7 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Zoysia Grass 2023

If you are looking for the best riding lawn mower for zoysia grass, you’re just on time for a review of the top units available today.

If you are in professional gardening or have a large DIY lawn, you won’t go wrong with a riding lawnmower. Riding mowers come in different sizes, shapes, and performance ratings. 

Mowers: 7 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Zoysia Grass 2023

1. Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Mower – Top Mower for Zoysia Grass

Troy-Bilt 382cc measures 62 x 34 x 26 inches and weighs 336 pounds – and thus it’s easy to store and transport.

Also, its hard exterior makes it durable to easily withstand any weather. 

The mower has a compact 382 cc engine with a super powerful blade capable of breezing through Zoysia grass with ease.

The engine’s six-speed transmission with a top speed of 4.25MPH, ensures you take little time mowing.

The mower has a large 30inch deck with powerful blades which ensures you take little time mowing. With a five-height adjustment mechanism, it’s easy for you to trim grass to your desired height.

With this mower, you will easily access areas larger mowers can’t like around trees.

It’s suitable for flat medium-sized lawns. With a 2-year warranty, the manufacturer has faith in the quality of the product.

It has a mid-back seat and a 13-inch height-adjustable steering wheel for maximum comfort while mowing. Check how to choose your riding lawnmower


  • The 18-inch turning radius for maneuvering obstructions like trees
  • Large 30-inch cutting deck
  • Sturdy structure making it durable
  • Large 382 cc Engine
  • Auto choke system


  • Noisy
  • Air pollution

2. Husqvarna LTH1738 Gas Riding Mower – Second Mower

The mower is sturdy and durable materials make it conducive to mowing the robust zoysia grass lawns. 

With a dimension of 68.2x38x41.4 and weighing a paltry 400 pounds, the mower is very easy to store.

The mower is perfect for trimming tuffs of any size courtesy of its 17 horsepower engine with a tuff torque. It has a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission which enables the user to control it easily when mowing. 

The mower comes with a 42-inc deck housing two durable stamped steel blades. The large deck and blades ensure you cover a vast space in one pass. 

The compact size of the mower makes it easy for you to access tinny spaces. In addition to that, it has two sets of wheels with trends for better traction and stability.

The mower makes mowing fun. Its great features like fender-mounted height adjustment ensure you easily adjust its height wherever you need to. Its comfortable seats and ergonomic steering wheels ensure you remain comfortable during the whole trimming process.


  • Durable cutting deck
  • Hydrostatic transmission for better performance and control
  • Ergonomic steering wheel for excellent handling
  • Versatility as you can add attachments
  • Air induction mowing technology


  • Air pollution
  • No assembly manual

3. Husqvarna MZ61 61-inch 27 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

The majestic mower comes in attractive colors of black and orange. It’s dimensions of 775.5x76x42 inches, and weight of 770 pounds makes it hard to transport.

The mower comes with a potent engine with an output of 23 horsepower. As a result, it’s effortless for you to mow a large piece of ground in a short time.

  • With this mower, you will comfortably, mow, mulch, or bag-check these riding lawn mowers with mulchers.
  • Its 9- bushel trip bag system ensures you continually mow without stopping to empty the bag.

This mower is perfect for vast lawns. It has a huge deck (54-inch) with three blades. You can trim your lawns to14 height levels ranging from 1.5-4.5 inches.

The mower is suited to mow any lawn from medium to large yards. Its 0-degree turn radius hydraulic-wheel-drives give it precise maneuver ensuring that the mower rotates around its axis without going off its course.

When it comes to comfort, few mowers will compete with this one. It has a high back seat with an armrest and foam-padded hand grips with vibration arrestors.

Vibration arrestors mean you will hardly notice that you are cutting through zoysia grass.


  • Large 9-bushel triple bag collection
  • Strong engine for high performance
  • 3-in-1 mowing mechanism bagging, mulching, side discharge)
  • Comfortable seat
  • Hour meter service with a reminder


  • Heavy

4. Swisher Z3166CPKA Kawasaki Big MOW 31 HP/66 inch

The mower weighs 1380 pounds making it very hard to transport. The dimensions of 113.5x83x68 inches make it hard to store in a small space.

Many of its parts are steel made giving the mower strength and durability. If zoysiagrass has been giving you trouble mowing, this beast is what you need.

  • Its enormous 999cc Kawasaki engine powers the mower through any vegetation leaving your lawn cut clean.

It comes with a dual hydro gear 3400 for power which makes mowing large turfs a child’s play. A maximum speed of 10MPH makes it extra fast in its operation.

  • With a 66-inch deck housing three 16-inch blades, this mower is a beast when it comes to mowing.
  • The mower has commercial-grade iron blades with a cutting height adjustment mechanism starting from 1.25 to 5-inches.

The mower is suitable for working on large tracts of land, but it’s miserable when it comes to mowing in tight spaces due to its vast size.

The mower is very comfortable and easy to maneuver with the 0 turn mechanism that keeps it very steady. Its seat is very soft and is ideal for long working hours.


