7 Best Weed Barrier under Gravel in 2023

Are you looking for the best weed barrier under gravel? Well, I’ve covered it all below.

  • Weeds will definitely spoil the fun and the beauty in your home, yard, or garden. 

In fact, weeds will compete aggressively with your garden grass for sunlight, nutrients, and water – leading to weaker plants like lavender or strawberries. 

Barriers: 7 Best Weed Barrier under Gravel 2023

1. Agfabric Woven Weed Barrier – Best for Under Gravel or Rock

The Agfabric Woven makes it easier to plan your yard to prevent weeds such as dog strangle vine and Japanese knotweed from growing.

Luckily, this barrier is durable, heavy but equally well breathable to easily suppress those weeds. 

So, the Agfabric woven barrier will let water through the many pores into the plant’s roots – this will keep the soil moist and healthy to easily supply your plants with required nutrients and support. 

Agfabric weed barrier is created using Polypropylene woven fabric that’s heavy-duty and equally durable.

The barrier will easily control soil erosion preventing over-watering (particularly for massive annual rainfall) plus preventing plant damage from the sun’s excessive UV rays. 

The PP woven fabric is environmentally friendly as it’s totally biodegradable – luckily this will only come after serving your flower beds and garden for a number of years.

Further, the PP woven fabric will resist corrosion even with beyond-average soil or water ph levels. 

Agfabric acts like an antioxidant for your plants. It has excellent air and water permeability mainly due to the great distance from the flat yarns.

Luckily, this one is chemical-free and thus won’t poison your plants or flowers. Chemicals would otherwise cause nutrient insufficiency as they’ll make the solid dry. 

  • Other applications include patio walkways, playgrounds, under a deck, garden pathways.

It’ll easily stop any soil erosion particularly when the yard is sloppy or during heavy rains. It measures 50 ft in length, 6.5 ft in width, and weighs 3.2 Oz. 


  • Puncture and tear resistance – it is thick such that weeds won’t puncture through
  • Suitable for under mulch, gravel, and rock – crushed stone. 
  • Has in-lines printed on it to enhance garden symmetry
  • Made from environment-friendly and equally biodegradable plastic
  • The woven fabric design restricts light while allowing water to pass through


  • Require regular cleaning

2. Dewitt P3 Pro 5 Weed Barrier (5-Ounce 3-by-250-Foot)

Dewitt PRO-5 is also made from polypropylene fabric that’s needle-punched suitable for use in commercial and professional settings.

The weed barrier is recommended by government agencies and top landscape architects. 

Dewitt PRO-5 will prevent weed germination and growth in addition to helping conserve the soil moisture. The colored lines that are 12-inched will allow you to easily align your flowers and plants. 

  • Dewitt PRO-5 works to prevent mulch decay since it’ll easily take the space between the desired plants and the yard soil.
  • Therefore, it’ll allow the decorative stone, bark, and mulch to last long – saving time and money.

Dewitt PRO-5 is thick and treated to hinder UV penetration while allowing water from your watering can or rainfall to seep to the plant’s roots.

In addition, its fabric is puncture-resistant put will be simple to cut and lay down on the yard.

The weed barrier uses no chemicals to control the weeds. These chemicals would otherwise poison the beneficial micro-organisms, earthworms, and water in the soil.

  • Therefore, Dewitt PRO-5 allows your plants and flowers to develop organically.
  • It’ll block the sunlight rays preventing the growth of weeds in your landscape fabrics.

But the barrier will allow nutrients, water, and air to be available for the plants you love – they’ll thus last long, be healthy and strong while the weeds die.

Dewitt PRO-5 has a permeable fabric that’ll allow nutrients, water, and air to get to the plant roots and soil – but it’ll also retain moisture which cuts the quality of water you’ll need to grow and maintain your flowers or desired plants.


  • A thick barrier prevents hardy weeds and grass from penetrating for sunlight for crushed stone
  • Polypropylene sheet to keep your plants healthy and moist as water will easily seep through the membrane.
  • It is relatively punctures and tears resistant
  • Its created to resist the damaging UV light from the sun


  • None  

3. Scotts 25-Year (3 by 150-Feet) Pro Fabric

SCOTT’s 25-Year Pro is a durable and strong weed barrier but it’s not heavy that it won’t be easy to roll over in your yard and under the gravel. 

The fabric is easy to cut yet strong enough to withstand tear and install for most garden owners. However, you can spread a mulch layer on the weed barrier.

It measures 3 feet by 150-feet – it’s big enough a barrier for under gravel.

Also, the material is quality despite coming with the flimsy plastic feel – it’ll take your staples readily. However, it lacks print lines that would guide one to follow a straight edge. 

SCOTT’s 25-Year Pro, like its name suggests, can last for about 25 years. Luckily, the fabric will block weeds but equally leave the water to seek through its woven surface.

However, the weed barrier is not thick enough and so it might tear – but you can cut it with minimal effort. 

You’ll need to remove gravel and mulch regularly while also brushing the weed barrier – this will allow the unit to last for the promised 25 years of good weed blocking. However, SCOTT’s 25-Year Pro is not UV-resistant.


  • Excellent when used with gravel or mulch cover
  • The fabric is light in weight
  • Easy to install as it’ll take staples easily
  • It’s easy to cut but yet strong enough to avoid careless tearing


  • Not UV-resistant
  • Thin weed barrier 

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4. PRO Series 4 Ft by 225 Ft Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

PRO Series 4 has an environmentally-friendly Fabric that’ll readily create a barrier for the various weeds in your yard. 

Weed vines like bindweed may strangle plants including the begonias or use your plants like climbing support – and may kill it in the end.

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One of my friends installed this weed barrier during the start of summer following a hand weeding. 

  • Weeds may only move up using the holes reserved for plants – its roots will never get through the barrier fabric.
  • It’s durable to even work excellently in your garden and yard for some time before you install your mulch.

PRO Series 4 is an excellent landscape fabric to save you of tedious weeding time to reach even the coming planting season.

  • It offers very high reliability and longevity to control weeds for about 225 feet in your garden or yard.
  • You can easily install the fabric using 6-inches by x 1-inches fabric staples.

PRO Series 4 allows water to sip through its fabric or hydrophilic membrane but prevents the weeds from developing further. It’ll easily lock down the moisture and easily absorb the water.


  • Cheap weed control roll that’ll provide a 225 feet cover in your yard or garden
  • Enables easy installation and equally seed or seedling planting
  • Durable while in use as it allows even about 20 years
  • The weed barrier has a rick material akin to the one used by commercial landscapers
  • Its membrane is water permeable to allow water to easily seep into the roots of your flowers or plants.


  • None

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Weed barriers will prevent weeds from encroaching your plants – particularly under gravel, allowing air and moisture.

They enable the soil to breathe, reduce nutrient leaching, and prevent water evaporation. Finally, I’ve reviewed the top weed Barrier under Gravel.

  • The key point to note is that your chosen unit must have a material that’s highly permeable to water.

However, it must not be overly absorbent as this might allow weeds to overgrow.

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