Can You Drown a Spider? Flush Water Death?

Probably there are thousand ways you can kill you can kill a spider in your yard or house. Can You Drown a Spider? But definitely, most of us know crushing it with a blunt object – the “Hulk smash” technique. But, can you drown a spider? 

The simple answer is, No, you cannot drown a spider – as stated by Real Science – but they’ll die if submerged in sewer. Spiders have a very low oxygen intake due to their low metabolic rate and thus drowning may take 1-3 hours. 

But water spider or diving-bell spider can live fully under water. Spider breathe through book lungs or web gills and remain under water for over 24 hours. 

Details: Can You Drown a Spider? Flush Water Death?

Just like human beings, spiders also drink water and this is why you might find them around water sources such as shower or bath stalls. Also, can the spider drawn in the ocean if its swept by any random sunbather. 

Spiders spending time around the shower or bath stalls may end up being flashed down the drain when you’re bathing. So, if you’re wondering if spiders can actually drown when you flash them them down the drain – relax we get into the details. Can they crawl or climb back fighting for its life. 

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The truth is: According to the American Arachnological Society, any spider that’s flushed will only drown within 1-3 hours since they have low oxygen intake dude to their low metabolic rate. 

Some spider species sick as diving bell spider won’t drown easily anyway because  they’ll create underwater webs which allow gaseous exchange. The webs enable the spider to rise above the water surface once daily –  prevents it from being washed away the drain

Therefore, when trying to kill the spiders you should know that some spiders aren’t even venomous but will prey on household pests such as mosquitoes. For example, some spiders kill malaria-carrying mosquitos that may cause many people annually

You Can’t Drown A Spider! – Spider Survives Drowning

Alternative Ways to Control Spiders

Spiders are crawly, creepy arachnids that have 8 legs that tend terrify kids and adults equally. This is particularly so when one finds themselves attached when in an empty apartment.

You might see some black and white spots on the floor – which will mean you’ll have to kill the spiders with any way possible. So, below are some of the methods you can use to kill the arachnids. 

However, researchers caution against squashing spiders – they keep a natural ecosystem. So, to deal with the arachnids in your boat, house or yard, you’ll need to counter the spiders intelligently. 

1. Use Lady Bugs 

You definitely won’t like the ladybugs running around the floor spaces. So, you’ll need to keep the ladybugs around the garden walls to keep the spiders and other small insects.

Further, the ladybugs will prey and eat the insects that’ll attract the spiders – which means that that spiders will have limited food sources available around the house and thus they’ll relocate. 

Thus putting the ladybugs around your house won’t kill the spiders but will keep them off your house’s perimeter. It’ll equally work excellently when there many flowers and bushes that are near the windowsills or house foundation. 

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2. Use a Spider Spray (Natural)

Next up is using a natural spray for the spiders. You’ll need to make the spray using natural ingredients and then spray it around the home’s damp areas or bathroom.

  • Simply, pour a single cup of the natural apple cider vinegar
  • Pour 1 cup of pepper
  • Pour 1 teaspoon of oil
  • Pour 1 teaspoon of dish soap (the liquid type)
  • Mix everything in one spray bottle and spray once, and respray after 3-5 days.

Further, you’ll need to spray the insecticide on the outer side of your house along the doors, windowsills, and windows to prevent the spiders from entering.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is hated by many pests including spiders and bed bugs. Notably, the oil has a very harsh smell – particularly for small arachnids and insects like yellow jackets and wasps. 

  • Take a plastic bottle and pour some water (for dilution) with the peppermint oil so that it won’t irritate your pets and the human skin. 
  • Next, take the bottle and spray around the house, yard, and perimeter to repel the spiders. 
  • Alternatively, soak some cotton balls in the peppermint oil-water mixture and position them in places you think spiders might be using to get into your house. 

4. De-clutter your Spaces 

Definitely, spiders – like insects too – like clutter and they’ll camp behind dirty furniture and big boxes. Therefore, you’ll need to keep the home free from clutter and ensure its always clean.

Remember to dust and clean up the walls once each week while also putting away the packages and boxes. This will discourage the spiders from creating their web around – but also clean up any other cobwebs you see around.

Further, clean up your house’s exteriors and slash up the bushes and vegetation that’s on the house perimeter. This will remove any possible hiding places and make the space spider-free.

5. Citrus Peels

Citrus, comparable mint leaves, contain acetic acid which insects and spiders loathe. Spiders hate citrus just like grapefruits, oranges, and lemons. 

I would say that you can purchase citrus oils scents or simply save on some leftover peels after you’ve eaten the fruit. These will repel the spiders away from your house and yard. 

  • Get the citrus peels and rub them on bookshelves, baseboards, window sills, and doorways. 
  • For the essential citrus oil, simply some water with the oil in the bottle ready for spraying around your house and perimeter. 
  • However, for the citrus peels always replace these one in 1-2 days to ensure that the citrus smell is always active to repel the spiders from your house. 

7. Spray Cedar Oil 

Just like Citrus, spiders hate the cedar wood smell and will move so far from near it. So, simply lay down cedar mulch near your house and its perimeter to repel the spiders. 

However, always get high quality cedar wood or cedar oil to ensure that the harsh smell won’t die down so fast before it fully repels the spiders. 

  • For cedar essential oil, simply mix the oil with some water and finally spray the mixture on your house’s exterior and perimeter. 
  • Also, you may position natural cedar in the house to repel the spiders. Luckily, its a natural solution that won’t be toxic or harm pets and humans. 

8. Use Tobacco 

Tobacco is hated by many insects and arachnids like spiders too. Luckily, tobaccos is readily available in most places and its equally cheap compared to commercial spider fogger

  • Simply get a tobacco leaf in your local store or shops and spread them on routes where you suspects spider use to get into the house. 
  • Alternatively, crash the leaves and soak them in some water inn a spray bottle. Finally, spray the tobacco-water mixture around the house and perimeter. 
  • Finally, you may create some tobacco balls. For this metods, you’ll need to mix water, flour and tobacco leaves to create spider-repellent balls. 
  • Caution – for homes with pets and kids, only using tobacco spray and leaves might be hazardous to these your sensitive animals and loved ones respectively.

9. Use Borax 

Finally, borax is the last alternative repellent your can use against spiders. Definitely, borax is popularly used in repelling ants but it’ll also be effective against spiders. 

  • Take the borax powder and sprinkle it on the routes and areas you suspect will be used by spiders or where they may make their webs. 
  • In addition, you can sprinkle the powder along the doors, or between the storm windows and window. 


So, we’ve tackled the question – “can you drown a spider?” The response is that its impossible to easily drown spiders since they have low oxygen intake and equally low metabolic rate. This means that some spiders may even survive under water for 1-3 hours. 

Equally surprising is that some spiders like water spider or diving-bell spider will use their book lungs or web gills for respiration when they’re under water. Therefore, these spider will survive for longer (over 24 hours) without coming to the water surface. 

I’ve outlined alternative methods you can use to repel spiders from your house – as opposed to killing them since these arachnids assist in maintaining a balanced ecological environment. Some of the methods include using tobacco, borax, and cedar oil.


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