7 Best Termite Killer in 2023 Reviewed

Termites end up damaging almost 600,000 houses across the U.S each year, collectively costing homeowners between $1-2 billion in repairs and termite control – try the best termite killer. Termites on a termite-infested wood

There are a plethora of products out there in the market that can help you deal with a termite infestation.

Choose your options for termite treatment according to your specific needs and situation. Fighting termites will require a serious and persistent effort from your end. Read Also: Get Rid Of Ants in Car (Simple Steps).

Reviews: Top 7 Best Termite Killer for 2023 

1. Spectracide Terminate Killing Foam2 | Best foam Treatment

When it comes to foam solutions, the Spectracide Terminate Foam2 is the best termite treatment option available to you.

Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam2 | Best foam Treatment View on Amazon

Foam treatment is largely used on a home’s interior by most users but is known to be equally effective when used outdoors, such as on termite nests.

However, the foam solution is considered to be mildly toxic, so you must exercise caution as you spray it around the house. The use of gloves and goggles is recommended so as to protect yourself from the foam.

Make sure to not spray it too close to food items, where your kids play frequently, or where your livestock are kept.

Apart from termites, this product is also very efficient when it comes to killing carpenter bees, as it treats the tunnels where these bees reside.

The way to use this product is to spray it into holes in your property where you feel that termites and bees may have made their home.

As you spray the foam solution on to the suspected areas (those cracks and holes in the walls), it will infiltrate and expand deep into the termites’ hideouts; the termites won’t be able to make it out alive.


  • The foam expands into cracks and voids within damaged wood
  • It comes with a detachable nozzle that makes the application into difficult-to-reach areas quite effective. You can use the nozzle to spray the foam deep within holes or termite nests


  • It may be difficult to cover large termite-infested areas as the nozzle is more geared towards accurate spraying

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2. Bayer Advanced Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer | Best Liquid

This product is the best termite treatment option available when it comes to liquid termite treatments. Liquid treatments are a convenient option for treating termite infestations in the house’s interior.

Bayer Advanced Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer | Best Liquid View on Amazon

This one comes in two different types of packaging; a gallon jug that sells for $107 on Amazon and a 32 oz bottle that can you can get for around $20.

Besides the spot treatment, the best way to use this product is to inject it into strategically drilled holes in wood and the foundation. This will force the termites out, at which point you can use it as a spray to kill the little invaders.

Not only does injecting this powerful liquid into the holes force the termites out, but it also reduces the inhabitable area of your property for the termites. Keep repeating this “inject and spray” process to rid your property of termites and stop them from coming back.


  • It is a powerful liquid solution which is highly effective against termites, ants, and other pests
  • Large areas can be covered around the house by spraying this solution
  • The injection method ensure that termites are not only driven out from their hiding places but also can’t come back
  • Convenient to apply
  • Kills within days of contact but is also a non-repellant, so the termites will carry it back to their colonies and spread it


  • Spraying too much on certain areas results in wasted product
  • It has to be diluted for use

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3. Bio-Advanced 700350A Termite Perimeter | Best Insecticide Granules for Outdoors

This is another way to defend your property against invading termites. This one too comes from Bayer, a reputed German pharmaceutical company.

BioAdvanced 700350A Termite Killer Home Perimeter Treatment | Best Insecticide Granules for Outdoors View on Amazon

Bayer’s BioAdvanced 700350A Termite Killer Home Perimeter Treatment granules contain slow-acting imidacloprid that will kill termites within a week of contact.

As this product is a non-repellant (like the previous product), the surviving termites will carry this product back to their colonies, where they will spread it to other termites. The spread of this product ensures that most, if not all, of the termites in that colony, are killed.

The product comes in a container that has an easy-to-use shaker applicator. To use this termite treatment product, all you have to do is sprinkle the granules onto the area of infestation and then water the area.


  • It is an affordable termite treatment product
  • It can cover a large area
  • It is easy to use due to the shaker applicator that’s built into the packaging
  • The easy application of the product means that no digging is required


  • The application process for the granule treatment, though easy, may not be as convenient as some of the other options
  • This product is not suitable for fruit-bearing plants, so care must be taken when using the treatment around plants and food items

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4. Zap-A-Roach Boric Acid Roach and Ant Killer | Best Dust Treatment

Boric acid is a time-tested pesticide. This simple-to-use product has been widely used to kill termites and other pests as dust or bait treatment.

Zap-A-Roach Boric Acid Roach and Ant Killer | Best Dust Treatment View on Amazon

Boric acid acts as a slow poison for termites and doesn’t kill them instantly on contact. Instead, the insect dies of depletion over a period of time.

It doubles down as an external pesticide, i.e., it also scrapes the exoskeleton of the termites and kills them from the outside as well. Internally, it goes on to injure their digestive tract, which will also kill them.

To use this product, simply shake the bottle, twist the cap until it opens, and then squeeze the bottle. The product should start to flow with this light pressure. If you have to apply it to hard-to-reach places, but some of it on a spoon and apply it that way.


  • It will stay with the termites as they go back into their colonies. This will allow the poison to spread to the rest of the termite population and increases the chances of killing the queen
  • It can be a multipurpose pest control solution as it works on a number of pests along with the termites


  • Pouring and applications can be an issue with this one. It can be difficult to treat a specific termite-infested area

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5. Nisus Bora-Care Natural Termite Control | Best Pre-treatment

Since a termite infestation is such a prevalent issue, it is best to protect your most valued assets against them by working proactively.

Nisus Bora-Care Natural Termite Control | Best Pre-treatment View on Amazon

In such a scenario, you’ll require what is known as pre-treatment. Nisus Bora-Care Natural Termite Control is the best in this particular category.

If you are in the stages of building your home, it will serve you well if all the timber and other wooden structures are pretreated with borate.

Furthermore, Nisus Bora-Care Natural Termite Control can also be used for a soil treatment to effectively shield your house against any future termite infestations.


  • This product can be used both on the exterior and the interior of your new house
  • Termites, carpenter ants, and powderpost beetles can all be treated by the use of this product


  • It has to be prepared first by diluting it in water in the correct concentration


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Consideration in the Best Termite Killer – Signs

Now you know all about the different termite treatment products that you can use to get rid of a termite infestation. However, how do you know that you have termites on your property in the first place?

Apart from actually seeing the critters yourself, are there any other signs that can indicate that you have a termite infestation on your property? 

Carry out a thorough inspection yourself and look for the following signs.

  • Tiny round holes and tunnels– Termites chew holes and tunnels through wooden structures as they make their nests and feed on the wood. Any such damage or cracks should alert you to the possibility of termite presence on your property.
  • Rot – Signs of rot around the above mentioned tiny holes and tunnels should further confirm your suspicions regarding termite presence.
  • Mud tubes– These are either made of soil or the wood particles that they chew, so they can hide inside these narrow tubes and avoid detection. Clever little invaders, aren’t they? A mud tube will serve as significant proof of their presence.
  • Waste– They may be clever at hiding their presence, but they’re terrible when it comes to hiding their feces. 

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Therefore, combine different kinds of termite treatments for the best effect – check the best termite killer. 

Use a liquid spray solution to kill them instantly on contact inside the house, while the slower, more permanent bait treatment can be applied outdoors at the same time.


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