Do Fake Wasps Nests Work? (My Detailed Response)

Summer times is the perfect time to relax at your balcony or backyard. Do Fake Wasps Nests Work? Right? Well, it may not be that peaceful if you have wasps infestation in your home – its time to control these wasps.

Could be you have come across Fake Wasps Nests – a perfect designed, non-toxic wasps trap that lure the wasps into death chamber.  So, my question is, do fake wasps nests work?

Yes! Fake Wasps Nests are designed in a shape that resembles the own wasps made nest. The wasps are tricked to think that there are already existing wasps in the territory.

The human-made decoy fools the wasps to fly into the chamber where they get trapped and killed through suffocation.

Let’s get into details.

Do Fake Wasps Nests Actually Work?

YES! Fake Wasps Nest work by fooling wasps into their chambers. They are tricked to think that there are some existing wasps in the Fake Wasps Nests.

Then, the wasps will fly into the chamber where they get stuck and killed by suffocation – you can even remove wasps while alive (this depends on what the fake wasps nest was made for).

The walls of internal chamber of Fake Wasps Nests is reinforce with sticky substance (e.g. glue) that help trap the flying wasps on contact.

Importantly, the Fake Wasps Nest has a doom shaped interior that offers an ample space to accommodate large number of wasps awaiting death. In addition, the Fake Wasps Nests has a narrow entrance at the bottom, which makes it difficult for the wasps to fly out.

The idea of trapping and killing wasps using Fake Wasps Nests is brilliant though highly affected by wasps behavior of life – they prefer living in their own made wasps nest.

What is a Fake Wasp Nest?

Fake wasps nest is a product/repellent designed to fool the wasps into them. It resemble the actual wasps nest though the material used in making it may differ slightly.

This product operate by trapping the wasps within its chambers. The human made decoy intends to trick wasps to believe that some wasps live in the territory.

The fooled wasps, then, flew in where they get stuck. The Fake Wasps nest may kill wasps by suffocation or allow them to die naturally – this is determined by the purpose for which the fake wasps nest was made.

Fake wasps nests are small in size. They are highly portable and can be hung at different points within your house or compound.

What is the purpose of Fake wasps nest in your place/home?

Wasps lives in colonies within your home or compound. They can harm your humans or animals if disturbed at any point. In fact, wasps are no go zone. Unlike bees, they sting repetitively without losing their lives.

Fake wasps nest are supposed to eliminate these insects in a peaceful way. To realize this, the wasps are expected to fly into the Fake Wasps Nest where they get trapped and killed.

This method is a simple way of ensuring that you do not cause commotion in wasps’ hideouts during eradication. It is risky to allow wasps infestation in your home/compound/place – they multiply relatively fast posting threats to the occupants.

What makes Fake Wasps Nest Ineffective?

The Fake Wasps Nest may not be as effective as you might expect. This is attributed mainly by the behavior of different species of wasps. Research shows that, most wasps do not like living in artificial Fake Wasps Nests. Instead, they prefer to build their own wasps nests.

Though some research showed that wasps could get into the Fake Wasps Nest and live, the number was quite small. You may also find some wasps building their own wasps nest inside the Fake wasps nest – this is a clear indicator that the fake wasps nests are not effective enough.

In some cases, Wasps would build their nest just adjacent to Fake Wasps Nest. Actually. there is a strong bond that lay between the wasps and their own made nests – that’s why they often return to them even after you chase them away.

Could the Purchased Fake Wasp Nests be More Effective?

The most important thing to consider in a Fake Wasps Nest is the principle of operation. The fact that the artificial idea of fooling wasps into their death cage is ineffective, tells you that any fake wasps nest will yield similar results.

Your purchased Fake Wasps Nests may be more appealing than the homemade option. However, the killing/trapping idea is already incorrect or inefficient.

Importantly, the wasps are not attracted by the color or quality of your fake wasps nest – they have the inborne attraction to their own made nests.

You must opt for suitable alternatives if you endeavor to experience great impact in wasps eradication.

What make people feel that Fake Wasps Nest would Work?

Definitely! People think that since most species of wasps live in territorials, then, it is easier for them to soothe wasps into a decoy Fake Wasps Nests. In the ideal situations, it’s not the case. Most wasps have ways of making decisions and implementing them.

In case a swam of wasps want to migrate, they do a thorough investigations on any Fake Wasps Nest or place before relocating.

Wasps, rarely shift to other places – they may even take a year or more before moving to a new nest.

Sometimes, wasps nest may not necessarily be on the roof or somewhere hanging – many wasp species tend to build their nests on or within the grounds where you may not see them. Hanging Fake Wasps Nests won’t work for these species of wasps.

In most scenarios, people think that presence of flying wasps within their compound calls for wasps infestation in the area. This may not be the case. These wasps may be on patrol searching for food source or new place to inhabit. Setting Fake Wasps Nests basing on such occurrence will be a waste of time and resource.

