7 Best Raccoon Traps in 2023 Reviewed

In this post, I’ve reviewed the best raccoon traps and cages available today. My key considerations are that the traps must be safe to the non-target animals and equally humane for raccoons. Best Raccoon Traps 

I’ll discuss how to bait your raccoon trap. Also, we’ll learn the laws, regulations, and rules that affect raccoon trapping. Related: how to trap raccoons

Professional raccoon exterminators recommend getting a trap that has a length ranging from 32 to 42 inches – stops animals from stealing the trap bait.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Raccoon Traps in 2023 

1. Havahart #1045 2-Door Humane Raccoon Trap – #1 Pick

Havahart 1045 tops my list of the best raccoon traps. This model is reusable and won’t hurt the raccoons that are captured. Further, the trap I designed from rust-proof metal, it’ll capture raccoons of all sizes, and it’s budget-friendly. 

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Havahart 1045 is raccoon-friendly, it’s lightweight and has a strong material and design and thus won’t break easily. Duke Heavy Duty is the heavier option. Luckily, this model is also made from tougher materials and is heavier, which means that it’ll catch even the large-sized raccoons easily.

Havahart 1045 is designed using durable steel and lasts longer since it’s resistant to harsh environmental conditions. If you plan to release the raccoon, ensure to put on some long sleeves and strong gloves. Also, it has smaller-sized mesh openings that’ll bar the raccoon from escaping or stealing the bait.

Further, Havahart 1045 has strong wire mesh that’s rust-resistant and includes steel reinforcements that’ll resistant corrosion and rust. Havahart 1045 will close its doors when the raccoon gets into the containment chamber as it targets to run away with the bait.

Luckily, despite being created using durable steel, Havahart 1045 can be moved easily using the amazingly placed handles that’ll ensure you’re safe from the animal’s bites. The trap’s moving parts won’t hurt the raccoons when its inside and the rodent will still breathe easy when trapped – this guarantees a humane trapping experience.

Havahart 1045 will readily trap other animals such as chipmunks, squirrels, and opossums, provided they weigh 12lbs and below. This will ensure that your yard will be cleaned off from the cunning rodents and other wild animals disturbing your peace and that of your pets. 

2. AMAGABELI Catch Release Cage for Raccoon – #2 Pick

AMAGABELI Catch Release Cage for Raccoon is our second pick on this list. It’s easy to assemble and operate in addition to having been designed using heavy-duty metal. The steel bars used to build this raccoon trap are sturdy and will resist careless rusting. 

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AMAGABELI Cage trap has a solid door and a sturdy handle that’ll hinder any raccoon or wild animals from scratching you while you’re handling the raccoon trap. AMAGABELI Cage trap has its trigger rod fixed on the exterior of the trap and thus any raccoon that’s trapped won’t easily pull it.

It has a small door and hence the raccoons are forced to fully enter the trap – this means that they can’t steal the bait while outside. Also, it has a highly sensitive trap trigger.

This Trap has a smaller second door and its rear site that allows you to easily place the bait in the trap. So, you can now easily and humanely trap those cunning raccoons and groundhogs.

Luckily, AMAGABELI Cage Trap has a smooth interior and thus the materials and moving parts won’t hurt the raccoon – this promotes humane trapping. Further, the trap has a handguard on the outer end to protect you from raccoon bites.

AMAGABELI Cage Trap measure 31 by 10.5 by 11.5 inches and is designed to resist rust and corrosion due to the galvanized and reinforced wire mesh and steel.

The trap is also collapsible (becomes even flat) which means that it won’t eat up large space in the storage room. So, simply fold it up after use or during winter and store it ready for the next round or raccoon trapping.

But which animals can it trap? Well, this MAGABELI Cage Trap will catch animals such as possum, stray cats, groundhogs, moles, pigeon, flying squirrels, and opossum. It’ll catch them all humanely thanks to its pressure plate design. 

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3. AB Large Raccoon Trap (Live Animal Humane)

Professional raccoon exterminators recommend getting a trap that has a length ranging from 32 to 42 inches – stops animals from stealing the trap bait. 

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AB Large Raccoon Trap is a humane raccoon or rodent cage that’ll both catch and release the wild animals disturbing the peace in your garden and yard. This device is designed from durable and solid materials and thus it’ll last longer and be highly re-usable.

The design ensures that any other animals trapped by the AB Large Trap, including pets, lizards, and birds, will be easily released humanely. AB Raccoon Trap is created using rust-proof and lightweight mesh in addition to being easy to handle. Luckily, this trap is both appropriate for use in the outdoor and indoor areas.

As a non-chemical raccoon control method, the AB Large Trap contains no toxins and thus will be safe to yourself, your kids, and pets.

The raccoon is also budget-friendly and equally cost-effective as it is very reusable. The trap weighs about 2.5 lbs. while its design ensures that it’ll easily trap raccoons and other wild animals weighing about 10 lbs.

AB Large Trap has an efficient and innovative design to ensure ease of use and enhance seamless repeated usage. It also has a latch on its door-trigger system – and therefore the raccoon or other rodent that’ll be trapped can’t escape easily.

AB Large Trap also ensures humane trapping of the rodents since it has fine wire mesh. So, it’s now possible to remove those wild animals and rodents from your yard in a safe and humane way.

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4. Duke X-Large Trap – Cage Raccoon Trap

Duke X-Large Trap will trap large and extra-large raccoons and other rodents including small-bodied wild animals. Luckily, the trap is designed using durable metal to easily withstand the bites and claws from the raccoons. 

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However, Duke X-Large Trap will catch raccoons weighing even about 15 lbs. and it also weighs roughly 17 lbs. But the device has a strong handle for picking it up and an equally solid locking system.

Duke X-Large Trap tends to shut itself using the trigger mechanism when wild animals such as rodents get to it. Further, the trapped animal cannot open the trap doors from the inside.

The trap is highly re-usable since it has a great trigger mechanism and it’s built using durable materials. However, most yard owners state that the trap is heavy for them to carry.

Duke X-Large Trap is not like other raccoons since none of these rodents or comparable wild animals will break or distort it. Further, you’ll only require to roll the raccoon trap when you need to remove your catch as the door will open easily.

Raccoon and Armadillo sometimes truly disturb any homeowner’s peace. For example, Armadillo may destroy the flower beds and grass, or even dig into the foundation of your house. Therefore, you’ll require to set up the raccoon trap around the edges of your yard, garden, or house. 


You can reuse this Havahart 1045 trap without requiring to replace any of its parts. This is time-saving and economical too for your raccoon trapping efforts in the yard or garden. 

The best raccoon traps – Havahart 1045 has highly sensitive triggers that’ll allow the trap to catch wild animals having a specified body size.


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