7 Best Wasp Fogger for 2023 Reviewed

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate fogger to tackle some pesky wasps, you’ve landed in the right place. Wasps, with their painful stings, can be quite the nuisance, but fear not – there’s a solution.

  • To successfully eliminate these irksome wasps from your home, you’ll require an effective and safe insect fogger. 

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top-rated wasp foggers on the market and provide valuable insights into the key factors to consider when making your purchase.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Wasp Fogger for 2023 

1. Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger – Wasp Fogger Outdoor

As the name suggests, this fogger is designed to go deep into tight spaces, including those hard-to-reach wasp nests. It’s a versatile fogger for eradicating not only adult wasps but also their eggs and larvae ensuring comprehensive pest control.

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger - Wasp Fogger Outdoor View on Amazon

Each pack includes three 1.5 oz cans, typically sufficient for most residential properties, with each can covering an impressive 625 square feet.

  • When activated, the fogger disperses evenly throughout your home, leaving behind no unsightly stains or wet surfaces. Say goodbye to the hassle of extensive post-treatment cleaning!

The Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger doesn’t stop at wasps; it also effectively eliminates a range of common household pests such as spiders, ants, and roaches, offering you comprehensive protection.

This powerful fogger is well-suited for indoor use, making it versatile enough for living rooms, attics, garages, barns, basements, and more.

In summary, the Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger is a reliable and robust option for tackling wasp infestations and other household pests, offering convenience and peace of mind for homeowners.


  • Potent and effective fogger
  • Excellent penetration into narrow spaces
  • Minimal residue, making cleanup easier
  • Long-lasting pest control effects


  • Limited coverage for certain types of pests

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2. Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger – Kills Wasps, Roaches, Ants, Spiders & Fleas

Introducing the Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger – your second best solution for hassle-free wasp control. Say goodbye to pesky invaders like wasps, fleas, silverfish, and mosquitoes with this powerful insecticide.

Hot Shot No Mess Fogger View on Amazon

Packed with effective ingredients like tetramethrin, permethrin, and piperonyl butoxide, this fogger means business when it comes to eradicating common pests.

Each package contains three 1.2 oz cans, and each can treats an impressive 2000 cubic feet of space. When you activate the trigger valve, it unleashes a fine mist of insecticide that can effortlessly reach and penetrate even the tiniest cracks and corners where wasps love to build their nests.

  • The best part? This mist lingers in the air for up to 6 weeks, ensuring those persistent pests don’t stand a chance.
  • The Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger is versatile and perfect for use in enclosed spaces like homes, attics, garages, barns, storehouses, and basements.

Worried about stains on your surfaces? Worry no more! This fogger leaves no unsightly marks behind, making cleanup a breeze. Plus, it includes a neutralizer to minimize any lingering odors.

What sets this insecticide apart is its use of dry fog, allowing you to keep your lights on during application. No more fumbling in the dark while trying to get rid of pests.


  • Effortlessly penetrates crevices and tight spaces.
  • Effectively eliminates a wide variety of insects.
  • Provides residual protection for up to 6 weeks.
  • Leaves surfaces stain-free.


  • Caution: Harmful to humans and pets.


3. Hot Shot Indoor Fogger – Editor’s Wasp Bomb for Attic

Concerned about getting stung by wasps? Worry no more! Hot Shot Indoor Fogger is here to help you eliminate those wasp troubles.

  • This high-quality fogger is designed to effectively get rid of wasps, even in hard-to-reach places like their nests.

Hot Shot Indoor Fogger - Editor's Wasp Bomb for Attic View on Amazon

It doesn’t just stop at killing adult wasps – it also takes care of their larvae and eggs, potentially wiping out an entire wasp colony.

Each package contains four cans, and each can holds 2 ounces of fogging power. With just one can, you can cover an area of approximately 2000 cubic feet indoors.

The best part is that its effects last for about two months, so it continues to kill any new wasps that enter your home.

