6 Best Work Shoes for High Arches in 2019 Reviewed

Best Work Shoes For High Arches should provide ample support and cushioning to prevent blisters, foot pain, or other painful conditions while soothing the high arches. You must choose shoes that are soft, comfortable, and with a secure fit. The best pair of work shoes ought to support the raised arches and not worsen your … Read more

5 Best Walking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet 2019

Best Walking Shoes for Men with Flat Feet should have great shock absorbing properties, excellent arch support, and exceptional cushioning. Your arches are designed to naturally act as shock absorbers every time you take a step. Hence, the arches require optimal support to eliminate knee or foot related pains. Therefore, you need to choose shoes … Read more

7 Best Shoes For High Arches And Standing All Day 2019

If you have high arches yet your job demands standing all day you need to invest in the right shoes. These Shoes should be supportive and well cushioned to aid in shock absorption. Your high arches can make you underpronate leading to sprained ankles or other foot injuries. Luckily, the market is filled with quality … Read more

Running Shoes vs. Walking Shoes for Weight Loss

For heavy females, choosing the right walking or running shoes is not an easy task. This is particularly s due to the many brands, colors, cushioning technologies and extensive marketing skills adopted by the many shoe companies. In this post, I’ll discuss the differences between the walking shoes vs the running shoes, with special focus … Read more

Best Walking Shoes for High Arches 2019 – Guide

Your high arches’ foot does not effectively absorb shock while you are walking or running. This phenomenon tends to put increased pressures on the heel and at your metatarsal area at the rear of the toes. Solution? Get the best walking shoes for high arches! But what are High Arches? Well, High Arches (also popular … Read more

7 Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis 2019

Being on your feet working or standing for extended periods may strain the ligaments that support your arch leading to serious heel pain. You need to wear top Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis with ample cushioning to enhance your comfort and stability while at work. Here’s the deal; a great pair of work shoes and … Read more

5 Best Shoes for Supination & Underpronation 2019

With so many supination/ under-pronation shoes (Brooks, Asics, Mizuno,  New Balance, Aetrex,  Saucony and Nike), which one do you choose? Hopefully, this guide helps. To prevent your feet from rolling outward (Supination), I recommend ASICS fuzeX or Asics Gel-Cumulus 19 as Best Shoes for Supination to allow proper stability and alignment of the musculoskeletal structures. The models have a deeper heel cup, low profile, and … Read more

Best Walking Shoes For Travel 2019 – Guide

Stylish yet comfortable walking shoes should be your priority when traveling. You wouldn’t want to ruin your travel experience by wearing uncomfortable shoes, thus limiting the thrill and fun that you can get while exploring by foot. Best walking shoes for travel will guarantee that you get small exciting details about your travel destination, as … Read more