7 Best Rotavator For Allotment in 2023

The planting season is here, but you don’t have to break your back tilling or plowing your garden thanks to the best rotavator for allotment. Best Rotavator For Allotment

Rotavators are ideal for turning over the soil, ensuring that the garden is ready for planting by utilizing spinning blades to break up the ground. 

But first, check these best tillers for roots

Run Down: 7 Best Rotavator For Allotment 2023

1. Sun Joe TJ603E 12-Amp & 16 Inches Electric Rotavator

This is the ideal rotavator for tackling slopy areas and will deliver quality results that will leave you feeling impressed after completing every task. 

Sun Joe TJ603E 12-Amp & 16 Inches Electric Rotavator Check Price on Amazon

This unit is lightweight, which eases maneuverability hence ensuring that you do not strain too much. However, it is robust enough to break through the toughest soils, whether aerating, weeding, or cultivating.

The Sun Joe TJ603E is powered by a robust yet quiet 1400-watt electric engine, which eases cultivation and leaves you with a fine till ready for allotment and planting. Specially designed tines allow this machine to break through the soil with relative ease.

Two rear positioned wheels improve stability and maneuverability during usage. This unit offers a narrow working width of 11.8,” which is ideal for working in between rows of crops on your allotment.

User comfort is guaranteed by this unit’s ergonomic foam handles, whereas their collapsible nature eases its storage.

This rotavator is made to the highest standards and is complemented by a 2-year user warranty.


  • This unit features a lightweight design weighing in at only 13kg.
  • It has four robust metal tines.
  • It powers through the most compact soil.
  • It has a tilling width of 12.”
  • Features a 2-year warranty


  • It only comes in bright yellow

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2. Southland SRTT212 4-Stroke 196cc 18 Inches Rotary Tiller

This Southland SRTT212 model features one of the most affordable, powerful, and easiest to operate cultivators. 

Check Price on Amazon

It is one of the lightest models in the market, making it the ideal choice if you are looking if you are seeking to push it for longer periods.

This unit is powered by a 1050w motor, which gives the tool enough torque to ensure through the toughest soils. Its four durable steel blades have a tilling depth of 220mm and a cutting width of 320mm.

Going back over the tilled areas will allow you to achieve consistency in most types of soils. This unit’s four-blade system is efficient at digging and turning the richest clay soil, which is ideal considering the low priced nature of this tool.

This rotavator weighs just 9kg, which makes one of the lightest models available, making it easy to operate. VonHaus electric rotavator is corded, but its lengthy extension cord allows you to perform most outdoor tasks if you own a small and medium-sized garden.

This unit was designed with portability and efficiency in mind, making it ideal for you to ready your soil for gardening.

It is made of durable plastic and features a distinctive black and orange metallic frame. A two-point safety switch prevents the user from accidentally turning on the unit or running over the cable during operation.


  • Highly efficient and portable
  • Highly durable
  • Its cutting blades are strong and highly durable.
  • Lowly priced


  • It features a corded design which limits the user’s accessibility for larger gardens


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3. Sun Joe TJ601E Versatile Electric Tiller & Cultivator

This model is ideally designed for vegetable garden allotment, breaking up the soil and cultivation.

Sun Joe TJ601E Versatile Electric Tiller & Cultivator Check Price on Amazon

In addition, this unit is powered by a 139cc 4 stroke Hyundai engine which gives it enough torque to power through the toughest soils.

This engine is connected to a heavy-duty gearbox while the high torque feature of the machine allows the unit to operate at lower speeds, which improves on fuel efficiency.

With a tilling width of 13” and a depth of 5”, this unit is ideal for vegetable garden allotment. Also, this unit is made using the latest engineering technology to accommodate ever-changing gardening needs.

This model’s maneuverability is eased by its self-propelling feature in addition to its in-built lifting transportation wheel. The front wheel is designed to maneuver the tool between jobs while allowing you to lift then during cultivation.

Conveniently positioned fingertip handlebar controls allow you to access all functions with relative ease. A rear-mounted adjustable drag bar controls the tilling depth, while long control handles with controls ease the maneuverability of the tiller.


  • The P1PE is fitted with a fingertip throttle.
  • Clutch controls are located on the handlebars for improved accessibility.
  • Ideal for vegetable gardens


  • Gasoline emissions pollute the environment

4. MONIPA Farm Tiller & Cultivator with Gas Engine

This unit features a 42.7cc two-stroke engine and six tough tines, a perfect combination that allows you to plow through-hardened soils. If you are preparing your land for allotment, this unit will get the job done with relative ease. 

MONIPA Farm Tiller & Cultivator with Gas Engine Check Price on Amazon

A tilling depth of 20cm and width of 30cm allow you to plow through the lawn in one pass, allowing you to get the job done speedily and efficiently.

It gives enough power to plow through the toughest grounds, making it ideal for digging out compacted soils.

The Garden gear petrol rotavator has a 1.2 L fuel capacity, which gives the user about an hour of service. What’s more? This unit’s engine is air-cooled, which prevents overheating during operation. A blade guard offers you additional safety as you handle this unit’s high tilling power.

One of the unique features of this unit is its lightweight design, which makes it pretty impressive to operate around tight garden spaces. This unit is ideal for all forms of allotment regardless of the garden size.


