7 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard 2023

Most riding lawn mowers will be overkill for a small yard. Thus, you’ll require a more straightforward yet powerful mower – this will save you both money and time. 

  • If you need to cut grass in an over 1⁄2 acres yard, then you’re better with a riding mower compared to a push mower or rear-tine tillers

With a great riding mower, over the spring season, you can control pests in your small yard and improve its soil condition, keep it’s well-manicured and prevent it from appearing overgrown! 

Mowers: 7 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard 2023

1. Troy-Bilt Intek 540cc Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

Troy-Bilt 540cc’s selling point is comfort and versatility. Easily mow in forward or backward – allows mowing evenly around obstructions or tight corners. It has durable wheels for better maneuverability. 

With automatic transmission foot-pedal, Troy-Bilt 540cc is easier to ride than a car. It’s powered by a single-cylinder engine – 19 HP/540cc with a discharge mowing deck (46-inch) plus mow-in-reverse capability. 

Also, you can use your finger to raise and lower the deck quickly. You can to easily mow my hilly yard in just one day compared to the two days. It’s an excellent mower for anyone with a yard that’s more than half an acre – check these riding mowers for 2 acres

It’s a quality machine that comes with excellent soft-touch steering – with the gas pedal plus CVT transmission also providing safety and power.

  • The mower will stop quickly if you release the gas pedal. You’ll also love the easy-to-use deck wash capability. 
  • The mower offers a comfortable ride with the StepThru Frame plus the mid-back lightly cushioned seat.

You can quickly move in and out of the mower riding deck and rest. You can easily attach your snow plow to the front of this Troy-Bilt 540cc riding mower. 

However, you can’t attach a grader – you’ll require some heavier Garden Tractor to come with a superior Transmission. Luckily, it also has an attachment allowance for your garden cart that’ll pull around the yard.


  • Take tight corners in your small yard.
  • The adjustable steering wheel and seat.
  • Quickly raises or lowers the deck to 5 different positions.
  • Easy to clean – has a great deck wash
  • Easy to get in and move out with its “Step-Thru” frame
  • Automatic transmission to ease handling


  • Offers only a single range for reverse mowing

2. Poulan Pro P46ZX Small Yard Riding Mower

Next is this Poulan Pro P46ZX – which brings performance, durability, and top comfort. With a 22-HP engine plus a 2-bladed steel deck (42 inches) – this mower will give you precise and clean. 

You’ll love the zero-turn radius as this will cut the working time as reduce the amount of tear and wear in your riding mower. Also, the mower comes with an electric clutch. 

  • Poulan Pro P46ZX is a powerhouse yard mower that’s very easy to handle – uneven with uneven grounds.
  • The dual hydro-gear and its V-Twin Pro engine allow a comfortable and smooth ride – while handling the 200-pound mower. 

Both the Poulan Pro P46ZX’s wheels have two hydraulic transmission levers each for “drift turning” – this will allow you to easily take smooth turns even with the tight spaces in your small yard. 

Poulan Pro P46ZX has a durable deck made from stamped steel (46 inches) enables lawn power to mow their grass with fewer passes.

If you need a unique grass cutting height – this mower allows an adjustment to its six positions mowing height – allows 1 ½ – 4 inches increments. 

The riding mower provides a zero-turn radius, and thus, you can easily mow the grass around different obstacles in your yard. On speed, the tractor allows a one to six miles-per-hour mowing speed in the forward direction. 

Luckily, this tractor is very beginner-friendly – it has no learning curve, and thus most noobs can easily mow around their yard even on their first day.

Further, Poulan Pro P46ZX offers top comfort with its handle grips (foam-padded) plus its high seatback. 


  • The dual hydro-gear allows smooth operation.
  • Has a 22 Horsepower that’s very powerful
  • Has a Zero-turn radius that’s great for mowing small yards
  • Comes with an Electric clutch
  • Won’t require re-mowing
  • Offers cleaner cuts even with high mowing speed.


  • Not recommended (just like other zero-turn mowers) for steep/ hilly yards slopes

3. Cub Cadet XT1 Small Riding Mower

With this Cadet xt-1 Enduro, your legs won’t be dangling like on other riders – you can move the seat forward.

