7 Best No See Ums Repellent 2023 Reviewed

The No-see-ums are flying & irritable biting insects that’ll attack you viciously while in the outdoors. Unfortunately, due to their tiny size, they can get through door and window screens. 

  • But with the best no see ums repellent, you can control these bugs and avoid getting those big red welts that look like bed bugs bites.
  • They bite wildlife, livestock, pets, and humans – apart from in South America and New Zealand. 

Below I’ve reviewed the top no see ums repellents – enjoy outdoors for long! Luckily, some of the products also repel sand flies, chiggers, and mosquitoes.

Reviews: 7 Best No See Ums Repellent 2023

1. Avon SSS Picaridin Bug-Guard Plus

Avon SSS Picaridin will repel bugs including no see ums thanks to the picaridin that has the bug-repelling capability. 

  • The repellent has that pleasant scent and strong aroma with 10% picaridin – working together to repel the no see ums. 
  • Picaridin works great like DEET in removing ticks and it’ll repel bugs like chiggers, no-see-ums, mosquitoes, and midges. 
You’ll love this bug repellent for your excursions – since its strong fragrance will effectively move the no see ums to the other direction. 

Luckily, for people who trek and go camping frequently, Avon SSS Picaridin will become a favorite bug repellent. You can use the towelettes while hiking or boating. 

  • I tried this Avon SSS Picaridin in South Carolina to repel mosquitos – even with sweaty skin or areas with high humidity. 

2. DEET Free Bug-Soother for Mosquito, Gnat & Insects

DEET Free Bug-Soother kills the small-bodied no see ums that’ll be lurking near stagnant water. 

They’re smaller than mosquitos such that they’ll penetrate through mosquito screens and clothes. 

With the bites from the no see ums, you’ll get itchy around that bite location – the bites might look anything close to those bites by mosquitoes or spiders, or poison ivy. 

The DEET Free Bug-Soother will repel mosquitoes as they attempt biting humans, black flies, & biting gnats – luckily, it’s a safe bug repellent on both pets and humans. 

The vanilla scent from the DEET Free Bug-Soother will prevent the no-see-ums from perching on your skin. They are available on Amazon, resorts, independent pharmacies, marinas & golf shops. 

DEET Free Bug-Soother is a natural repellent that could require rubbing in and also regular application. Its ingredients include Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Purified Water, and Soy Lecithin. 

I love this no see ums repellent when you’re sun-basking in your backyard, farming, golfing, biking, hiking, and fishing. Luckily, it’s highly versatile as it’s usable for pets, kids, & outdoor enthusiasts. 

You should apply the bug repellent all over your body (including face and hands) or exposed skin. It won’t feel sticky plus it has a nice smell – enjoy your bonfire or summer. 

3. Sawyer-Products Pump Spray for Tents, Gear, & Clothing

Sawyer-Products Pump Spray is permethrin no see ums repellent usable for biting midges and treats tents, different gears, & clothing – made from natural lemongrass oil and Citronella oil. 

Upon application, the repellent will be effective for about 6 weeks – it’s also odorless and won’t leave stains on your clothing plus it won’t damage the fabrics. 

I recommend using the clothing repellent in combination with various skin-rubbed no see ums repellents. Thus, you’ll enjoy your outdoors unbothered and untouched by the creepy crawlies. 

Sawyer-Products Pump Spray is 100% DEET free – which implies that it’s safe while the permethrin helps it in repelling those bugs. Use it while traveling, hunting, camping, or when outdoors. 

Sawyer-Products Pump Spray repels many bugs including mites, spiders, chiggers, and mosquitoes that spread Zika & West Nile virus. 

Permethrin is 100% DEET-free but you can’t apply it directly to your skin. Applying DEET on the skin may lead to nervousness and seizures due to breakdown in the nervous & immune system. 

4. Avon IR3535® SKIN-SO-SOFT Bug Repellent Lotion

Avon IR3535® SKIN-SO-SOFT should be applied generously within 15 minutes you get exposure to the no see ums (or other bugs) and the sun (it’s a sunscreen too).  