But that’s not all! This fogger isn’t limited to wasps; it’s also highly effective against other common household pests like roaches, fleas, crickets, flies, and mosquitoes.

You can use it inside various indoor spaces, including your living areas, attic, garage, basement, storeroom, and even barns. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any lingering odors because it is neutralized automatically. 


  • Covers a large indoor area
  • Effectively deals with pests
  • Lasts for two months
  • Works against multiple pests


  • A bit on the expensive side


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4. PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger

This is easy to use and effective wasp fogger for use in eradicating both crawling and flying household pests. It contains powerful active ingredients such as pyrethrins, dicarboximide, and piperonyl Butoxide.

PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger View on Amazon

This ingredient makes this fogger a reliable tool for eradicating most of the indoor pests.

When used in an enclosed space, each 5 oz can cover about 5000 cubic feet. That’s quite a large area compared to similar foggers of its size. It spreads quickly and far. Thus you will be able to eradicate wasp that lives in hidden corners of the house.

Other than wasps, PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger kills other common household pests such as flies, spiders, fleas, weevils, ants, among others.

It can be used in virtually all indoor places, including living areas, storehouses, attic, barn, garage, and commercial buildings like hotels, offices, warehouses, etc.


  • Works on a variety of household pests
  • Spreads easily and far
  • Covers a vast space.


  • Expensive

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5. Longley Carryall ULV Fogger

If you want a wasp fogger for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces, then Longray Carryall ULV fogger can be an ideal option.

Unlike thermal foggers, Longray Carryall uses air pressure to propel fog-like particles from the fogging liquid. The pressure can be adjusted to emit particles of different sizes.

Longray Carryall ULV Fogger View on Amazon

Typically, this fogger produces particles of 5-30 microns. These can be effectively used to eradicate most of the household insects, including wasp.

Longley Carryall ULV fogger works with most of the available insecticides, repellents, deodorants, and disinfectants to help eradicate insects. These ingredients are poured into the 1.6 L tank before being pressurized using an electric motor. It comes with a flexible hose to enable you to direct the fog to the target areas.

Usually, appropriate neutralizers are added into the tank to reduce odor from the insecticides.

You can use it to eradicate wasps in your house, basement, garden, greenhouse, storehouse among other places. The device comes with a regulator for adjusting the size of particles and the flow of the fog.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Fit for domestic and commercial use
  • Flexible hose
  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Has a large tank


  • Heavy to carry around
  • Expensive

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6. Durvet 011-1135 Indoor Fogger

If you’re tired of wasp bites, you need an effective fogger like Durvet No-Bite Indoors Fogger.

You can use it to kill wasps and other household pests like roaches, flies, mosquitoes, crickets, flies, beetles, ants, and many more.

Durvet 011-1135 Indoor Fogger View on Amazon

The active ingredients are strong insect killers like piperonal Butoxide, tetramethrin, and permethrin.

It’s available in a pack of 3, 6 oz cans. Each can is capable of treating up to 6000 cubic feet of an enclosed area. When the trigger is pressed, the bomb spreads and penetrates into every tiny crevice in the room. This kills adult wasps, including their larvae and eggs. The residual activity continues to kill for a prolonged time.

You can use it to kill a wasp in your house, attics, basement, storehouse, barn, among other places. It makes use of water-based ingredients that leave no marks on surfaces. Besides, it’s not associated with any unpleasant odors.

As a precaution, you are advised to leave the treated area for some hours. Also, keep the foggers cans away from kids and pets.


  • Very economical-covers 6000 cubic feet
  • Kills wasps and many household pests
  • Can be used in large places
  • Doesn’t stain your surfaces
  • Not associated with unpleasant odor


  • It’s not ideal for small rooms.

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7. Spectracide Indoor Fogger

You can’t go wrong with a Spectracide fogger in your efforts to eradicate pests in your home. Spectracide Indoor Fogger is especially excellent in eradicating wasps and other pesky household insects.

