7 Best Riding Lawn Mower for 2 Acres 2023

Are you hunting for the best riding lawn mower for 2 acres? Spring is here, and thus it’s time to get onto your riding tractor, ready to mow your lawn. 

  • A right mower for 2 – 3 Acres would be one that has a 46″, 50″ or 54″ deck size as it will get your mowing done quicker – compared to mowers for small yards

Thus, tractor size and grade are the key consideration when selecting your best riding lawn mower for 2 acres. Let’s get started!

Mowers: Best Riding Lawn Mower for 2 Acres 2023 

1. Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs and Stratton Intek Riding Lawnmower

Troy-Bilt 540cc is a craftsman- comparable riding mower, albeit more powerful – thanks to its 19 HP Intek engine.

The mower’s foot pedal transmission is automatic, plus it’s an in-built single-cylinder CVT. 

For ergonomic riding and comfort, the tractor has a mid-back seat, plus it’ll easily mow in the reverse direction – you’ll also love the soft-touch steering.

  • Further, you’ll get the 20-inch rear wheels and 15-inch front wheels plus a 46-inch cutting deck. 

The washout port ensures that it’ll be easy to clean the mower deck while the step-through frame allows easier entry and exit from both sides of the mower.

With this riding lawn mower, you can readily adjust the mowing height to the allowable five varied positions by merely using a lever located at its dashboard to give you a clean super-cut. 

This is an excellent feature, especially with rough terrain where you’ll need to reach grooves, dips, or even raise the mowing deck for some areas. It’ll move at a maximum speed of 5.2 miles per hour.

  • On accessories for better functionality, this Troy-Bilt 540cc allows a front bumper, mulching kit, and bagger.
  • Also, you won’t require any tools to attach any of the above-mentioned accessories.

It’ll easily mow uneven or rough lawns – thanks to the Manual Power-Take-Off and the Mow-In-Reverse capability. So, you can trim wild vegetation, move over stones, and ride even on small hills.

  • The discharge cutting deck is 46-inch and is the side-type designed using 13-gauge steel that’s very strong for mowing 2 acres.

It’s very maneuverable around obstacles with the movable deck – it’s a workhorse of a tractor. 


  • Have mow-in-reverse capability
  • Wheels allow good traction.
  • Ergonomic capability – comfortable seat 
  • Has a stamped-steel cutting deck 
  • Allows zero-turn transmissions


  • Has less effective CVT transmission


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3. Poulan Pro P46ZX – 2 Acres Zero Turn Riding Mower 46-Inches

Poulan Pro P46ZX attains a 6 miles per hour speed with its 22HP engine. Therefore, you can easily mow around 2 acres in just 1 hour. 

But this will depend on the yard terrain, weather conditions, and your weight. The engine in this mower makes vert minimal noise.

The Briggs mower engine is highly durable, and it’ll be great for mowing large- or medium-sized commercial or residential lawns. Also, Poulan Pro P46ZX’s engine requires very minimal maintenance. 

  • Poulan Pro P46ZX will give you a clean glass cutting experience and ensure that its dual-blades are well-sharpened.
  • You can also use a mulching kit or install a rake to ensure that you get an excellent raking experience. 

With a 3.5 gallons fuel tank and a fuel glass that’s transparent, this Poulan Pro P46ZX won’t get you by surprise, and the fuel will run for long before you require to refuel.

  • Further, the fuel tank is placed strategically to allow easier fueling. 
  • Further, the mower has anti-scalp rollers that avoid the blades from dangerously scraping in your yard or land.

Luckily, it’s easy to adjust the mower’s blade height at about 1.5”- 4” each time with an allowable six positions. 

Like the Husqvarna YTA24v48 mower reviewed above, this Poulan Pro P46ZX uses air induction, enabling excellent grass cutting, dispersal, and bagging despite working in rough or hilly terrains. 

Its dual-hydro transmission enables high maneuverability to enable flawless and smooth operation.