You must continuously monitor the wasps occurrences in case you notice some in your vicinity.

Can Wasps Re-Use Their Own Made Nest?

No! In the real life, wasps won’t opt to go for their old abandoned nest. Naturally, during winter, most of male wasps die due to advance weather conditions.

The queen is, then, forced to leave and search for a new place to hibernate until summer. During the following year, the wasps would build other nests in their new location, abandoning their previous nests completely.

Sometimes, the queen may return to the old place but won’t live in the old nest. Instead, the queen wasps would make a new nest near to the old one and begin to breed. This behavior tell you that the Fake Wasps Nests may not be an option for the wasps on return thus rendering them ineffective.

Research shows that there are very few cases where wasps re-use their own made nests. Though this may occur, it is not something you can rely on when setting up you Fake Wasps Nest.

It is advisable that you remove all abandoned wasps nest in your house – they may act as attractants of future wasps re-infestations in your home. These abandoned nests may also house some eggs or young wasps, which may be left to develop and mature during the winter period.

Which Wasps Control Methods Do Work?

Though wasps control may not be achieve efficiently through use of Fake Wasps Nests, it’s necessary to try it in different places/points. However, if you realize that it doesn’t yield much, you can opt for some of the alternative given below:

1. Use alternative wasps traps

You can purchase or create your own homemade traps using used items like bottles. In this option, you will need to place a wasps attractants inside the bottle and place it near wasps infestation site.

Close the bottle once the wasps get in. Though tedious, this method works nicely.

You can also make swat trap, which you will swap and kill any flying wasps you spot in your place. This trap may not kill those wasps that do not come from their hideouts.

2. Using Wasp Spray

You can spray the wasps nests directly using the insecticide to kill eggs and adult wasps. Ensure you frequently do this to keep off future infestations. It is necessary to select the best spray for wasps.

3. Using wasps Repellent Dust

Wasps repellent dusts are product made to release a smell that keeps off wasps. You can purchase these products and place them at different points in your compound or home.

This a long-term option that can treat your place for more than 6 months. However, this option is dangerous for your pets and children.

4. Use of smoke

Create a wood smoke and pass it over wet clothes. Then, concentrate the moist smoke at the wasps nest.

This will kill both eggs and adult wasps. Some of the wasps will escape even before you reach them once they sense fire in the vicinity.

5. Use of dish soap and water mixture

This is a local way of eliminating wasps. Mix dish soap with water and smear/spray over the wasps nests. Then, leave the product to do the killing. You need to do this severally for complete killing.

6. Clean the compound/Home

Ensure you clean your compound by doing the following:

  • Making sure that you remove all the garbage.
  • Remove broken woodpiles.
  • Clean rotten fruits.
  • Removing abandoned wasps nests.
  • Sealing the opening in your structure.

This will minimize the infestation of wasps in your home.

7. Engage a wasps Professional

It is important to engage a Wasps Professional to help eliminate wasps infestations.

These people have gears that aid in locating and quick removal of wasps without harming the occupants. They can also help initiate ways that will minimize future wasps infestation in your place.

What to Do with Wasps Nests in your Home

Never test the wrath of wasps by disturbing their nests. Definitely, you won’t like their reactions. Wasps defends their territories dangerously.

Once you locate a wasps nest in your compound/home, do not be quick to actions. Take your time. Do proper assessment to determine the possible population of wasps in the nest. Then, put on the proper gears that will prevent you from being stung.

Engaging a wasps control professionals to help remove wasps infestations in the best options. This will minimize some of them from escaping. They have special equipment designed purposely for this mission.

It is important to note that safety is a key factor during wasps removal – wasps can sting severally at a single point causing severe pain and swelling. Wasp’s stings can also cause allergy to your humans and animals.

If you have to knock out the wasps nest, ensure you run for safety immediately – this is the most primitive way of wasps removal. Be keen to check whether there are some wasps left in the fallen nest while others flew away. Some wasps may hide within the house and build new nests instead of leaving the entire place.

The Don’ts during wasps removal

The following are some of things you don’t engage in during wasps removal:

  1. Never destroy wasps ground nests with boiling water.
  2. Don’t knock down large wasps without wasps protection gear.
  3. Never extract wasps using a vacuum.
  4. Never pour flammable substance on the ground wasps nests.
  5. Never fool wasps by playing dead.
  6. Don’t hide from wasps in water bodies – they will swim and wait for you to emerge.
  7. Avoid bright and scented clothes while removing wasps.


Fake Wasps Nests actually work by fooling wasps into their chambers. Once insides, wasps are trapped, suffocated and killed. The effectiveness of Fake Wasps Nests is quite low since most wasps prefer to build their own wasps nests.

Therefore, Fake Wasps Nests may not be the best option for wasps eradication. You can try the wasps control alternatives that are highlighted in this article to achieve successful wasps elimination in your place.


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