup.

All sugar ants are tiny and skinny with a large head, thorax, and abdomen. Their heads have two antennae on top which the ants use to find trails and communicate.

They also have powerful mandibles which they use to break food and sugar particles into small ones that they can actually carry. Depending on their roles, some sugar ants may appear different as a result of adaptation.

For instance, the worker sugar ants will have bigger heads and mandibles since their job is to gather food. When sugar ants invade your home, you will likely spot them lined up in a queue coming from their entry point to their source of food in your home.

How to Know You Have a Sugar Ant Infestation

Sugar ants are tiny creatures whose size allows them to enter your home through any tiny crevices they can find. They can use cracks in doorways, windowsills, or other openings in your home.

When you have a sugar ant infestation, you may notice as soon as it starts happening when the affected area is clearly visible such as the kitchen.

But, when they invade a hidden area such as tall cabinets or basements, it can take a while to realize that you’re under attack. The following are some ways to tell when you have a sugar ant infestation:

1. Actually seeing them

Sugar ants are very courageous creatures and when in search of food, they will walk right in front of you or even on you to get to it.

The thing that makes sugar ants easy to see is that they never travel alone. When searching for food, sugar ants travel in hundreds or thousands so if you see one, there’s probably many others nearby.

2. Trails

Sugar ants usually leave a pheromone trail to the food source so that the other ants can know how to get to it. This trail appears to be a pale while line and you should wash it off with soapy water as soon as you see it.

3. Hollow sounds in wood

If your home is made of wood, you could be in serious trouble if sugar ants attack your home especially if it goes on for a long time undetected.

Sugar ants may burrow into wooden components of your home when trying to gain entry which, over time, may damage your home’s wooden parts. Sugar ants are not nearly as destructive to wood as carpenter ants but they can also do quite a bit of damage.

4. Seeing them around your home

If you see sugar ants in your lawn, backyard, fence or other places near your home, it won’t take long until they find a way into your home or maybe they already have.

Wrapping Up 

Now that you know what sugar ants look like and how to know if they have invaded your home, it’s up to you to get rid of them and take the necessary measures to keep them out of your home for good.


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