7 Best Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader in 2023

If you are looking forward to owning the best lush green garden in your neighbourhood, you will need to ensure that it is well seeded and fertilized. 

  • By making use of the best tow behind fertilizer spreader, your seeding and fertilizer application is bound to be faster and more efficient. 

The tow-behind broadcast spreader is an excellent choice not only for its outstanding performance but also for its potential to provide relaxing time in the yard. 

Spreaders: 7 Best Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader 2023

1. Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Spreader

This model is designed to be as efficient as other large commercial spreaders but it comes in a smaller package. This tow behind broadcast spreader allows you to load 130 pounds of fertilizer and can cover up to an acre at a time before you have to reload. 

With a spread width of up to 10 feet, this unit ensures you cover the maximum area with one fill depending on the application speed and the seeds used. Its assemblage takes minutes which ensures that both beginner and seasoned users get off to a quick start. 

Both the spreader plate and hopper are rustproof and are guaranteed to serve you for many years to come. This tow behind fertilizer broadcaster also features smooth-rolling wheels which ease mobility as you seed or spread manure on the farm. 

The Agri-Fab 45-0463 features an on/off flow gate control which can be conveniently operated from the tractor seat. This tool comes equipped with aluminium bevelled gears which ensure enhanced durability. 

This is one of the best commercial spreaders in the market today which comes packed with numerous features – check these subcompact tractors


  • It features large diameter wheels
  • It features an on/off control lever
  • It has an exceptional loading capacity
  • Its parts are made of stainless and durable materials


  • Not ideal for hilly lawns

2. Brinly BS36BH Tow Behind Spreader

If you own a large and you are looking for the ideal spreader that fits your yard requirements, this model is just what you need.

It comes equipped with a 175-pound load capacity and you can depend on it for a wide variety of tasks from spreading seeds to fertilizer ice melts to achieve that healthy and well-maintained garden lawn.

This tool features a solid construction design that is guaranteed to give you the stability and durability needed for all your lawn broadcasting needs.

  • With the Brinly BS36BH, you are sure to minimize wastages, particularly in large yards due to the precision of its spread. Its high capacity hopper allows you to cover up to an acre without refilling.
  • This model also features a universal tow behind hitch designed to fit in most lawn tractors in the market. This is a really great choice if you are looking for versatility.

It is ideal for spreading fertilizer and grass seeds as well as applying an assortment of ice melting agents during winter.


  • Offers versatility in the application (all year use)
  • It can cover up to an acre
  • It provides a high level of precision during usage
  • It features a spacious hopper for reduced reloading


  • It can be highly unstable in hilly areas

3. Precision products TBS6000RDOS (6 series) pull behind broadcaster

This Precision Products model will suit your needs if you are looking to spread different items on the ground. Although it is specifically designed for spreading fertilizer, this tow-behind spreader broadcaster is ideal for spreading seeds or weed killer and melting ice. 

With a load capacity of 130 pounds, its hopper has a relatively high loading capacity which allows you to cover a width of 10-12 feet.

In addition, it features a rustproof design whereas a cover helps keep the rain out or soil particles from getting in through the top – tillers for clay soil

  • An indicator lever that ranges from one to ten lets you change settings depending on the materials in use. Fingertip controls help you operate the unit on top of a garden tractor.
  • This unit also features heavy-duty 15” wheels which facilitate smooth handling. You will fall in love with its rugged design which is both visually attractive and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

This unit lives up to expectations while towing behind a wide range of tractors. The 6-series comes highly recommended for both amateur and professional landscapers particularly due to its speed and precision in spreading.


  • It is equipped with a heavy duty hopper
  • It features a rain and debris cover
  • 15” pneumatic wheels facilitate movement and handling
  • It eliminates over and under fertilization


  • It lacks a metallic gearbox

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4. Spyker P30-17520 Tow Spreader

This commercial tool offers the dual benefit of high efficiency and a large capacity hopper. It is specifically designed for commercial landscapers, sports grounds and commercial premises. Its 175lbs capacity hopper is just what you need to tackle large scale tasks. 

This unit also features an extended on and off lever for user convenience. An extended on/off control lever allows the user to control the flow of granules as they tow the spreader using a tractor.

This unit is highly versatile and easy to use. All the features of this unit ensure you get excellent performance at an affordable price. It features a 1.125” powder-coated frame and a sealed-off gearbox which ensures durability.

With a load capacity of 175 pounds, Spyker P30-17520 ensures that you don’t need to reload every so often during usage. Whereas this unit commands the highest price tag among the analysed spreaders, it offers an unparalleled quality as compared to others in its class.


  • Ideal for commercial use
  • It is equipped with a rain cover
  • It has a relatively large loading capacity
  • Its tyres allow it to navigate easily over any terrain
  • Highly versatile and easy to use


  • Relatively expensive

5. Agri-Fab 45-0288 175lbs pull behind drop spreader

This tow behind drop spreader is renowned for its uniformity in the consistent distribution of granulated materials. It is ideal spreading granular herbicides, fertilizer and seeds. 

This tool unit delivers an exceptional performance because of its placement of debris materials in between the wheels.