It has an intuitive control panel with easy-to-use levers to control wheel speed and rotation. Further, the mower’s electric clutch ensures even more comfortable operation.


  • Poulan Pro 46ZX is excellent for a residential lawn that about 2-3 acres.
  • Faster mowing since it’s a Z-turn mower
  • Deliver quality grass cutting quality even with slow or fast speeds
  • It can turn very easily around your yard


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty mowing

3. Husqvarna YTA24V48 48-Inch 24 HP Lawn Tractor

Husqvarna YTA24v48 has a wide (48 inches) cutting deck, making the worker easier & offering a cleaner lawn cut.

Also, it has a hydrostatic transmission (operated with a pedal) – for simple operation. 

Husqvarna YTA24v48 has both rearward and forward gears that’ll allow the rider to easily mow both the rough and hilly terrain.

  • For wet conditions, you’d only require to drop to its lower equipment that enables you to gain wheel traction. 
  • Husqvarna YTA24v48 will easily mow 2 acres when you engage its cruise control. 

It’ll make it easy to cut on hot temperatures and in straight lines for an extended time. It’s excellent in turning at a small radius due to great traction wheels and small-steering wheels. 

  • Further, air induction is used in the cutting deck to enhance grass mowing by optimizing the flow of air.
  • An activated blade that’s electronically controlled allows efficient and easy blade control. Further, its 3-blade system allows more efficient cutting of grass. 
  • Husqvarna YTA24v48 is an excellent pedal mower that’s great for cutting grass by merely driving through the 2 acres of yard.

Luckily, the mower has a choke-less start plus its maintenance-free for improved airflow – with a consistent cutting. 

The mower has brushes, snow blades, and trailers that’ll allow all-year mowing due to the advantage of the pedal mower. It’s an all-weather pedal mower eve for small or large yards or land mowing.

It’s a maintenance-free mower that’ll save you time and money. Further, the mower tops at a 2.5mph speed, which is fast and allows quicker mowing of your 2 acres. The frame and engine are high quality and will thus last for a long.  


  • Attachments such as dump trailer or rake that enhance mowing 
  • Allow reverse-mowing but ensure the safety of kids and pets.
  • Has air induction to allow even mowing by blowing air evenly in the cutting deck
  • Comes with an elaborate user instruction manual


  • Bulky mower 
  • Not suitable for mowing on sloppy grounds 

Considerations in Riding Lawn Mower for 2 Acres

1. Comfortable Back Seat

When riding through your 2 acres, you must maintain comfort through an ergonomic posture when you’re sitting.

  • Therefore, always select a riding mower that is installed with some comfortable back seats.

For best results, I recommend that you get a back seat that’s lightly cushioned. Further, you’d also gain more if you get an adjustable rear seat.

But why? Well, these kinds of backseats will prevent back pains or straining during the mowing process.

2. Powerful Mower Engine

You riding a mower engine need to be powerful enough to offer top performance.

  • For example, I would recommend you get a machine that’s at minimum 20HP – these will provide a clean cut on the grass in your yard.
  • Further, the engine needs to be manufactured to withstand the extended time of mowing – you’d also like to have one that has an auto-choke.

Such engines must easily power your mower through the hilly and thick grass patches.

3. Air Induction Technology

This Air Induction technology helps improve the efficiency of the mower by enhancing the flow of air under the deck.

This technology is an excellent addition to the mowers because it allows yard owners to achieve consistent cuts in their mowing – both for small or large yards.

4. Deck Wash Port

Definitely, after mowing for many hours, you’ll require to clean the tractor – that’s where you need the deck wash port.

You can easily connect the deck wash port to your water horse and clean your mower – this also ensures low maintenance.


Additional features for the riding lawn mower include non-slip foot pads, cup holders, and mulching kits.

Further, your comfort is essential to ensure that you get a tractor with a well-padded back seat.

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