How Do Flea Collars Work?

Current flea collars are more comfortable, adjustable, non-greasy with flexible designs. Manufactures claim flea collars will offer more extended flea protection (up to months). But do flea collars work?  Do Flea Collars Work

In Summary, YES, fleas collars will kill fleas on pets, including cats and dogs. But flea collars are different – some will repel fleas, others will kill, some kill baby fleas but other target adult fleas. 

But go for flea collars whose technology is adequately tested and designed – consult a veterinarian, check the product’s label claims or the manufacturer’s website. 

How Do Flea Collars Work? 

Flea collars offer 24/7 protection against fleas on your pets, including cats and dogs. Luckily, these are water-resistant and will be useful even in harsh weather like rain and water. Flea collars are either: 

1. Gas based Fleas collar  

These emit some toxic gases to repel or kill the fleas. The gas-based toxins will kill fleas and flea eggs on contact when they come around the collar. 

The emitted gas won’t be absorbed by the pets but will instantly kill the fleas that come into contact. Luckily, the gas isn’t absorbed into the pet’s skin and thus not toxic to the – cats or dogs. 

These gas-based fleas collar will repel and kill the fleas just on the local area near the device. Therefore, you can remove the collar when you’re at home and return it when you’re in the flea-prone places. 

2. High-Frequency Flea Collar

These flea collars function by releasing sound waves (ultra-sonic) to scare the bugs off from your pets. 

We acknowledge the positive reports above these collars, but there are equally some negative ones out there. However, you may consider using these collars and send us a comment on their effectiveness.  

3. Absorption based Flea collars

Absorption based Flea collar some substance that’ll dissolve into the pet’s skin and fatty layers, killing fleas all over their body. Some include Seresto Flea Collar and Bayer Animal Health. 

The insecticides in these collars are absorbed and be distributed all over their body to kill the fleas. However, it would help if you also continued any side effects that may appear on the pet. 

Other considerations? 

But some cheap collars will only fleas that are near the gadget – this is rather ineffective. Also, some are made up of active ingredients that are hazardous to cats and dogs. 

While at it, Seresto flea collar is a reliable device to repel and kill fleas & ticks on dogs and cats for eight months. Thus, the bugs won’t transmit dangerous diseases or causes irritation on pets no more.

The collars effectively deliver the high-quality active ingredients on the pet’s hair or skin surface – the fleas’ hiding place. Luckily, flea collars will continually repel an kill fleas on the pets. 

Bad odour? No current flea collars won’t release that kind of pungent odours. The devices will slow-release the active ingredients onto the pet’s skin – reducing chances of strong odours. 

Custom-fit? The flea collar must be the right fit for your pet – a custom or adjustable fit would be even better to minimise hassle and stress that comes to a flea attack. Cut off the leftover collar length from the collar to prevent biting and chewing.

But how tight must be the flea collars? Ensure that 2-fingers (pointer & middle fingers) can fit between the pet’s neck and the flea collar when you’ve fastened it enough. Ensure that the collar is not too tight – but keep it snug.

Scheduled replacement? However, check and adhere to collar replacement schedule as outlined on the product notes. Also, inspect the collar’s fit regularly – particularly for growing pets.

Ingredients in Flea Collars 

Propoxur rapidly kills down the fleas’ nervous system. Therefore, it has a quick knockdown effect – within 24 hours, the Propoxur ingredient will kill the fleas and their larvae. 

However, Propoxur is also toxic to human beings, and thus you must wash your hand after touching the flea collar as you clip it on your pet. Further, keep the propoxur-based flea collars from kids. 

Amitraz will mainly appear in preventative flea collars. Your ingredients will kill the ticks and fleas. Luckily, the flea collars will prevent flea infestation on the cats or dogs for about three months – if they continue wearing the collar. 

Deltamethrin (synthetic Pyrethroid) will mainly be in the Preventef-D and Adams Delta Force and is considered a safer insecticide. It is similar to the Pyrethrin that’ll be in chrysanthemum. 

Benefits of Flea Collars

1. Prevent Skin Infections

Flea collars will help reduce the risk of infection on your cat’s or dog’s skin. This is because it reduces the pet’s saliva’s chances of causing itching, scratching, and allergies.

Therefore, your pets won’t over-scratch their skin which would otherwise lead to wounds, skin infections, or even hot spots – this would mean diseases, stress and diseases.

2. Long Residue Effect 

Fleas collars have a long residue effect – depending on the type used – either the gas-based fleas collar, high-frequency flea collar or absorption-based flea collars.

Some fleas collars may continually kill fleas on your pets for about eight months. Compare this to the shorter-term spot-on spray that may only be effective against fleas for 30 days.

Further, collars are highly budget-friendly besides offering better protection against bugs, eggs, and larvae. Thus, you might only require to replace the flea collars after like 8 – 12 months.

3. Prevents a Tapeworm infestation 

Flea collar will addition help prevent an infestation of tapeworms on your pets. This is because fleas are bugs known to carry and transmit tapeworms. 

Sadly, tapeworms (transmitted also be fleas) will make your dog and cats experience stomach pains and upsets. Further, puppies and kittens could suffer anaemia, intestinal blockage, and stunted growth. 

Further, the collars will prevent the fleas from getting into your indoor spaces. The devices will sit pretty on the pet’s neck and thus continually repel and kill fleas.

4. Flea Collars are Convenient

But how would you ensure that the collars fit correctly on your pet? Well, these collars are straightforward and convenient to use since you’ll only need to fit it into the pet’s neck – not too tight or loose.

No prescription is needed, but you’ll need to report any bad skin reactions to your veterinary. However, some of the flea collars won’t offer protection for the whole pet body.

Some fleas collars are even custom-fit, and hence it’ll be easy and quick to fit them on your pet with minimal hassle or stress. But adhere to the manufacturer’s guides. Further, it has no drying period, and thus you won’t have to wait.

How Long Does It Take a Flea Collar to Work?

Most flea collars (particularly the chemical brands) begin killing fleas in 24 hours, and you may notice a decline of fleas in 3 to 4 weeks. However, the residue effect of the collars may last for 5-12 months. 

But natural fleas collars require more time to show reliable flea control results. However, as you use the collars consider the mild reported risk of flea collars

The fleas collars’ time of action mainly depends on factors such as the pet’s condition, flea infestation stages, hygiene, fleas collar type and manufacturer, and the active ingredients used, including tetrachlorvinphos, imidacloprid, and flumethrin. 


Flea collars are an effective flea control method on your pets, including cats and dogs. Consider the various types of collars available, including the gaseous collars and absorption type of flea collars.

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