For use with children, ensure to help them in applying the bug repellent especially if they’re under 10 years – but avoid applying for kids under 6 months. 

To get effective protection, you’ll require to re-apply the Avon IR3535® SKIN-SO-SOFT within 2 hours – to excellently repel the biting midges away

Besides repelling the no see ums, this lotion will also hydrate the human skin – thanks to its aloe vera and vitamin E. It’s both PABA and DEET-free and hence your skin won’t be irritated. 

It’s great-smelling to humans but repelling to the no see ums and other bugs. I love it for traveling and summer – as you soak it that hot and bug-infested beach including with sand-flies. 

5. Coleman 100% Max DEET Bug Repellent for Mosquitos & Ticks

Coleman 100% Max DEET will repel bugs plus it soaks well into your skin – which means that it’ll be great even during the rains. 

  • But re-application may be required after a shower or swimming. 
  • The long-lasting bug repellent is composed of DEET – and it’ll be active for roughly 10 hours. 
  • You’ll repel biting flies, gnats, ticks, chiggers, biting midges, and mosquitoes.

You won’t worry about the bug spray smell since it evidently has a low odor. You’ll love it for controlling massive bug infestations – particularly if you’ll be traveling through dense and thick forests. 

Coleman 100% Max DEET is non-aerosol – and it’s suitable for use while camping, backpacking, and hunting + other outdoor activities. Apply on your clothing and skin to achieve great protection. 

The repellent will withstand water and it’s also low-odor which means that it’s great for use by hunters and outdoor sportsmen. Also, it’s quick-drying for a comfortable outdoor experience. 

6. Repel 40% DEET HG-94101 Bee Sportsmen Max

Repel 40% DEET HG-94101 is a quality but affordable no see ums repellent that’ll last longer. It’ll repel bugs including mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, sand flies, fleas, & no see ums.


Notably, less DEET on your bug repellent implies that you’ll get less harm on pets, surroundings, and humans. This Repel 40% DEET HG-94101 has 40% DEET and thus it’s safe & effective. 

The repellents’ strong scent will make bugs leave but the product won’t grease the surface – it’s thus greatly usable in outdoor & indoor locations. 

If you enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll like this bug repellent as it’s among many campers, hikers, golfers, bikers, and ballplayers. You’ll enjoy protection between 1-8 hours. 

Besides with no see ums, this Repel 40% DEET HG-94101 protects you against biting flies, chiggers, and fleas – and thus you’ll be saved from Zika, West Nile, Dengue, and Chikungunya viruses. 

The no-see-ums will look tiny, in fact, it’s about 1-3 millimeters – the bite will itch your skin as it sucks blood while also injecting an anti-coagulant. 

Other Bug Repellents to Apply on Human Skin

Many of the topical bug repellents will affect the bug’s senses and thus it’ll struggle to find the humans – and these EPA have some of the ingredients that are effective & safe. 

  • With DEET, this topical repellent with about 30% concentration will effectively repel the no see ums for about 12 hours.
  • But some people don’t love its scent and could damage sunglasses and plastic. 

Further, synthetic picaridin at 20% concentration will be highly effective just like DEET while also allowing protection from no-see-ums for about 8-14 hours. 

  • Luckily, picaridin would irritate the human skin, damage your plastics, or leave strong odors.

Different Non-Topical No-See-Ums Repellents 

Different protection solutions for various bugs including no see ums that are CDC-approved are allethrin-based repellent devices that’ll build up that outdoor perimeter.

Further, you may treat any of the fabric or clothes using permethrin – this won’t’ just repel the no see ums but it’ll kill them once they land.


You can apply the bug spray on netting, tents, sleeping bags, boots, shoes, socks, pants, jackets, or shirts – it’ll make your outdoor activities, backyard BBQs, or backpacking exciting. 

  • Other plant-based and EPA-approved solutions are PMD and lemon eucalyptus oil (OLE).

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