Its gas tank is also situated on the outside – you can also check the scale to see the fuel level – thus, you’ll not be filling up against hot gas and hot motor. 

For servicing, you’ll required to only angle the cover and un-attach the lights – this will give you all-around access to the motor.

Further, the unit comes with LED lights, as these will take less power from your battery.

  • The frame has an e-coat as compared to spray painting, and thus, it won’t rust easily.
  • Further, this Cadet xt-1 Enduro comes with anti-scalp wheels (both back and front) that are great for uneven terrain and will be free-floating over the grass.

Cadet xt-1 Enduro has a deck wash – you’ll need to attach the hose and turn on the blades to pressure clean the bottom of your deck.

It has a 42” cutting deck, an 18 HP OHV engine, and its smooth hydrostatic transmission (you won’t have to shift gears) to give you precise cuts.

The Cub Cadet Model offers top comfort, has soft-grip steering, adjustable seating plus an excellently positioned cup holder. You’ll also love the lighting in this mower with the installed headlights.

It has the 16” turning radius plus rear-wheel drive that allows excellent handling and traction – this allows even a beginner to easily reach those hard-to-mow corners.

The push-button and fender-mounted lever makes it easy to lower and raise the tractor’s cutting deck.


  • 42 inches cutting deck
  • Has a push-button that allows cruise control
  • The 16-inch turning radius allows excellent steering
  • Allows automatic hydrostatic transmission with the 18 HP OHV engine.
  • Great for slightly uneven terrain that offers a smooth ride
  • Has a sturdy frame
  • You can attach mulching and snow plow accessories


  • Require more learning for reverse mowing 

4. Poulan Pro PP155H42 for Small Yard – Best for Rough Terrain

Poulan Pro PP155H42 also offers performance, durability, and strength – this is cheers to its cutting deck made from 46-inch reinforced-vented steel plus the Hydro-transmission system, which makes it very easy to handle. 

Its rear turf saver tires are 22 inches – and won‘t interestingly cause damage to your yard while running on the mowing process.

Further, the automatic hydrostatic transmission provides an opportunity for speed adjustments with no stoppage of the mower – which enables time-saving. 

  • Also, the tractor’s ignition switch enabled on to keep the cutting deck engaged while also backing up.
  • Poulan Pro PP155H42 has a flexible chassis that will enable you to easily maintain the deck’s power to cut your yard’s grass evenly. 

Poulan Pro PP155H42 has a 15.5 HP OHV engine (single cylinder) with an air filter that’s easy to maintain and use. Further, you won’t require to prime to choke the engine with the installed ReadyStart® starting.

For additional capacity, you can also use side discharge, bagging, and mulching. Further, for mowing your uneven ground, this unit comes with deck wheels that are anti-scalp. With a 42 inches cutting deck. 

Poulan Pro PP155H42 has six preset cutting heights that enable you to cut the grass at your favorite cutting height.  Further, the adjustable-height system has an easy-to-use lever to allow excellent spring-assisted cutting. 

Its cutting deck has a durable build, and it draws air, allowing air circulation – this enables the tractor grass to lift the grass and mow clean.

Its steering wheels are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and reduce fatigue. 

The mower has a 6-inch turning radius that’ll allow you to easily maneuver around different obstacles and tight corners in your small yard. To enhance this, its front axle is made from cast iron and rotates to each mowing.


  • Has a floating deck to enable optimal access to the yard grass for a clean and even cutting.
  • The hydrostatic transmission allows easy and automatic speed control
  • Won’t overheat like other riding lawn mowers meant for small yards – it has a cooling vent to allow this.
  • Provides durability and performance
  • The rear wheels are 20-inch (relatively large) to provide excellent traction
  • The stamped mowing deck has a 10-years warranty


  • Not great for uphill mowing due to its being heavy

5. Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Mower with 48” Reinforced Cutting Deck

Husqvarna YTA24V48 has an auto-transmission that allows fast operation. You’ll love electric clutch, charge port, choke-less start -Great for mowing small or big yard or farm – like other pedal mowers. 