Spectracide Indoor Fogger View on Amazon

A value pack contains six cans, each capable of fogging around 2000 cubic feet of enclosed space. The active ingredients include cypermethrin, tetramethrin, among other ingredients. The best insecticides in the market contain these ingredients because of their potential to kill insects.

This fogger works by emitting the insecticide as a misty substance. This makes it easy for the insecticide to penetrate crevices and corners where wasps make their nests. When it comes into contact with the wasps, this insecticide causes instant death.

It works best when used in indoor spaces such as attics, garage, basement, storehouses, barns, etc. This fogger won’t leave any awful odor in your house or nasty stains on your surfaces.

As precaution, avoid exposing this fogger to open flames or temperatures beyond 130°F. In addition, avoid inhaling the contents because it may result to serious effects on your body.


  • Doesn’t stain surfaces
  • No odor
  • Kills wasps and other household pests
  • Contains powerful ingredients


  • Causes irritation when inhaled

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Safety – Don’t use More Bombs than Required

Considerations In Your Best Wasp Fogger.

Area to be covered

Usually, most insect bombs come with specifications of the space they are capable of covering. Commercial foggers are ideal for larger areas like warehouses and outdoor spaces. 

Domestic foggers cover a smaller space and are ideal for small enclosures such as apartments, living houses, and basements, among others.

Therefore, when searching for a wasp fogger, go for one that will be enough for your space.

Residual Activity

Usually, foggers are meant for eradicating insects with one-use. So, you don’t expect them to have a long residual effect as exhibited by most insect sprays. However, it will be good to go for bombs that guarantee a longer-lasting result.

You can include some prevention treatments after fogging your house to deter future infestation.


If not correctly used, insect fogger cans can pose a significant health risk to you and your family. That’s because they contain pressurized and concentrated chemicals for use in pest eradication.

As well as you want to get rid of pests from your house, remember to opt for foggers that are safe to use. Notably, aerosol foggers can explode when exposed to heat or flames.

This is an important precaution to keep in mind when buying insect bombs. Also, remember that direct exposure to insecticides can cause severe irritations in your eyes, nose, among other complications.

To avoid direct encounter with the insecticide fog, choose foggers that have tilted or vertical nozzles. This will prevent an accidental meeting with the chemicals when releasing the trigger.


Most insect killers are associated with an unpleasant smell. However, some manufacturers have recently come up with formulations for neutralizing the odor or adding a pleasant scent. 

Therefore when purchasing an insect fogger, go one that has a neutralizer or one that has an appealing smell.

Where Can You Use It?

Typically most of the domestic bombs are designed for indoor use. The intention is to contain the fog in a small space. This allows the insecticide to spread and penetrate into every crack and corner of the house.

If you are dealing with wasps outside the house, you require a bigger and more powerful insect fogger. This will generate a dense fog to permit its penetration into the pests’ territory. Besides, you will have to use chemicals meant for outdoors with these bombs.

Does it Leave a Mess?

Some insect foggers leave messy substances on surfaces such as walls, window panes, clothes, and other fabrics. Not anymore! Recent innovations have seen the manufacture of mess-free insect foggers.

This has been made possible by the increased use of water-based insecticides as opposed to oil-based insecticides.

Non-messy foggers will save you time spent in cleaning up the residues.

Does it Work on Other Pests?

You’ll want to kill two birds with one stone! When doing pest control, it is economical to deal with all pests in your house. Most wasp foggers will also kill other household insects like flies, roaches, spiders, beetles, among others.

However, most of the foggers will not kill bed bugs and fire ants. If you have these kinds of pests, you’ll have to use other effective remedies to eradicate them.


Insect foggers come with specifications of the type of pests they are meant to kill.

That means not all of them will work on wasps. Now that you know which foggers are useful for eradicating wasps, you can choose the one that fits the extent of your wasp infection.

The right insect fogger will help you eradicate wasps, including their eggs and larvae. 


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