Top 7 Best Raccoon Bait 2023 Reviewed

Looking for the best raccoon bait? Raccoons can leave costly damages behind them. They can also spread diseases such as rabies. Best Raccoon Bait

If there’s a wild animal that will courageously venture into your property, then it is a raccoon. Their masked faces and piercing stare is terrifying to some people.

Others, however, find them adorable. Until they start knocking over garbage all over the backyard, stealing your fruits and vegetables, and nibbling on wooden fixtures. Related: how to trap raccoons.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Raccoon Bait for 2023

1. Coon Gitter Dog-proof Bait for Dp – #1 Pick

Raccoons are easy to trap as they are not picky eaters and will be attracted to any bait that looks or smells good. Here are some of the best raccoon baits you can use around your home. 

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There are also raccoon bait products that you can buy from a local store or online. Here are two products that make for the best raccoon baits.

Raccoons have a sweet tooth. The Treeberry Paste Bait has a mixture of sweet-smelling tree-ripened fruits that will attract the raccoon into the trap.

You can smear it inside the trap or use it on the other edible baits such as marshmallows. While the paste has no harmful effects, you should still keep it out of the reach of children.

It can, however, attract other types of animals too. Tin foil – Raccoons are very curious animals. Shiny materials spark their curiosity.

You can hang a piece of tin foil inside the trap as bait. Use a string to tie the piece of foil to the top of the trap such that it dangles inside the trap.

This will lure them into the trap when their nocturnal eyes spot something shiny in the dark. It is important to use clean foils as a smelly one could attract other animals.

2. Ringtail Cocktail Bait – #2 Pick

The Ringtail Cocktail bait is made from smoked salmon fish. While it works great for trapping raccoons, it might also lure your dog and other animals that like fish.

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It is advisable to use traps that don’t cause any physical harm to animals so that you don’t end up hurting your dog, or other harmless animals.

The best raccoon bait should be one that forces the raccoon to fully enter into the trap and step on the plate that triggers the trap. You should wear a glove when placing your baits as a human scent will scare them off.

Because of wildlife conservation efforts and public health safety reasons, your local authority may have laws and regulations regarding the trapping of domestic pests such as raccoons. 

Marshmallows – Raccoons have a soft spot for marshmallows. They also make for good bait as they are unlikely to attract other unwanted wild animals.

It is advisable to use large marshmallows as they can’t be easily pulled out through the sides of the trap, and small marshmallows might also attract skunks wandering about looking for grubs. The last thing you want is to trap a skunk in your property.

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3. Pete Rickard’s-LC260 Fish Oil – #3 Pick

Always place the bait away from the walls of the trap. Raccoons are intelligent and may grab the bait without getting into the trap.

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Remember to place something heavy on top of the trap so that the raccoon doesn’t knock it over.

If you need to trap more than a single raccoon, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional so that the nursery can be quickly relocated after trapping. This will guarantee the safety of the kits. The expert will also be able to put measures that prevent future invasions again.

Always find out the laid down wildlife regulation policies for your area so you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Related: Learn The Raccoon Facts

An egg – Raccoons aren’t picky eaters. They eat anything and everything they come across. Eggs are some of their favorites. You can trap them by simply placing an uncracked egg at the back of the trap.


With an egg, there are very little chances of other animals walking into that trap so you have higher chances of landing the right target.

You can also use other food such as raw nuts, bread, sweet corn, meat, fruits, ham, peanut butter, and dry dog kibble among others.

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