  • Large cutting deck
  • Commercial-grade Kawasaki engine
  • Strong commercial-grade blades
  • Electric deck height adjustment system
  • Comfortable adjustable seats


  • Heavy
  • Air pollution

5. Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs and Stratton Intek Automatic

The tractor design lawnmower has dimensions of 69.8x46x35.5 inches. It also weighs 535 pounds c.ourtesy of its reliable, durable components. 

  • The mower has a powerful 19 HP 540cc Briggs & Stratton engine which gives it the power to mow its way through any zoysia-grass turf. 
  • Its reverse ability makes it easy for you to maneuver as you mow large lawns.

The mower’s humongous 46-inch side discharge mowing deck leaves fine grass chips on top of the freshly cut lawn.

  • The reverse capabilities make it easy for you to make a re-pass the mowing path for clean-cut surfaces.
  • The mower has large wheels with trends making it easy for you to mow in different weather conditions.

The trends grip the ground firmly ensuring that mowing is comfortable even in wet conditions. It’s suitable for mowing large zoysia grass lawns.

Comfort goes hand in hand with this mower. Its mid-seat is very comfortable and ensures you feel less vibration when mowing.


  • One cylinder transmission (automatic)
  • Mid-back seat that’s comfortable
  • Comfortable steering wheel
  • Deck wash system for easy cleaning


  • Has CVT transmission

6. Craftsman T150 19 HP Gold 46-Inch Gas-Riding Lawn Mower

The mower has dimensions of 70 by 51 by 35.5 inches and weighs a paltry 490 pounds. Its sturdy design gives you comfort mowing through any zoysia grass lawn. 

The mower comes with a powerful 19 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. The engine is adapted for commercial work, making it easy for you to lawn large tracts in record time.

The mower has a 46-inch cutting deck that holds a large blade, making it a beast when it comes to mowing. Its wash port makes it easy for you to clean it after work.

  • The mower has 15-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels which gives it a proper ground clearance for better height adjustment.
  • The wheels also offer better stability and traction for ease in maneuverability. It’s ideal for large to medium lawns.

The mower has a very comfortable seat. It also has a cup holder which keeps your drink in place when mowing. The shock absorbers ensure you have a good time while mowing.


  • Hydro-transmission
  • Comfortable mid-back seat
  • Ability to mow in reverse
  • Large deck
  • Powerful engine


  • Poor front grill design

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7. Ariens 915213 Zero Turn Mower

The sturdy mower is robust and durable, ensuring you long service. It only weighs 440 pounds and doesn’t occupy an ample space making it easy for you to store it. 

The versatile mower that can double up as a trimmer has a powerful19 HP engine. The engine makes it suitable for cutting tough zoysia grass with ease.

  • The durable materials that make the mower ensure it comes out unscathed in a mowing escapade on any grass lawn.

The majestic mower has a 42-inch deck with a cutting height adjustment mechanism starting from 1.5-4.5 inches. As a result, you can mow any lawn to your desired height.

The fact that you can mow forward or on the reverse makes this mower a gem.

  • With a 0 turning radius, you will easily maintain your mowing course, which saves time when mowing.
  • It is suitable for cutting medium to large lawns, making it a must-have for landscapers.

The easy to handle steering wheel and comfortable seat make it a darling to those who prefer mowing for long hours.


  • 42 –inch cutting deck
  • Powerful engine
  • Can double up as a trimmer
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Gas-powered hence pollute the environment

Considerations for Riding Lawn Mowers

1. Construction and deck size

If you are looking to buy a riding mower to assist in trimming Zoysia grass, you must purchase a sturdy, durable mower.

  • The grass is hard, meaning a steel-reinforced cutting deck with durable, sharp blades is crucial.

The wheels should also be large and trendy for stability and traction.

2. Power and performance

Engine power is very crucial when it comes to purchasing a riding mower for trimming Zoysia grass.

  • The tough grass needs a mower with a big engine and excellent torque for optimum performance.
  • The cutting deck should also need to be big to accommodate a larger blade.

Height adjustment is another important feature as it helps you cut grass of different heights. An excellent mower should mulch, bag, and side discharge with ease.

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3. Ease of operation

Buy a mower that is easy to operate. Ensure that the steering wheel is easy to maneuver.

Since you will spend hours mowing, you need to have a comfortable seat in place. Mowers with cup holders are exceptionally luxurious.

4. Mower maintenance

Buy a mower whose parts are easy to find. Many new mower parts are readily available, especially online.

However, finding replacements for older models may be a problem. It should be easy to access the deck for cleaning and oiling to keep rust at bay.

5. Budget

You will be surprised by the disparity when it comes to mower prices.

  • Make sure you buy a mower that will serve your needs, is durable, and will give you value for money.

Proper research will provide you with an edge as there are affordable models that score highly in reviews compared to the pricey ones.


A riding lawnmower is an expensive investment.

  • You, therefore, need to do proper research by reading online reviews and also consulting your local riding mower dealers.
  • Do not be deceived by engine size when it comes to choosing what will work for you. 

Other factors lawn size, deck size, and maneuverability, are very crucial.

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