This Husqvarna YTA24V48 will easily cut the grass within a very short time – You’ll simply need to ride around your yard, around obstacles, or uneven grounds with your pedal tractor.

  • It’s a real work-horse – high-performance and high-quality garden tools. 
  • Its FAST automatic transmission, 2-cylinder & 24 HP engine enables the mower to provide great mowing results with unmatched ease.

It needs limited power with the pedal-controlled transmission that enables it to provide excellent grass-cutting power. 

This mower is highly versatile – you can add accessories such as mulching kits, snow removal, and towing.

It comes with a steering wheel that’s super ergonomic plus an adjustable seat – which makes grass-cutting to be as easy as driving your car.


  • 48 inch reinforced cutting deck
  • Its auto transmission is considered FAST
  • Offers 48 inches cutting width
  • Will mow the yard clean
  • You can add other accessories such as mulching, snow removal, and towing.


  • None


How to Choose a Riding Lawn Mower 

Considerations when Choosing a Riding Lawn Mower

1. The Riding Lawn Mower Technology

What we now call riding lawn mowers were previously known as lawn tractors – a name that makes it look like miniature tractors.

They have a wide deck and very powerful engines that’ll easily cut grass in your small or large yard.

  • I would recommend that you get a zero-turn riding mower since they have engines fixed over the mower’s rear wheel.
  • In addition, as we’ve noted for the case of small yards, these types of mowers are an excellent choice.

In addition, the riding lawn mowers will allow you to use different accessories or attachments for side discharge, bagging, and mulching.

These are great when you need to navigate tight corners – these are what we call low radius.

2. Size of the Yard or Lawn

The size of the lawn will determine how big a mower you’ll require. For example, a large lawn will need a mower that can withstand the heating, and power demands to run the whole day.

Riding mowers will be efficient if you’ll be mowing a lawn that’s over 1 acre.

However, the push mowers are highly versatile and efficient for mowing different yards.

Therefore, despite that you require a mower for a smaller yard, you’ll need to pick one that has a relatively big deck to reduce the number of passes you’ll need to make.

3. Available Transmission

Go for the automatic lawn mowers particularly for the small yards. Riding mowers are both in automatic and manual transmissions.

However, for manual transmission, you’ll require to shift down and up considering the Revolutions per Minute (RPMs).

So, automatic lawn mowers are better because the installed compute will help you shift down and up automatically when the rider steps on the machine’s pedal.

However, newer models now use hydraulic transmission because they don’t require regular replacement.

Best Brands for Riding Lawn Mower

Definitely, lawnmowers come in different brands, and thus you’ll require to decide between the available options.

Here is the consideration when deciding between the various mower brands.

1. John Deere Mowers

The riding mowers by John Deere are manufactured in Greeneville, TN – both the 100 & 200 series.

  • They are intelligently designed and tough precision riding lawn tractors and mowers. 
  • John Deere was started in 1837 as the manufacturing company for outdoor building equipment, with quality being their main selling point. 

The company sells to both large- and small-scale land and lawn or yard owners. Their unique definition is in yellow and green that characterize the quality of the lawnmowers and tractors. 

2. Husqvarna Mowers

Husqvarna Mowers are manufactured in McRae, South Carolina, and Orangeburg – the company is owned by KTM AG (Austrian).

  • The company also makes very high-quality Husqvarna outdoor tractors and mowers.
  • Husqvarna is known to manufacture mowers that work excellently on both dry and wet grounds and lawns.

However, the riding mowers won’t perform well with wet or slippery grounds or grass. 

Notably, riding lawn mowers may top over more often compared to push mowers.

However, you can choose the riding mower with rear wheels that are large to enhance its stability and traction.


We noted unique features in riding mowers: (1) wide cutting decks to cut the mowing time, (2) dual-blade cutting to ease mulching (3) battery-powered motors as powerfully as gasoline mowers. 

But for most yard owners, it’s a big challenge to decide on the best mower between riding mowers, electric mowers, gas mowers, or push mowers. 

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