  • This makes it ideal for use in gardens with shrubs and other forms of barriers. This unit’s consistent and uniform distribution of granule materials makes it the ultimate choice for seeding, applying fertilizer and herbicides.

Agri-Fab 45-0288 has a decent capacity guaranteed to cover about 40000 square feet. Its components are made of galvanized steel which prevents corrosion and makes it easier to clean the unit.

This drop spreader is particularly useful for application near walkways and flower beds – tillers for raised beds. This tool’s pneumatic tyres provide excellent traction whereas an on/off switch can be conveniently accessed from the tractor’s driver seat.


  • It has a large loading capacity
  • Guarantees you precision in distribution
  • It features rust-resistant parts and components
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Suitable for areas with a lot of obstacles
  • Convenient to use from the tractor’s seat


  • Because it is a drop spreader, it takes longer to cover your lawn as compared to a broadcaster spreader

6. King Kutter – 350 Lb Capacity ATV spreader

With a loading capacity of 350 pounds, this tool guarantees wide range coverage with minimal refilling. This cuts the user operation time by weeks by conveniently spreading the whole yard with seeds and fertilizer, which guarantees your lawn grows and develops evenly. 

This unit is renowned for its highly adaptable nature which allows the user to spread pesticides, fertilizer and seeds. In addition, it allows you to choose among three spreading configurations: left/right or predominantly right/left.

This unit’s innovative design allows you to push or pull the spreader to the user’s convenience. A universal hitch allows you to attach the tool to any tractor.

This spreader features a heavy-duty gearbox that is packed with all the power you need to operate the machine flawlessly with no transmission failure.

Its enclosed gears make it suitable for long term home and commercial uses. It offers multipurpose usage and is the ideal tool for every gardener due to its minimal operating time and wide coverage.


  • The spreader is made of steel to ensure durability after heavy usage
  • It highly versatile
  • It features an adjustable tow line
  • Hopper component is made of heavy cast iron


  • Some users complain that the tow bar sounds loose on attachment

7. EarthWay 2050P seed and fertilizer spreader

This is the ultimate tool to go for if you have medium to large-sized hilly or bumpy lawns. This unit’s rustproof hopper has a loading capacity of 80 pounds and is suitable for applying grass seed and fertilizer.

  • A 3-hole drop system ensures that fertilizer and other granular products are spread evenly without wastages on either side of the spreader.

The EarthWay 2050P is ideal for home use and its fully enclosed gearbox will ensure you get professional results and even application of fertilizer.

What’s more? This unit features a unique SIDESRED-CONTROL mechanism. This prevents the spreader from getting unwanted products on the garden path.

To ease handling, this model comes equipped with 10” diameter pneumatic pull wheels which help in user comfort and control.

While this unit is not ideal for rock salt use, it is more suitable for free-flowing salts or melted ice. Equipped with a powder-coated steel frame, this model comes fully assembled to serve you at your convenience.

This tool’s plastic composite gearbox comes enclosed to prevent rust.


  • Highly durable
  • It features a unique 3-hole drop shut off system to minimize wastages
  • No assembly required
  • A Rate Calculation Matrix to allow you adjust the right setting for all granular products


  • It has a relatively small loading capacity

Considerations for Best Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader 2023

1. Price and durability

One of the most important considerations when making a purchase decision is the price. The price should be directly proportional to the durability of the unit. Most units are made of plastic or steel.

Whereas the latter tends to be more expensive and, plastic is cheaper but is more likely to break over time.

2. Size/area of the yard

When shopping for the best tow behind fertilizer spreader, it is imperative to bear in mind the area you need to work on. Whereas handheld spreaders are considered ideal for smaller lawns, broadcast spreaders are more suited for larger areas.

  • Since spreaders come in different sizes and load capacities, compare the estimated coverage area before making the purchase decision.

The coverage area for most spreaders ranges from 1000 to 40000 sq. ft. The larger the spreader, the more load you can carry at once. A larger spreader is considered more ideal if you have a big lawn.

3. Hopper capacity

When choosing a tow-behind spreader, the capacity of the hopper is an important consideration. A loading capacity of 130 pounds is considered ideal because it will save you some valuable refilling time.

  • If you are working with a large lawn, a larger capacity hopper is more ideal.

Your lawn needs pose an important consideration because the larger the lawn the more seeds or fertilizer will be needed. To avoid going back and forth for refills, pick a spreader that covers your entire area with fertilizer.

4. Size and weight

Whereas larger spreaders offer a bigger capacity and coverage, it also tends to be cumbersome to move around particularly in hilly lawns.

You also need to consider the availability of storage areas for larger tow-behind spreaders.

5. Ease of cleaning for the body and frame

Whereas tow behind spreaders is made of simple components, some feature complex parts which tend to pose problems when cleaning.

In particular, those with several hooks and crannies tend to take longer to clean when dust and particles build up.

6. Rain cover

It is not unusual for fertilizer particles to fall out as the machine vibrates during usage leading to unnecessary wastages.

It helps to have a rain cover to minimize such wastages and protect the hopper content from unfavourable weather elements.


Regardless of the size of the yard, it is imperative to pick the right tool for the job. 

In particular, Spyker P30-17520 stands out as the ultimate Tow Spreader. Its 175lbs capacity hopper is just what you need to tackle large scale tasks.

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