  • Elongated handles ease maneuverability.
  • It is a lightweight design.
  • The cordless feature not only serves as a safety feature but it also offers you flexibility in all types of gardens


  • It has a small fuel tank capacity gives only an hour of service

5. Earthwise TC70065 Powerful 6.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller

This is another great choice for small garden allotment, which features multiple cutting blades, a powerful motor, and a user-friendly design suited for first-time users. 

Earthwise TC70065 Powerful 6.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller Check Price on Amazon

Earthwise TC70065 series packs a 1050W motor and a 10m cable, which eases maneuverability during allotment. This unit has four blades (each with four teeth), made out of hardened steel, which makes light work of all kinds of soil.

The Earthwise TC70065 adjustable rotavator allows the user to till and cultivate through the garden in a single pass, making it ideal for planting activities.

This unit has a cutting width of 12.6,” which is just what you need for smaller spaces, which gives you accurate results as you move along. A tilling depth of 8.7” allows you to go over previously plowed areas for more excellent products.

Two elongated handles provide a comfortable grip as you pull or push the rotavator along. The handles are adjustable, which makes them ideal for users of any height.


  • Lightweight in design
  • It has a maximum tilling depth of 8.7” and a cutting width of 12.6”.
  • Features a powerful 1050W motor
  • A two-point safety switch prevents you from accidentally switching on the unit.


  • Not ideal for hardened grounds

6. Troy-Bilt TB154E

This Troy-Bilt TB154E series is one of the strongest rotavators that is currently available in the market.

Check Price on Amazon

It is powered by a 1400W electric motor, sufficient for digging, tilling, and cultivating all types of soils. At 24 cuts per blade revolution, this unit makes light work of the toughest grounds.

This rotavator features six blades, each with four teeth, which provides very efficient performance and breaks down the soil to the most exceptional quality.

With this machine, you do not need to pass over the ground for the second time. With a cutting width of 15.7” and a tilling depth of 8.7”, this unit cuts wide than most rotavators, making it ideal for a wide range of gardening tasks.

The usability of this unit is improved by a dual handle design, which offers the user a firm grip during usage. The handles can be adjusted to several angles allowing you to choose the right height.

Despite being powered by an electric motor, this unit is available at an affordable price, making it a valuable investment for all your allotment tasks.


  • Its strong motor offers extraordinary performance.
  • Its six tines allow the machine to power through the toughest soils.
  • Adjustable handles make it the tool convenient for usage by users


  • Not ideal for larger gardens

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7. BOYU-SHITAI 52cc 2-Stroke Soil Mini-Tiller

This rotavator is powered by a two-stroke (1.2L, 52cc) engine, which provides about an hour of constant usage. It can be fuelled using a mixture of engine oil and gasoline. 

BOYU-SHITAI 52cc 2-Stroke Soil Mini-Tiller Check Price on Amazon

Whereas the power output of this unit can be considered overkill for restricted spaces, it easily plows through all sorts of soil and is considered ideal for allotment.

Although this unit is not as significant as other gasoline-powered rotavators in its class, it suits most soil requirements, including more problematic soils such as clay. This cultivator also comes equipped with several safety equipments, including gloves, leg guards, and ear protectors.

Also included in the unit is a mixing bottle, a funnel, and a tool kit, ensuring you have everything you need to keep the cultivator well maintained.

A two handled design makes it easier to operate the machine without enduring fatigue whereas a thick rubber grip ensures user comfort by absorbing vibrations when the equipment is in use.


  • The 52cc petrol powered engine is ideal for rotavating
  • The 2 stroke oil-gasoline mixing capability extends the unit’s engine life
  • Comes equipped with extra safety features
  • Its two handled design allows for easier operation and manoeuvrability


  • Gasoline emissions are dangerous for the environment

Considerations for buying the best rotavator for allotment

1. Cost

Acquiring a rotavator can be a costly affair but the availability of various options and price differentiation allows the user to make a trade-off between price and features.

However, they tend to be more powerful, making them the ideal choice for garden allotments, which involve a lot of digging. The cordless nature of gasoline-powered units makes them the perfect choice for distribution in more extensive gardens.

2. Weight and size

Since rotavators are heavy duty gardening equipment, it is imperative to consider the weight of the unit to ensure it is not too bulky for allotment tasks.

Simultaneously, these units require the user to push or pull the equipment during cultivation, necessitating the user to exert some pressure during usage.

The garden size is an essential consideration because the more significant the allotment, the larger should be the rotavator. Related: Best Garden Tiller for a Woman 

3. Blades

The ideal cultivator should contain several cutting blades with about 4-5 teeth. The more blades there are, the more excellent the tool is for heavy-duty tasks. Also, the number of blades affects how deep and wide the rotavator cuts.

4. Handle design

Given the effort needed to operate a rotavator, choosing a unit with an ergonomic and padded handle design is highly recommended for maximum user comfort. For petrol-powered models, vibrations are felt during usage, making cushioned handlebars the ideal choice for allotment tasks.

5. Power source

Electric rotavators are more suited for domestic allotment tasks. They are not only highly affordable but also equipped with sufficient power. Also, their lightweight design makes digging and soil aeration so much easier.

On the other hand, most rotavators are corded, which tends to limit the range of use, particularly in medium-sized gardens. In contrast, petrol-powered units tend to be larger and heavier, and they tend to outweigh electric-powered models.


If you own a large-sized garden, you will find more significant and influential petrol rotavators more efficient because they can power through all types of soil conditions and standards.

The P1PE P140T rotavator is an excellent choice that offers a powerful performance during cultivating and allotment tasks.

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